[Muskoka] Twice As Mad Tom in a 341ml brown bottle @ 8.4% (Ontario, Canada)

Twice As Mad Tom pours thin with no head at all. This golden cloud actually has a milder scent than it's little brother showing off a little more citrus than anything else but rather timid.

Similar to it's little brother, it's bitter and creamy but a little less creamy and the bitterness takes longer to manifest.

What is strikingly different than little bro "Mad Tom" is the weightiness. This is a heavy unfiltered double IPA.

Despite it's high level of alcohol, it's actual quite easy drinking and it could easily fool you if you're already used to Bitters or Hoppy beers.

Twice As Mad Tom doesn't hit you with a sledgehammer, it coyly coaxes you into it's golden embrace.

Will you wake up from it?