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Method to the knitting madness...

My Sister's Knitter - Sun, 08/26/2018 - 14:22
Happy Sunday! Hello, there! How was your week? Mine was nice and calm, but that doesn't mean I wasn't looking forward to the weekend. Knitting has been all over the place. I think sometimes it helps me to feel a bit scattered, as it makes my feel unsettled. Primarily because... Andi
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Four Lists

Yarn Harlot - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 19:04

A list of things it is easy to do with only one hand:

  • Drink coffee.
  • Drink wine. (Assuming someone else has opened the bottle for you.)
  • Presumably, drink other beverages, although I have not confirmed this.
  • Eat things that are small.
  • Text – I got Gboard, and in the one-handed mode I can manage just fine.
  • Take pictures of socks you finished right before you went for a bike ride and cast your life into a dark place where you’re making lists about things because you can’t knit socks.

(Pattern, my basic usual from Knitting Rules, with a picot top.  Yarn: MustStash in Practically Perfect.)

A list of things that it is possible to do with one hand if you are willing to be really patient and accept compromises in speed, quality, satisfaction or most likely, a combination of all three.  (Pro-tip, I am bad at those things.)

  • Knit (Who knew? Only on big needles,  with lots of patience, and it’s giving me a tiny weird blister on the front of my left index finger and I’ve got and the speed of a snail, but it can be done and is possibly the only thing keeping me from going on a murderous rampage the likes of which the world has never seen, and instead limiting my frustration to exchanges with my loved ones that are largely just awful. Nobody is going to love me at the end of this, I can tell. Turns out that it takes a lot of knitting to modify what may be a disastrous personality.)

Pattern is Love and Darkness, yarn is Fleece Artist BFL Aran.

  • Clean up. (But you have to carry things one by one and it’s hardly worth it. I’m not doing it again.)
  • Laundry. (If you kick the basket down the stairs, which absolutely works, and is satisfyingly destructive and loud. Our laundry is in the basement, so I get to heave it down two flights.  It’s totally worth picking it all up again.
  • Typing. (As long as you do it in bursts. This post took all day.)
  • Washing your hair. (As long as you do it lying down in the bathtub, and avoid squirting the shampoo in your face. Twice. Don’t bother with conditioner, it’s not worth it.)
  • Hand wind a ball of yarn.

Things that are surprisingly difficult to do with just one hand:

  • Put on jeans or a bra. (Unsurprisingly, I am currently wearing neither, luckily, at least the bra part is not much of a departure.)
  • Pull up underpants. (See above for solution.)
  • Wash my hands.
  • Enter a password on a keyboard
  • Get ice cubes out of a tray.
  • Spin. (Who knew?)
  • Open the ibuprofen
  • Sleep.
  • Not take every single little problem or slight incredibly personally and use it to reach broad, sweeping conclusions about the people who (allegedly) love me.  (This one may possibly be related to the two before it.)

Things that are absolutely (&%$#$%&ing impossible:

  • Chop *&%#ing anything.
  • Open a damn jar.
  • Use a can opener.
  • Put deodorant on my right armpit. (I can’t wash it either. I expect this to present problems longer term.)
  • Use a pepper grinder or a salt mill.
  • Warp a loom. (I really tried.)
  • Open a zip lock bag.
  • Refrain from near constant foul language.
  • Do anything I want to.
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Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

Knitted Bliss - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 11:00

Motorcycle school update – I did pretty good! It was incredible just how differently the class was at this different training school, and I felt a lot more comfortable. Although some of that may just be I’ve had more riding time, and like anything in life, the more you do it the better you get.

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Modification Monday: Over-and-Over Top

Knitted Bliss - Mon, 08/20/2018 - 11:00

Original Pattern: Bleecker Shawl Knitter Extraordinaire: Adriene (Ravelry ID) Mods: Taking the colourful design from the shawl, Adriene incorporated the intarsia stripes into an improvised top design. Great details and lots of helpful photos of her process can be found on her project page, here. What Makes This Awesome:  So many things make this awesome-

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Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

Knitted Bliss - Fri, 08/17/2018 - 14:37

Thanks so much for all your great comments about my motorcycle school attempts– it was  really heartening to hear struggles that others have had, and recommendations. I’m giving it another go – I started a new class at a new riding school, and the first on-bike class is this Sunday. They have a bunch of

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Finished Knit: Broderie Shawl

Knitted Bliss - Thu, 08/16/2018 - 15:41

Pattern: Broderie Shawl by Alison Green  Yarn: Berroco Millefiori Light in Azalea and Dahlia Ravelry project page can be found here. I finished my Broderie Shawl in May, but then it got so HOT that it seemed like I wasn’t going to wear it until fall! But sometimes I find the air conditioning a little

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Modification Monday: English Breakfast

Knitted Bliss - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 11:00

Original Patterns: Paper Dolls and Chawton Mittens Knitter Extraordinaire: Sydney (Ravelry ID) Mods: Subbed out the original stranded yoke design for a completely customized and heavily modified version of the Chawton Mitten chart. Details and her notes can be found on Sydney’s project page, here. What Makes This Awesome: This yoke is spectacular! I love

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