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70-Page Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Now on Kickstarter

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:30

Martian Lit is proud to launch the Kickstarter for our newest comic book, Lazarus, the Forever Man #1!

The massive, 70-page first issue follows our 24-page zero issue, which reprints the first two Lazarus stories from Martian Comics, setting the stage for the new series. The stories focus on the Biblical Lazarus, resurrected by a Martian Jesus!

The issue is written by Julian Darius and penciled by Sergio Tarquini, with inks by Tarquini and Sara Nietto. It’s colored by R. L. Campos and lettered by Darius and Steven Legge. Darius provides the cover, which was constructed using spraypaint and real bandages.

Be a part of making this happen on Kickstarter now!

For more information, you can visit the official Lazarus, the Forever Man page and see the zero issue on ComiXology. You can also follow the series on Facebook. And if you sign up for our mailing list, we’ll give you a free PDF book!

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Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:20

After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover. In Theaters June 1, 2018

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First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:16

Valiant is proud to present your first look at QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – a spectacular goatacular celebrating 50 landmark issues of the world’s worst superhero team from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and special guest artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! Because you demanded it – the return of Quantum and Woody’s fearless sidekick/roommate/emergency medical contact starts here with a momentous moment that will forever reverberate through the ages: the birth of the Goat’s baby!

If you add them all up, this would be Quantum and Woody’s 50th issue! What better time to answer the eternal question: “Whatever happened to the Goat, anyway?” At last, the whole saga of Dr. Derek Henderson’s transformation from brilliant physicist and beloved father into a barnyard animal of unimaginable power can finally be told…and all of his secrets revealed, beginning with the long-awaited arrival of the Goat’s mysterious and mystifying offspring!

Will it be man – or beast? Can anything – or anyone – contain the awesome might of the Goat’s supremely powerful spawn? And, most direly, will Quantum and Woody get their deposit back once it has brought ruin and despair to every corner of their week-to-week one bedroom?

And the Eisner Award for “Best Goat Birth Scene” goes to…writer extraordinaire Daniel Kibblesmith and dazzling guest artist Francis Portela! Don’t miss the staggering spectacle as the entire Valiant Universe stands on the cusp of a milestone comics crucible…and uses lots and lots of hand sanitizer…when QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 brings the Goat (and family) stampeding back in comic shops everywhere on February 21st with covers by Julian Totino Tedesco (Hawkeye), Geoff Shaw (God Country), and Dave Johnson (100 Bullets)!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

But first: On December 20th, raucous writer Daniel Kibblesmith and eye-popping artist Kano (Daredevil) come out swinging with the FIRST ISSUE of the ALL-NEW and UNPREDICTABLE ONGOING SERIES that is QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #1!

Sometimes…you embrace your destiny. And sometimes…you and your trouble-making adopted brother find yourselves trapped in a scientific lab explosion that grants you $@&%ing awesome super-powers. As a result of their accident, Eric and Woody Henderson – aka Quantum and Woody – must “klang” their wristbands together every 24 hours or both dissipate into nothingness. Which makes superhero-ing pretty awkward when you’re not on speaking terms at the moment. See, Eric has been keeping a pretty big secret: He knows who Woody’s birth father really is…and where he’s been hiding all these years.

On December 20th, stand back and take notice because QUANTUM AND WOODY (2017) #1 is coming – with covers by Julian Totino Tedesco (Hawkeye), Geoff Shaw (God Country), Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), comics legend Neal Adams (Green Lantern/Green Arrow), and Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS) alongside every single gimmick known to man!


Art by KANO
Cover A (Standard) by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO (OCT171904)
Cover B (Extreme Ultra-Foil) by GEOFF SHAW (OCT171905)
Extreme Ultra-Foil Chase Variant by GEOFF SHAW (OCT171906)
Q&W Icon Variant by NEAL ADAMS (OCT171907)
$3.99 | 32 pgs.| T+ | On Sale DECEMBER 20th (FOC – 11/27/2017)

Art by KANO
Cover A (Standard) by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO (NOV172012)
Cover B (Extreme Ultra-Foil) by GEOFF SHAW (NOV172013)
Extreme Ultra-Foil Chase Variant by GEOFF SHAW (NOV172015)
Q&W Icon Variant by MIKE ALLRED ((NOV172016)
Blank Cover Also Available (NOV172014)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+| On Sale JANUARY 31st (FOC – 1/8/2018)

Cover B (Extreme Ultra-Foil) by GEOFF SHAW
Extreme Ultra-Foil Chase Variant by GEOFF SHAW
Q&W Icon Variant by DAVE JOHNSON
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale FEBRUARY 21st (FOC – 1/29/2018)

QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – Cover A by Julian Totino Tedesco
QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – Cover B (Extreme Ultra-Foil) by Geoff Shaw

QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – Ultra-Foil Chase Variant by Geoff Shaw

QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – Q&W Icon Variant by Dave Johnson

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Wednesday Comics: Popeye & Ghost Island

Sorcerer's Skull - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 12:00

Bud Sagendorf began his career as E.C. Seegar's assistant on Thimble Theater (the strip that brought the world Popeye) as a teenager. In 1948, a decade after Seegar's death, Sagendorf produced Popeye stories for Dell Comics. IDW has been collecting those Dell stories in Popeye Classics.

Amid some forgettable Swee'pea one pagers, and mildly amusing comic strip-style shorts, there are two fun stories: "Death Valley" and "Ghost Island." In particular, "Ghost Island" is a certain charm with it's ghosts that look very much like people in sheets (well because--SPOILERS--they are). However, for much of the story Popeye is helpless against their mischief because he reasons fisticuffs are no good against incorporeal spirits.

Sagendorf's Popeye world is perhaps more fantasy than Segar's. Popeye seems to live on some island in an archipelago that includes other fantastical islands that appeared in the Segar strips. Here's a map Sagendorf supplies for Popeye's travels in "Ghost Island":

If your only going to read one set of Popeye reprints, I'd suggest The Segar strip reprints (particular the one with Plunder Island), but if you are interested in delving deeper, the Sagendorf stories are worth a look.


First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 11:33

PUBLISHER: Dark Circle Comics
WRITER: Ian Flynn
ILLUSTRATOR: Kelsey Shannon
COLORS: Matt Herms
LETTERS: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Alex Segura and Vincent Lovallo
COVER: Kelsey Shannon
VARIANT COVER: Matthew Dow Smith
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: “Back in the Saddle” – The mightiest team of superheroes are back! A throw-down with a prehistoric terror in the heart of Washington D.C. sets the stage for the dramatic return of a wayward hero! Meanwhile, half a world away, a sinister plan begins to awaken an ancient evil!
COMMENTS: We have two different stories going at once.
One is in Washington D.C. with the team battling Dino Rex.
The other story is an occult mystery in Nea Kameni with Dr. Iddh. (He clearly needs another vowel in his name) I am assuming he is an updated version of the Druid, but I am not 100% sure.
In Washington D.C. the team has a standard superhero slugfest to introduce the Team to new readers, Dino Rex is cool enough. Dino Rex is not a classic Might Crusader villain, he is a video game character from Taito Games, I assume Ian used to play the game at one point.
Ian has done a good job showcasing each team member. There is a brief recap that helps get readers up to speed on the history of the crusaders. We have a long conversation between the Shields so clarify the personalities of the characters and their relationship to the team.
Then we are back to Dr. Iddh who has found Eterno frozen in stone. That is interesting in that the Eraser had turned the Shield into stone in the original Might Crusaders series. Just one of the “Easter Eggs” for long-time readers.
The art is beautiful with a lot of strong design work. Kelsey has updated the costumes with a more unified look. Although they are all different from each other they all have elements from Victoria Adams Shield costume. Everyone has stars on their shoulders. Darkling, Jaguar, Firefly and Steel Sterling all have red shirts. The Eagle and Shield on Victoria Adams chest is now the emblem for the M.L.J. so it’s on the wall, the desk, drinking glasses, and sweatshirts. These unifying images give more of a team feel. Kelsey’s facial expressions are strong and well done. Especially in the places where there is less action and more talking.
There is talk in the comic about branding and celebrity which makes me think of Youngblood. I am surprised that with the rise in branding and the cult of personality that drives reality shows, and presidential elections these days , more superhero teams don’t talk about their branding. You see the “No Symbol” with an extra crossbar in all the X-Men comics and on many of the costumes but they don’t talk about branding. I think the branding makes the comic more real-world based.
There is a mix of Golden Age Heroes, with Broken Shield, Dusty and Steel Sterling, as well as the New Crusaders Comet, Flygirl/Firefly, Web, and Jaguar. In addition, the New Shield joins the team and so does a brand new Darling.
This isn’t the Original Might Crusaders. It doesn’t give the fans Joe Higgins as the Shield. There is no Fly and no Lancelot Strong. It’s also not the New Crusaders. It’s a mix of new and old with a wink and a nod to the original that only adds to the fun for older fans without bogging down younger fans with a lot of old continuity.
In no way does this comic feel less than or not as good as the Avengers or the Justice League. This is a strong start with a fun story and I hope it lasts as long as Archie and his pals have.
If you are on the fence and don’t know if you should give this comic a try. Let me tell you it is worth your time and money. I should know, I wrote the book on the Mighty Crusaders. Literally.


COMET ♦ Greg Reeves
DARKLING ♦ Darla Lang
DUSTY ♦ Dustin Simmons
FIREFLY ♦ Kelly Brand
JAGUAR ♦ Ivette Velez
SHIELD ♦ Victoria Adams
STEEL STERLING ♦ Jack Sterling
WEB ♦ Wyatt Raymond

DINO REX ♦ (First Appearance)
DOCTOR IDDH ♦ (The Druid or a First Appearance)

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CCL #464 – January 2018 Solicitations

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 09:45

Chris goes over select trade paperbacks and collected editions from the January 2018 solicitations including:

  • American Gothic Press
    • Irwin Allen Lost In Space HC Vol. 1 The Lost Adventures
  • Amigo Comics
    • Skymasters Space Force Complete Sundays 1959-1960 HC
  • Image
    • Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 9 TP
  • Aftershock
    • Pestilence TP Vol. 1
  • Archie Horror
    • Chilling Adventures Of Sorcery
  • IDW
    • Frankenstein, Alive, Alive Trio by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson
  • Dark Horse
    • Abe Sapien: Dark And Terrible Vol. 2 HC
    • Will Eisner’s A Contract With God Curator’s Collection HC & Ltd. Ed. HC
  • Marvel
    • Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3 HC – Variant Edition Vol. 259
    • Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 6 HC – Variant Edition Vol. 260
    • Punisher Max By Garth Ennis Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
    • Star Wars: Han Solo HC
    • New Mutants Epic Collection: Curse Of The Valkyries TP
  • DC Comics
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 3: Knightsend HC
    • The Challengers Of The Unknown by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale HC
    • Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 1 TP
    • The Absolute Sandman: Overture HC

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First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 08:40

Mark Roslan; Gabe Carrasco – Story / Alex Arizmendi – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors
Their Future Depends on Each Other as Aspen’s 15-Year Anniversary kicks off with the debut of their newest series!
A parallel otherworld exists as a mirror to our own, where science is melded with nature and a warrior spirit defines their true value. A teenage soldier princess, Sybil, is sent off with her Uncle Horuk in an effort to stop her megalomaniac father, Emperor Atilus from destroying two Earths. With a deadly array of monstrous creatures in hot pursuit, Sybil and her uncle race to activate a portal to Earth to find a savior who is also figuring out how to survive…being a teenager!
Don’t miss the opening chapter to Aspen’s brand new action-adventure saga from writers Mark Roslan (BubbleGun, Broken Pieces) and newcomer Gabe Carrasco, with artist Alex Arizmendi (Edge of Venomverse: War Stories, Secret Empire: Brave New World) as they bring us a tale of two earths in need of two heroes!
PORTAL BOUND #0 is in stores February 7th, 2018!
FC / 24 pages / $1.50


Vince Hernandez – Story / Khary Randolph; Emilio Lopez; Vincenzo Cucca; Siya Oum – Art
Celebrate Aspen’s 15-Year Anniversary with 15-cent Primer issues!
New readers and fans alike can find everything they need to know about Charismagic in this debut Charismagic Primer issue! Revisit volumes one, two and the Charismagic: The Death Princess mini-series, as well as key character highlights, hidden secrets of magic, a timeline of key moments to know for Charismagic: Volume 3 and so much more…All for less than a quarter! These Aspen Anniversary edition primer issues are the perfect compliment to discover more about Aspen’s upcoming slate of returning titles!
The CHARISMAGIC PRIMER is in stores February 14th, 2018!
FC / 24 pages / .15c

Vince Hernandez – Story / Harvey Tolibao – Art / Guy Major – Colors
The forces of magic have returned—and this time no magical being is safe!
Aspen’s magical action-adventure series returns for its epic third volume! Las Vegas magician Hank Medley and his talking cat Sparkles attempt to put the pieces of their life back together, as society has taken a hardline approach to magic and its destructive results. Meanwhile, Sudana uncovers a more sinister plot brewing in the confines of a secret Government’s facility in the Nevada desert, as a new form of magic is taking shape that will not only spell the end for mankind—but also magical beings everywhere! The age of the Magic Harvester has arrived!
CHARISMAGIC VOL 3 #1 is in stores February 14th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99


Vince Hernandez – Story / Vincenzo Cucca – Art / Emilio Lopez – Colors
Everything you thought you knew about magic is about to…vanish!
Magician Hank Medley thought he had everything figured out. After saving the world from an ancient, ruinous evil, with the help of a Druid named Sudana and his magical talking cat Sparkles, Hank discovers the true nature of dark magic has arrived in his own realm — our world! Now, the trio must attempt to put an end to catastrophic events that will threaten to tear Earth apart under the weight of such a menace!
Brought to you by creator Vince Hernandez, artist Vincenzo Cucca and colorist Emilio Lopez, this thrilling second volume in the Charismagic series includes a complete cover gallery and a whole lot more!
CHARISMAGIC VOL 2 TPB is in stores February 14th, 2018!
FC / 152 pages / $14. / TPB


Michael Turner; Frank Mastromauro – Story / Micah Gunnell; Jonathan Marks; Beth Sotelo – Art
Celebrate Aspen’s 15-Year Anniversary with 15-cent Primer issues!
New readers and fans alike can find everything they need to know about Shrugged in this debut Shrugged Primer issue! Revisit volumes one and two, as well as key character highlights, original creature designs, a sneak peek look at Shrugged: Volume 3 and so much more…All for less than a quarter! These Aspen Anniversary edition primer issues are the perfect compliment to discover more about Aspen’s upcoming slate of returning titles!
The SHRUGGED PRIMER is in stores February 28th, 2018!
FC / 24 pages / .15c

Frank Mastromauro – Story / Andre Risso – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors
Volume three of Aspen’s hit series’ long-awaited return is finally here!
Rejoin high school teenager Theodore Langstrom along with Ange and Dev, his internal allies guiding his conscience, as he attempts to adapt to life following the events of Shrugged Volumes One and Two! After saving the emotional spectrum realm of Perspecta and everyone he holds dear in the process, Theo discovers that the most fearsome moment of all still awaits him—High School Graduation! But, like all things in his life, adolescence is not the only challenge Theo will face along the way, as he has yet to still truly experience the horrors of several emotions, including entering adulthood!
SHRUGGED VOL 3 #1 is in stores February 28th, 2018!
FC / 32 pages / $3.99


Frank Mastromauro – Story / Jonathan Marks – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors
What are you afraid of???
Theo and his friends are entering their final year of high school, and even though Ange and Dev are still along for the ride, a host of new characters have joined in on the adventure! But, everything isn’t all fun and games this time around as an evil force has also returned and is preparing to silence those voices inside their heads…permanently. If you thought you knew what fear was, you haven’t seen anything yet!
Brought to you by creator Frank Mastromauro, artist Jonathan Marks and colorist Beth Sotelo, this thrilling second volume in the Shrugged series includes a complete cover gallery and a whole lot more!
SHRUGGED VOL 2 TPB is in stores February 28th, 2018!
FC / 152 pages / $14.99 / TPB

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FULL SHOW: Santino Bros Wrestling presents Night Of The Human Death Match

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 07:28

FULL SHOW: Santino Bros Wrestling presents Night Of The Human Death Match

Mexican Death Match
Los Luchas vs True Grit

Death Match
Eli Everfly vs Douglas James

Santino Bros. Wrestling Championship Match
Brody King (C) vs Willie Mack

Loser Leaves Santino Bros. Match
Ruby Raze vs Tyler Bateman

Singapore Canne Match
Robby Phoenix vs Jake Atlas

Grudge Match
Heather Monroe vs Suede Thompson

The Return of The King of the Human Death Match SUPREME!! Plus more!

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Mark Poulton talks about SQUIRT

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:54

Earlier this year we talked to Mark Poulton’s son Chase about PIZZA TREE. Now Mark has his own Kickstarter coming out without Chase. It’s the story of a small hero called Sqirt. Mark is nice enough to stop by First Comics News and let our fans know about his latest Kickstarter.

First Comics News: How did you and Mark Yoon get together on this project?

Mark Poulton: Squirt was an idea I had for a superhero teen-comedy years ago. Originally, it was going to be my first project after the original Koni Waves series concluded in 2006, but things happened and it fell to the wayside. Eventually, Mark reached out and expressed interest in working with me. I really liked his artwork. It had a 90s’ aspect to it mixed with some manga influences that really connected with me. Squirt seemed like a natural fit for him. I had told him about the project and we seemed to have the same ideas of what it was and where it could go.

1st: Who is Jason Squires?

Mark: Jason Squires is our hero. He’s the smallest kid at Kirby Regional High School and the butt of most jokes of the jocks and popular kids. They call him Squirt because of his size and not only torment at school, but come to his after school job and harass him.

1st: What does he think of the squirt nickname?

Mark: He’s not a fan and would love to one day stand up to those who have ridiculed him, notably the school’s star athlete, Sean.

1st: How does he get involved with aliens?

Mark: One night after his shift at Gooey Burgers, Jason is struck by a meteor that contained a mystical orb inside it. The orb embedded itself into Jason’s chest and gifted him with an alien armor with a mind of its own.

1st: Are these friendly aliens?

Mark: The alien armor becomes quite protective of Jason. However, there are other aliens out to steal the orb and armor for their own use.

1st: Where are the aliens from?

Mark: The aliens are Arcosians, a race of highly intelligent lizard like men from the planet Arco.

1st: What do the aliens want?

Mark: The orb. They believe the armor contained within the orb will help them conquer the universe.

1st: What does this encounter do to Jason?

Mark: It makes him realize this is serious. At first, he and his best friend, Kord, looked at the alien armor as a novelty and a way to get even with bullies. But once Jason’s friends get put in harm’s way, he snaps out of it and takes things more serious.

1st: Who is the villain of the story?

Mark: The villain of the story is Miles Fortune the head of Fortune Industries, the town’s leading business. However, he has a dark secret that doesn’t bode well for Jason.

1st: How do you incorporate an anti-bullying message into the story?

Mark: Without spoiling the ending, this really leads into the second volume we are hoping to do which would be entitled Teamwork. Obviously, when Jason first gets the armor his initial thoughts are to get revenge on Sean, who has tormented him for years. However, after going through the hero’s journey Jason has a better perspective on things. He handles things differently, totally taking Sean by surprise.

1st: What makes Squirt so cool that no true comic fan should miss it?

Mark: It combines my love of Super Sentai shows like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider within the settings of a teen-comedy. It’s not only funny, but action packed. I think it’s pretty unique and perfect for all ages.

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RICH REVIEWS: Long Lost # 1

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:54

Title: Long Lost # 1
Publisher: Scout Comics
Co-Creators: Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle
Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist/Cover Artist: Lisa Sterle
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The mysterious way the story starts out is sure to grab your attention.
The art is done in a simple style that does accentuate the story. The way the art does bring out a growing suspense of horror and has a way of pulling you in works well.
There is one panel with nude T&A so this is a mature title.
The relationship between dog and owner is shown here and it is fun to see. The dog is so cute and so small.
Now out in the woods, something waits. Or does it? There is something going on and Piper is at the center of it.
The overall story and art combine to give you a feeling of rising evil. Something is happening with Piper, what is it? This issue will peak your interest and have you wanting to know more. It will also raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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RICH REVIEWS: Being A father…

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:54

Title: Being A father…
Publisher: TPub
Writer: Neil Gibson
Illustrator: Seb Antoniou
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: A father and daughter do have a special relationship and one that is full of love here. For this father Linda, his daughter was the only good thing he got out of his marriage. You can feel the emotions in these pages.
Turns out his ex-cares as much for their daughter as he does.
This is a powerful story with some unexpected twists to it. The mother will pull you in and have you hoping for the best for all involved.
The black and white art suits the story. The father John now is now one upstanding man who does right by his daughter. You can admire that about him.
This is a powerful story about human nature.

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Mike Barron talks about Q-BALL

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:02

Mike Barron is best known for his work on Nexus, Badger and the Punisher. I am a long time fan of his work. I was very excited to see his new Kickstarter launch. Mike was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to let our readers know about Q-Ball.

First Comics News: Who is Curtis Ball?

Mike Baron: Detroit homeboy Curtis Ball joined the Merchant Marine and ended up managing a warehouse in Manila. Curtis wanted only two things out of life: to see the world and study Kali/Escrima. But when a pack of tuxedoed sharks muscle their way into his warehouse, Curtis learns the hard way that it’s not always smart to mind your own business.
The spooks are looking for Donna Wing, a beautiful Chinese blogger, forced to flee due to her exposes of human rights abuse. Now Curtis and Donna are on the run—from the Chinese government, the tongs, and a group of international cutthroats who will stop at nothing to stop them from reaching the United States and spilling their guts.
Sometimes you have to spill some guts to spill your guts.

1st: What is his martial arts background?

Mike: Curtis began studying karate in America. When he got to Manila, he threw himself wholeheartedly into kali/escrima, training with Danny Inosanto and Richard Bustillo, among others.

1st: Is Q-Ball a nickname he grew up with?

Mike: Curtis acquired the name while hustling pool in his native Detroit.

1st: What is Kali/Escrima?

Mike: Kali/Escrima is the traditional stick fighting art of the Philippines. All weapons are extensions of the hand.

1st: How accurately is the Kali/Escrima presented?

Mike: Very.

1st: Are either you or Barry McClain martial arts?

Mike: I have been training all my life. I train at Barry is simply a superb artist with whom I provide detailed instructions, in person examples and photo ref.

1st: How did you get together with Barry McClain on this project?

Mike: Y’know, Rik, I don’t know. I forget how I met Barry. I think I saw his art and contacted him. He lives in Denver so it’s easy for us to get together. Well…easier than getting together with people out of state.

1st: Who is Donna Wing?

Mike: Donna was chosen to participate in China’s National Wushu Program, in hopes she would represent China to the world. She stumbled into a scheme to kidnap children and sell their organs to wealthy foreigners and spread the news, trying to maintain anonymity but the authorities found out. She went into hiding.

Q-Ball Painting by Steve Rude

1st: What connects Curtis and Donna?

Mike: Donna shipped herself out of China in a packing crate that landed in Curtis’ warehouse. Curtis didn’t learn about it until some thugs showed up demanding the crate. When Curtis investigated, he found a dead man inside. The dead man had discovered Donna, tried to take advantage, and she killed him.

1st: Who are they running from?

Mike: The Chinese government, mercenaries, and elements in the US who don’t want anyone to rock the boat vis-à-vis our relationship with China.

1st: With both the Tong and the government after Curtis and Donna. Are the Tong and the government working together or they fighting each other to get Curtis and Donna?

Mike: The only reason the Tong are after Donna is because of the price on her head.

1st: Why self-publish, you have a long relationship with 1First Comics(no relation)?

Mike: First is a boutique operation limited resources. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

1st: What makes Q-Ball so cool that no true comic fan should miss it?

Mike: Barry is an explosive artist with a unique style. My stories grab you by the throat, erasing the wall between reader and comic. The martial arts are among the most realistic ever shown in a comic.

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Black Mask Studios Celebrates Local Comic Shop Day

First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 00:40

(Los Angeles, CA) On Saturday, November 18th, Black Mask Studios will release six limited edition items to commemorate Local Comic Shop Day, a nationwide event that celebrates locally owned independent comic book specialty stores. The Los Angeles-based indie publisher of acclaimed titles including THE DREGS, KIM & KIM, and SPACE RIDERS is releasing three limited edition hardcovers, a CALEXIT bandana and two “DIY” Lenticular hardcovers for some of their acclaimed titles.

“To me, comic shops are the heart of the comic industry,” said 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK writer Matthew Rosenberg. “It’s where comics live. And Local Comic Shop Day is a fun chance to do something cool and unique for our fans that also celebrates that heart.”

“LCS Day celebrates places that are vital to the comics community, which is one part book club, one part hang out, and one part cultural center for fans and future tastemakers,” said BLACK co-creator Kwanza Osajyefo.

The Black Mask Studios Local Comic Shop Day releases are as follows:

4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK – Local Comic Shop Day Exclusive Hardcover. 208 pages. $29.99

“Exploding with ambition and love of the medium!” — Brian K Vaughan (Saga, Y: The Last Man)

4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK is the darkly comedic story of four burgeoning child criminals and their elaborate plans. When a group of bumbling criminals show up in her father’s life looking to pull one last job, young Paige has two choices: let her father get caught up in their criminal hijinks or enlist her three best friends to do the job first. Paige makes a bad decision. And we can’t look away.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Tyler Boss pull off something almost as rare as a successful bank heist: a seamless collaboration that celebrates their, and our favorite, cultural touchstones—with loving nods to THE GODFATHER, STAR WARS, SCARFACE, and the films of Wes Anderson, Sidney Lumet and Quentin Tarantino—while creating a story that is immediate and original.

BLACK – Local Comic Shop Day Exclusive Hardcover. 160 pages. $34.99

In a world that already hates and fears them – what if only Black people had superpowers?

Co-created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith III, illustrated by Inkpot-Award winning artist Jamal Igle, and featuring a cover by illustrator Khary Randolph, BLACK follows the story of a young man, who, having miraculously survived being shot by police, learns that he is part of the biggest lie in history. He must decide whether it’s safer to keep history’s secret, or if the truth will set him free.

YOUNG TERRORISTS – Local Comic Shop Day Exclusive Hardcover.  224 pages. $29.99

From writer Matteo Pizzolo and artist Amancay Nahuelpan — the creators of the acclaimed  and controversial CALEXIT comic book — comes YOUNG TERRORISTS, in which a young heiress discovers her father is part of a tyrannical new world order and vows to burn his whole empire down.

Local Comic Shop Day CALEXIT “Mulholland Resistance” bandana. $9.99

Join the resistance with this black bandana inspired by the flag of The Mulholland Resistance, Zora’s band of black masked revolutionaries from the pages of Black Mask Studios’ breakout hit CALEXIT.

Local Comic Shop Day Exclusive: DIY Lenticular Hardcover Options for BLACK and YOUNG TERRORISTS

Artist Amancay Nahuelpan provides illustrated lenticular cards, which shops or readers can affix to their Local Comic Shop Day book for a DIY lenticular cover or keep separate as a special collectible sticker.

“Local Comic Shop Day is a celebration of the lifeblood of the comics market,” said Matteo Pizzolo, Co-Founder of Black Mask Comics and writer of the acclaimed CALEXIT comic book. “Every day, comic shop clerks champion stories, turn readers into fans, and integrate the culture of comics into their local communities. LCSD is one of the ways we all show our appreciation to local comic shops and the communities they foster.”

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First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 00:33


Vince Hernandez – Story / Marco Renna – Art / Federico Blee – Colors

The time for Revelations has ended. The time for Decimation has begun…

All roads point to Shrugged’s Theo Langstrom, as the one boy capable of controlling his own thoughts and emotions becomes the most valuable human on the planet in the face of impeding doom! Orlana, the Death Princess, discovers that controlling the minds of humans is far easier than powerful beings of magic and The Blue!

ASPEN UNIVERSE: DECIMATION #2 is in stores November 15th, 2017!

FC 32 pages $3.99

Thank you!

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First Comics News - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 00:32

Featuring Three Stunning Statue Options, Inspired by Fan-Favorite Artist Amanda Conner!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which celebrates the storied history of their most iconic comic book character, Red Sonja, with a set of three stunning statue options based on the artwork of legendary comic book artist Amanda Conner! Expected to ship mid-December 2017, these dazzling new statues will add a little dynamite to any fan’s Red Sonja collection!

The Dynamite Amanda Conner Red Sonja Statue Kickstarter campaign is live now, and can be found by visiting:

Red Sonja, the “She-Devil with a Sword”, is a fictional character, a high-fantasy sword and sorcery heroine created by Robert E. Howard, and adapted for comics by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. She first appeared in Conan the Barbarian #23 (Marvel Comics). For a decade, Red Sonja has had many successful series with Dynamite Entertainment, inc-luding monthly, mini-series, one-shots, and crossovers.   Fan-favorite comic book artist Amanda Conner began her professional career as an illustrator for New York City ad agencies, but her passion for comic books and cartooning soon led her to the comics world where she initially found work at companies such as Archie, Marvel, and Event Comics.  Since then, she has become one of DC Entertainment’s highest profile creators, and has worked on many popular projects including Harley QuinnVampirellaPainkiller Jane, as well as creator owned projects Gatecrasher and The Pro. Conner served as cover artist for Gail Simone’s Red Sonja #1 in 2013, as well as the Red Sonja The Black Tower run in 2014.   Now, Dynamite proudly brings Conner’s vision of the “She-Devil with a Sword” to three dimensions with this hand-painted, limited edition resin statue line!  Based on Conner’s cover artwork to Red Sonja: The Black Tower #1, the full-color statue is sculpted by Jason Smith, measures approximately 7.5″ high, and stands on a 3″ wide base. Further options available include the noir “black and white” edition, and the beautiful “bronze” edition (stretch-goal edition). 


Read on to learn more about all of the great possible rewards!

Production on these new offerings are currently under development, and is expected to ship mid-December 2017. Backers who support the Dynamite Amanda Conner Red Sonja Statue Kickstarter will have the opportunity to receive rewards, including digital and print graphic novels and beautiful Red Sonja statues! With tiers designed to fit any collector’s budget, backers will have the potential to enjoy many great rewards, including:

  • Digital and print copies of Red Sonja: The Black Tower GN,
  • Digital copies of the Queen Sonja GNs, Vols. 1 – 6,
  • The full-color Amanda Conner inspired Red Sonja statue, 
  • The “black and white” Amanda Conner inspired Red Sonja statue,
  • The “bronze” Amanda Conner inspired Red Sonja statue, 
  • The Red Sonja Arthur Adams bust,
  • The Women of Dynamite Red Sonja J. Scott Campbell artist poof statute,
  • The Women of Dynamite Red Sonja J. Scott Campbell black and white diamond-eye statue, and more!
The Dynamite Amanda Conner Red Sonja Statue Kickstarter is available for a limited-time only. Backers can get on board and gain access to all these amazing rewards by visiting today!

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Tarot# 5 ReIssued Uncensored

First Comics News - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 19:53

This Epic one shot Issue, that contains the first appearance of Morb-Meb-Dred, has been out of print for nearly a decade. Now we will REissued it in a high-quality Uncensored Edition! The reIssue will have Both Cover A ( on the Front) and Cover B ( on the back) signed High-Quality Cover. $12.50

We are also offering a very Special Holiday Limited Edition, the ‘Dragon Chrome” Variant, A Rainbow Chrome High-Quality Cover Limited to only 25. signed and numbered this Edition will be $45

AND our ” Dragon Silver Snow Edition” which is printed on a silver hue metal. Only 10 will be created, numbered and signed for $100.

AND our ” Gold Hilt Edition” which is printed on a gold hue metal. Only 10 will be created, numbered and signed for $100 .

Click the Editions you desire for Purchase.

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #5 Art & Story by Jim Balent full colour “Dragon Witch” Tarot’s Moon ritual is interrupted by something very huge that her BatCat Pooka has dragged in!

PreOrder your Tarot#5 ReIssue here

uncensored edition


Dragon Chrome edition


Dragon Silver Snow Edition

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Vampirella: Arthur Adams Bust

First Comics News - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 08:01

Vampirella: Arthur Adams Bust

Rating: Teen +

Art: Arthur Adams

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Price: $89.99

Presenting the all-new Vampirella bust inspired by the artwork of comic book master Arthur Adams! Dynamite continues to build upon its relationship with creative partner rvckvs and skillful sculptor Jason Smith for this second offering in the Women of Dynamite bust series, a limited edition poly-resin bust with cast-metal details measuring 7 1/2″ in height. Packaged in a four-color display box, each of these highly-detailed busts celebrates the vampiricvision one of the industry’s finest artists!

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Vampirella 1:6 scale Mamegyorai Statue

First Comics News - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 08:01

Vampirella 1:6 scale Mamegyorai Statue

Rating: Teen +
Art: Shin Tanabe (sculptor), Yoshinori Yatake (painter)
Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Price: $249.99

A MAMEGYORAI Release! This stunning Vampirella polystone resin cast statue, measuring 11″ in height (1/6th scale) is a limited edition masterpiece of modeling, sculpted by Shin Tanabe and painted by Yoshinori Yatake! A majestic and macabre depiction of the monster-hunter… just what the striking Daughter of Drakulon deserves!

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Artist and ACLU Claim Amazon is Censoring Independent Publishers

First Comics News - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 04:49

Seattle, Washington, Wednesday Nov. 15th, 2017 – Independent author and artist Mike Gagnon and the ACLU claim that book and housewares mega-retailer, Amazon, is enforcing a set of “decency” standards on their self-publishing services that effectively censors independent publishers.

The claim was triggered when Gagnon received notice that Amazon’s t-shirt printing service, Merch by Amazon, had removed one of his t-shirt designs because the graphic contained the word “bitch”. The e-mail stated that not only would the shirt be pulled, but that if Gagnon published any other designs which Amazon deemed to be “indecent”, not only would his access to Merch by Amazon be revoked, but that his access to all Amazon services, including self-publishing services such as Kindle, CreateSpace, Audible and more would be removed as well.

The t-shirt in question featured a logo that was a spoof of well known household cleaning product company, “Old Dutch”, with the word “dutch” swapped for “bitch”, and the classic Amish style cleaning woman replaced by a witch on a broom.

“It’s just silly, it takes 30-seconds to find much more offensive and graphic products on their website that use actual curse words. Those are made by large manufacturers, so I guess those are OK.” said Gagnon, in a recent interview.

Gagnon himself is a 6-time Amazon bestselling author and graphic novelist. Three of those books were self-published using Amazon’s services.

“Since I’ve started raising attention to this, I’ve seen other authors and publishers who received similar responses to their work, especially books featuring nude art or adult content. Publishers are being accused of producing indecent content and threatened to have all their products, even those that don’t violate the decency terms, removed from Amazon. In some cases those publishers have signed on with a major book distributor, and when they do, the exact same books that were returned by Amazon for “indecency”, are accepted with no problem.” Gagnon added. “It sends a clear message that independent publishers are being held to a different set of rules than major corporate entities.”

Since Gagnon’s issue began with Amazon, several anti-censorship organizations have become involved and offered support, including the ACLU, EFF, IndieBound, and more.

According to some figures, Amazon is estimated to account for approximately 40% of worldwide book sales.

“It’s a tremendous chunk of a publisher’s potential audience to be cut off from, simply because Amazon must think they are too small to stand up for themselves.” said Gagnon. “At the end of the day, Amazon is a housewares and books retailer, not the arbiter of what is publicly decent. I think mature adults should be allowed to make their own decisions of what they want to purchase. People should be allowed to make their own choices, and publishers should be allowed to produce and sell products that they believe in without compromising their artistic integrity. The same set of rules should be applied to everyone and not restrict their freedom of speech.”

A letter of support from the ACLU regarding the issue read, in part: “The U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the First Amendment’s protection of speech to extend well beyond speeches and books to virtually anything that the human creative impulse can produce. The First Amendment embodies the belief that in a free and democratic society, individual adults must be free to decide for themselves what to read, write, paint, draw, compose, see, and hear.”

Gagnon’s shirt design has been made available by other t-shirt retailers without any objection, such as Teepublic, at

“It’s not like I’m looking for attention or have nothing better to do.” says Gagnon. “I have a busy career and my own. It’s not about money, it’s about Amazon removing the right to choose from their own customers and stepping on the little guy in the process. I’ll continue to enlist the support of an many anti-censorship organizations and authors as needed until Amazon realizes that nothing will make this go away short of a policy change, and one that does not restrict the rights of publishers.”

At time of this writing, Amazon has not responded to Gagnon, the ACLU or any other rights organizations that have become involved with the case.

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New Mobile App Gives Valuable Comic Book Hunters A Treasure Map

First Comics News - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 04:37

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Key Collector Comics mobile app launches as the world’s first database and price guide of highly sought after comics books known as key issues, without the clutter of uneventful comics.  Over 7,000 comic books containing first appearances, classic story arcs, iconic covers and many other instances that make a comic a “key” populate the Key Collector Comics proprietary database.  By isolating these comics on a clean, intuitive mobile platform, identifying collectible comics has never been easier.

“It was frustrating to Google each issue individually to determine whether or not it had something in it that made it valuable,” said owner and developer Nick Coglianese.  “I kept wondering why no one had put together a comprehensive list of what every collector wants to own so I decided to do it myself.”

It took Nick Coglianese two years to build the database, extracting the issues of importance from hundreds of sources before software consultant Selected Pixel created the mobile app.  Key Collector Comics made its first appearance in October 2017 at the New York Comic Con and since then has amassed thousands of downloads with global praise.

“This app has saved me so much crucial time when digging through comic boxes,” said Brian Stoner about his experience with Key Collector Comics. “The fact that it’s free and has zero pop-up ads is unbelievable.  It’s a must-have for any collector.”

Key Collector Comics offers the option to search by title, displaying only the key issue occurrences that occur within a run of comics.  Collectors can also search by character to see a timeline of their favorite hero or villain beginning from first appearance to where they are today and the milestone moments that happened in between.

Additional features include the ability to save issues to a wish list and catalog owned comic books.  With one touch, collectors can monitor the fluctuating value of their total investment from a private dashboard.

In November, a new update will add the option to search by categories such as “100 iconic covers” or “Batman’s Arch Rivals” amongst many others.

“Key Collector Comics is the only app every comic book collector needs,” said Coglianese. “When it comes to all the exciting features that can be added the sky is the limit and we’re already we’ve got our capes on.” Key Collector Comics is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores  


Google Play:

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