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Positive Masculinity – Now on Audible

The Rational Man - Fri, 11/16/2018 - 21:53

Okay, okay, spare me the ‘better late than never’ jokes. The third installment of The Rational Male series – Positive Masculinity – is now available for purchase and download from Amazon / Kindle. The book is once again narrated by Sam ‘The Voice’ Botta and as with the other two books I’m sharing the royalties with him to help him with his absolutely insane medical expenses due to his injuries sustained from his hit & run “accident”.

The book logs in at 23.7 hours and is presently $29.99. A lot of work has gone into making this title the best we could make it. In addition to Sam’s medical challenges ACX / Amazon has really stepped up their quality assurances requirements with respect to the audio quality. We went through several rounds of edits and approvals, but the end result is really something worth the wait I think. In audio time alone this book exceeds The Rational Male.

Now, all that said, and with the time and effort we put into this title I need to ask my readers & listeners a special favor. If you are starting a new Audible subscription with this audio book, it is imperative that you use the link here to start your sub.

The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity

In August Amazon/ACX altered the bounty payment structure they have with their content providers, authors and narrators. Prior to August of 2018 content providers were guaranteed $50 per each new subscription. Essentially Amazon rewarded it’s best authors for helping them create what is now the biggest self-publishing monopoly ever known, and authors could rely on the popularity of Amazon to help promote their own work. As of August, all this changed and not for the better. Now ACX pays a bounty of $75 per subscription, which on the surface seems like a great deal, but now authors/narrators only get that bounty if the sale comes exclusively through this affiliate link – the one I’ve posted here.

This isn’t a big deal for most low-volume self-publishing authors, but it’s a huge deal for authors (like me) who sell a good number of audio books because this is primarily how men consume Red Pill media. Men tend to like listening above reading this material. They listen on their commutes to work and in the gym when they’re working out. I’ve always stressed purchasing the print copy; it’s not as ‘deleteable’ as the digital versions, it can be passed on to men who need the books and a lot of men tend to highlight and liner-note their well-worn copies. That’s great and it’s exactly what I always intended. However, my subscriptions bounties for Audible went from about 160 per month to around 20 now that this new program – which is being sold to authors as a big advantage – went into effect.

This affiliate link switch has also been applied to all my titles, so if you’re looking to start a new subscription with The Rational Male or Preventive Medicine please use these links. I’ve also switched the links to the Audible files in my side bar too.

For more info on this please read this article: ACX The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

All that said, please pick up the Audible version and let me know what you think about the audiobook here in the comments.


Thanks Sam, and thanks to all of you who make this and all my projects possible.


Rollo Tomassi

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Male Authority – Be a “Man”

The Rational Man - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 04:01

How women and a feminine-primary social order control men by reserving the title of “manhood” for men who comply with female primacy.

In the Manosphere we often discuss the dynamic of men holding the burden of 100% responsibility yet are conferred 0% authority when it comes to intersexual relationships. This didn’t used to be the case. There was a kind of default authority imbued in men that was part of simply being a male under the old social contract. A lot of western societies still presumes this is the case in fact. It’s one reason popular culture presumes such a thing as ‘male privilege‘ exists today. They may even have a case with respect to the Old Set of Books; being a “man” inferred that a male had some degree of power, authority and decision making capacity over the course his life would take, as well as the lives of any women or children or extended family members who were dependent upon him being a “man”.

Responsibility is what defines men to this day, but the utility in this being hammered home into the psyches of men has become something the Feminine Imperative has found very useful in consolidating power in the hands of women. We’re ceaselessly told that responsibility is something men need to assume, but under the old set of books the incentive for a man assuming that responsibility came with a commensurate portion of authority (power). That was what used to earn a man the title of “manhood”; men were expected to possess the competency to produce surplus resources, enough to ensure the security and survival of his immediate and extended family, and then his tribe, his clan, his nation, etc. We still call this “being a productive member of society”, but now the incentives of a default authority that made assuming that responsibility a reasonable exchange have been stripped away along with all the grounding that a family name or tribal identity used to mean to men. In their place is all the same expectation of responsibility, but not even the pretense of male authority that stems from it.

In prior posts I’ve defined power thusly:

Real Power is the degree to which a person has control over their own circumstances. Real Power is the degree to which we control the directions of our lives.

How many men today have real power; power to direct the course of their own lives? As we commit to various aspects of life, family, business, the military, a woman, we incrementally exchange power for responsibility. Wealth often enforces will, but unless we can be one of the moneyed outliers in life there is no true authority granted to men now in exchange for that responsibility. A man who would even presume to use an authority that might still be implied in these exchanges is labeled a tyrant; a vestige of a Patriarchy that’s now painted as a net negative to society. And that’s just the societal level. In a legal sense that man has no authority with respect to his power over virtually every aspect of his interactions with women or a wife. A gynocentric social order’s prime directive has been to remove all vested male authority and by extension almost all power the man has to dierct the course of his own life.

There are numerous ways a feminine-primary social order removes the teeth from male authority today. First and foremost is the social pretense of blank-slate equalism. A default presumption that men and women are coequal agents in every aspect – physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual – is the cover story necessary to remove an authority that was based on the conventional differences between the sexes. To the blank-slate equalist gender is a social construct, but gender is only the starting point for a social constructionist belief set. Social constructionism is a necessary foundation upon which blank-slate equalism is built, but ultimately it’s a means of control. By denying each sex its innate differences social constructionism denies men their innate advantages and strengths. Once this became the normalized social convention it was a simple step to remove male authority.

In order to destroy that authority it was necessary to destroy men’s grounding in the identity of their own gender. The first step was to deliberately confuse men about the evolved nature of conventional masculinity. Thus, masculinity became subjective. Never has the idea of being a ‘man’ more reviled, obfuscated, blurred, ridiculed, demonized and loathed by men themselves. Wait for the “masculinity is toxic” articles to follow the next mass shooting incident. The worst shame, the worst clichéd vitriol, will come from male authors stepping up to apologize to women on behalf of all men for the violent ignorance of what they think is a learned toxic masculinity. It’s these Vichy men who’ve been taught that gender is a social construct, so there’s really no definitive answer to what makes a man a Man. These ‘men’ who’ve been conditioned in their feminine-primary upbringing who are so confused or gender-loathing with respect to masculinity that they feel compelled to believe they speak for all of ‘mankind’ when they apologize for all of us.

Blank-Slate Equals

But none of this works unless men and women are blank-slate equals. One reason a guy like James Damore is hammered down and erased with such zealotry for suggesting men and women are inherently different is because so much of gynocentrism rides on the social belief in the blank-slate. What’s offensive about it isn’t the idea that men and women might be prone to innately different strengths or weaknesses so much as it’s about the entire system scaffolded by the falsity of equalism.

You see, the confusion, the subjectification of masculinity has a design underneath it. This confusion is a means of control; a means of not just denying men authority, but to systematically remove anything inherently male from the whole system. I’ve detailed this removing the man in prior essays so I wont dig into it here, but it’s a means of control in an age when men are expected to know their utility and their role in women’s sexual and life strategies.

As we progress towards a social order based on a consolidated gynocracy it becomes more important that men not only be confused about masculinity, but also that men be dispersed and isolated. Men who would challenge this social order must be made into suspects and the suspicious of an “outdated masculinity” – a masculinity that pretends to be about innate authority based on evolved gender differences. Male Spaces must be outlawed, ostensibly for the misogyny they will surely lead to, but actually because men gathered together as men is a threat to a gynocentric power base. This is why the Manosphere and events like the 21 Conventions are so egregious to the feminine-primary social order; they connect men and their experiences about women. So men must be taught to be suspicious of each other. While masculinity might be loathed or confused, men gathered together can only mean homosexuality – because what other purpose could men exclusively gather for other than to fuck one another?

This is where the facade of blank-slate equalism conveniently slips when it suits the purpose of gynocentrism. Men and women can be innately different, but only on the occasions when innate differences would prove that men are violent, abusive, potential rapists, sex addicts or incorrigible homosexuals. On those occasions, the occasions when it serves the Feminine Imperative, women will gladly agree that Boys will be Boys and men are naturally beasts. Through this caveat in the blank-slate society men can be justifiably hated for being men if only because some nebulous male-chauvinist ‘society’ taught them to be so. So the clichés and the old lies get perpetuated because only a belief in the ‘masculinity-is-toxic’ narrative can justify teaching the next generation of boys to hate their own sex and sustain a gynocracy.

Men must be taught to hate themselves for their maleness. Thus, a form of institutionalized gaslighting of men about the nature of masculinity became necessary, and it is primarily men who sustain it. When men are conditioned to be both gender loathing and suspicious of the worst aspects of ‘masculinity’ in other men the result is a self-perpetuating cycle of policing ones thoughts while policing the thoughts of other men. There’s a default belief that this policing is part of identifying with the feminine that will make these Vichy Males more attractive to women of the gynocracy.

But what makes a man a Man in this social order?

As we’ve moved from a blank-slate basis of gender to an ambiguous, subjective definition of what a man is the Feminine Imperative has found a utility in assigning the title of ‘manhood’ to whichever man best exemplifies this utility to the gynocentric social order. In other words, the more a man meets the shifting needs of women the likelier he is to merit the title of being a “man” or a “real man”. In fact we hear this last one all the time in the memes that serve the Feminine Imperative. A “real man” does [insert whatever serves women’s long term sexual strategy] and Betas gleefully retweet it to prove their quality. In our feminine-correct paradigm, the authority that was inherent in masculinity which allowed men to declare what qualities make a ‘man’ has been casually assumed by women to be tossed around as whim and necessity makes convenient.

In Rites of Passage I elaborated on how, to an older conventional masculinity, Manhood was something merited and conferred onto a boy by his adult male peers. There were rites of passage, rituals, tests and qualifiers that transitioned boys into the world of men. This was a part of his grounding in a tribal belonging that used to at least somewhat direct his purpose in life. To be a ‘Man’ was to be a part of a sum whole – E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one. It was the collective of men who conferred manhood onto another. How this actually played out in real life and the integrity of that collective was always particular to the character of the tribe, but prior to the rise of gynocentrism conferring manhood on an individual was something unique to masculinity.

Today, the Feminine Imperative’s efforts to disempower and subdue men means destroying the legitimacy of the tribal aspects of all this. As I mentioned earlier, men gathering together, and pretending to authority is something threatening to a gynocentric power structure. Destroying, shaming, ridiculing, etc. the whole of men, keeping them dispersed and isolated, meant usurping the authority men had in assigning ‘manhood’ to one another.

Aspects of the old masculine social order, including men’s natural inclinations towards duty and honor amongst each other, have always been dynamics that could be turned to the uses of the Feminine Imperative.

From The Honor System:

Man Up or Shut Up – The Male Catch 22

One of the primary way’s Honor is used against men is in the feminized perpetuation of traditionally masculine expectations when it’s convenient, while simultaneously expecting egalitarian gender parity when it’s convenient.

For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny.

Essentially, this convention keeps beta males in a perpetual state of chasing their own tails. Over the course of a lifetime they’re conditioned to believe that they’re cursed with masculinity (Patriarchy) yet are still responsible to ‘Man Up’ when it suits a feminine imperative. So it’s therefore unsurprising to see that half the men in western society believe women dominate the world (male powerlessness) while at the same time women complain of a lingering Patriarchy (female powerlessness) or at least sentiments of it. This is the Catch 22 writ large. The guy who does in fact Man Up is a chauvinist, misogynist, patriarch, but he still needs to man up when it’s convenient to meet the needs of a female imperative.

In a gynocentric social order both the concept of honor and masculine responsibility is set by whatever is ‘correct’ for feminine utility. If that means only ‘real men‘ do something to satisfy women’s imperatives, it implies that men who don’t are ‘false men’. Those men are outside the tribe called ‘men’ as well as being unacceptable for reproduction, intimacy and love.

It also implies that only women have the authority to bestow ‘Manhood’ on men, and then only for performing specific behaviors or believing correct beliefs as set by womankind. It’s as if women uniquely hold the ‘medal of manhood‘ to give exclusively to men who can qualify for her wanton needs. The authority men used to claim innate legitimacy of in the past is now only legitimate when a woman wields it.

Men need to retake this authority and own it as is their birthright once again. I realize that sounds kind of LARPy but it’s the best way I can put it. One thing the Red Pill has made men aware of is the social machinations of the Feminine Imperative. Amongst Traditional Conservative ‘thought leaders’ a popular idea is that we find ourselves in the intersexual conditions we do today because men have dropped the ball. Men have shirked their manly responsibilities and women are the way they are because not enough men care to correct women’s behaviors. This argument fails on two counts. The first is that it presumes women bear no moral or behavioral agency and as such cannot be blamed for their own participation in our social condition. This presumption, I should add, is actually indicative of exactly the manipulation of honor I mentioned above.

And secondly, more importantly, it presumes men hold an authority they simply don’t have. Even claiming masculine authority would smack of misogyny today. Churchy, moralists pretend that men have a headship / authority that our gynocentric social order empirically contradicts. To paraphrase the MGTOWs, your headship counts for shit when all a woman has to do is call 911 and police will physically remove what you think is your authority from the family home, no questions asked. This is a result of the Duluth Model of Feminism which I’ll be covering in an upcoming part of this series on Male Authority, but the short version is feminism’s design is to remove men, maleness, masculinity from our social consciousness and this begins and ends with which gender has an enforceable authority.

There are guys who’ll challenge this idea of female authority. Red Pill thought emphasizes men disconnecting their sense of identity from a female-correct paradigm. In my own work I’ve stressed that the most important aspect of Red Pill awareness is men making themselves their Mental Point of Origin and this necessitates a realigning of oneself as his first priority. It’s easy to make declarations about how your self-worth begins and ends with you and that no woman can influence that image, and in a way that seems liberating. Like you’re taking at least that much authority back for yourself. But it’s another thing entirely to wrestle with a social order that’s now founded on a consolidated female-primary authority.

In the coming series I’ll get more into this question as well as what men can do to take back the authority of assigning manhood. Thanks for reading, more to come.

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HackMoor Placeholder Report 2018/10/11 to 2018/11/01

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 11/08/2018 - 02:24

Games are on Thursday nights sometime after 6:30PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.

We had varying pizzas for the last four weeks, we even had one KFC 16 piece Family Bucket with four sides once.



This is a placeholder report.

For the last four weeks we played three games of Rail Baron and one game of Junta.

Perhaps we shall resume HackMoor tomorrow?


Tracy Johnson
Old fashioned text games hosted below:



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Rollo Tomassi & Elliott Hulse

The Rational Man - Wed, 11/07/2018 - 00:25

I’m presently working on a new essay series, the first of which will publish this week, but for now I’m proud to announce that the video I did with Elliott Hulse (about 4 months ago) is now up for viewing. This was a great discussion and I think both our audiences will get a lot of value from our meeting of the minds.

Let me know what you think about this. Would you like to see more of these in the future? Was there something you’d have liked me to cover? Do you have any questions about what we did discuss?

Let me know in the comments.

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Widows & Warbrides

The Rational Man - Wed, 10/31/2018 - 01:21


I received the following Tweet from a reader this week:

Hi Rollo, thanks for all of your amazing work. I think one topic that you have not touched upon in detail is the conflict between alpha widowhood and war bride dynamic. If women are constitutionally inclined to move on, then how can they remain sad about their ex alpha lovers? Even if alpha’s SMV was much higher than her, isn’t the whole point of the war bride dynamic is to enable a woman to move on and reproduce without lingering thoughts of her former lovers? This happened to me recently when I had to end a relationship due to unacceptable logistics (long distance). What followed was extreme anxiety on her part about losing me. So this contradicted with what I always hear about women moving on easily.

This was a great question, and one I haven’t addressed before (no, I haven’t written everything), so I thought I’d pick this one apart today.

The TL;DR version is this: Women only ‘widow’ for men that made an Alpha impression on them. If their previous Alpha was somehow ‘killed’ and replaced by a lesser man, their hindbrains resist that man’s authority over her while using her previous Alpha as the lesser man’s SMV (sexual market value) benchmark. In the most extreme examples, a woman who’s been forced to accept the authority of a lesser man who defeated her former Alpha will resist him and/or plot revenge for the idealized lover.

Historical accounts and various cultural fiction are rife with this archetypal story. The woman who is married off to a lesser man or becomes the War Bride of an undeserving rival (usually by subterfuge or sinister means) is an archetype because it reflects women’s deepest evolutionary, existential, fear – to have her Hypergamous sexual selection strategy forcibly chosen for her by a man (or men) who are undeserving or are suboptimal breeding prospects. As I mentioned, this is an existential fear for women; anything less than unilateral control over her own Hypergamous destiny is tantamount to rape. The fear is that she will spend her life raising the child(ren) of a suboptimal man.

War Brides

The premise of the War Brides dynamic is thus: Evolution selected for women who could more easily transition psychologically from one dominant male to another. In our chaotic ancestral past women and girls were a commodity to be preserved for a conquering tribe. While men or boys were either killed or enslaved, fertile age women would be preserved as spoils of conquest for superior, invading, men. Simply put, women have reproductive value – men (and often their sons) were mostly obstacles in the way of resource acquisition and those reproductive opportunities.

That may seem like a bleak proposition to a Blue Pill conditioned mind today. We want to believe in some egalitarian dream of humanism and cooperation, but our evolved, ancestral past is responsible for what we are today in terms of base biological and psychological imperatives. I first proposed this theory in War Brides:

“Evolution has largely selected-for human females with a capacity to form psychological schema that preserve their psyches from what would otherwise afflict them with debilitating anxiety, guilt, and the stresses resulting from being continuously aware of their own behavioral incongruities. Evolution selects-for solipsistic women who are blissfully unaware of their solipsism.”

A lot of critics of the Red Pill make two key mistakes in their assessment of basic truths. One is that we don’t fully consider the dynamic, and/or two, we think too much about it. The fundamentals we consider about female nature, with respect to women’s psyches, are rooted in our evolutionary past. So, when I deconstruct certain aspects of that nature I have to ask the question, “why would a dynamic be something beneficial to women and/or our species on whole?” When I consider Hypergamy, female solipsism, women’s collectivist mindset, or any number of other characteristics the question I’m going to ask is why is this dynamic still present in modern women, and what are the outcomes of that dynamic in today’s environment?

Look at the obesity epidemic in western cultures today. 68% of adults in the U.S. are overweight today and 34% are morbidly obese. Childhood obesity is at an all time high. Evolutionarily speaking this is the result of how our metabolism evolved to solve certain environmental challenges we faced. Back then food was scarce. Finding a way to insure we fed ourselves and our tribe was at a premium and our biology adapted to give us the best chance of survival. Today this metabolism is a liability in an environment where food is plentiful and what we need to do to get it is much less strenuous. That’s the quick way to illustrate what I’m getting at in the War Brides dynamic:

Given the harsh realities that women had to endure since the Paleolithic era, it served them better to psychologically evolve a sense of self that was more resilient to the brutal changes she could expect to be subjected to. Consider the emotional investment a woman needs to put into mothering a child that could be taken away or killed at a moment’s notice. Anxiety, fear, guilt, insecurity are all very debilitating emotions, however it’s women’s innate psychology that makes them more durable to these stresses. Statistically, men have far greater difficulty in coping with psychological trauma (think PTSD) than women. Why should that be? On the face of it you may think that men’s better ability to rationally remove themselves from the emotional would make them better at coping with psychological trauma, but the reverse is actually the case. Women seem to have a better ability to accept emotional sacrifice and move on, either ignoring those stresses or blocking them entirely from their conscious awareness. Women possessing a more pronounced empathic capacity undoubtedly served our species in nurturing young and understanding tribal social dynamics, however it was also a liability with regards to a hostile change in her environment. Stockholm Syndrome is far more pronounced in female captives, why should that be? Because women’s ancestral environment dictated the need to develop psychological mechanisms to help them survive. It was the women who could make that emotional disconnect when the circumstances necessitated it who survived and lived to breed when their tribe was decimated by a superior force. This is also known as the War Bride dynamic; women develop an empathy with their conquerors by necessity.

So how does this relate to the Alpha Widow dynamic? Let’s parse that out a bit.

Alpha Widows

Alpha Widows are women who’ve had an Alpha man in their past make such an impression upon them that any man that comes along after him must essentially fight with that impression in order to replace him as the optimal Alpha in her life. This is usually the man a woman pines for from her Party Years. Often he’s the first guy who ever fulfilled her Hypergamous dance card. Generally, this man is at least her perceptual ideal of the sexual selection criteria she was prioritizing during that phase of her life. Usually this guy is her sexual ideal as well. That sexual impact forms a strong psychological attachment because the memories of the sex she had are associated with hormonal triggers. The memories of a significant Alpha male are enough to prompt a physical arousal response in women.

Furthermore, that Alpha impact is so significant it can alter her future sexual strategy for every man who comes after him. This is one reason women generally have a Plan B man on hold should that Alpha ideal not present himself, or should he not be ‘tamable‘ by her in the long term. Women’s long term sexual strategies tend to be punctuated by holding out for their ‘soul mate’ who also happened to be the best sex she’d ever had. Lesser men who follow in his wake are simply contingency plans. In today’s feminine-primary social order, where women are encouraged ‘never to settle for less than they deserve‘, we see generations of women experiencing the consequences of this Alpha widowhood. In fact, we go to great efforts societally to placate to it, to lessen the impact of it, and to plan contingencies for it.

But where does that leave us?

One reason I detailed the War Brides dynamic in my earliest writing was because I’d had so many men ask me this question; ‘Why is it that women can so easily move on after a breakup? We were together for years and it’s like she never even knew me now!‘ The ugly, visceral truth of this is that women are far less convicted to feel remorse, guilt or shame over abandoning (Beta) men who didn’t meet their Hypergamous ideal. We all know the stories of the ‘ride or die‘ girl who would literally do anything for her man. I once had a reader link me a story about a woman who stole a police car whose arrested boyfriend was handcuffed in the back seat. There are definitely women who will help their man bury the bodies. However, that man almost universally is that woman’s Hypergamous, Alpha ideal. And this is where the power of Hypergamy comes into the equation.

Women’s prime reproductive imperative is consolidating in the long term on a man who best embodies her Hypergamous ideal. Even now I’m not sure readers really understand the influence Hypergamy has over women. Even factoring in the War Brides dynamic, there will always be women who will literally kill for a man who best exemplifies what she believes is (or was) the best she could ever do Hypergamously.

I covered some of this in SMV Ratios & Attachment. Hypergamy influences women’s concept of love, so much so that it forms the basis of who they will allow themselves to feel ‘love’ for when it comes to reproductive opportunities. If a man embodies this Alpha ideal no substitute will replace him, unless another man exceeds the previous man’s Alpha impact.

So, how does this modify the War Brides dynamic? Hypergamous imperatives can supersede the War Brides phenomenon in that it incentivizes women to mate guard and even kill a rival to preserve a long term reproductive opportunity with an idealized Alpha man. We can add layers of social and moral doctrines to this (marriage, tribe, religion), but it’s all really embellishments or a cover story for what’s really a biological phenomenon.

Women who monogamously pair with Beta men are far less motivated to feel remorse over that man’s death or replacement by a more Alpha rival. This is where the War Brides dynamic comes in full. Hypergamy never seeks its own level and if a woman’s lesser man is defeated by more Alpha rival this only gives her a better excuse for pivoting into that superior man’s Frame. That may seem duplicitous and self-serving, but this is the ugly, visceral truth, remember? The inverse of this is that Hypergamy dictates that women will only become Alpha Widows for worthy (Alpha) men – and sometimes even the fantasy of that ideal man is enough to replace a lesser man.

So, it follows that the degree to which a woman becomes an Alpha Widow or more easily adopts a War Brides mentality is directly related to what her perception of her former partners was. Regret, remorse and jealousy are reserved for what a woman’s hindbrain believes is her ideal reproductive opportunity. In light of this I’ll have to add some caveats to both the Alpha Widow and War Bride dynamics. Neither are mutually exclusive of the other, and both depend on a woman’s perception of the man (men) involved.

In case you were wondering about the title image here: Dutch and French women who slept with German soldiers during World War II publicly had their heads shaved to shame them for their natural Hypergamous impulses. This is an example of the survival-level conflict between Hypergamy and tribal affiliation.

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[EHM 2018-10-24] Devils 0 @ Habs 1 OT

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 10/25/2018 - 02:45

[EHM 2018-10-23] Cleveland 0 @ St. John's 9


* AHL contracts | v Veteran status
Scratches: *Bindulis(i), vKoivu(h), *Bowen(h)
*Brett Kulak
**Zach Hyman
***Alexandre Ranger

[EHM 2018-10-24] Devils 0 @ Habs 1 OT


Scratches: Shipachyov(I), Lehkonen(H), Armia(H)
*Carey Price
** Rinat Valiev
*** Cory Schneider

Armia is sent to St. John's. Pezzetta brought up. AHL St. John's IceCaps GM Archergirl is appointed as Team Canada GM for the upcoming Deutschland Cup. Shipachyov skated today but remains on the IRL.

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Past Indiscretions

The Rational Man - Wed, 10/24/2018 - 00:38

Now that the 21 Convention, 2018, is in the history books it’s time to get back to actually exploring intersexual dynamics rather that talking about exploring them. My speech this year was about the state of the Manosphere and what we can expect from an ever expanding, ever more power-ravenous, Gynocracy in the MeToo era. It’s never been a more dangerous time to be a man who reveals the truths about intersexual dynamics than now. Even if you do so from the most objective perspective you run the risk of censure at best, personal destruction at worst.

One thing I am very thankful of the convention for is the depth and breadth of not just the speakers, but the attendees. Last year I came back with so many new concepts to explore it finished out my year of blog essays. This year the attendance was twice as big and I’ve got a wealth of new material to dig into courtesy of the stories and personal situations men would relate to me. I’ll be doing a more complete breakdown of the convention around the time the video of my talk drops on 21 University. Anthony Johnson has fast tracked this video as well as the Red Man Group Live discussions (there were 3) we did on the bonus 5th day for anyone who stuck around for it.

One of the stories I had a guy hit me with was his making me aware of the black market that’s opened up in the sale of positive pregnancy tests online. There are forums (not even on the dark web) dedicated to convincing “commitment-phobic” men that their girlfriends are pregnant in order to lock them down either in marriage or an LTR. That blackmarket (if you can call it that) also led me to investigating the phenomenon of women covering for their girlfriends’ infidelity or pretending to be an alibi in order to allay any suspicions their Beta boyfriends might have about it. This then led me to another truth about the nature of women:

The Sisterhood will always show solidarity for, provide cover for, or aid and abet a woman trying to optimize Hypergamy,…unless that woman is in direct intrasexual competition with her for the same optimization.

Right now I’m sure there are guys thinking, “Rollo, we know that women can get really brutal when it comes to competing with each other.” And yes that is true; “slut shaming” is almost entirely reserved for women’s intrasexual combat, and there are many other ways women disqualify other women from the sexual marketplace if they feel threatened by that woman’s direct competition. But women evolved to be collectivist and cooperative in our hunter/gatherer past, and this has given rise to a globalized Sisterhood wherein women buy into the narrative of their own victimhood and most understand their gynocentric position of power simultaneously. If there is a prime directive to the social order it’s that all women everywhere are entitled to the best available opportunities to optimize Hypergamy.

Women will almost universally run cover for their sisters’ infidelity, and especially so if they are anonymous and there is little risk attached to their involvement. The rationalization is always the same too; it’s men’s responsibility to “Man Up” and marry a sister and thus subterfuge is justified, or, a woman deserves a shot at hot short term sexual opportunities if that woman is paired with a Beta partner. Either scenario is consolidation of Hypergamy.

Men are never afforded the same luxury of being able to vet women or to abandon one for his own reasons. I constantly get questions from guys asking how to vet a woman for marriage, but the fact that I would be audacious enough to offer advice on this is enough to set most women off. How dare I think that any woman might not be suitable for a long term commitment? To the Sisterhood, that vetting is only ever valid when it comes from another woman, why? Because to women only women should ever have control over Hypergamy and sexual selection. And in a feminine-primary social order a man telling another man that he should pass on a woman for commitment is conflated with misogyny.

Case in point, this story is of a guy who discovers his girlfriend used to be a Sugar Baby and had sex with older men for money in her sexual past. He has plans to break it off with her, but naturally every woman and every Blue Pill simp in the thread thinks he throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This situation isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, with the rise of the internet and a permanent social media digital footprint, combined with Open Hypergamy, it’s become necessary for women to legitimize every woman’s sexual past for fear that their own might disqualify her for a man’s commitment.

So the Sisterhood will cover for infidelity, aid in fraud and deception, keep Beta men ignorant of a woman’s duplicity and support single motherhood if it means that woman can lock down an optimal ideal of Hypergamy or parental investment from a man.

In an age when a woman’s sexual past is part of her digital footprint, a new social convention is needed to absolve her from any preconditions a man may have in vetting her out of his long term investment in her. Solution: Shame men for “judging” her by that sexual history. Men must be shamed as “insecure in their masculinity” if they might ever use a woman’s Party Years against her in a court of marriage. Likewise, women will fall back on the old tropes of traditionalist sexual repression to amp up the victimhood should a man ‘have a problem’ with women’s maturing sexual natures.

A similar situation occurred with the guy in Saving the Best who discovered that his sexually unadventurous wife had some video tapes of herself in amateur porn gangbangs when she “used to be so wild back in college.” His response was Great, I married a slut who fucks me like a prude. This of course sent the Sisterhood apoplectic and he was the one who had the “problem” for committing to and marrying a woman with that kind of past. That he had no knowledge of the videos prior to it made no difference; how dare he judge a woman’s past indiscretions? And then it became and indictment of womankind rather than an indictment of a woman. Men are not allowed to have concerns about a woman’s sexual past when it comes to matters of commitment because it implies a measure of control over Hypergamy.

Long term provisioning is a very serious problem for women’s subconscious Hypergamy. As it stands today a woman’s Epiphany Phase represents the culmination of Hypergamy. It’s vitally important that a woman never be judged for her sexual past if she’s to ever ‘stick the landing’ so to speak. If she follows the Sandbergian plan of Hypergamy she can’t afford to have men judge her for prioritizing Alpha Fucks, short term breeding, in her peak sexual market value years if she’s going to lock down a (hopefully still ignorant) Beta in Waiting. She must stick the landing and cash out of the sexual marketplace just at the right moment, between the ages of 29-31.

During her Epiphany Phase a woman needs to be absolved the ‘indiscretions’ of her Party Years. I’m putting indiscretions in scare quotes because those behaviors are really part of a long term breeding and life strategy. They are anything but indiscretions, they are part of the design.

However, most men have a natural revulsion to women who’ve been with a lot of men. It’s takes a great deal of social conditioning – a lifetime of Blue Pill conditioning – to prepare a man to believe it’s his duty as a man to look past what his instinct is trying to warn him about parentally investing in a woman for whom his paternity might be in doubt. I wrote about this in the War on Paternity, but there is a part of men’s evolved mental firmware that is instinctually suspicious of the certainty of paternity. Our hindbrains want to warn us of bad prospects for a certain paternity with a woman.

You’ll notice here that a higher partner count for men is less deleterious than it is for women. I’ll address this fact in a followup to this essay, but for now let’s focus on the effects a higher N-count has for women. Our instinct, it seems, is correct when it warns us that a woman isn’t suitable for a man’s parental investment.

Women with a higher number of sexual partners have more difficulty developing solid attachments, a higher incidence of infidelity and higher rates of divorce. Primarily I see this as being due to the Alpha Widow potential (more lovers, more chance one makes a lasting Alpha impression) and the subconscious comparisons to a past lover. This is a workable theory as to why men adapted for a revulsion (or at least a hesitation) of high N-count women.

This instinctual reservation is a survival adaptation based in men’s need for certainty in paternity. Investment costs and a loss of reproductive opportunity is so high for men in a state of paired monogamy that certainty of paternity became an evolved mental subroutine for men. Men’s biological imperative is to spread seed. This is why we can become aroused on a moment’s stimulation, why we can mentally compartmentalize sex from intimacy, and why we generally err on the side of over-estimating sexual interest in women.

Long term monogamous investment in rearing a child costs a man more than just him following his biological imperative. As such, a certainty of paternity became a key element in that tradeoff for parental investment in a woman. So when women shame a man for even thinking that her sexual past might be indicative of future returns it is literally a woman’s attempt at getting a man to ignore 100,000 years of an evolution that led his ancestors to have him. You don’t just wish away 100,000 years of successful breeding adaptations because it’s impolite for a man to question a woman’s past or the convenience with which she disregards it at a time when her own sexual strategy might benefit most.

This tradeoff exists in direct oppositional conflict with women’s Hypergamy, and in the context of her very limited sexual market value (fertility) peak. Women between 29 and 31 are on the downside of their sexual marketability with respect to locking down a high value man for long term parental investment. While some women can maintain their sexual value longer than others, the decay is undeniably on the downturn with respect to her intrasexual competition and her reproductive viability. She’s gone through her best fertility years focusing most on the visceral side of the Hypergamous equation (short term Alpha seed) and / or investing herself in low ROI monogamy.

In the Epiphany Phase she (and the Sisterhood) knows she can’t afford suitable Beta provisioning men to have revelations about her sexual past affect her viability for long term security.

Hypergamy is in conflict with the male need for certainty of paternity.

As such, the Sisterhood (and its male ‘allies’) unites against any reservations, or shames men for being ‘judgmental’ of her sexual past. This is how Hypergamy fights with men’s paternity imperative. Ultimately it’s a battle of his resources (sunk cost investment) versus her capacity to optimize Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. For more information on this conflict see The Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies.

Thus, social conventions must be created to prioritize Hypergamy above Paternity. So, being a Step-Dad makes a man a “hero”. Paternity is legally defined by the mother / wife, and gynocentric legal and medical doctrines restrict doctors from revealing who the real father of a child is to the “dad”. There was a time when being an unwed mother was something society shunned. It was a time when both men and women agreed on a man’s priority of his own paternity. If a young woman became pregnant out of marriage, or if a woman slept with a soldier of an invading army, she was shunned and publicly excoriated. That’s the degree of importance the social order of the time placed on paternity. Now, the Village shames men for ever expecting a child would be his own or that he’d be justified in his concern about a woman’s past.

Now the Village conflates men’s instinctual desire to know paternity (to even put a value on it) with a social construct. It’s not that he’s naturally concerned about paternity, it’s that he learned to be concerned as part of his toxic masculinity social educations.

Finally, I should also add that part of this social convention meant to repress the paternity imperative is about absolving women of the liabilities of a promiscuous past. As I mentioned, men’s reservations inhibit women’s Hypergamous strategies. So men are shamed by women for those reservations, but they are also shamed by Beta male sympathizers (symps). This piling on with the women only aids in the deconstruction of their ow sexual imperatives, but male ‘allies’ used this shame as an extension of their Beta Game in the hopes of identifying themselves better with the feminine (as they were conditioned to). They see the identifying with women’s imperatives as a means to their own reproduction.

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[EHM 2018-10-22] Farms are Rolling

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 22:42


Scouts had some comments for Kersus today. Jets' LD Julien Melchori was considered fairly good in the vein of Ben Chiarot. Canucks' RW Alexandre Grenier and Capitals' Tyler Lewington were also considered fairly good. Leafs' Matthew MacLean was spotted by Audette and his skill impressed him enough to bring it to Kersus' attention, noting he was a small but creative offensive D-man likely slotted to be a #3 or 4. Kersus sent Timmins to check him out as a one-off.

Versatile forward Conner Brickley has been placed on waivers by the Hurricanes.

Devante Smith-Pelly is the NHL PotW assisting on 4 goals in 2 games.

Team Canada is looking for a GM to run the next Deutschland Cup.


Tier 2

Cleveland 1 @ St. John's 5


*AHL signed players
Scratches: Bindulis(i), Koivu(h), Bowen(h)
Veterans: Chaput, Danault, Koivu, D'Agostini
Captains: Danault(C), Hudon(A), Nygren(A)


Goldobin showed some versatility. Ranger continues to blast above expectations. This is game 2 of three games in three days. Cleveland was undermanned so the high ratings for St. john's should be taken with a grain of salt.



Brampton 7 @ Indy 4


Scratches: Valcourt(h), Cederholm(h)
* NHL contracts | + AHL contracts
Veterans: Ouellet, Vernace, Castonguay
Captains: Castonguay(C), Valcourt(A), Vernace(A)

McCarron absolutely dominated Huff in a fight during the first period which set the tone for the game. Addison played well as a floater acquiring 4 points in the game.

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[thepuck 2018-10-22] Blues and Sens vs Habs

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 20:44

I didn't do a big write-up for the Blues 2 @ Habs 3 game October 17th. It was a good fun game so I sat back and enjoyed it. On the flipside, the Blues were underperforming so it made the Habs look much better than they actually are.

Eventually I hope to get back writing for both teams from a game however for now, while I dip my toes back into writing again I'll stick to one team for the most part.

The final goal was astounding and the result of the hardest working line on the team. No one else matches Danault, Tatar and Gallagher for hard work. I think Danault's talent is improving, Gallagher has even more talent growth within and Tatar fits in well with those two. I'm still watching Tatar to see what I ultimately think of him and have no specific judgment in that area yet.

Alzner's first game of the season!


Scratches: Scherbak(h), Weber(irl), Deslauriers(?), Shaw(h-flu), Mete(irl?)

Domi scored very early, utilizing his speed and ability to ward off the defenseman netting his first tally as a Hab along with Rolling Reilly who scored later after a nifty move at the blue line to keep it in.

Bear in mind with the ratings for the game against the Blues that I wasn't using an analytical mind for that one. Domi's line isn't really rated nor is Juulsen.

Jacob de la Rose was claimed by the Detroit Red Wings and honestly, I think he'll fit in better there. I have no dislike of him, it's just that I think the Wings have an organization that leans toward his style.

Habs 3 @ Sens 4 OT


Scratches: Weber(irl), Scherbak(h), Mete(?), Hudon(h), Plekanec(irl)

1st – All Habs
2nd – All Sens
3rd – they both played
OT – Sens win.

Alzner wasn't the stable force he usually is however he also totally saved a goal that went through Price. You could see his experience, composure, and determination despite a few missed plays (and his worst game of the year – including exhibition).

Armia and Lehkonen performed with excellence on the PK unit. They are both proving to be versatile. Armia has more to prove but finally this year Lehkonen is settling into the NHL as a solid player worth watching.

When a Sens player purposefully bumped Price it was Kotkaniemi who came in and protected the Habs goalie with ferocity. Sure, he was tossed aside and Armia rescued him but this showed Jesperi's attitude and game is coming along. He's still playing catch-up however it looks like his attitude is quite good.

Drouin a skilled player good at protecting the puck away from traffic. Other than that I have nothing to say about him right now.

Deslauriers wore a full cage and skated well but you could tell he wasn't 100% yet – something you can only become by playing.

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[EHM 1018-10-21] Two Farm Wins

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 19:24


Marchessault signs with the Capitals for one year.



St. John's is readying for their first game against McNiven and his Albany Devils. DeSimone is still DTD with his injury and isn't slated to suit up against the IceCaps.

St. John's defeats Albany 6-1 on the road letting in a late PP goal. Albany dressed Nick DeSimone at the last minute despite warnings from their medical staff that he wasn't cleared to play.


Scratches: *Bindulis(i), *Perry(PTO), Chaput(h), *Ranger(h)
* AHL signed players
Veterans: Perry, Chaput, Danault, Koivu, D'Agostini
Captains: Danault(C), Hudon(A), Nygren(A)

McNiven(3) - pulled near the end of the second period.
DeSimone(7) - played nearly 23 minutes (second on the team).



Tier 3

Brampton defeated Indy 3-0 at home with two of the goals coming on the PP.


* NHL contracts | + AHL contracts
Scratches: Ryan Kyle(h), Jesse Gabrielle(h)
Veterans: Ouellet, Vernace, Castonguay
Captains: Castonguay(C), Valcourt(A), Vernace(A)


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[EHM 2018-10-20] Habs 3 @ Oilers 2

Furiously Eclectic People - Sat, 10/20/2018 - 17:24

Armia makes his Habs debut.

The lines were altered due to injuries and giving Armia a chance. It seems likely unless Armia thrives immediately that he'll be waived and sent to the IceCaps which will then bump Bowen to the Beast. Armia has some decent deking ability but it will be an uphill battle to prove his offense adds more to the team than Reaves physicality. Injuries could change everything.


Scratches: Ritchie(h); Shipachyov(IRL); Thornton (i); Reaves(h)

Domi took on Lucic and while a good fight, Lucic got the better of him. The top Edmonton players were kept off the score sheet but it was a close game. Valiev continues to struggle and gave the puck away right in front of Price for the Oilers second goal.

Brown's move to the ECHL is delayed because of errors in paperwork making him of Veteran status even though he isn't. This error (OOC: game glitch) may keep him in the SPHL for the season or make him tradebait. This unexpected issue may be why the Sens were eager to move him.

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[EHM 2018-10-16 to 19] 4 days

Furiously Eclectic People - Sat, 10/20/2018 - 17:19

[EHM 2018-10-16] Crunch 1 @ IceCaps 3


Tier 2


Scratches: McNiven, Ruck, DeSimone (IRL), Muller, Perry (PTO), Broll, Chaput, Koivu, Ranger

IceCaps were 0 for 9 on the power play.

If Kulak continues to play well, he might be the one to get a chance with Weber in the NHL. Paquette is also playing well enough to bump up to the third line with Athanasiou and Hyman. Scouts are watching to see if Reway can handle the first line and if Hudon can beat out Goldobin for the first line. The minutes played were skewed for this game since so much of it was on the power play.

[EHM 2018-10-17] Habs 5 @ Preds 3

G Michael McNiven and LD Nick DeSimone have been loaned to AHL's Albany Devils and will play against the IceCaps. C Logan Brown has already had an exhibition game with the SPHL's Columbus Cottonmouths but Brown is expected to make his way to the ECHL soon.

Tatar, Lehkonen and Ritchie are in heavy competition to see who gets ice time. All are left wing although both Tatar and Lehkonen are accomplished at playing on their off wing. Lehkonen may have more potential in the future but he may also be the only one other teams are interested in via trade.

The scouts are looking way down the road watching some Bantam hockey and brought some names forward to keep an eye on.

Kersus' attempts to snag RW Joel Armia from the Winnipeg Jets have thus far been foiled. The Jets seem unwilling to break up their current roster.

Guay's IceCaps have announced new Captains with Phillip Danault wearing the C; Magnus Nygren and Charles Hudon wearing the A.

Muller and Lindgren head to Brampton.


Scratched: Lehkonen(H), Ricthie(H), Shipachyov(IRL)

The Habs outshot the Preds 30 to 26, outblocked them 15 to 12, were perfect on the PK and even potted a PP goal (33%). The Preds dominated on boardplays, faceoffs and completed passes.


[EHM 2018-10-18] Stuff

Brampton, even though the season has begun, played an exhibition game against Logan Brown's Columbus Cottonmouths. The Beast won 3-0. Lindgren, Ouellet and Valcourt played extremely well while Cederholm and Vigneault were a little disappointing.

Joe Thornton suffered a bruised ankle in practice and may miss Saturday's game against the Oilers.

TRADE: Montreal sends young RW Nikita Scherbak, the rights to RD Arvid Henrikson and a 2023 4th round pick to the Winnipeg Jets for RW Joel Armia and the rights to LD Sami Niku.

[EHM 2018-10-19] No Action

The Jets GM notified Kersus that they're looking to move Julian Melchori. Since Melchori can play both sides on defense, he might find a new home on his off side.

Scouts were busy but nothing notable.

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[thepuck 2018-10-15] Wings 3 @ Habs 7

Furiously Eclectic People - Wed, 10/17/2018 - 01:07

Scratches: Shaw (flu), Scherbak (healthy), Alzner (healthy), De La Rose (waived)

Ouellet and Tatar take on their former team. Plekanec plays his thousandth game in the NHL. Current coach Claude Julien was also behind the bench for Plekanec's very first NHL game in 2003.


Juulsen lays the body early showing his development but also misses a bouncing puck with his stick when he should have gotten his body in front of it. He’s leading the league in hits.

Niemi stops Athanasiou on a breakaway and the rebound.

Drouin throws his stick and complains about a little tap from an opposing player’s stick and got a penalty shot. He scores. Later he lies on his back for awhile like a turtle. He skates lazily to the bench from the other side of the Ice.

Plekanec gets the second goal off a Red Wing player’s stick. Later he works hard and gets a breakaway that’s stopped. In between the Wings scored.

A funny bouncing puck goes in for the Habs.

Byron, Plekanec and Tatar looking good in the first.

Ouellet and Benn shaky in the first. Kotkaniemi looks like a boy playing with men.

I really like what I’m seeing from Juulsen despite a few mistakes. He’s a little inconsistent but more consistent than the rest of the D. He’s willing to take a hit to make the play.

For the Wings, Athanasiou and Bertuzzi were especially dangerous.


Wings come out with a lot more energy to start this period.

Athanasiou a dangerous weapon again this period. Unfortunate for the Wings, he’s usually alone. Nyquist had a good shift.

Danault, Tatar, Gallagher, Peca and Plekanec all especially effective this period.

Hudon scores a goal on a great play by the whole line after Gallagher got one from his line.

Howard gets pulled in favour of Bernier.

Jerk fans in the stands start the Ole song before the game is even half over. Sigh.

Bertuzzi shoves Drouin and gets chased down by some whining. Both get penalties. Detroit much better at 4on4 than Montreal and the Habs are lucky to get out of it without a goal.

Wings get more penalties. Some are bad luck, others poor choices and some just seem like the refs are picking on them.

Drouin pulls out a loose puck after a scramble in front of the net and scores. Gallagher stops holding the goalie down just before Drouin shot. Good goal, apparently.

With a couple minutes left, Montreal starts laying back and dumping. Luckily Detroit screws up all the chances this gives them. This shouldn’t be confused with Julien making the right strategic choice.


Habs come out soft and slow. Niemi makes some nice saves off Detroit’s scoring opportunities but they keep coming, not because Detroit is playing well but Montreal’s skaters are disappearing from the play.

Petry goes down bleeding from a high stick and Detroit scores. The ref was watching the play but maybe it was too fast. It wasn’t on purpose but definitely Glendenning’s stick. Petry got his revenge by glaring at the ref and throwing his gloves.

Drouin didn’t want to be left out and layed on the ice for awhile. When he got up, Bertuzzi pushed him softly and Ouellet defended Drouin’s honour in a fight that Bertuzzi won. Still good on Ouellet (Drouin took a puck to the knee but he dives so often it’s hard to tell when it’s real).

Larkin draws a hooking penalty that didn’t happen but there was a little holding the ref couldn’t see so it’s a wash.

Detroit gets a wraparound while Juulsen is busy and Reilly just watches the play.

Hronek got frustrated with life in Detroit and tried to instigate Byron into letting him stay in Montreal. Petry came in to defend. Nothing much happened but Hronek got the penalty on it for dropping his gloves and doing nothing. Montreal spends more time passing back than moving forward and accomplish nothing.

Later Armia sets up Byron who converts.

No one Habs player shone as first star however Gallagher, Peca and Plekanec had very solid games that are starworthy. Athanasiou was absolutely the Wings only star although Bertuzzi and Nyquist had some good shifts.

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[EHM 2018-10-16] Crunch 1 @ IceCaps 3

Furiously Eclectic People - Tue, 10/16/2018 - 21:56

Tier 2


Scratches: McNiven, Ruck, DeSimone (IRL), Muller, Perry (PTO), Broll, Chaput, Koivu, Ranger

IceCaps were 0 for 9 on the power play.

If Kulak continues to play well, he might be the one to get a chance with Weber in the NHL. Paquette is also playing well enough to bump up to the third line with Athanasiou and Hyman. Scouts are watching to see if Reway can handle the first line and if Hudon can beat out Goldobin for the first line. The minutes played were skewed for this game since so much of it was on the power play.

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[EHM 2018-10-15] Wings 5 @ Habs 4 OT

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/15/2018 - 18:35

(Tier 1)

Third home game in a row and Zenko's first start of the year. Deslauriers is kept in considering how well he just played with Rychel but Little is taking injured Shipachyov's spot as centre of that line. Byron centre's Little's old line with Tatar and Reaves on either side. Tatar gets a chance to play against his old team and Pacioretty will be in the lineup for the Wings.

Rumoured negotiations are between the Jets and the Habs including forwards Joel Armia and Nikita Scherbak.


Scratches: Lehkonen (Healthy), Ritchie (Healthy), Shipachyov (7 Day IRL)

The Habs lose in Overtime and didn't take a single penalty. OOC: This is how you can tell it's a sim, no bias against Montreal. Habs rolled their lines although Domi seemed to have a little too much ice-time. The Wings first goal was double Thornton's fault as he lost the draw and then couldn't control his man. Joe simply had a bad game. Pacioretty even scored on us. Byron scored on a breakaway. Glendening got two on Zenko who let in a couple outside shots but most of the goals weren't his fault.


Max Domi now has 200 points in his NHL career. He is a deadly winger from Don Mills, Ontario (1995); left handed; 198 lbs; 5'10" who is also strong at centre. Chosen 12th overall by the Coyotes in 2013 (8th overall by the Frontenacs in the OHL - 2011) acquired in a trade June 2018.


(Tier 2) Crunch 3 @ Icecaps 4 OT
Season opener at home for the IceCaps:


Scratches: Haugen, McNiven, Bindulis, DeSimone, Perry, Coderre-Gagnon, Koivu, Loiseau, Ranger
Veterans: Perry, Chaput, Danault, Koivu, D'Agostini

Juulsen and Kulak each almost hit 30 minutes of ice-time while everyone else was pretty even. The special teams were weak for St. Johns. They play Syracuse again tomorrow.


DeSimone will be out of action for about 10 days after he suffered a skate bite in practice.


(Tier 3) Beast 4 @ Nailers 1
Season opener on the road for the Beast:


Scratches: Nieuwendyk (IRL), Shirley (IRL), Verbeek (Healthy)

The Nailers still don't have their full team together, so this isn't a great example of a game.

* Brodeur
** Scherbak
*** Chouinard

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[EHM 2018-10-13] Bruins 2 @ Habs 7

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/15/2018 - 00:57

Bruins coming off a loss and the Habs a win for game 2 of the season.


Scratches: Byron, Hischier, Tatar

Boston couldn't bear the onslaught in the first period which ended 5-0. Despite struggling at faceoffs, the Habs dominated on shots and boardplays.

Goals and assists were spread around with only Valiev, Honka and Ritchie not registering a point.

Shipachyov was injured with a hip flexor strain - expected to be out for 3 weeks.

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[thepuck 2018-10-13 NHL] Pens 3 @ Habs 4 (SO)

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 10/14/2018 - 18:59

Reality is setting in and Julien is already panicking. Recently against LA, Montreal’s strategy was nullified. The run and gun “speed” game doesn’t work on a solid teamwork based strategy like LA. LA’s system makes a team capable of beating even better teams but is a playoff style not always suited for long-term season play. It is a marvellous example of good hockey.

Anyhow, Montreal has tried this mickey mouse strategy before with Therien and it failed. Will it work now?

For those who do not now, I use the old-school C-LW-RW listing of lines and in brackets is their individual rating for the game.

Scratches: Peca, Alzner, Scherbak
IRL: Deslauriers(surgery), De La Rose(cardiac), Weber(surgery), Price(flu)

1st - Habs outplay Pens, down 2-0 anyway.
2nd - more even period, with the Habs taking the lead.
3rd - slower period, Pens tie it up.

OT - 3-3 tie, Montreal gets a 5 on 3 on OT and gives the puck away on every play. Drouin lies on the ice looking around while the Pens get a 2on1 stopped only by a streaking Armia who just gets in and intercepts a pass out of the air.

SO - Byron goes in slow and picks out the open spot. Malkin tries to outwait Niemi to the side and Niemi extends to block. Drouin goes in like a snail watching and waiting, drilling home the second goal. Crosby seems to outwait and outwit Niemi to the opposite side Malkin tried but Niemi extends and raises his glove at the last moment to make the save. Habs win!

Game Notes

When Montreal was down, Gallagher seemed like he was on a mission. HeeEventually scored by working hard (after 4 solid chances). Gallagher changed the whole momentum of the game and kept at it. He is the heart of the team.

Juulsen gets hit from behind by Malkin. No call. Juulsen levels Malkin. Good to see the youngster stand up for himself.

Armia and Byron showed a little chemistry however their centreman, Kotkaniemi looks completely lost and out of his league. At least he didn’t get another hooking penalty, something he’s had trouble learning - hooking the hockey stick is now enforced as a penalty.

Drouin is slow and takes a long time to make a decision. He also turns away from the play and gives up while there’s still time. That said, he can skate well with the puck and avoid being hit but generally accomplishes nothing beneficial. The diving bothers me.

Earlier today I was at the Kings/Sens game and watching Brady Tkachuk (4th overall pick 2018) play and then later on TV watched Jesperi Kotkaniemi (3rd overall pick 2018) and I see a world of difference. Brady is a great player right now. Kotkaniemi may well have potential but he’s not ready yet. Lehkonen looked better when he started in the NHL and he needed two full seasons before he looked like a NHL calibre player in the third. Is this really all about a European adapting to the North American game?

When Julien switched Plekanec to Kotkaniemi’s place on the third line it immediately looked better as all three players gelled really well. While this line looks like the right line, Plekanec makes everyone around him look better. Peca worked well with Hudon and Shaw in previous games so the solution seems obvious.

On defense we seem to lack a stable stoic defenseman like Alzner. Sure, Weber would be awesome however Alzner is reliable and that’s more important than Julien’s preference for rushing once in awhile without any finish.

This was an exciting and very close game. You could tell Pittsburgh was not going to be stunned by an upstart hockey team again but Montreal pulled it out, outshooting the seemingly superior team.

Pros: Gallagher, Niemi, Plekanec, Tatar
Cons: Drouin, Kotkaniemi, Petry, Reilly

Tatar got some points and works hard but he still has something to prove. Petry is always hit and miss. He shows solid talent one game and falls apart the next. Inconsistent but the talent is there and he may just have too much put on his shoulders with Weber out. Reilly had a few pivotal giveaways. It happens.

A goal was called back on Montreal. As Shaw went to the net, a Pittsburgh player got his knee behind him and scooped his legs (slewfoot style) of which the outside one caught the back of the goalie’s foot as Mete beat him with a shot. Debatable call but consistent with what they’ve been calling this year, unlike the hooking and slashing or faceoffs which seem to be a mysterious random call.

Drouin, Tatar, Domi and Gallagher got the bulk of the forwards ice-time. Julien was definitely not rollrolling four lines as the range is from 8 minutes to 24 minutes.

On Defense, Reilly and Petry were favoured by Julien.

#GoHabsGo @CanadiensMTL

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[EHM 2018-10-12] Last Farm Exhibitions

Furiously Eclectic People - Fri, 10/12/2018 - 21:10
Tier 2 AHL

    Top 10s

Noah Juulsen is ranked #7 for Defensemen in the AHL; Goldobin is ranked #2 and Charles Hudon #9 for Left Wingers; Mikko Koivu #4 and Phillip Danault #6 for Centres; Zach Hyman #2 for Right Wings; Christopher Paquette is #1 and Brian Bowen #7 for prospects.

Final Exhibition Griffins 2 @ IceCaps 6


Nygren had a goal and 3 assists; Paquette had 3 assists; IceCaps has 3 powerplay goals; Hudon got heated with Smith and they dropped the gloves - Hudon started off well but Smith ended it; Juulsen played just over 29 minutes; Danault and Goldobin had more than 20 minutes; Goldobin looked tired by the end.

Tier 3 ECHL

    Top 10s

Collin Valcourt is ranked #5 for Left Wingers; Jeremiah Addison #2 for Right Wingers; Joseph Raaymakers #4 for Prospects.


Orlando scored the first two goals; half of Brampton's goals were on the powerplay; Brodeur had 4 assists; Ouellet had just over 25 minutes; Addison and Valcourt were absolutely exhausted by the end; Scherbak and Baker looking a little winded.

Cedarholm, Lindgren and Gagnon will probably join the team soon.

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[2018-10-11] Iron Fist S02

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 20:29

The first episode sucked from the fight choreography to the frightening slow plodding screenwriting. In my head, oh no, they’ve Jessica Jonesed the series and nothing will happen for 8 episodes. Luckily from episode 2-9 it’s pretty engaging.

Ward and his sister’s plotlines seem superfluous. You could remove them and their stuff without impacting the plot although it would then move along quicker which means they’re basically tacked on filler. The acting is good, they’re just unnecessary in this season.

Colleen and Daniel are great together and the actors have chemistry. Misty, not so much. She’s more fish out of water in this season. While she does add a dues ex machina here and there, she mostly exists to slow things down and could also be removed without any real loss to the story.

The rest of the cast are commendable and each have important roles. The villain is fantastic as are all the support roles.

Typhoid Mary is easily the best part of the season and in some way because she was my favourite Daredevil character in the comics. She’s portrayed perfectly by Alice Eve (the hottie from Star Trek: Into Darkness) who is stunning and impactful. She makes this season dramatically better than the first. Her skill at playing this dynamic and difficult character are certainly on full display. No double meaning there as she never strips down like in Star Trek. She is the highlight of this whole series.

The plot is simple enough with no real twists but this time around it’s quite entertaining.

I would say this is the best storyline to come out of Marvel TV so far.

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[EHM 2018-10-11] Opening Night - Stars 0 @ Habs 3

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 20:09

Opening night at the Bell Centre sees the Habs host the Dallas Stars after the Stanley Cup banner is raised to the ceiling.

Reaves can't start tonight as he's serving out a one-game suspension. It's fairly certain that if either Deslauriers or Ritchie are waived for roster space that they will be claimed. Pezzetta on the other hand is exempt from waivers and despite him playing well, the exemption may seal his fate as an AHL player this year. He's sent to St. Johns. Jokinen's try-out ends (same with Bozak and Baun). Matthew Peca turned down a try-out offer. Attempts to snag the rights to Joel Teasdale from the Panthers have failed. They want too much.

The Habs have too many NHL left-wingers and not enough NHL right-wingers. They have too many AHL right-wingers so you'd think that would be a solution however the left-wingers outplayed the right-wingers even when on their off wing. This leaves the Habs with one winger playing on his off side and scratching three left-wingers just to save them from being snagged by another team for free.

This creates the problem of having players you like and want to keep but not having ice-time to go around. Opening night is also a big deal and likely to shine some good morale into the players who get to be announced as this years team.


Scratches: Deslauriers (healthy), Ritchie (healthy), Reaves (suspension)

While simulations of this game saw both teams very even out of the gate with an overtime likely, the addition of Bryan Little may have made a bigger difference than expected even though he didn't make the score-sheet.

Weber had 22:21 of ice-time and Green 24:11. Weber and Valiev were +2. Sergachev and Honka +1.

Dadanov saw 18:16 of ice-time (his line being +2) while Shipachyov only received 11:32.

Domi led the team with 4 shots on goal and surprisingly Valiev himself got 3.

Shipachyov and Tatar each took foolish penalties in a game that had very few (2 minors each team). The PK unit did well but not the PP. Lines also rolled well with no one becoming over-tired or injured.

Thornton scored from Dawes and Sergechev; Hischier unassisted; Domi from Dadanov.

On most game stats the Stars had the edge except on giveaways/takeaways where Montreal took their advantage.


There are still some decisions on the two feeder teams, especially on defense. Strange roster rules keep Michael McCarron, Nikita Scherbak, Victor Mete and Anton Cedarholm from trying out with the Brampton Beast before the season starts. They will all most likely start the season there.

It's unsure which defensemen will join Kulak, Juulsen, Nygren and probably Reilly on the IceCaps. DeSimone, Muller, Ouellet, Perry, Hickets and Gagnon all have a shot. Bindulis will likely be kept for emergency injury replacement. There is a huge hole on the RD side of both the IceCaps and Beast forcing the defensemen to skate make it on their off side. Some like Muller, Ouellet and Perry are pretty good at doing that.

While the Habs have a glut on LW, the Beast aren't sure who'll fit there. Valcourt will most certainly keep his place with Castonguay and Addison but Verbeek and Gabrielle have underperformed and being let go is a likely future. Versatile Phillips might find his way there and Broll or Gagnon might come down temporarily for some ice-time. Brodeur has certainly locked the second LW position so the 3rd is wide open.

Remember that the ECHL where the Beast play have a strict 18 skater lineup with a max of 20 players on the roster. Once the players signed by the Habs or IceCaps come down, the salary rules kick in and the team will not be able to sign anyone. This league runs heavily on try-outs and unlike the AHL or NHL, try-out players may play in season and playoff games.

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