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[CoC7e] Thomas Johnson | Medical Missionary

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 15:11

Thomas Johnson, Missionary to India
25 years old

75 Strength
60 Constitution
65 Dexterity
70 Appearance
45 Power
55 Size
75 Intelligence/Idea
85 Education/Know

Move 9; Credit 30; Damage Bonus +1d4
Hit Points 11; Luck 20; Magic 9; Sanity 45

40 Forgery (art/craft)
70 First Aid
40 Mechanical
79 Medicine
30 Natural World
60 Persuade
27 Psychology
41 Language (Marathi)

40 Dodge
30 Climb
05 Cryptography
10 History
25 Hypnosis*
25 Library
30 Listen
10 Meteorology
20 Occult
14 Pharmacy
10 Read Lips*
20 Survival (Indian Jungle/Desert)
28 Throw
30 Track
85 Language (English)

Thomas is a Canadian who went to India via a USA counterpart church for Missions (thus he holds papers for the USA and India with citizenship in Canada). He works as a doctor and preacher for a few thousand dollars a year. In India he has his own cook, housekeeper and gardener as servants.

* requires Keeper signoff

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[TROIKA!] Cliff the Ardent Giant of Corda | Starter

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 14:47

Hi, I'm Cliff.

I am an Ardent Giant of Corda seeking adventure.

Check out my Skill of 5; Stamina of 21 and Luck of 9. You need me.

I have some really cool advanced skills in Strength 4 (I'm a Giant!); Astrology 3 (Whooooo); Run 2 (long legs help); Climb 2 (so versatile).

Right now, all I own is a knife, lantern, flask of oil, 6 provisions (food to the English-disabled), 7 silver pence to make purchases and a Rucksack to put it all in. My knife is the easiest to grab.

Oh ho! I also have an Artefact of Lost Corda! Yes, this prized possession of mine is the Blue Star Map that helps me figure out where any portal may lead.

That's it. The rest is up to you. Take me out for a spin!


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She’s Not Yours

The Rational Man - Thu, 10/15/2020 - 21:29

My colleague and friend, Rian Stone, took it upon himself to breakdown the brilliant simplicity of a common Manosphere idiom:

She was never yours, it was just your turn.

This phrase has been around since the earliest days of the Pickup Artists’ (PUA) online communities. And like many of the old wisdoms of that time the reasoning for it gets distorted by the various factions of what’s become the Manosphere today. In 2020 the more extreme end of MGTOW communities – Black Pill, Doomers, and VolCels – are what most mainstream audiences conflate with Red Pill. What they, along with Success Porn niche marketers, have done is pick and pull the parts of Red Pill praxeology that resonates with their personal beliefs and circumstances and demonize what doesn’t. Both factions have an interest in misconstruing what the Red Pill has taken 20 years to develop. It doesn’t really serve the ends of either perspective to spend too much time thinking about a contentious Red Pill principle when misrepresenting it is more valuable in confirming their belief sets – especially when doing so generates views, subs and ad revenue.

To the Doomer mindset She’s not yours… is confirmation of women’s duplicitous, fickle or evil nature. That’s not to say the nihilistic perspective doesn’t approach women’s nature from an objective Red Pill understanding, it just means they focus on surrendering to it and giving up on women. This confirmation bias also gets mixed up in the Doomer understanding of Hypergamy. Hypergamy resonates with them because it confirms the idea that all women will dump a guy at the first sign of his losing an Alpha Frame veneer; an act which he must constantly maintain in a world of endless options and online attention for women. Slip up once too often and at the first opportunity she’s gone. It’s the fallacy of Hypergamy as a straight jacket, and She’s not yours… justifies the defeatism. You will never find a lasting contentment with a woman because she holds first right of refusal in any intimate relationship (i.e. Briffault’s Law). Ergo, sooner or later your turn will be over and all the effort, time and emotion you invested in her will be for nothing (i.e. Sunk Cost, Relational Equity). In fact, it may be worse than nothing when you consider the opportunity cost of having bothered with trying to make her yours in the first place. While the juice might taste really good in the short term, it’s never really worth the squeeze in the long term. This conclusion is what really upsets the Success gurus because it’s a hard logic to refute – at least from their own Man Up! perspective.

That’s the Doom Pill interpretation. It’s based on reflexive, immutable binary extremes – the default reaction of this generation – because it confirms a hopelessness that defines them. Ironically, it was the very PUAs of the 2000s they despise so much who originally coined the phrase. Back then it served as a reminder to guys to never get too attached to one particular woman while dating several women concurrently. It was almost a mantra to ward off ONEitis because they were spinning plates and “catching feelings” for one girl tended to end up destroying them. It was a maxim that worked best as a preventive medicine since most practitioners of Game saw it as a means to achieve the monogamy their Blue Pill social conditioning convinced them was possible. Average men build lives around serial monogamy; it’s always been the surest way to solve the average man’s reproductive problem. So when you open them up to an abundance of sexual/intimate potential via Game they tend to use it to get their Dream Girl and ignore what the Red Pill says about women’s nature.

In today’s ‘sphere, She was never yours, it was just your turn is a salve for guys who’ve already invested in a woman and she dumped or divorced them. The presumption is that despite all their best Blue Pill qualifications or their Game savvy, Hypergamy gets the best of all women and she’ll move on to the bigger and better deal. This perspective presupposes a stable monogamy, not spinning plates, is the goal-state for every guy. Notice the maxim here is cast in the past tense. She was never yours,…At some stage a man believes she is his (or should be) and she no longer is now. Thus, She was never yours becomes a post-facto rationalization to the guy who’s probably feeling gutted by his breakup. The real issue is the guy’s want for a permanent solution to his desire for intimacy. We see this all the time among simps who spend small fortunes (monthly) to achieve some kind of virtual intimacy with his favorite OnlyFans cam-girl. In this case, She was never yours is reconfirmed for simps over and over as they move from one cam-girl obsession to the next.

For the Success Porn guru, all this is grist for the mill. On one hand, men struggling with confidence (see social skills), achieving intimacy/sex and finding purpose are their bread and butter. On the other hand, what they’re usually selling is the Blue Pill ideal of a sustainable contentment for otherwise discontent men. That contentment includes the hope that a permanent, loving and monogamous relationship with one woman is not only possible, but is also a sign of his authentic manhood. When Dr. Phil sells this hope we write him off as a naive Pollyanna and old order thinker. However, this same Blue Pill hope is repackaged and sold online as a return to masculine virtue by today’s Life Coaches in the Hustle Economy. The permanence of your contentment amounts to your ability to qualify for it and sustain it with their (usually repackaged) concept of masculine virtue. Any discontent on the part of the client is reflective of his own lack of determination or hard work to achieve it. 80’s Televangelists and 90’s Multi-level Marketing hustlers used similar graft. It’s really a monetized version of the philosophy of personal responsibility — which has always been a darling of traditional conservatism and now a staple of personal development. Any failure of the concept is always attributable to the man’s deficient effort and investment, which can then be attached to his character. This isn’t to say that all personal development guys are unscrupulous hustlers, just that the true responsibility of education rests with the student.

She’s not yours, it was just your turn, and other unignorable truths that the Red Pill makes men aware of, defeats the self-reinforcing circular logic of the personal responsibility hustle. It forces the hustler to admit that something outside men’s control might have an effect on a their lives. Rather than accept this and work within the framework, the response is more of the same; deny the phenomenon exists, or presume that even acknowledging it is indicative of a defeatist mentality – thus, a shirking of personal responsibility which completes the circular logic.

This is the origin of the “Truthful Anger” fallacy. Around 2015 the instructors working for Real Social Dynamics (RSD) started getting a lot of questions about the material in The Rational Male from students attending RSD seminars. At some point they had to address these questions, but to do so would mean acknowledging the validity of the concepts in my book – concepts that challenged the positivity grift they were rapidly converting over to during this time. The solution was to acknowledge the truth in my work, but tacitly disqualify it by presuming it came from a place of anger. They then cautioned against internalizing it at the risk of becoming angry or bitter against women — both presumptions commonly used by mainstream gynocentric norms. It was misconstrued as “truthful anger”; poignantly true, but best not to dwell on it if a guy wants to be happy. In other words, would you rather be happy or would you rather be right? Happiness is always easier to sell than truth.

Now that we understand the opposing sides of the impermanence of women debate, we also have to consider the Lie of Individuation that usually gets thrown into the mix to dismiss the She’s not yours maxim. The Individuation Fallacy is most easily understood as:

“People are all individually special cases; each a unique product of their environments and experiences, and are far too individually complex to understand via generalizations according to sex, etc.”

The individual supersedes any commonalities attributable to biology or evolution, and usually focuses solely on social constructionism and personal circumstance as a basis for motivating behavior, developing personality and influencing others accordingly. The supremacy of the individual is the natural extension of an underlying belief in The Blank Slate. When you start from a belief that we’re all functional equals everyone is an angel or a devil according to the choices they made. But depending on the person’s circumstances they can be forgiven or damned for the consequences of those choices according to how we interpret their character as individuals. This is how we get rationales like, not all women are like that and “People are too complex to categorize” to dismiss the unignorable commonalities we see in men and women in the information age. No one likes to think they aren’t in some way unique as much as they don’t like to think determinism has influenced (in some way) what they think makes them unique. And since I’m sure you’ve made this connection already, yes, the Individuation Fallacy dovetails nicely into a doctrine of personal responsibility.

When we read some example of a woman opting out of a relationship (or sex) with one guy to take up with another, the reflexive response is to individualize her behavior according to her individualized circumstances. She’s damaged, she’s got Daddy Issues, she’s insecure because you weren’t Man Enough, etc. — any and every consideration that points away from categorizing her actions as commonalities in women’s innate nature are the reflexive thought process. She’s not yours, it was just your turn defines her actions in a concrete visceral understanding of women’s nature that conflicts with the Blank Slate‘s individualism. In this case the maxim is a description, not a prescription.

Men have an evolved need to know paternity. Unhindered by social strictures or women’s Hypergamous filtering men would opt for unlimited access to unlimited sexuality as our innate and preferred mating strategy. I’ve written a lot about this so I wont belabor it here, but a majority of men, over the course of history, will never be able to actualize this strategy. Ergo, socially enforced monogamy became the best mating strategy compromise for men as modified by the selection pressures of women’s mating strategies. The risk in this compromise is the assurance of paternity. If a man is going to compromise mating opportunities with many women to parentally invest in one woman, the deal must come with one condition: the child must be his genetic stock or the compromise invalidates his existence (evolutionarily speaking). To ensure this men evolved a mental firmware that predisposes us to jealousy, mate guarding and desire to possess a woman. This is why we develop a A Sense of Ownership with our girlfriends, wives and children. The dynamics of Kin Selection and Kin Altruism all find their root in men’s imperative to ascertain their paternity and protect their genetic legacy.

The need to control women’s sexuality is nothing less than men’s evolutionary compulsion to ensure that their compromise in parental investment is not for nothing. In a social order where masculine responsibility to wife and children was balanced with a commensurate masculine authority to enforce those responsibilities, men could nominally control the reproductive process. Part of that process included possessing a woman. This was both an evolutionary imperative and a social imperative.

Every man loves a slut, he just wants her to be his slut.

In today’s gynocentric social order the thought of owning a woman is an affront to the female-primary sensibilities that stem from individuation. Feminism and gynocentrism have conditioned generations of women to believe they are autonomous ‘things‘ with no need for anything outside themselves – least of all men – to find true contentment. They are Strong Independent® women who believe their fulfillment comes from self-ownership. Eschewing a man’s surname in marriage, or even marriage at all, is a sign of independence and stiff middle finger to the idea of passive femininity or notions of ever submitting to a man’s authority. The evolved complementarity between men and women is replaced with the social contrivance of an idealized egalitarianism. Husband and wife is replaced with “Equal Partners“.

For women, the problem with this equalist fantasy is biology and evolved impulse are excused, if not encouraged, in a social order that prioritizes women’s mating strategies. Literally anything goes when the worst consequences of women’s Hypergamy can (enthusiastically) always be attributed to men’s inability to accept them as individuals.

The problem for men is that we still have an innate want to possess a woman to ensure our paternity and invest in our genetic legacies. As mentioned, this desire for permanency with one woman was both an evolutionary imperative and a social imperative in a patriarchal social order. In a gynocentric social order the evolutionary imperative to possess a woman still remains, but the social imperative says…

She was, is, will, never be yours, it was just your turn.

And that is why this maxim rubs so many men the wrong way.

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HackMaster Over 2020/09/13

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/12/2020 - 22:56

The pandemic is still going on and my last HackMaster game was in March, I decided NOT to resume it at some future date. Keeping track of Player history is a PITA.

Tracy Johnson


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[CoC7e] S13 | Culling Llellewyloly

Furiously Eclectic People - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 05:49

Call of Cthulhu 7e
GM: Michael Mirth

CthulhuBob as Breathless Nik
Dwight as Let's Do It Derek
Kathi as Adventurous Anna
Luke as Being Frank
Legend Dan as Pointy End First Duckworth

Also (NPCs)
Gregori Rasputin (Dmitri Passelov), Doc Holiday (Tom Mackay), Adrian Stimson, Irene Adler

Mythos Books
Codex - 2 spells to decode
Asteroids - Gate spell, hidden message?
Sorceress - Oneiro Dismissal spell, Call Heart spell, Dissolve Bones spell, Puffball info
Book of Eibon - spells and info

Spells Openly Known
Gerald - Invisibility (Mummy Dust)
Nik - Dread Curse of Azathoth, Withered Limb, ?
Derek - Invisibility (Mummy Dust), Oneiro-Dismissal
Anna - Unknown but ESP-like powers (Precognition, Psychometry, Predictive Dreaming and Empathy)
Frankie – Unknown

Spells Acquired But Not Learned
Call Heart (Sorceress Spellbook)
Dissolve Bones (Sorceress Spellbook)
Gate (Moriarty Asteroid Book)
[At least two more to decode]


Diary of Derek Moriarty Entry 12 - Late May, 1927
Location: Witch House, Arkham,
Note: Acquire lasso, wolvesbane, pouch of rocks, throwing knives.

I awaken to Anna reading the Book of Eibon and start planning today's acquisitions encouraging everyone that it's time to go after Evelyn Bancroft and her cult before they come after us. We wouldn't want to lose the paintings she so lusts after and we don't know the real source of her enmity toward Adrian. He supports my desire to deal with Bancroft now.

Blakely has been moved to his ex-girlfriend's place and is swollen. The belief is that he will migrate to the ocean in a couple days. Apparently we can cast Oneiro on Gadamon. It took so much to use it on the Lich I'm unsure if Adrian and I can handle the Seed (Gadamon). If we accomplish it, Blakely may well be freed of his nightmare and we delay an Elder Being from destroying the planet.

The Agents of Gadamon are still a problem thus we need the Puffballs to bypass them so we may cast the spell.

Nik rises from his slumber and starts 'Good Will Hunting' my chalkboard (following Gerald's scribbles).

I spend some time explaining to Nik and Frankie that we need the puffballs to save Blakely despite my internal desire to learn the Gate spell my grandfather left me. Teleportation IS the superpower I've wanted since I was a toddler. My understanding is that the Gate spell will be somewhat like the clock Gregori stole from the Sorceress (New Orleans) but has now been claimed by the Mi-Go. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of learning Gate and protecting us from Bancroft. She's coming to us if we don't get to her.

A couple things we learn; the Fungal Forest is in the Dreamlands Underworld. While we genetically have a certain amount of potential magical energy it is possible to increase it. Cosmic luck sometimes in combination with a spell?

I don't recall what Frankie originally wanted to do at the time of this writing however he changes his mind and starts dragging Gerald and Nik away from their neurotic writing with Anna's help. Now that we're on the same page - off to snag some puffballs.

We leave Doc and Adrian to guard the paintings. A mix of arcane and combat. Greg and Irene will come with us bringing arcane and botany.

Before we leave I again impress on the party the danger of Bancroft and that if we're not dealing with her now, we must protect ourselves form her with perhaps wolvesbane and silver bullets. There is an antique dealer nearby where we acquire old silver and Frankie knows a guy who can forge them into bullets. Freja's (shop in Arkham) has some wolvesbane we acquire.

As we go to sleep in front of "New York at Dusk" I hear a warning about a black man with goat feet...

In the Dreamlands we talk to the Ghoul Pickman. I ask if there's anything he wants and the request is for a lean bloody burger or meat pie from Fleet St. in Boston. He directs us to another tunnel that leads to the Underworld near the Fungal Forest. he even draws us a map.

Into the tunnel.

Gerald concentrates and uses his Dreaming skill to fill up my constitution. Nik watches Gerald and struggles to do the same with my withered leg. Somehow he luckily manages to complete the process and my Dream Form is back to 100%. Feeling obliged I do the same with his missing hand and struggle myself only bringing it back with my own brand of luck.

I collect some rocks the right size for throwing while Gerald gives Nik a little instruction on which way to point a sword.

In the distance we see figures coming toward us. Two Serpent-Men. We meet and they are so named Nik and Nora. They recently came from the Fungal Forest and are heading to catch a boat to far away lands including the Moon. So we learn there is a galleon one can gain passage on that goes to the Moon from any port city. Anna engages them in a discourse about etiquette. They are cordial and move on.

Into the forest of slimes, molds and tree-like mushrooms. There are fungus spores in the air so we make masks from our clothes except Gerald and Irene who happen to have handkerchiefs.

We meandre and find a path. Gerald and I look at each other after hearing a cackling ahead. No one else seems to notice. We continue forward into a large clearing with two old hags in brown work clothes speaking to a man in black about collecting Ergot which is a LSD-like fungal growth with alkaloids. The term 'St. Anthony's Fire' is used and I notice the man has cloven feet. I convince the group to hide.

The man in black turns and looks at us. He appears Caucasian and yet his skin is as dark as a black hole, soaking in the light, yet he has strikingly white teeth. I recall reading somewhere about Nyarlathotep and his masks. Nik whispers his name and we quietly talk about how he can be negotiated with. Regardless we choose the better part of valour and shrink into the forest and create a new path to the other side of the clearing. [+1 Cthulhu Mythos] As we hack our way through, Gerald gets some purple mold on himself. Yellow mold actually attacks Frankie as a chartreuse variety goes for Anna. Nik spends some more of his finite luck to Dream it back to dormancy but Anna is hurt.

We connect to the path as it exits the clearing from the opposite side we entered and travel to the next clearing which has a stone ring. Inside it is a smaller mushroom ring (6-18"). Nik measurably says it's a Faerie Ring. You stand in the centre and sing to meet the Faerie. Gerald sings and a little shabbily dressed shoeless man with a top hat appears.

Gerald and the little man tip hats at each other. "Not all hats can be trusted," the little man states mentioning a dangerous woman in a top hat. He interchangeably calls himself Robin and Puck and is willing to show us to the puffballs as well as help us avoid dangers.

We all enter a misty area together to eventually find puffballs! Tall dandelion-like plants with a puffball top. Gerald picks one and it screams. This startles Gerald more than anyone else and he starts sputtering about being humane. It's unlike him to lose his stoic grace like this. He is even more horrified when Frankie strides forward to grab one, "It's a plant, take it." Apparently he's a chronic plucker.

Robin advises we sing. I do. he enjoys it. Nothing more. Anna tells him to go away and Robin/Puck vanishes.

We group-sing to bring him back "Hey Jude..." and foul it up miserably as it hasn't been written yet. According to Epitaph 25% of puffballs are poisonous [need reference for who/what Epitaph is]

"Between the iron gates of fate
The seeds of time were sown
And watered by the deeds of those
Who know and who are known
Knowledge is a deadly friend
If no one sets the rules
The fate of all mankind, I see
Is in the hands of fools"

Frankie has already plucked another puffball and seemingly deaf to the screaming plucks two more. See! He's chronic! No one talks to him about it.

I see Gerald in pain. I walk over and wrap an arm around him for comfort. This is when I notice on his back, the shoulder of Irene and the arm of Gregori is fungus. Tendrils of it pushing into their bodies. I cut one tendril going into Gerald but part stays inside him. He starts to shake and yells, "Cut them all off!" I do.

Anna cuts Irene free. I step over and cut Greg free. All the fungus grows back!

I try to sing again, "With nightmares and with dreams, Will no one lay the laurel wreath, When silence drowns the screams."

Frankie merrily sings while plucking and has more of an ear for music than I. "Have you seen the well to do, Up and down Park Avenue, On that famous thoroughfare, With their noses in the air."

He's plucked nineteen of the puffballs and along with the one Gerald quickly gave up we have twenty of which Irene is sure three are poison and six are good. The rest are unknown. Frankie wants the poison ones and I advise we should keep them all.

Poor Gerald is not happy about this fungus so I try yanking it all out instead of cutting. It causes him pain. Enough! Bubastus. Gerald returns to the waking world. [-3hp, -3 luck, threshold Dreaming]

The rest of us return down the path the way we came. Upon reaching the original clearing the man in black is still acquiring things from the hags. Anna and I hide in the forest path we previously made. Frankie strides up to Nyarlathotep and engages him in conversation - offering his services to what may well be our world's Lucifer based on our research.

Frankie and Lucy make a deal. In the future, Lucy will tap Frankie on the shoulder for a favour. In return he answers Frankie's questions revealing that the Clock is on the Dreamlands Moon and the Blakely Dreamlands paintings are with Bancroft. Knowledge confirmed.

I take this time to use my Dreaming skill to free Irene and Gregori of their fungus. I say Bubastus and awaken in my apartment with Anna and Gerald. What is Frankie doing?

By experiment we brought the unknown puffballs back with us. Frankie has the known puffballs. Where is he? Three hours pass before he appears in my apartment. I learn from Gregori that Frankie was going to bury all the good and poison puffballs in the Dreamlands but luckily he was talked out of it. He spent some time wandering around deciding what to do with the puffballs we need brought back. For some strange reason he proceeded into the tunnel back to the Ghouls alone. Frankie did mention dangers like roots that came alive and tried to grab him. He doesn't explain himself to us but apparently he went to the Ghoul encampment and stashed a spear before returning to us.

+5 Listen
0 Spot Hidden
[Note to self - make three inventory lists, Dreamlands/Waking/Dual]

Next Episode: Into the Lake!

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[OD&D] S23 The Revenirs | Palace of the Vampire Queen

Furiously Eclectic People - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 03:00

DM Michael Calleia aka Malchor

The Revenirs
Yolofinwe the Reasonable (Elf Fighter/Magic-User)
Damascus Once Risen (Human Fighting-Man)
Hodge the Hammer (Human Fighting-Man)
Elestar the Builder (Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric)
Sebastian Hawk Eye (Halfling Thief)

NPC Tristan the Human Cleric

Diary of Hodge the Once and Future Liberator

Sebastian and I stood at the entrance to the Palace of the Vampire Queen. Tristan was back in the trees with the horses and the rest were inside with an unknown band. I’m on my horse and Sebastian is on foot.

Tristan does not respond to our call. Sebastian and I look at each other and head toward his last known location. Three arrows fly toward us and I can’t get between them and Sebastian in time as he’s hit by two of them. I ride toward Tristan’s previous location.

We spot him standing and yelling, “I’m not with them... Well I’m with them but not the other them,” with his mace on the ground beside him.

The first one I see is a Halfling in chainmail with a short bow. Sebastian quickly drops him with a sling bullet. I charge and see two Dwarves skulking near the dropped body. They wear platemail and also have short bows. One misses me and the other's arrow hits me square in my chestplate, piercing deeply into me. I spot two more Dwarves with handaxes and a third in a green cloak screaming, “Surrender!” as I roll off my horse as if the arrow had killed me. Sebastian surrenders and then Tristan advises surrender.

As these Dwarves start stripping us of our gear and tying Tristan and Sebastian to a tree I realize it might be a good idea to have a stash of secondary gear hidden up near the entrance to the Palace.

I continue to play dead and eventually hear the familiar voice of Damascus, “What’s the Elf wearing?” and then Yolo’s spellcasting which is identified as more tonal than Elestar who tends to whisper words. Speaking of which, Elestar sees Tristan and Sebastian tied to a tree (Time Bandits style) and me lying on the ground as if dead. He holds no weapon and stretches his hands out beside him, palms open and walks toward me. The other band that was inside with them is now walking with them like an entourage.

A javelin leaps from Damascus’ hand and an Elf I had not previously seen drops face to face with me. He’s dead. Our new allies whiff on all their attacks. Combat ensues.

Green Cloak smokes entourage Dwarf; Yolo sends the rest of our attackers into magical slumber and as Elestar checks on my vitals I grab his hand, “I’m Alive; barely.”

The entourage is led by Sitven of the East in his plain clothes. He queries Sebastian and myself about why we attacked Myrr. We keep silent. How did he know that anyway? We could have easily all been ambushed including Myrr. This Sitven is more than he appears and one I consider dangerous.

Elestar leaves my side to bandage Myrr and saves his life. The entourage has six members including Myrr and Sitven. It takes me awhile to clear my head and get a good accounting of who is who. There is one other Human, two Dwarves named Circla and Holteth of the Savage Isles and an Elf completing the entourage. One of them at least serves some type of bear god.

Of our waylayers the Halfling is dead and the Elf I thought dead is just on the brink. Three Dwarves are snoozing under Yolo’s spell.

It’s getting dark.

I acquire the green cloak and an extra flail plus my gear. Sebastian reacquires his gear. Entourage wants a Dwarf’s plate armour. We acquiesce, more to deflect the issue with Myrr than any actual assistance they offered (which was nil).

The waylayer Elf is brought around to Damascus ranting about hanging them all as horse thieves while the rest of us seem either neutral or advise mercy. Myself I do not want to murder them however stripping them and setting them free sounds okay as they intended to leave me for dead and Sebastian and Tristan tied to a tree naked.

The Elven horse thief barters for his life with information on Dwarven Glory. Great riches on an Isle to the South that was once the seat of power in the Misty Isles. Infighting broke their power and it became and isle of outcasts. Apparently they have guns.

We split the coins from the horse thieves with Entourage fifty-fifty (42gp total). Now they say they want nothing to do with equipment as they don’t want to be known as the party that steals from other parties. We have no such impediment. This defeated party is obviously the one rumoured to be stalking other adventurers.

I put on the cloak. Entourage wants to go back into the Palace now. Yolo checks out a wailing noise to the North. We wait. I hold the group in a semicircle facing toward Yolo. Damascus and Tristan break off to the South. Damascus hollers something back about silly loyalties as he leaves the party. The rest of us have money invested in Damascus life, having paid to raise him from the dead..

I talk about turning the green cloak into a poncho. An arrow comes toward us from about where we think Yolo is supposed to be. We hunker down by the trees. Two dozen Kobolds march from the North to to palace doors and hang their banner out front then enter.

Howl from the East. Where is Yolo? Howl from the West. I mention tossing oil in the entrance behind the Kobolds but my vote is to head back to town.

Aforementioned 21gp to us.
2 short bows, 2 swords, 2 hand axes, 2 flails (I have one), 1 mace, 30 torches, 5 backpacks, 5 sacks, 5 wineskins, rations, 3 ropes, 3x12 spikes, 2 oils, 3 quivers with 20 arrows each, 1 green cloak (mine), hobbit chainmail, helm and shield, Elf leather and Dwarf leather.

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[COC7e] S12 | Are You My Mummy?

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 09/20/2020 - 04:09

GM: Michael Mirth

Passing Love Ivanovich from the scenic Steppes
The Less Clever Moriarty from Witch House, Arkham
Disguised Awna Stayzeah from the Grace of Gregori
Fingers in The Face Frankie absolutely not from The Syndicate
Rapier Duckworth from all places Highfalutin

Also (NPCs)
Gregori Rasputin, Doc Holiday, Adrian Stimson, Irene Adler

People at Observatory

Spells Openly Known
Gerald - Invisibility
Nik - Unknown
Derek - Invisibility
Anna - Unknown
Frankie – Unknown

Spells Acquired But Not Learned
None decoded yet


Diary of Derek Moriarty Entry 12 - May 20, 1927
Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Kill Bancroft. I have a dream that things were bad at the Observatory but Mi-Go were driven off and Ginger made some deal and is gone. Kill Bancroft. I awaken. Kill Bancroft.
We are not in Providence anymore.....

Location: Witch House, Arkham, Massachusetts, USA

Gregori introduces me to Anna (pronounced Awna) and Irene. Nik (Ivanovich), Frankie and Gerald (Duckworth) are also here. I am a little foggy about what's happening. I know that I had decided to acquire a thrown weapon like a lasso and/or pouch of nice rocks. I believe there's something I should ask James or McCavity about the animosity with The Dwarf but I shake my head to loosen things. I hear something about how Gregori rescued Anna and she is now one of us. For some reason I hear a song "Somewhere Out There" and a mouse named Fievel comes to mind and I think it's from fourty years earlier. Anna (Awna) seems to use the term "Our friend," for Greg.

After introductions I blurt out that I'd like to go after Evelyn Bancroft. I feel like something keeps holding me back from this.

We talk a bit about how the Dwarf and Sorceress are working together and laugh at how we seem to always need to risk terrible death to avoid risking terrible death. Terrible insanity being obligatory. We have a drink to Ginger. Anna seems to be wearing Ginger's Ankh. Interesting.

Other tidbits come through in our muddled conversation. Something about a Contact spell Gregori used to send Ginger somewhere? Mi-Go stole the Clock.... That's bad. Baldridge was killed and beheaded in his motorcycle accident. I have an intro note from my grandfather.

We head to Chester's Medieval Reenactment Supply. Gerald is having some financial issues today so I pick up the tab for the two cabs we need. I make the cabbie do some turns and watch to see if we're being followed but don't notice anything. Am I getting paranoid? A wolf, on a beach of bones.

Inside the shop, Anna goes around mysteriously picking up knives and staring at them oddly. Something special about this one. Now that the cobwebs are out of my head I see Anna clearly for the first time. My word, she's a goddess.

I find a nice Confederate sword with scabbard. After the shop we hit up an opium den for a quick hit to take the edge off what comes next. We discuss who should be on guard and look over Adrian and Irene. Adrian seems less useful as just a dabbler in the Occult. Irene is a mathematician. While she is quite pretty I'm not sure I should tell her anything but she seems to deduce things just from looking at me.

I'm worried about the Werewolf out there and we decide sentries must be left over the paintings. Adrian and Irene are chosen as they seem the least useful in the act to come. Nik has a tattoo on his hand. When did that happen?

We wake near the Ghoul warren. Gregori is not with us but Stimson is instead. They must have made a last minute switch. Good 'ol Doc is here as is the rest of the troupe. The plan was centred around Gregori. Whatever. It will still work. We head into the tunnel toward the cemetery of the sorceress. Nik runs back to sit and chat with Pickman. We wait. Then I go to grab him. The talk is about how we're in the Underworld. I get confused because sometimes I'm told this is the Underworld and other times that the Underworld is another layer of the Dreamlands. I interject and find out that the Sorceress is possibly in her very own Dreamland. So perhaps this is a crossroads of Dreamlands?

The Ghoul life sounds good on paper but man they stink. That and the way they look at us like meat.

We get to the cemetery and see a thousand obsidian tombstones. Some have metal bands. Two hundred yards away from our tunnel egress is the tomb.

Tom asks about the Invisibility spell and someone asks about Mummy Dust. I look at a tombstone. Kruger Kannon. Sounds familiar. I give the stone the old hail-and-well-met bow.

Nik thinks I have Mummy Dust but I explain it's in Ulthar with Maven. He backs off and proffers his misgivings about continuing; suggesting we go to Ulthar before tackling this mission.

I leap off and start scouting the graveyard quietly. Looks like no one has been here in a long time. I get close to the mausoleum and see the entrance is a glass door which is currently ajar. I hear some noise and it's Doc. He may be a fighter but stealthy he ain't. Looking around I see Gerald and Anna together while Frankie is slipping into the shadows in another direction away from me. Nik decides to run after me making a big ruckus but Gerald steps up and grabs him so I am not given away. Thank you Gerald.

Like the tombstones, the mausoleum is built from obsidian and has only a single room. Inside is a glass-topped coffin and a shelf bearing skulls and candles. At the head of the coffin is a pedestal with an open book. Huzzah!

Nik again attempts to approach the tomb noisily but this time Anna holds him back. It's seventy-five feet from the tomb to the encircling stones. Frankie watches us from the stone markers.

Okay, here goes nothing. I open the door fully. It screeches and Gerald steps up behind me (stealth now voided). Nik is standing wide to block Anna's view. Adrian steps up beside Gerald. I unsheathe my sword.

I look around at all my comrades. This is the plan. They all understand. I hear Gerald whispering, "Get it. Do it. Grab it now." I gingerly step inside. Nothing happens. Walking up to the coffin the glass top reveals a desiccated body in regal attire. Such silence all around us.

It looks like the glass panels will open from within or without. I look up and see Gerald standing in front of the book, staring but not entranced. He looks up at me and nods toward the book.

Okay, this is why we're here. The book. That's it. Everyone will run no matter what happens. I inhale and let my breath out slowly.

I reach for the book and as my fingers caress the pages, the coffin lid shatters and the hand of the corpse grabs my arm! Through sheer willpower I resist the power of the hand both spiritually and physically, wrestling the book and myself free (01 critical success) however multiple shards of glass cut me deeply (fumble dodging glass).

I flee.

"Derek, you move too quickly, slow down!" Nik hollers while Gerald steps toward the rising corpse, slashing at it as it attempts to hit me with magic. He must have interrupted it's conjuration as I escape the tomb unmolested by magic. As per the plan, we should all be heading for the tunnel now, so I run for it. Gerald has successfully distracted the Sorceress. We did it. Now to escape.

I lift my head and see desiccated bodies rising from the graves identical to the Sorceress except they have hooves instead of feet. Doc appears alongside me with knives flying from his hands, taking out a couple in our way. We can do it. Make a path to the tunnel.

The adrenaline keeps me from feeling anything but the trail of blood I leave behind might make the strongest stomach erupt. I am grievously injured. Luckily it's obvious to all. Help will come and we'll be out of here in no time.

"Nicholas! The spell. Cast it now!" Anna commands.

Nik chants the Dread Curse of Azathoth, stealing power from the Lich [If you haven't read earlier entries, the sorceress, lich, dread corpse, witch from New Orleans, etc. are all the same person]

I'm not sure how we got surrounded but Doc and I are defending the attacks from many zombies. I thought everyone else was right behind me. Where are they? We have to fight through. Doc and I make headway alone, beating back the horde.

Adrian sees Gerald swinging his sword inside the tomb like a madman and slips in to aid him.

Frankie turns from his hiding spot and attacks a random zombie. Hits and misses from me and Doc as we make our way to the tailpipe (tunnel entrance/cemetery exit).

My gaze lifts from my current battle to see Frankie standing his ground against the horde far away from us and the tomb. Anna is attacking one of the... My word... Thousands of dead men walking. There are so many. My attention returns to more immediate concerns as Doc severs off several arms that grabbed him but they continue to hold onto him tightly.

I smoke one to our side while yet another grabs me. I hear Nik chanting a darkly familiar ritual and my leg tingles but I see him fall back as it seems to fail (Withered Limb). {Bleep}ing Dwarf (I always bleep out the Mosquito Buggering for your soft ears).

[Idea Roll] Frankie seems to be watching the tomb while fending off attacks. Anna looks at him knowingly. It seems there is some realization that the Lich does not want to exit the tomb to battle us. Adrian comes running out of the tomb toward Doc and I. Frankie seems momentarily stunned as he looks into the face of the Lich from a distance. Nik is grumbling about his spellwork. Maybe he should join a spelling bee.

I break through the horde along with Adrian and Doc. Surely everyone else is close behind. I feel static in the air as something escapes the tomb toward Nik.

Frankie rushes to the tomb and attempts to close the door however Gerald puts his free hand in the way while slashing at the dread corpse. They resist each other and Frankie capitulates, entering the tomb with Gerald and it slams shut. The zombies all drop to the ground.

Anna aids Nik who has fallen unconscious. She watches in horror as his bones seem to disintegrate. Realizing he needs assistance just to breathe, she massages his chest and starts compressions.

Exasperated I ask Adrian to go and assist Anna. I want to help but this book needs to get out of the cemetary, like in the plan. Doc and I leave making our way deep into the tunnel.

Zack Morris Time Out.... A disembodied voice says "I didn't think that could happen." ...Time in.

Safe in the tunnel wondering where everyone is I flip through the book noting a spell called Dissolve Bones and then I sit and study Oneiro-Dismissal.

Doc and I converse about what to do. On my side, the plan was to grab the book and run back to the Ghoul encampment. I have little idea what happened to the rest of the party. Doc insists we go back and find them and we do, finding Adrian along the way whom was sent to bring us back to the cemetery for some unknown reason. Distract the Lich, grab the book. Run away. What happened?

They're all standing at the tunnel entrance stuck in debate. Apparently the sight of Nik's formless blob of a body caused Gerald some consternation (sanity) and he concentrates on Nik and his internal structure reappears (Dreaming and Luck).

"Why are you all still here?" I ask. "I thought we were all leaving?"

They all agree it's time to leave.... Finally. It's like herding cats.

Just as we're about to enter the tunnel I turn and warn them, "We're good as long as no one has any Lich parts. Mummy wrappings and dust okay, but no body parts. I mean, we don't want her waking form to know where we are. She's dangerous in any state. Remember, she is a powerful sorceress in both the waking world and the Dreamlands."

Frankie pulls his backpack off his shoulder and pulls out her head with her jaw and lips moving with just the sound of dry skin rubbing against bone.

So, that Zack Morris thing. This is what I find out,

{Inside the mausoleum, the Lich throttled Gerald with her two dried up hands. Frankie jumped on her and gained a headlock. Unable to resist he gave her a noogie. She broke free and chanted a teleport spell but with great Luck Frankie interrupted her casting. Gerald drove home a killing blow. Queue disembodied voice. Our plucky swordsman grabbed all the mummy wrappings left from the corpse and moved with the intention of leaving this whole area but Frankie frantically grabbed him, "Don't leave me here. There has to be something else here." They fruitlessly searched the inside of this one room building. When Gerald wasn't looking, Frankie picked up her head and it bit him. He kicked the rest of her corpse into pieces and stuffed the head into his backpack, "Hidden."}

A barrage of "What in Thunderation? You Rantallion! Fopdoodle!" rain down on Frankie. Literally everyone freaks out at him. He makes it clear that he is keeping something of the Lich (calling us all Smellfungus). I make clear that the value of her parts do not outweigh the danger they generate for us.

As we all become exhausted from the whole ordeal, Anna plays peacemaker and notes that she understood the Ghouls will not enter the tunnels which implies things buried there should be safe from their prying hands.

I pull the book out to put an end to all this bickering. I begin chanting the ritual Oneiro-Dismissal. I can feel the drain on me as the Lich is too powerful. Adrian grabs my hand and joins in the chant. I feel his power merge with mine and with a flash her skull becomes dust. I realize that we've just destroyed her dream body permanently. I look at my hands in astonishment. The sheer power Adrian and I just commanded....

We each divy up the mummy dust evenly but Frankie demands that he gets it all. I disagree. We come to a compromise and divy up the dust evenly. Now any one of us can cast Invisibility. Bubastus. I wake up with my portion of the dust and the book. Everyone else follows.

Anna has a big grin on her face along with a little wonderment. We realize this was her first time in the Dreamlands. Gerald and I both tap her on opposite shoulder joyfully. What a trip!

Anna opens up to us and we learn she has Precognition, Psychometry, Predictive Dreaming and Empathy.

Anna asks to read the Book of Eibon and I pass it to her with the group's agreement and some caution.

I read the Sorceress' book into the wee hours of the morning. I share a finding with the group the next day. In the Fungal Forest there are pale blue topped spheres (puffballs) we can eat so that the agents of Gadamon will leaves us alone.


Codex - 2 spells to decode
Asteroids - Gate spell, hidden message?
Sorceress - Oneiro Dismissal spell, Call Heart spell, Dissolve Bones spell, Puffball info
Book of Eibon - spells


Threshold Rolls (fail to raise)
0 Stealth
0 Hand Gun
+5 Track

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[COC7e] S11 | Where in the World is Ginger

Furiously Eclectic People - Tue, 09/15/2020 - 22:40

Written by Kathi Hutton.

Pages mysteriously found and believed to be from the diary of Virginia Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

Date: Unknown
Dear Diary,
With all the comings and goings between the Waking World and the Dreamlands, and with the added complexity of the Time-Traveling Clock, I feel the necessity to put pen to paper and record some of my thoughts about this strange journey upon which I find myself, and regarding the eclectic band of compatriots with whom my life has become entangled.
I do not know the exact date – some time in May of ‘27 to the best of my recollection, but sometimes I feel as though as though I am in a whirling maelstrom of Time and might never return to normalcy.
The gentlemen of my group do not know I have begun this journal and I do not want them to find it. I shall hide it here in the panty drawer of my bureau. The only one who might look there is that insufferable Frankie so I shall watch him closely to see that he does not skulk about near my rooms. ~VEF

Date: The next
Gentle Reader,
I believe that Roz has been using my lipsticks. I confronted her and she swears she has not, but at dinner last night I thought the shade she was wearing looked very familiar and today I see that my tube of Blushing Bride Pink has tooth-marks in it. Tooth-marks! I ask you. What sort of woman uses another woman’s lipstick and leaves tooth-marks upon it? I shall have to think of a terrible prank to pay her out for such mischief. ~VEF

Date: The following day
Gentle Reader,
I feel the need to describe the men with whom I am involved in this adventure. Sir Gerald is quite the gentleman, much like my departed grandfather, and yet he has a mystery about him. How did he become so proficient with his sword? I suspect he would not answer, were I to ask.
Derek is a natural leader; he keeps us on target when our thoughts wander. He is also quite bold in a crisis. His motto seems to be that of Admiral Farragut: “Damn the torpedoes, men! Full speed ahead!” It is a pity that he cannot pick an ordinary lock, despite his supposed skills.
Frankie is incorrigible – his mien reminds of those boys I met in Milan during my Grand Tour. They looked at me as if they could see right through my clothes, and his countenance portends the same notion at times. He swaggers about with bravado, however in a crisis he is a great asset to our merry band.

Nikolai the Russian I have never trusted. It may because of my late Uncle Edward’s strong feelings against Lenin. Uncle also told me of a strange premonition he once had, about the Russians interfering in the election of an American President. That of course is such a flight of fancy that I pay it no mind; surely such a farce could never occur in this great country.
Silas the lunatic I have no impression of and prefer to keep it that way. The holy man Rasputin frightens me. His powers are staggering and I know not what he might do next.
Tom. What shall I say about him? Handsome he is not, but he has the smoothest voice I have ever heard, and I come near to swooning when he addresses me. He is teaching me to shoot, and I find it difficult to attend to my lessons when he stands behind me to adjust my grip on my darling little Remington 95 derringer. When I told him he seemed to be quite the scoundrel, he said "You need a scoundrel in your life." I hurried up the passageway in the most altered state of mind and body I have ever experienced. ~VEF

Date: Much later …
Dear Diary,
So much has happened in the span of such a short time and my memory of these events is quite poor. We have been so engaged in our quests that I have failed in my efforts to keep this journal current. The most recent episode I must record, as I feel it may have repercussions in the future.
After a stint of studying in the Great Library of Ulthar, I became restless and suggested to my companions that we might pass through one of the many doors therein, and perhaps have a pleasant diversion in a part of the Dreamlands we had not yet visited. They acquiesced readily, and choosing a Door completely at random, we ventured forth with enthusiasm.
The first person we met was an old man who seemed to be having some trouble finding his lost relations. He asked us to accompany him in his search, and when I heard it involved a trip to a Slave Market I was quite willing. It seemed a most decadent experience to watch the buying and selling of others, and yet it evolved into something altogether appalling. Frankie, that odious worm, tried selling me to a Slave Trader! He said he would "slip me a knife" so that I might slit the man's throat and thus escape, but I mistrusted him. Luckily Tom and the others saved me from a Fate Worse Than Death, but I hold a strong grievance against him and vow to pay him out.
After leaving that land and returning through the door to the refuge of the Great Library, we elected to attempt a trip to Celephais to see if we could heal the injured members of our party - Derek, with his withered leg and Nikolai's missing left hand. We visited with Macavity the Cat a while and determined that the King, a Great Healer, was without the Castle and unavailable to aid us.

Having retrieved five gold coins I had left with the Cat for safekeeping, we proceeded to the market where I was insistent upon purchasing a knife. It was at the vendor's stall that I hatched a plan both perfect and at the same time devastating. I encouraged Frankie in his idea of stealing a knife, and created a scene by staging one of my famous "faints." It amuses me to see men fall for this play-acting every time I employ it. While my companions and several of the patrons of nearby stalls were thus distracted, Frankie used his skills - likely learned in some back alley, reform school, or Family social club - to purloin a very beautiful and expensive dagger. The merchant was not as short of eye as I had hoped, and caught him out. My original idea was to call upon whatever passes for the police in this world and watch Frankie squirm under their scrutiny, but I suddenly lost my nerve and we fled back to the library, knife in hand, and thus back to the Waking World by means of our pass-word.
This, Gentle Reader, is where everything deteriorated. In our absence, the dreadful Mi-Go had invaded our sanctuary, the Observatory, had killed both Roz and my maid Martha, and had assumed their faces in a manner most grievous. A great battle ensued in which Frankie covered himself in glory by killing the monsters. In my own way I mourned the loss of the only two women around me. I had only just discovered that a mouse had invaded my cosmetics case, and it was that vermin which had gnawed on my lipsticks. Roz died before I could apologize to her for my error. And as for Martha - I do not know how I will explain her death to Mumsie. She so despises the task of hiring and training a new maid.

Date: Still the same day
Alas! The so-called seed, the glowing rock from space, has been stolen. We can only assume that the Mi-Go have succeeded in their efforts and have retrieved the foul thing for their own nefarious purposes. The whorl gun too is missing from its place, and again the Mi-Go are suspect.

Date: Later the same day
The mad-man Silas has been mumbling some words in his chamber, and I am elected to speak with him to determine what, if anything, he can tell us about the invasion of the Observatory. Most of his jumbled words are mere ravings, but one thing is clear to me. All of these disasters - the attack of the Mi-Go, the death of the female members of our party, the loss of the whorl gun and the seed - have been caused by my foolish, childish, and self-centered theft of that cursed knife. But I can fix it. I can take the Time Clock back before my misdeeds and thus change time and prevent these horrors ....
What? The Clock is gone as well? I am undone. I see no other recourse than to risk myself in a last attempt to save my companions, nay my friends, who have risked themselves for me more than once. I shall beg an audience of the Elder God Yog-Sothoth and implore him to let me make amends. Surely a God can help me set things right. Adieu for now, Gentle Reader. ~VEF

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[COC7e] S10 | That is a Hairy Man

Furiously Eclectic People - Wed, 09/09/2020 - 08:38

August 9, 2020
GM: Michael Mirth

Nik 'Cigarette' Ivanovich from Russia
Derek 'Clueless' Moriarty from Arkham
Virginia Elizabeth Fitzgerald from Providence

Also (NPCs or PCs without their Ps)
Gregori Rasputin, Doc Holiday, Adrian Stimson, Sir Gerald Duckworth, Frankie Fingers

People at Observatory
Roslyn Rosebud and Martha (Ginger's maid)


Diary of Derek Moriarty (Entry 10 - May 19, 1927)
Initial thoughts: Healing from King Kuranus; I have this alien whorl gun; save Blakely? Steal/Buy paintings. It is one day until he dies. Warning that meeting ourselves may induce homicidal mania.

We discuss saving Blakely. Nik is against it and I'm for it. Ginger has the deciding vote and I convince her the educational merits of trying. It's less that I think we can change events and more that I want to see what happens when we try although I am aware it may be us who is held responsible. We do not want to be there when the police arrive!

We discuss the "Time Machine" and what to do about the paintings. Blakely received a letter from non-believer Baldridge (painting - New York at Dusk) about a month ago. Ginger's family runs in the same circles as the Biggs (painting - Elder Yoggoth). I have heard of the millionaire playboy Reggie (painting - Fate) who was killed several months ago in a questionable motorcycle accident. I have a gut feeling that we want to leave Evelyn Bancroft until last. Something about her doesn't sit right in my mind.

Elder Yoggoth
We go to Mr. & Mrs. Biggs house first with only Ginger going to the door. This is her time to shine in the spotlight. She finds out that the Biggs like to help starving artists with the hope that their work will increase in value. The painting unsettled her husband and was sold to the art dealer Gilgamesh. Ginger came back flushed trying not to tell us why but eventually blurting out that they're sadomasochists and she interrupted a scene.

New York at Dusk
We head to Roger Baldridge's place. He's a middle class artist who's friends with Blakely. He doesn't believe the lunacy about lucid dreaming but has a nice centrepiece called Ionic Revival (headless bust) that looks valuable. We get to see the painting he bought from Blakely which shows a ghoul's graveyard in the forefront and a pattern of houses in the background. It hits me like a right hook and I take some time to stare at the ground to clear my head over what I saw. Nik seems to still be looking it over but I pull a staring Ginger away and she makes a sucking noise for a few beats.
Ginger buys the painting at cost.

We hit up a payphone and I give the judge a call about Reggie. I learn that he lived in a penthouse with a family butler at 86 Fisherman's Wharf. We head to that address.

Ginger plays the damsel in distress and finds out the artwork was donated to Boston Commons Museum which is in an old ionic building. The police suspect Reggie had been drinking when he crashed at Old Knobb hill but the case is still open. The butler confides that Reggie had terrible trouble sleeping.
-local museum

R'leh at Dawn
Off to see Evelyn Bancroft (leaving Stimson behind as not to upset her). It feels like the calm before the storm, like something bad is about to happen and my body is tensed and ready. She's tall and thin with silver hair in an updo; probably early fifties. A little gathering is taking place as her maid Shiela is also there with Sonny, Karim Salim and Prof. Zues in a room with the sign of Solomon on the floor. She says this is a little occult club and is willing to show us the painting. Nik heads toward it and stumbles raising his hand to his face while his whole body shakes. Ginger and I look at it, shoulder to shoulder and feel the aura of it but remain unaffected.

Evelyn knows Gilgamesh and her whole group are dreamers since acquiring this painting. Apparently they've been travelling in the Underworld and she uses terms like Summon and Bind. The longer this goes, the more I just want to kill them all. This is all wrong. Nik is stuttering in conversation and lights a cigarette while Ginger also engages in conversation. We need to tell her less. Stop talking guys. This is bad. Nik mentions Stimson and I grab him trying to stop him from saying more but it's too late. Evelyn rises like a devil and shouts us out of her house. As she does this, the others in her club stand slowly while staring at us; as though enthralled. Fuck. Screw it. I pull my gun and shoot her but she dodges as if she knew that I was going to do it before I did. From the kitchen a man strides out while turning into a werewolf (this furry gentlemen is Jerry). Fuck fuck fuck I say to myself as I turn and flee toward our ride just as Gregori steps out of it and starts chanting. I turn my head relieved to see Ginger and Nik behind me when the werewolf bursts through the doorway, slamming into an invisible wall as Greg jerks back but continues his chanting. At that moment I realize Ginger has told Evelyn where every single painting is. We escape with a werewolf chasing us down the street. Egads, Evelyn must either be telepathic or able to see into the immediate future.
-Fuck... Just fuck.

Elder Yoggoth 2
It's 7pm. The museum is closed so we head to the art store of Gilgamesh. It's barred but the back door isn't. I pull out my trusty lockpicks and, crap. I snapped off the tension wrench while raking (critical fail - 98). Dangit. I got too cocky. I look it up and down, make some notes, look at everyone like I have this all handled and kick the door down. The painting is not here.

Ginger thinks to look at the store receipts to find the painting has been peddled to the Iliad Bookstore for $75.

To the bookstore. This time I look at the lock and pick a smaller tension wrench. With the half diamond (type of lockpick) I make short work of it. Tada!
**[Game Note: Critical success 02; Derek will automatically pick the next 6 locks of this level or lower]**
The store is owned by Hashemotep aka Enkidu but the painting was sold to Jacob for $50. No surname or address.
-Dead end.

As we leave I notice something in the hedgerow and send everyone to the cab for it to circle the block while I sneak around the other side of the bushes. Something has been watching us. I stealthily work my way around and see something large in the shadows... Furry. I turn and run for the cab on the other side of the block. Freaken' Werewolf! It hears the cab stop to let me in and bounds after us.

Suddenly we all have a weird flash-forward deja-vu feeling of being in Gus' cab while fleeing the Hounds of Pindalos. Luckily after tonight's events this doesn't drive us off the deep end. We zig and zag to lose the werewolf and head to Blakely's residence.


Blakely's anxiety is growing as he nears completion. "Just a few more trees." Ginger suddenly swings into a corner talking to herself. She had just looked at the painting and the new features struck a chord. I notice that Doc, Adrian and Greg have fallen asleep. That doesn't sit well with me so I wake up Doc. "The beach, everywhere I stepped, bones crunching underfoot..."


Nik wakes up Gregori. We can't tell if we're just tired from staying up late or if something preternatural is causing slumber. I throw a pot of water out the window and make Sassafras tea.


Nik goes for coffee. I'm on a beach with translucent sideways walking crabs. The noise. Bones crushing underneath me with every movement. The smell of seawater.

5:45am - sunup.

Blakely steps back, "It's finished," and collapses. I try to wake him and Ginger takes over caring for Blakely mumbling something about the Biggs and deja-vu. Blakely seems to be drowning in Ginger's arms.

Doc and I take the 5' x 7' painting out and call Gus.

Nik comes bursting out of the building saying he's going to call the cops. I set the painting down and grab him. We do not want to deal with cops right now. The key is to get this centrepiece somewhere safe. It's far too dangerous to leave here. Ginger comes.

Gus takes us all to my place in Arkham. I store it in my shed with a lock not even I could pick on my best day, alone with some anti-bypass measures (no way to get leverage). I don't mention the lore of my place purposefully to avoid upsetting Ginger.

Gerald meets us at my place and we decide to sleep in front of New York at Dusk.

We awaken near a Ghoul encampment. They attack everyone except myself and Ginger. Gerald defends himself and I jump into the fray. Between the two of us we injure one of them. Ginger pulls out the bejeweled Ankh I bought her and the fight stops. "The Ankh is the sign."

Gerald persuades them to lead us to Pickman's lair. Apparently Pickman ordered them not to eat us but it's quite apparent they have trouble holding back. Perhaps the Ankhs are not magical here but purely part of Pickman's order and the other Ghouls do as he commands. I do not know for sure, but we are not being eaten.

The entrance to his lair is an arch held up by the tombstones of famous artists.

We learn that at the bottom of the lake in the centrepiece painting Ghadaman grows and festers and changes. Agents must have brought the seed to the Dreamlands. Through the protoplasm of Blakely it will manifest in the waking world. The agents protect it from within the lake. The Lich Epitaph (Juju woman from New Orleans) has a tomb nearby with a spellbook. If we acquire the spellbook we might find a way past the Agents. The entrance is two days travel North-East toward Ulthar, closer to the Cavern of Flame.

A Lich is a spellcaster who has kept themselves alive and the agents are also known as Deep Ones.

Gerald conspires a plan with us about using Gregori as a fake prisoner to distract the Lich (whom hates him) while others sneak into the tomb. We need to gather some Mummy Dust. Hmmmm... Lich... Mummy... So we need the Mummy Dust to sneak into the tomb where we can gather Mummy Dust. Are you my mommy?

Wait, the wrappings.... Maven has them in Ulthar!

So, we need to get Silas into an Asylum, get healed by King Kuranus, steal a spellbook from the tomb of a powerful sorceress who already has a hostile relationship with Gregori, get King Arthur's mummy wrappings from Maven, acquire more Ankhs (Nik wants a tattoo on his one good hand), learn the history of the town Moriarty, find a message in the asteroid book..... Anything else?

The spellbook may have a way for us to destroy the seed hidden in the lake from the painting without having to deal with the Deep ones guarding it.


We awake in my home and quickly head to Providence and visit the shop, Esoterica. Papa Legva wants $500 for five doses of dream drug and we barter him down to $200 for ten doses. We now have eleven total doses. I also purchase an Ankh for everyone in our party (PCs and NPCs). Ginger wants to makes a couple quick stops. One with the judge to say hi and another to her parents to pick up her allowance.

We see a tall red haired man leaving the judge's office and I immediately slide up nonchalantly and pick his pocket. Smooth as silk. I have his wallet. He stops, turns around, "Nicely done grandson," and waves my Dream Dagger at me. Grandfather is using the alias Jonas Cain and gives me two tidbits of information to chew on. Don't trust McAvity and that he left me a message in the book. There is some mention of string theory but I can't recall how it relates. He looks at me with an affirming grin and tells me he's proud that I'm a closer and then turns to the group. You're all closers.

This reminds me that I know a guy in Montreal into Physics. Maybe he's a closer too. He gets together regularly with my friend who introduced me to A. Merritt.

The judge will take Silas off our hands and have him committed.

+2 Dream Lore
+2 Dreaming
+1 Cthulhu Mythos

Threshold Rolls (fail to raise)
0 Spot Hidden
0 Hand Gun
+5 Locks (yes, I failed my lockpicking AGAIN)
+5 Sleight of Hand

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[RTT2e] 2020-08-20 Jamocon 5.2.3

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 09/06/2020 - 01:49

[RTT2e] 2020-08-20 Jamocon 5.2.3

Mongoose Traveller 2e played via Discord and Fantasy Grounds Unity

Locations: Floating Palace, Drinax

Main Crew
Doctor Emerson Blue
Captain Xerxes
Recruiter Grus
Astrogator Chan Crawford (retired pirate)
Chief Nork
Engineer Dietrech

Diary of H-Gunner 1

Grus recruited myself and five others to join this group. We are made aware of the Space Farmer's Almanac and I leaf through it with my cybernetic hand. I learn a few rumours.

If captured by the Imperium we should ask for transfer into the Scout service.
Aslan pirates can't detect you if you're hidden in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant.

We take time to get to know one another. There are twelve of us so that takes awhile.

Needing parts for the ship Nork gambles for them and loses. Luckily I have some savings and can back our losses but we're given a slight discount based on a final coin flip (had we won = 5MCr; Loss = 10MCr; we paid 9 MCr). So we walked away with the parts needed to repair the maneuver drive. Yay! This invests me in their ship and I'm no longer a retainer but part owner. Cool beans. Plus I think Nork likes me. I may have awkwardly been overly friendly. Whoops. I don't usually make friends. He did look at me funny when I pulled the Credit Wafers from my quantum speedos. Snap!

We figure out that good things to acquire for sale are pharma, food and alcohol.

Next episode: Practice Raid

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[AD&D1e] 2020-08-18 Tiwesdæg Myrgþ | Dungeon of the Mad Hermit 3

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 09/06/2020 - 01:31

"Attack on Titan"

Willy Wanderers
Hælen Whelmette, a Ranger
Kruger Kannon, an Archer
Gorlim Cowl, a Baby Seal Clubber
D'Corry Ladykiller, a Temptor
Missing Raven Express and Areyn Aktshion

Diary of Hælen Whelmette
So there we are facing a Titan-sized skull, mostly buried with four Fire Giant skeletons holding up the ceiling.

We talk about tossing some weight into the room while I spike the elevator down. Entering the room, the elevator attempts to rise but I spiked it good. There is unexpected movement from behind the far side of the half buried head. Zombies!?! Gorlim immediately steps forward with his holy symbol out, commanding them to 'go back.' The zombies movement continues unabated however the giant skeletons suddenly flee to the back of the room and the ceiling collapses.

"Don't break the ice!"

Gorlim grabs onto the skull. I lunge out of the room into the elevator (3xDex=27, roll 06). Seeing me, Gorlim attempts the same (needs 30, rolls 95) but gets crushed by the ceiling as it crashes into the floor leaving nothing but rubble and his broken arm reaching up. Not sure it's even still attached... They're all dead.

Raven is mysteriously whispering in my ear that he is still owed the thousand paper cranes from another hermit which Valerius mentioned could be used as a Wish. I exit the dungeon and ride out to Magnificent to see if the hermit has finished the cranes. I hear Kruger's voice mention along the way that the group had previously encountered Gnolls who dressed up and pretended to be zombies even when it wasn't Hallow's Eve! I acquire the cranes and Wish for our whole party to be fresh, back at our camp. The camp now has an Irish Spring in the middle. Weird.

We renewed Zest, we head back into the dungeon and head to the left from the Purple Ooze living room. Picking the lock we do not find the Displacer Beast! Instead there is webbing everywhere. Torches! I point out the big ass spider just as D'Corry escapes it's clutches. I step back and whiff. Gorlim flails the arachnid while I try to jam a torch into it. The eight legged freak bites Kruger who goes stiff as a board from it's venom, positioning it just right for me to conquer any arachnophobia with an amazing slash. Gorlim whiffs. D'Corry shakes his head of arachnicide as it phases out. Someone swears "Aragog."

We find no treasure nor secret doors. The main exit is locked and Areyn picks it, just dodging a poison needle trap. A wide-eyed Areyn looks like she lobs herself from the doorway (yeah, there's another spider reference for good measure - hope you counted the movies above) as I pull it open. Displacer Beast! It slams the door shut.

I rush into the room to be slapped. FWAP! Gorlim steps in to help take damage while D'Corry peeks through the door trying to find an opportunity. Despite being careful, the beast dings both he and Gorlim. We all proceed to whiff and then it connects with myself and Gorlim. Unperterbed, Gorlim tags it and D'Corry jumps into the air with his battle cry, "I am charming!" and comes down with a critical blow.

Visibly afraid of us it attempts to escape. Gorlim and I miss while D'Corry breaks his weapon in our attempt to finish it off. The beast disappears through a wall and I rush after him. Obviously the wall is an illusion is what I'm thinking when I wake up staring at the ceiling. That wall hurt.

Once I get back up, I rush into the hallway looking for Mrs. Displacer.

The rest of the party watches me run off growling with presumption that they are all following me to finish this battle once and for all. After I go they drag Kruger to the swan fountain in the middle of the room and test the water on him. He immediately regains his motor functions. They hear me yelling victoriously and then the air from my lungs escaping quickly. Not hearing anything else they explore the room. "Help! Where are you guys?"

"Did you hear something?"

After awhile they make their way into the hallway carefully and find my unconscious body. Luckily someone thinks to stabilize my wounds. We go back to the swan room and I fill my waterskin while D'Corry starts making untoward advances on the swan. "This isn't Annie May!"

Well, we could be The Warriors of Annie May. Perhaps that is our group name. Some of us have metal armour and if they learned some alchemy.... Food for thought.

Gorlim searches the fountain while D'Corry and I plan a play about people and swan fountains. No, really. We actually had this conversation. We also talk about names for our sixy group. Y'know, because there are six of us and we're.... Anyway names like Willy Nilly Avengers and the Woolly Willies come up. Nobody likes my Sinister Six (I mean, the spider reference builds itself!).

Suddenly D'Corry rushes down the hallway I came back from. We hear him exclaim, "Eihtch ee double hockey sticks!" He returns saying he tried to parley with the fire breathing dog (previously encountered one down the other side of the dungeon) but it said he shall not pass or asked him for a gruff goat named Billy or something like that.

"By the hair of my chinny chin chin we need a plan! Let's go attack it. C'mon guys."

The rest of us look at D'Corry and get ready for him to lead the way.

"Wait a second, let's consider this more carefully."

I sort of keep quiet as they discuss the merits of ranged attacks and the crossbow over the long bow. I realize as they talk D'Corry is crafting something out of a hammer. Apparently Elves are quite quick and accurate with a long bow but not so much with a crossbow. I hear a bubbling noise. Is D'Corry smoking his hammer? Where did he get the water? The fountain? He made a water bong out of his hammer and Sweet Water.

Without even realizing it and maybe due to second hand smoking, the troupe (minus me) realize they've walked into the Hellhound's room as it warms them all with fire. Smells like toast to me as I stay by the nice wet fountain. Kruger shoots it, taking advice from the earlier discussion about using a long bow over a crossbow... or maybe not; he's still using a crossbow - everyone is distracted by Gorlim yelling, "This looks like a job for Captain Caveman!" while tossing his club. The dog watches it fall and rattle to the ground beside him. There's a moment where no one does anything but look at the thrown club lying on the floor. The K-9 bolts passed the troupe who's busy looking at a shrugging Gorlim.

The dog rushes into the fountain room and I hop on the fountain and yell "Shooo!" as it runs out the way we came.

They turnover the hooch's room but the only thing of note is a door in the North wall. I join them. Areyn hears nothing beyond the door and D'Corry opens it. Goat! I shoot my bow but D'Corry closes the door too quickly and the arrow harmlessly bounces off the door.

Something tells us the goat might be an Imp. Gorlim decides to enter and talks with the goat finding out it is indeed the same one we encountered previously. Suddenly as he planned it (I guess... He didn't tell anyone) he splashes the goat with Holy Water. It somehow stings him but he shows not the ill effect from last time. Backing off Gorlim engages the goat in conversation and it gets upset and says it's leaving. Poof. Gone just like the Phase Spider. Next door opens to a Nightmare. This is the point (I know you're laughing) we realize these rooms are the same rooms we reached from the right fork out of the living room.

Kruger goes mute. (Internet issues - controlling player is gone) D'Corry chooses to heal Kruger. We make a plan and decide to sleep in the hound's room. During the second watch a man opens a door from a vegetation room and has a familiar dog and little Imp with him. He jumps with a start when he spies us and steps back closing the door.

I track the wizard and lose him in the fountain room. I figure he has a room adjacent to this one and a pass through stone or similar spell. Good vibrations perhaps? I look up to see D'Corry standing on the swan. I look no further in this room and check on the spider room and it ambushes me. I knock it back as the group enters to aid me. We all take turns inflicting harm upon it despite it biting me twice. I feel it's poison in my veins but persevere.

We go back to the dog room to sleep and think. Hellhound, Imp, Nightmare, Satyr, Titan... Dog, goat, horse. Is there a pattern? Imp's can take on the form of spider. We set a trap for the wizard in hopes he returns. D'Corry doesn't wake the next person to watch and stays up extra time. He spies a centipede entering under the door and my eyes pop open to the noise of him shifting and looking at the centipede. I immediately squish the centipede. D'Corry uses a divine healing on me. We sleep another night.

Nightmare room is now empty but the next room contains the Satyr. I inspect Christopher Robin's corner (where it poos). It sounds odd however we're looking for other exits and entrances or just a way to snag the Mad Hermit. No luck. Everything works and seals too well. Eg. the toilet is a drawer. D'Corry kills the poor Satyr. He feels a tug from his deity Hela Brightaxe (battle & luck) and despite his demeanor we all see a change in him. Gorlim worships Athena (which explains why he searched the nearby municipality for a shrine to her. You'd think we would have figured that out.

Anyway, after killing the innocent fey creature; I mean, who likes those lousy stinking fairy after they killed Fritz! I decide the horns and hooves could sell for magical ingredients. Shouldn't let the tragedy be in vain. D'Corry straddles the corpse and says he will now defend it from desecration and challenges me to a duel. His stature is odd; unlike him. I pull my sword and say "Let's do it," then bonk him on the head. He shakes it saying he feels better now. He was getting surly from being too sober and the concussion is like being drunk which is his natural state.

We make it down to the now whistling Titan room and the Dwarves we met previously are digging out the carnage. Yup, they whistle while they work. After salutations they show us how to work the elevator (buttons we previously couldn't find). At least it clears up whether this was magical or mechanical. The Dwarves are just excavating around the head while I dig around the walls. I ask Areyn to check the domed ceiling but she loses her grip and falls. Feeling responsible I move like a professional dancer and catch her. Phew. We spin a few times for fun. She giggles. We all smile.

As the head of the Titan is cleared, it starts to turn to flesh and there's an earthquake. We freak out as it seems like the Titan is trying to free himself and doing so will kill us. He gets the message and lets us dig him out. D'Corry works out that if he moves sideways, the damage will be minimized and the Titan offers to let us leave via the elevator before he clears himself of what's left. We flee.

The ground starts shaking as we move up the elevator and through the various rooms, careful not to touch any purple ooze and flee the dungeon just as it collapses and from the wreckage rises a Titan, ten Dwarves high.

He says that he's now off to the Aerie. His story is not dissimilar to the Satyr's. D'Corry says that the Wizard killed a Satyr in there and the Titan says if that's true he will find the culprit to the good creature's death and exact vengeance. D'Corry calms him and convinces him not to look into it any further. "It's all good big guy."

We get gifts for freeing him. The Dwarves say we should go on another 'dig' together. We discover their captain is Memnus and we can find them at Spiders (Tavern).

Hælen - Bastard Sword +1
D'Corry - Shiny Stuff
Kruger - Long Bow (replacing his crossbow) +1
Gorlim - Flail +1
Raven - Brass Knuckles
Areyn - (it's a secret)
Dwarves - Axes

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[COC7e] S08 | It's Always Sunny in Mirthville

Furiously Eclectic People - Fri, 08/21/2020 - 06:12

"The Sacrifice of Heimlich Maneuver"
GameMaster: Michael Mirth

Attendees: Ginger, Derek, Nik
Away: Gerald, Frankie

Dreamland NPCs of note
Atol (moonwine), Kranon, P. Baxter, Maven, Maven's soldiers, Dwarf prisoners, Tokar (librarian), Nodar (Librarian's assistant usually at Gordian Knott), Nasht and Kaman-Thoth (entrance), White Savage (magical construct of Eibon)

Waking World NPCs of note
Gregori (Rasputin), Heimlich Maneuver, Roslyn Rosebud, Martha (Ginger's maid), Gus (Atol), Matthew (Kranon), Tom (Doc Holiday), Judge, Cynthia Baxter, Tcho-Tcho Priest (The Dwarf)

Dreaming - forcing will against Dreamland to make things.
Dream Lore - knowledge of Dreamland as it is now.
Cats are connected to Dreaming somehow

In this episode, Gregori has a vision and says we must go back to the observatory.

We've been in the dreamlands for two weeks which should amount to about two days in the waking world but this all may be timey wimey machinas. It would take us a day to get to Ulthar.
Baxter, now in the dream-body of The Page says he wants to wake up however I explain his situation; how he died in the waking world (the whole paralysation, and his friend eating his brains). He's sad. I find out that Philip (Baxter) has never been to the observatory.

We three say the word "Bubastus" and wake up.

I awaken in a graveyard and no longer see the tunnel. My withered leg is restored so the affliction is only while dreaming. A pity. I truly had hoped it would be the other way around. Nik also has his hand back. Unlike the others who feared their waking bodies being mangled in the dreamland, I feared my dream body being mangled. I clutch The Moon Pool by A.Merritt closely.

"One on one on one together to heal leg."

Whatever that means. Maybe the answer is three. Giuseppe (Atol) picks us up and we rush to the observatory to see Truman delivering groceries. A flying crustacean swoops down and takes Truman away! Groceries tumble from his arms cracking the eggs which start cooking in the heat. We cry over spilled milk.

Harry S. Truman must be important to the timeline. Why else would they use him to goad us into action. It's a trap!

Gregori has mentioned before that he thought the Mi-Go are using the local fire tower as a base. Perhaps we go back in time and catch Mi-Go returning to tower with Truman?

We collect some dynamite while Gregori recons ahead. There are three Mi-Go with a spraying device mounted on the floor of the fire tower that can spray the mountain plus they have handheld weapons. Perhaps the spray is what mutated the bear. Gus will come with his carriage.

Beyond the three of us there is also here, Rose, Heimlich, Gerald, Frankie, Martha, Gregori, Gus and Tom.

Gus will take myself (Derek), Tom, Ginger, Nik and Heimlich to the fire tower.

Someday Giuseppe saves us.

We ambush the Fire Tower. I start with my shotgun and with a little luck invested I damage the third one. Tom finishes it off with his pistols. Nik nicks the second one. Ginger surprises us all by throwing a knife with some accuracy. This does remind me that I need a thrown weapon. Perhaps a spear? Gus casts a spell that withers the first one's hands causing it to drop a strange gun. I glance at Gus feeling a phantom pain in my leg. One uses it's nippers and claws Tom for some damage. A Mi-Go with a Whorl-gun takes out Heimlich Maneuver in one shot. I blow away the second one. Nik reloads. Tom finishes off the first one. Level cleared.

Ginger and I give Tom some much needed First Aid. Gus somehow heals me and Nik but my leg is it... yes it's okay. With the flashback comes adrenaline and the image of The Dwarf.

There are three Whorl guns and I grab one. Each seems to have a couple charges left. We see the incoming Mi-Go with Truman. Did I mention we slipped back a little in time with Greg's clock?

We set up an ambush.

The Mi-Go falls for it and lands. I critically fail on my usage of this alien gun and it starts making noises like it might explode. Tom snaps a couple bullets into the ugly enemy. Nik misses but Ginger fires and hits the creature right between the eyes. I toss the beeping alien gun over the side. It hits bottom and explodes causing the whole tower to start collapsing. I grab Truman by the scruff of his neck and throw him down a level to Nik. The fire tower collapses with Heimlich however the rest of us escape to Giuseppe's carriage of safety.
Dancing skill may help with falling or jumping.

Truman is gibbering. I collect a block and tackle for us to return to the fire tower. We lower Ginger down and she retrieves one whorl gun. She goes above and beyond, salvaging the sprayer and blowing up the remains of the tower, Mi-Go and Sir Heimlich Maneuver (may he rest in piece).

We should look into the town's records/history.
Anticipating a seedfall.
Five doses of Dream Drug left plus the clock. Want to deal with the Baxter estate, learn cat language, heal my leg (Nik's hand) in Dream, attempt dreamland manipulation, ask Kranon for a spear.

We dream (2 doses now left). This is Nik's first time. We get to Kranon but *Dolphin* is no longer the password. New password for Kranon is *Swordfish* and Ginger gets 17gp. I gain a spear. My leg is still crippled from The Dwarf. Kranon indicates we can manipulate the Dream World and some have a knack for it. This brightens my spirits. King Kuranus (from England) is renowned as the greatest dreamer and created a city in the image of Cornwall - Celephais (capital of Ooth Nargai). An avid drug user in the Waking World he no longer has that to re-enter and lives in the Dream World. He is the King of Ooth Nargai and the cloud-city Serraniam (sorta like the Evolution of Selson Blue, whatever that is) and may heal our wounds. Seems like Selenium, er Serraniam is the goal here. There is some type of airship from Celephais to Selenium. The Dwarf is drugged to keep from waking (in chains as well). Cynthia does not dream - worships Nharlotep (spider-god). We also learn that now if our waking bodies die, we will continue on in our dream bodies. This has been my wish all along. I get Philip's location - behind the Wheelwright between two Fishmongers. After talking with Philip (who is trying to make his own way without help) I decide we should send Silas to a sanitorium. When Philip is under stress he develops some of Silas' psychoses - specifically the fish thing. I encourage him and suggested he rebrand himself (new body, new life, new Philip), perhaps as The Teacher?

Ginger spends time with the local cats and then goes to the library to learn their language. I meet Ginger there and find a map to Ooth Nargai until Ginger and I look up at each other and at the same time say, "The doors from the library!" They can teleport us to Celephais. We also ponder how we're supposed to take the clock to the moon eventually.

East of Celephais there is a place next to the waking world filled with ghouls. Done with this for now I decide to help Gerald out by studying Hyperborean. Nik is there over my shoulder and I push a chair out so we can study together. Academic horniness ensues climaxing with new knowledge of this ancient language.

Lastly, all three of us study Dream Lore and give 12gp to Nodar.

Chat-Aquadingen - protection from Yibb's vision
Cat Language
Clock to Moon
Find King Kuranus (healing)
White Savage? Teleportation spell? Summon Ghoul?

Threshold: + to Shotgun, First Aid, Throw

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[AD&D1e] 2020-08-04 Tiwesdæg Myrgþ | Dungeon of the Mad Hermit 1

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 08/20/2020 - 04:46

"The Monk and the Mimic"
Dungeon Master: Michael Mirth

Sinister Six
(Dwight) Hælen the Half-Human/Half-Human Ranger
(Kitten) Areyn the Grædig Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Thief
(Kurt) Gorlim the Hooded Half-Orc Fighter/Cleric
(Evan) Raven the Spedig Human Monk
(Chase) Kruger the Plæsəd Elf Fighter/Magic-User
(Clay) D'Corry the Ladykiller Dwarf Cleric

Back to Restilue. Healed. I learn that the group has previously been near Castle Thrax at Alladeen's shop. Gorlim seeks out a club modified for throwing but does not dance well enough (Kurt's rules lawyering roll failed on p.64 DMG - see Hack! the card game). We discuss the strengths and weaknesses between the Fighting-Man and the Raistlin.

Hælen trades his Elven birthrite armour for Banded. It fits much better. Areyn talks to Valerius to find out her skull staff is for a Necrourgist but he could sell it on her behalf. He gives her a thousand gold in exchange. Gorlim seeks out a temple of Athena. Kruger and Evan seek out a magic shop and purchase a Potion of Extra-Healing. Valerius lets the rest of us know about a dungeon two days to the West and a Roc's nest to the North-East.

We head toward the Dungeon of the Mad Hermit. No, not the Hermit from The Seven Mirths/Sinister Six but a new unknown entity.

After a day of travelling we encounter a party of nine Dwarves (of various equivalent vocations even visiting vespers vigilantly) calling themselves the Chaos Busters. They speak of the treasure in the Dungeon of the Mad Hermit and warn us to steer clear of the Purple Ooze. Raven was humming his Zen Mantra and may not have heard. They further mention that they spiked open a deadfall.

We don't kill them for their loot.

Sidenote: Kruger may be Evil and the Cross is a universal sign of Lawful Good in this land.

Amis the Paladin interrupts our sleep and joins our team bringing us to a magnificent number. I'm suspicious but hey, it's the right number. Gorlim is more suspicious and pulls out his symbol of Athena. He points it at Amis, waves his arms like a chicken and chants "Oh Watta Goo Siam!" He returns to sleep mumbling something about Amis not being evil. Yay. We now trust Amis implicitly.

We stumble upon the cave about midday. The entrance looks like a mouth ready to swallow... Get your head out of the gutter! Hælen finds a safe place to keep the horses at Amis' urging (Raven had generously offered up his horse for Amis and trotted alongside us).

Gorlim finds runes around the entrance and chuckles a few times. Knock knock. Who's there? Mikey. Mikey who? Mikey is stuck in the keyhole. Why can't Halflings wear tampons? They keep stepping on the string. Stop looking at me that way, I didn't write it, it was on the cave mouth!

A 20' passageway opens to a living room with double doors on the opposite side and purple crap everywhere except a thin path to those doors. There are furnishings in the room and when Raven sees a chest he dashes over the purple stuff and puts his hand on it like a long lost love. He pulls away frantically like it's stuck. We all have a good laugh.

Next thing we know Raven is lying unconscious on the floor with his hand still stuck. The chuckles die away and Hælen confuses his bow with his sword in a panicked desire to attack... a chest. Obviously caught in the headlights, his sword cuts a nip off and Amis steps up and whiffs. Gorlim shuffles back a few paces and tosses his club at his friends, just missing Hælen. Pseudopod-like knockers come out of the chest, smoking Hælen in the jaw and missing Kruger. Hælen tries to burn the Mimic not realizing that Raven had poured alcohol on himself as he was knocked out. The Mimic AND Raven are now on fire. Hælen gets another hit in while Amis grabs a ranseur from Gorlim. He proceeds to break it on the far-to-mobile-for-a-chest enemy (on purpose?). Hælen is trying to put out the fire he started in an attempt to save Raven. D'Corry steps up, laying his hands on Raven. Luckily the chest doesn't seem to have any support and somehow we defeat this admirable chest. Speaking of chests. What do you call two identical pair of breasts? Identitties.

Yeah, okay, that one was me.

Hælen wants to go back to camp. Raven wants to go back to camp. Spiders block the way out and Hælen rushes them without hesitation. Kruger puts Hælen and all the spiders to sleep.

The group camps with the horses for the night. On the third watch everyone wakes up to see Hælen lying face first in the dirt while Amis hovers over the body. Raven chases him down. Freakin' alien creature.

The troupe re-enters the dungeon. Hælen jams a lit torch in one of the spider holes. Opening the double doors, each one has it's own passageway. Left or right? The group takes some time to chat about old times. Hælen goes through the left door as the discussion leans into Monkhood. Raven wonders why he feels like someone had their hands on him. The passageway curves to the left. We enter a 10'x20' room with a door on the far end. Here the stone is smoother than the entrance; opening the door to see a 30'x30' room with a puma in it. Hælen immediately closes and spikes the door. Questioned, he responds only with, "Displacer Beast." Okay, he says it with obvious fear in his voice. Think 12 year-old boy as his voice starts to change. Anyhooo, Hælen marks the door with a Rangeric symbol for tentacle death.

Back in the living room the troupe goes to the right this time with the passageway curving to the right and opening into a room of webbing. Only Raven is not surprised by the giant spider dropping behind. Hælen was busy making a firepot and tossing it into the room of webbing. Raven gets the better of the spider and it vanishes. Phase Spider. We clear the webbing and destroy the egg sack. The Spider reappears again surprising everyone except Raven. They tangle evenly for a bit but finally Raven succumbs to a spider bite and stiffens up. Possibly a delayed reaction to the mysterious hands from earlier? Bueller? Bueller? D'Corry? Everyone takes a turn missing completely (Phazey included - yep, named the spider). Hælen gets a critical hit on Phazey and it shimmers away. In the webs is a dead Paladin that looks like Amis' twin. Crap. Doppelganger. Egg on our face. Kruger finds a secret door. Hælen makes a Rangeric mark opposite the door to fool anyone else who enters the dungeon. Everyone gets back to camp. Raven's stiffness wears off and Gorlim heals Hælen.

Long Sword
Plate Armour
Medium Shield
6 Gems

Hmmmm... Who gets the Plate?

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[COC7e] S09 | Not 100% Evil

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 08/16/2020 - 02:43

Not 100% Evil or The Cat and the Painting
Session 9 (August 2, 2020)
Attendees: Nik, Derek, Gerald, Ginger

Diary of Derek Moriarty
May 18, 1927

I've lost track of time in my wishing to visit Ooth Nargai. Nodar has 12gp from us. We have two doses of dream drug left. I have a spear from Krannan and the Dream Dagger.

To Do List:
Read Chat Aquadingen for info on protection from Yibb's sight
Take the clock to the moon
Learn Cat language
Learn about the White Savage
Can Magic be used to teleport or summon Ghouls
Try to alter Dreamlands: colour of a leaf, size of a pebble
Seek out King Kuranus (from England) in Ooth Nargai for healing
Need Ankhs in Dreamlands and in waking world

We (Nik, Gerald, Ginger) head back to the library with Nodar and then to a jewelry shop in Ulthar on the Street of Merchants. We have retrieved the 12 gold. Ginger buys an Ankh pendant. 2gp left. Derek gets a second Ankh. Nik tries to charm the jeweler after we've completed our purchases. He learns that a full suit like what the jeweler wears would cost 150 gold. Nik continues and barters our completed transaction down to 10 gold for 5 Ankhs.
We return to the library to meet Gerald. Glad he knew where to find us. He asks us for 3 gold to bribe Tokar. I immediately feel guilt for we should have saved more gold only to find out Ginger 'lost' the two we had left.* Something about less than mirthful trickery. We're broke.
Nik offers Tokar an Ankh but is muffled and pulled back by the rest of us. Tokar says that Ghoul summoning is not possible however travel and gates can be made via the skill of Dreaming.
So Gerald needs this spell translated. I think it might be in Hyperborean which I recently started learning, albeit slowly. I wonder if being study partners with Nik helps or hinders the process? Maybe we should start a Hyperborean club. Call ourselves the Atlantis Aces or something.
Anyhow, I lift my head realizing I was lost in thought and see Nik bargaining with Tokar..... Without anything to offer. It's a strange sight. If he succeeds here, who needs currency!

(Derek stays in library)

Nik and Ginger go see Krannan who gifts them a gredanza (for winding things up). This could be of practical use, good thinking guys! Nik must meet them at some point because he's not in the library with me. They go to the ball-playing shop and pawn the gredanza for 3gp. Nik stays outside mesmerized by the balls above the door.

(All back at the library)
Nik mumbles something about bronze balls and Ginger something about cups.... I think. My head was in a book. Gerald finds out the spell he has is "Dust of Yog-Sothoth" which requires mummy dust and our infernal power (8 magic points) to become less sane and less visible. He generously shares that with the group. Sothoth.... Clock... Hmmmm.... I can't quite remember.
Gerald mentions this dude Blakely who was a student of Pickman, an artist. We discover he was also known as Rhydaguard who made paintings you could sleep near and be transported inside them. We decide not to follow the Pickman quest in favour of going to Celephais.
No, wait, the group is now debating the subject for awhile. We feel a great existential pull toward this Pickman quest and through force of will ignore all wisdom on the subject.

Next thing we know we've lost a week exploring Celephais. Wow, what a place. We eventually get to the palace. No entry. From what I've heard, this is very British. We check out the gardens and find a shrine to the cats. Ginger squeaks with joy. I cool off in the fountain. Ahhhhh. Nik distracts a guard while I slink off to hide in the shrine.

Inside the shrine is a large tabby cat on cushions. Ginger approaches him in humility and talks to him. I don't hear or understand what's said as I prostrate myself.

We learn the cat is McCavity (Michael Timothy Moriarty for whom the town is named) and he knows my grandfather. Apparently we're cousins and he's willing to accompany us to see the King.

McCavity has some scars and a limp. Battle scars are a sign of respect among cats. I take a moment. I’m related to a cat and a spider. Nik engages my feline cousin in information gathering. McCavity notes that James is villainous but not 100% evil. We gain 5gp from the cat’s register? (my notes unclear where it came from) McCavity helps us learn that the King is in New Cornwall at his Summer home four days SouthEast of here. Gerald has some gruel. We start our journey to the Summer home and he has a sudden panic attack about Gregori’s urgent request. Something about finding Pickman. McCavity takes our 5gp, 5 ankhs and my spear. I never really like to leave the Dreamland but we do what must be done. Gerald lingers behind a bit. **Bubastus** We awaken.

Blakely was unconscious at St. Mary’s in Boston and had his lungs filled with salt water. He had left his girlfriend Penny to live in a more thrifty place. He’s not been finishing his art commissions. Now he’s in a coma at his girlfriend's place.

We decide to go back in time before the event. Gregori makes fun of my very grounded desire to not enter the despicable Clock any more than required. Tom knocks me out and I wake up in Boston two days prior to the event. I take some time to visit my buddy Eddie Shore, introducing my friends to him and he tells us the tale of losing the Stanley Cup to those dirty Ottawa Senators. The fights, getting ejected from a game, how invigorating the hits and roughing of hockey make him feel. I’m astounded but don’t talk to him about our recent strange encounters. It’s nice to have a normal conversation. We talk about our mutual friend in Canada but he takes me aside for a moment before we leave and tells me there was a strange man at the final game in Ottawa named Russell Williams. He shivers when he mentions the name.

We bid Eddie adieu and head to Blakely’s crapartment. Nik visits him alone catching a glimpse of an ornate painting by a lake (broken forgotten temples and a mountain). They make friendlies. I offer my thoughts to the group. It seems to me that Blakely must fall asleep beside his completed painting and drown in it. Ginger mentions that the lake might be fresh water which puts a hole in my theory. The painting is not halfway finished yet. All hail Gus! We head off to Freja’s for some dream drug and ankhs.

There is one other man in Freja’s. He’s 6’ tall, dark and lean. I have a physical encounter with him and find his name to be Adrian Stimson - friend of Blakely. He’s seeking an Elder Sign to bind undesirables. He is in agreement that Blakely has been entering the Dreamlands but doesn’t realize it. Ginger and I realize that “Elder Sign” was mentioned in the Book of Eibon. Spell+Theme=major ward against great old ones and elder gods.

Adrian is trying to acquire one of the paintings Blakely sold called R’Leh at Dawn. Something about the tomb of Cthulhu. He needs it for his own work. I spot a couple ankhs - a white metal one I purchase for myself and I snag one with seven gems for Ginger.

We learn there are four other paintings (one to another friend of Adrian with the name of Baldridge). We purchase more paints as a gift for Blakely and return to his rancid domicile. There we discover the receipts for his recent sales.

January 12, 1927 - New York at Dusk - Roger Baldridge - $300
January 12, 1927 Elder Yoggoth - Mr. & Mrs. Biggs - $100
February 28, 1927 Fate - Reggie van Strattler - $225
April 26, 1927 - R’leh at Dawn - Evelyn Bancroft - $75

Apparently Evelyn and Adrian are not on good terms.

I look at the centrepiece painting Blakely is working on and feel my marbles shake. Gerald becomes enthralled with it, going so far as to lick the sides of it. Where in the pippy longstockings is this… Hmmmm…. Oh no! It’s the Peaks of Throk in the horrible Underworld. Gerald recounts from his studies that “Beneath the Peaks of Throk an odd man……. Related the story of Gattaman, great lake….. ‘Is coming.” That’s all I caught as the painting distracted me..


Find the paintings! Buy or steal.
Save Blakely…?

Notes → My appraisal +5
* trying to trick the game master

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The Empress has no Clothes

The Rational Man - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 01:35

Tomi Lahren vs. Rollo Tomassi.

I’ve had a lot of my YouTube subscribers tell me that my admittedly “long form” live stream videos are being chopped off at the 2 hour mark. I’ve been aware of this problem for a month now and as much as I’d like to suspect it’s YouTube/Google censorship, it’s really a compiling error between StreamYard (my streaming app) and how YouTube saves the video after it streams. I had to search for a fix right after the Will Smith / Jada Pinkett breakdown video I did was likewise chopped at the beginning. That was easily my most popular and best watched video on the channel and people wanted the whole damn thing.

I discovered a workaround. I noticed the entire video was in fact compiled on YouTube when I opened it in their editor software. However, the playback was limited to only 2 hours from the end of the clip back up to wherever the 2 hour mark was. The fix was simple: delete about 6-10 seconds of the silence before the intro music starts and then resave/recompile the video. Presto! The whole video is now watchable. Well, not exactly Presto!, it takes about half a day to recompile a 2:45:00 video on YouTube’s very slow encoders.

Needless to say, this is kind of frustrating when I dig into videos like Will Smith and now my dissection of Tomi Lahren’s dating/men ragequit video. Tomi’s fem-screech has been all the rage du jour in the Manosphere and on ProRevenge doompill YouTube since last Wednesday. You just can’t pass on that kind of Grade A, USDA Choice, Red Meat. Even Trad-Con women holding “legitimate” opinionist positions at some of the bigger news aggregate blogs had to put something out about raging Tomi’s meltdown. And as expected they were either piling on with her frustration about men not “living up to the responsibility of being Real Men® or else it was more unwitting anti-feminist feminism; the same thing Tomi has suffered from since she was 20.

Even with that ‘fix’ of recompiling the original video I’m still getting guys emailing/Tweeting to me that they can’t watch the whole thing on various formats (mobile, web, tablet, etc.). Maybe that’s because they need to clear their video cache, I don’t know, but I’ve taken it upon myself to host the full video on my own server here. This is the whole analysis of Tomi’s PSA to Boyish Men.

The Empress has no Clothes

This task gave me an occasion to review the whole thing in a better light. There’s so much going on in this video it’s hard to sum it up. Tomi’s will be 28 this month (August 2020). She’s right on schedule for her Epiphany Phase, and as a Farm League celebrity who happens to be reasonably attractive the end of her 20s are weighing heavy on her ego. For the record, I’ve been privy to some DMs from guys in my and Jon MLD’s communities who’ve dated (banged) Tomi and had some interesting details as to what prompted her to this ragequit. I’m not going to make these public. Honestly, it’s TMZ style salaciousness, but these conversations confirmed my initial assessment: Tomi is barreling headlong into the Epiphany Phase and it’s not pretty.

In the video I mention that Tomi needs to find some kind of humility. She’s arrogant, entitled, self-aggrandized and completely oblivious to the fact that her opinions of herself and her “attractive” girl-friends are in fact the product of the feminism she claims to despise. Insight, humility, grace and poise are among the many conventionally feminine characteristic the women of Tomi’s generation (and older) desperately lack. I’m sure Tomi and Co. would disagree, but increasingly more men today are realizing the Empress has no Clothes. Women today like to believe they already have these feminine traits – this is part of the Fempowerment narrative that teaches women they uniquely hold the attributes that make a woman a Quality woman, while also possessing all the best traits that make men admirable and respectable.

As mentioned in An Essay for Women, feminist ideology and gynocentrism has conditioned four generations of women to believe they can be the embodiment of the best of both genders. Self-fulfilling, independent and needing for nothing outside themselves (“You are enough girl.”), the women of Tomi’s generation are now discovering that the elite men they desire the most have the least use for them. Why would they? I’m not talking about MGTOW here, I’m talking about high SMV men in the global sexual marketplace who are in the Game and would like to eventually start a family with a devoted wife who needs him. If the best a woman of can be is a self-fulfilled, ego-assured, independent thing with no needs outside herself, why would she ever seek out an elite man? Why would a man be attracted to a woman who screeches at the top of her lungs,…

“It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I EVER CHASE A MAN!”

By definition, high value men – the men with their “shit together“, the men with a plan, the men who “value value” – have no attraction for a woman who publicly expresses she doesn’t need him. Now, Tomi and her Sisters doth protest too much. Her frustration with men is the result of her inability to accept that she does, in fact, need men; and her standards would predictably crumble given the right incentives. Granted, Tomi correctly assesses that the men of today are increasingly more effeminate, pussified, rudderless and apathetic than any generation that came before them. But ironically, she misses that the sad state of men today should make her even more hyperaware that her bitchy, self-entitled and decidedly masculinized sense of self is unattractive to the elite men she believes she and her sisters deserve.

The prime directive of feminism is:

Never do anything for the express pleasure of a man.

Since the post-Sexual Revolution rise of gynocentrism, this feminist maxim has played well with women’s empowerment messaging. There was a time (from the late 60s to late 90s) when men identifying with the feminine – getting in touch with their emotions – was a form of Game. Misguided as it was, men were taught that by supporting, identifying with, and empowering women they would be adapting to that era’s sexual marketplace. Today, this is old order thinking, but the legacy of those generations’ beliefs about women are what is causing such frustration in Tomi’s generation.

It’s too easy to just dismiss her as another entitled, stuck up bitch heading for her date with the Epiphany Phase and the Wall. The problem, and the solution to it, is right in front of her generation’s face. No man needs a woman who has no need for him. Men and women evolved to be complements to one another. This Complementarity and gender interdependence is one of the greatest adaptive strengths of our species, yet the surest way to debase and destroy it is to foment the idea of autonomous, androgynous, independence of one sex.

Tomi Lahren is a Feminist in the truest sense of the term. In one breath she screams men are trash, and in the next she claims to love men. This is the cognitive dissonance that generations of feminism embeds in women. Years of socio-psychological upbringing trains them to distrust, despise and emancipate themselves from men, while at the same time their evolved, biological, mental firmware cries in frustration for a need of men to love, protect, provide and sexually satisfy them.

This inner conflict becomes more and more stressful as this generation of young women approach the Epiphany Phase. One conflicting shift I see among this crop of young women is a greater, and earlier, awareness that they will be less likely to optimize Hypergamy with an acceptable, elite, man they are taught to believe they all deserve. Settling for anything less than optimal is anathema to the Strong Independent Woman ideal; settling for a suboptimal man is the main source of inner conflict for the Equal-but-Better expectations women place on today’s admittedly lacking men.

This is what Tomi is screaming and crying about.

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“The Eversink Post Office” – An Unofficial Supplement for Swords of the Serpentine

Dungeoncomics - Tue, 08/11/2020 - 12:24
The insatiable need for commerce drives an insatiable need for the news. From Eversink back alley gossip circles to the rarified circle of the Triskadane, everyone needs to know what’s going on everywhere, all the time. Often, whoever lays hands on the news first, wins.
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