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Book Review: Knitting in the Nordic Tradition

Knitted Bliss - Thu, 04/06/2017 - 11:00

Knitting in the Nordic Tradition is the recent English translation of a classic Danish knitting book. This book is not for beginner knitters – the patterns are not patterns so much as they are charts and recipes, and would be ideal for designers or knitters who are looking to develop a deeper understanding of the

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the doodler

Autumn Geisha - Thu, 04/06/2017 - 01:17

No this isn't a belated April Fool's joke....I actually finished something :) And it's not a pair of socks! I think this shawl has been on the needles since autumn of 2015. Not sure why it took me so long to finish since the pattern is wonderfully fun to knit. I remember making a mistake on the cabled section which set me behind on the mkal. And then it was cast aside because of holiday knitting. So happy to have it off the needles at last. Now if only my other WIPs could magically be done. It feels like ages since I casted on for anything new! Which leads to me buying All Of The Yarn.

Oh the vicious cycle of a bored knitter :p
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Knitters' Acronyms: Deciphering the Code

Knitting | Work in Progress - Wed, 04/05/2017 - 11:00
Like any dynamic, creative field, the world of knitting is awash in acronyms and insider terms. Knitting is a living, breathing endeavor, so like the craft itself, the terminology is constantly evolving.

This profusion of terms can be quite daunting, especially for new knitters. To help all of us decipher the code, I've compiled two lists that attempt to capture the most commonly used acronyms and insider terms, along with brief definitions for each.

Today, let's focus on acronyms.


ABD. All but done, as in a project that's almost finished.

AFO. Almost finished object.

AQ. Afghan quantity of yarn.

ATT. All the things.

COAT. Cast on all (the) things.

DAISY. Dubiously averaged individual stash year (how long it will take to knit yarn in stash).

FO. Finished object.

FOFri. Finished object Friday, a tradition in knitting blog world.

FRAT. Frog all (the) things.

HO. Half object (e.g., one mitt, one sock).

ISO. In search of something such as yarn, patterns, books, old knitting magazines, tools, etc.

KAT KATT. Knit all (the) things.

KWIP. Knitting | Work in Progress (this blog).

LOSY. Leftover sock yarn OR leftover stash yarn.

MAT MATT. Make all (the) things.

OTN. On the needles.

PIP. Pattern / project in progress.

SA. Stash acquisition.

SQ. Sweater quantity of yarn.

SABLE. Stash accumulation/acquisition beyond life expectancy.

SSS. Second sock/second sleeve syndrome.

TBD. To be determined.

TO. Time out, putting a project aside because you've run into difficulties.

UFO. Unfinished object.

UNO. Unamed object.

WIP. Work in progress.

YMD / YMMD. Your mileage may differ, referring to variable factors such as how fast a project progresses or how much yarn a project may require.

YMV / YMMV. Your mileage may vary, in the same vein as above.

YT. Yarn time, how long it would take you to knit all the yarn in your stash.

This list doesn't claim to be all-encompassing, but it reflects the most common acronyms used in knitterly conversations and online venues.

Soon, we'll take a look at common insider terms, but in the meantime, if you spot a missing acronym, just let me know and we'll add it to the list.

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Yarn Harlot - Tue, 04/04/2017 - 22:08

That’s the sound that the last week made. If you were anywhere near me you would have heard it, along with my desperate scribbling on to-do lists, as well as the gentle rustling of crumpled post-it notes scurrying in my wake. I had one of those weeks where every morning you get up and think “All Right. This might be possible if you just stay focussed.” and then by lunch you’re thinking “Holy cats I think I smoke” and by dinner you’ve resigned yourself to the whole plan being ON FIRE and by bedtime you’re swearing tomorrow will be better, full of hope and promise.  In the last week I have:

-Helped Hank make a garment for a fashion project he was doing to get ahead on his University credits.

Yes. I just typed that sentence. Yes, he is as tall as he looks. Yes, he is turning out to be pretty good at this sewing thing.  Yes, he made this, and he got an excellent grade.

(He even went to the fabric store by himself – and he worked in stretch fabrics and faux fur, and if you sew, you know that’s not easy. I only ripped one seam for him.)

-Worked on the baby blanket everywhere I went, and I went all over.

-Worked hard on getting some Bike Rally stuff ready for the first training ride of the year, which I missed (but will make up for later) and thanked Cameron for showing up for both of us.

–  Hosted and taught at a fantastic retreat in Port Ludlow together with Debbi and Judith.

-Discovered that they’d put a pair of flamingo statues in our hotel room, and did the only reasonable thing – which was to knit them a pair of leg warmers each, and then graft them onto their legs.

-Imagined the resort staff trying to figure out how to get them off.

-Laughed all the way home, where I’ll be for one day before heading to Texas. (While hoping impending grandson continues to stay put until I’m home (Monday) and his blanket is done. (Hopefully that’s Monday too.)

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Modification Monday: Raro Chooks

Knitted Bliss - Mon, 04/03/2017 - 11:00

Original Pattern: Cooped Up  Knitter Extraordinaire: Tanya (Ravelry ID) Mods: Changed the pullover to a cardigan! Made it a bit smaller to fit her daughter, changed twisted ribbing for the hem and cuffs, and steeked the sweater and added a button band. Great detailed information can be found on her project page, here. What Makes

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Keeping the knitting focus...

My Sister's Knitter - Sun, 04/02/2017 - 15:53
Happy Sunday! Yarn~ Dyed in The Wool Co. in the color Macaroon Pattern~Hermione's Everyday socks Hello loves! Sunday is here and honestly I am not ready for it to be Sunday. Greedily I wish it were Saturday so that I could be better prepared for a relaxing knit-worthy Sunday. Due... Andi
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FO | Colsie Mitts Rose Gradient

Knitting | Work in Progress - Sun, 04/02/2017 - 12:30
Spring has arrived, which in this region means erratic temperatures coupled with cold and stormy weather punctuated by tantalizing flashes of sun and warmth.

To celebrate the latter, I broke my grey streak by making a quick pair of spring-weight fingerless mitts in cheerful shades of red, rose and pink. The last time you saw them they looked like this.

And here's what they look like today:

Colsie Rose | Reversible Mitts
Pattern: In development
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep), Four Seasons (Classic Elite, discontinued)
Size: M
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Yardage: ~80 yards

Colsie, an old-fashioned Scottish word for cozy, captures the everyday simplicity of these mitts. The stretchy ribs hug my hand, offer plenty of give, and are fully reversible. Cotton-wool blends are perfect for this time of year, providing warmth without a woolly feel.

Each mitt incorporates six colors. From top to bottom, they are:
  • Red & White Variegated
  • Medium Pink
  • Provincial Rose
  • Cherry Moon
  • Clear Red
  • Barn Red
As humble as they are, these mitts represent a knitting trifecta. They were super fast and easy, made with leftovers from stash, and served to illustrate one way to create a five-color gradient in the Ombres & Gradients series. Plus, the colors complement a fuchsia shawl (purchased, not handknit) I wear often, so that's another win.

If you read Going Green, you know there's another pair already on the needles, and this morning I selected more leftovers for future pairs. Long ago, we agreed there's simply no such thing as too many mitts, so I may make a whole series in a rainbow of colors. What do you think?

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