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RICH REVIEWS: The Immortal # 1

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 21:10

Title: The Immortal: Deja Vu # 1
Publisher: 215 Ink
Art and Story by: Darryl Knickrehm
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Z is a man with a mystery. He is also some kind of bounty hunter. The hook to the story is when he regenerates he loses his recent memories. So Z decides to find his bounty by going through the steps of his past day.
The black and white artwork is beautifully rendered. The one page into the temple showing how vast it is drawn with so much attention to detail. The depth as well makes it seem like a 3-D picture.
The story is confusing. It takes about Z’s dreams and mixes this with the real world so your not sure for a bit which is which. Then the story focuses on Z going after a Princess.
Spider parakeets with guns that is something new.
The story does have some twists and turns and a mystery. What exactly is going on here we need some clues and answers.
Z is one cool character and his life is one that is not for everyone. He is a guy though you will come to like and look forward to seeing him come back and come back again and again.

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Wayne’s Worlds: Whatever Happened to the Trunks of Tomorrow?

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 16:27

Superman’s red trunks are back! It happened in Action Comics #1000.

However, not everyone is happy this is taking place.

Let me give my two cents on this subject!


First thing, do we really call them “trunks” as in “swimming trunks?” I’ve seen them referred to as “shorts” (as in “boxer shorts”) or even “pants,” the latter of which I have preferred. When statues and figures came out with Batman in his new duds, I would tell people I don’t like the Dark Knight without his pants on. I got the strangest looks when I’d say that… .

Back when the New 52 was coming around, DC thought that might be a good time to implement some changes to the costumers their heroes were wearing. Jim Lee was recruited to come up with more modern takes on the heroes’ uniforms. After all, a visual change is often one that lets people know something new is happening.

Now, I have to say that I do like the new outfits he came up with. It makes total sense to me that heroes would want to wear armor to protect themselves, especially given the weapons the bad guys have at their disposal today.

The only exception to that rule was Superman, who is himself invulnerable and has worn a costume woven from the threads in the ship that brought him to Earth. (Okay, John Byrne liked him wearing a cape that could get torn at times. It was a thing.)

It might be – just might be – that one of the reasons the Man of Steel got a wardrobe change had to do with what was going on with the Siegel and Schuster families. DC may have wanted to make just enough changes to show they could go on with a Superman costume that was different enough that the fans would be okay with it and they didn’t need to pay the families so much. I don’t know for sure on that, I’m just guessing here. Someone might know much more about this than I do!

The trick is that Superman wore those duds for decades. He wore them in comics, in TV, in movies and on clothes from underwear to winter coats. People got really attached to that image. It represented “truth, justice and the American way,” after all. To some, changing his outfit was even thought of as unpatriotic.


However, I was okay with the change. And I’m okay with going back to the original.

I know that makes me sound wishy-washy, but I actually like them both. I guess if I had to say which one I prefer, I’d go with the classic one with the trunks. Maybe he could switch to the Lee armor if Kryptonite was around?

I have seen people look at the guy wearing the New 52 armor and wonder just who that was. They didn’t think it was Superman, so maybe it was a brother or a cousin or something. They couldn’t figure it out. After all, Superman wore the red trunks, they’d say!

On one level, it makes sense to go back to the classic outfit because there are literally millions of promotional items with that costume on it. Granted, the New 52 outfit hasn’t been around long enough to get out in the public as much.

And given that DC actually changed Supermen during the New 52, it can be kind of confusing.

I applaud DC in that they can realize when something new isn’t working as well as something older. They returned Barbara Gordon to Batgirl when it became apparent that none of her replacements held a candle to her.

One of the great things that DC can now do is use that old familiar phrase – “Back because you demanded it!” Whenever a comics company makes a change and they need to return to the way it was done previously, that catchline resurfaces. Did fans really demand it? Maybe, maybe not. But it sounds good, anyway!


It’s ironic to me that Marvel is also bringing back some of their classic characters. Of course, their changes seem to have been much more significant. I mean, after all – a woman hero instead of a man compared to shorts versus no shorts. Really.

Still, I’ve enjoyed a lot of the New 52 and Rebirth. The returning of focus back to the core of the characters has been really worthwhile, I feel.

I also have conflicting feelings about Batman. I really like the new Greg Capullo-designed costume. In fact, I just got the action figure wearing it. But I still would like to see the Dark Knight back in the blue trunks and the big black bat across his chest. That was really classic to me.

Who knows what classic hero or costume will come back next? I can’t wait to find out!

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BOOM! Studios Announces New “LEGACY EDITION” Format

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 01:21

Top Pop Culture Franchises Collected in New Value Priced Format Beginning in Late 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 28, 2018) – BOOM! Studios today announced the introduction of an all-new LEGACY EDITION softcover format, collecting every issue of the most popular BOOM! Studios series in chronological order and in a newly designed, value priced format for the very first time.

The first LEGACY EDITION softcover collections will arrive in late 2018, beginning with a top-secret, currently unannounced series, and then continue into 2019 with top pop culture franchises including:


Kurt Sutter, the visionary behind Sons of Anarchy, delivers the epic outlaw story of Charming’s most notorious biker gang in this official tie in to the hit television series, collected in this all new format for the first time!

With stories taking place between Seasons 3 and 4, and running parallel to Season 6 of the hit show, writers Christopher Golden (B.P.R.D.) and Ed Brisson (Old Man Logan) and illustrators Damian Couceiro (Iron Fist) and Jesús Hervás (Penny Dreadful) weave tales of SAMCRO attempting to keep the family together, while also staying one step ahead of the law.

  • Sons of Anarchy: Legacy Edition Book One, collecting Sons of Anarchy #1-14, on sale in January 2019

  • Sons of Anarchy: Legacy Edition Book Two, collecting Sons of Anarchy #15-25, on sale in April 2019

  • Sons of Anarchy: Legacy Edition Book Three, collecting Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1-12, on-sale in July 2019


Legendary director John Carpenter returns with Eric Powell (The Goon) and artist Brian Churilla (Secret History of D.B. Cooper) in the continuing adventures of Jack Burton, taking place mere moments after the ending to the cult-classic film.

Jack Burton, a macho, truck-driving adventurer, finds a stowaway demon hiding on his rig, The Pork Chop Express, but that soon becomes the least of his troubles. He helped his best friend Wang save his fiancée from the clutches of an ancient sorcerer, but now the wedding has been invaded by more evil forces with one thing on their minds—revenge against Jack Burton!

  • Big Trouble in Little China: Legacy Edition Book One, collecting Big Trouble in Little China #1-12, on-sale in June 2019

  • Big Trouble in Little China: Legacy Edition Book Two, collecting Big Trouble in Little China #13-25, on-sale in September 2019

  • Big Trouble in Little China: Legacy Edition Book Three, collecting Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1-12, on-sale in December 2019

“The new LEGACY EDITION format is an important part of BOOM! Studios continued efforts to bring new readers into the world of comics with value-priced collections that attract readers who might be experiencing comics for the first time,” said Bryce Carlson, VP of Editorial & Creative Strategy. “With true seminal pop culture properties like Sons of Anarchy and Big Trouble in Little China, alongside some top secret franchises you’ll hear about soon, these LEGACY EDITION collections are the perfect place to point the new comic book reader in your life.”

For news on LEGACY EDITION collections and more from BOOM!

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Sat, 06/30/2018 - 01:19

PORTLAND, OR, 06/29/2018 — Image Comics is pleased to announce that the beloved KICK-ASS series is back with an all new story arc and the perfect jumping-on point for new readers this September in KICK-ASS: THE NEW GIRL, VOL. 1 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. This trade paperback will collect issues #1-6 of THE NEW GIRL story arc.

In KICK-ASS: THE NEW GIRL, VOL. 1, Kick-Ass returns readier than ever to wipe out the city’s criminal lowlives, destroy its gangs, and save its communities from decay. But there’s a new face beneath the old mask, a new figure wearing that famous green and yellow spandex. Who is this new vigilante superhero? Who can fill Dave Lizewski’s shoes? WHO IS THE NEW KICK-ASS?

KICK-ASS: THE NEW GIRL, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0832-9, Diamond Code: JAN188525) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, September 12th and bookstores on Tuesday, September 18th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book stores is Monday, August 6th.

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Dynamite Entertainment Offers Fan Pre-Orders for new Vampirella #1 Box Set!

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 01:01

Check Out the Great Series by Kristina Deak-Linsner and Joseph Michael Linsner!

June 28th, 2018, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Today, Dynamite Entertainment announces the launch of their latest Kickstarter campaign, benefitting fans of Kristina Deak-Linsner and Joseph Michael Linsner’s recent work on Vampirella, with a limited edition, collectible box set. Joe’s artwork continues to be sought after among fans and Dynamite has heeded their words with a complete collection of his #1 issue!

Following the success of the Vampirella/Dawn crossover event, Vampirella is back with a new, solo series, and Linsner is penciling her from a script written by Kristina Deak-Linsner. To celebrate the series’ upcoming launch, Dynamite is offering all five covers of issue #1, and two exclusive prints (one signed by Linsner), collected inside a high-quality, magnetic-closing box, featuring Linsner’s artwork, inside and out. This box set will have an SRP of $199.99 at retail, but fans can pre-order this box set on Kickstarter between now and June 3rd to get perks and additional add-ons that will only be available to Kickstarter backers.

“I’ve always been attracted to characters who are “bad for good” meaning that at first they may look like villains, but they are really heroes,” says Joe Michael Linsner. “Batman is kind of like that. Vampirella, a genuine vampire, is definitely like that. She lives by consuming blood, but she has a mission. She stands up for the innocents of the world and only drinks the blood of the guilty. Hell, they deserve it. I’m also thrilled being the artist chosen to illustrate the first series written by my talented wife, Kristina Deak-Linsner. Over the years, Kristina has told me many of her ideas for stories. I think it is great that she is finally going to be sharing them with the world.”

When asked about what makes her excited about the project, Kristina Deak-Linsner added, “I wanted to write something that harkens back to the Warren days but with a new twist. I think any reader, whether familiar with Vampirella or not, can dive right into this series and instantly get a feel for what is happening. The setting takes place in Philadelphia (my town) and the historical architecture mixed among a modern landscape has such a great schizophrenic feel. I truly hope everyone enjoys it.”

In addition to Vampirella #1, Kickstarter backers will also be able to pre-order their copy of the 2019 Vampirella poster calendar which features 50 years of historical Vampirella artwork, including a piece by Linsner. This over-sized calendar measures 24.5” X 12” and was designed for art fans who want to appreciate great work in a larger format.

All of these items are extremely limited and may not be available in all comic shops, therefore, fans are encouraged to pledge for their pre-order now, and guarantee delivery, by visiting the Kickstarter campaign at:

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Sat, 06/30/2018 - 00:57



New York, NY—June 29, 2018—Spinning out of the pages of Spider-Man #800, Dan Slott’s epic conclusion to his ten year run delivers you straight into SPIDER-GEDDON #1, where Slott teams with writer Christos Gage and artist Jorge Molina to bring Marvel’s Spider-Heroes together in one of the most epic stories ever!


Featuring new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns, and all the Spider-Characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale, this is a Marvel Spider-Event not to be missed!


“Spider-Verse took the multitudes of Spider-Characters and put them all on the same stage and we’ve been playing with it ever since,” teased editor Nick Lowe. “SPIDER-GEDDON straps dynamite to that stage and blows it to smithereens. The most dangerous spider-villain ever, Morlun, and his family of INHERITORS were trapped in the perfect prison at the end of SPIDER-VERSE. But like in any super hero story, there’s always a way out and you won’t believe how these Spider-Eaters get out. But they’re out and they want revenge.”


“Having had the great pleasure of collaborating with Dan Slott and an all-star array of artists on Spider-Verse, I’m thrilled to be part of SPIDER-GEDDON!” shared writer Christos Gage. “In addition to old favorites, SPIDER-GEDDON will see some new parallel-world Spideys show up…notably the Peter Parker from the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Playstation 4 video game I’ve been working on for the past several years with the great folks at Insomniac Games! Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention how excited I am about once again writing REDACTED, the REDACTED! Is he the hero SPIDER-GEDDON needs…or the biggest threat to our world? Comics should be fun, thrilling, and a little scary. With SPIDER-GEDDON, we’re looking to deliver on all counts.”

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for more announcements regarding tie-in titles and other surprises, as Marvel prepares to reveal more about SPIDER-GEDDON!


The end of the Spider-Verse is nigh…and the revenge of the Spider-Verse is here in SPIDER-GEDDON!

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Celebrate the Return of the FANTASTIC FOUR with a New Hidden Gem Cover by Joe Quesada!

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 00:55

Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli and Esad Ribic bring you an all-new series this August!


New York, NY—June 29, 2018— This August, 57 years to the day of the FANTASTIC FOUR’s original debut, Marvel’s First Family returns as the Fantastic Four make their dramatic homecoming to the Marvel Universe!


In celebration of the much-anticipated launch of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Marvel is excited to reveal a hidden gem variant cover with art from our very own Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, never before seen as a cover!


Don’t miss the epic return of Johnny, Ben, Sue, and Reed on August 8th, when FANTASTIC FOUR #1 hits your local comic shop!


Written by DAN SLOTT


Covers by ESAD RIBIC

On Sale 8/8/18

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The FANTASTIC FOUR Return! Celebrate with Midnight Releases and Launch Parties!

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 00:53

Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli kick off a new era of fantastic adventures this August!


New York, NY—June 29, 2018—This summer, Marvel invites you to celebrate the debut of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, 57 years to the date of the First Family’s original debut! To celebrate this exciting occasion, Marvel will partner with participating retail stores to host FANTASTIC FOUR #1 LAUNCH PARTIES.


Retailers can choose to hold their launch parties on Wednesday, 8/8, or they can hold their launch parties during a special midnight release. In addition to exclusive variant covers, free window clings, and a JULY 2018 SPOTLIGHT FREE PREVIEWS issue which will have a preview of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, participating retail stores will receive exciting promotional items.


In addition, retailers and readers are advised to be lookout for a nationwide TV spot that will air in prime time the weekend following the release of FANTASTIC FOUR #1 on August 8th!


All participating retailers will receive the following incentives as part of the FANTASTIC FOUR #1 LAUNCH PARTY:



Retailers who choose to opt into the party will also be able to order the following items:



Additional offers celebrating FANTASTIC FOUR #1 are available to retailers and do not require a party opt-in to order:



A selection of variant covers are also available to order. In addition, top retailers will receive free FANTASTIC FOUR window clings for use in their store. Retailers can check with Diamond for more information.


Retailers are encouraged to check their Marvel Mailer and Diamond Daily for more information about the FANTASTIC FOUR #1 LAUNCH PARTIES and how to opt-in before Monday, 7/16. Don’t miss out on all the new adventures of Johnny, Reed, Sue, and Ben – head to your local comic shop on August 8th, 2018, to get your hands on FANTASTIC FOUR #1!



Written by DAN SLOTT


Covers by ESAD RIBIC

On Sale 8/8/18

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RICH REVIEWS: Stitched: Love in the Time of Assumption # 2

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 17:16

Title: Stitched: Love in the Time of Assumption # 2
Publisher: Charmz
Story: Mariah McCourt
Art/Cover: Aaron Alexovich
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Color: Drew Rausch
Price: $ 9.99 US, $ 14.99 (HC) US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Crimson and Simon are having a nice swamp picnic. Quinton takes Crimson away to help in the pet cemetery. Are both Quinton and Simon in love with Crimson? A three-way triangle of love and maybe some hate between the two rivals.
The pet cemetery has ghost pets raising up. Crimson has a natural ability to know just what to do.
Crimson is a cute and lovable patchwork girl in a weird place and surrounded by strange creatures. Simon the swamp guy do make a cute couple.
The different monsters are represented here; werewolf, vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, swamp creature, mad scientist, ghosts and more. A menacing fog has invaded the land so what will they do?
Crimson is on a journey of self-discovery. She does not know who she is but wants to. Crimson finds part of what she is searching for and maybe answers to her questions? Only time will tell. She is a mystery waiting to be solved.
The art style shows off these wonderful characters in its own weirdly unique style. All the characters are wonderful to behold yet Crimson still manages to stand out. She is strange yet someone you will just love from the moment you see her.

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Fri, 06/29/2018 - 16:46


London, June 29, 2018 – Titan Comics and BBC Studios are proud to announce Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #0 – The Many Lives Of Doctor Who – a special primer edition, which celebrates the Doctor’s many lives, and leads directly into Titan’s brand-new Thirteenth Doctor comic series – launching this fall in the U.S. and UK.

It’s said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die, and the Doctor’s had many of them! As the Doctor regenerates from his twelfth incarnation to her thirteenth (as played by Jodie Whittaker), she relives unseen adventures from all her past selves from Classic through to New Who.

Hitting stores in September 2018, The Thirteenth Doctor #0 features a stellar cast of Doctor Who comic creators including writer Richard Dinnick and artists Mariano Laclaustra, Giorgia Sposito, Arianna Florean, Iolanda Zanfardino, Brian Williamson, Claudia Ianniciello and Rachael Stott, the artist of Titan’s new Thirteenth Doctor series!

This special 64-page edition – the first Thirteenth Doctor comic – comes with two covers to collect: an art cover by Claudia Ianniciello and a photo variant by designer Will Brooks – only available in comic shops.

The Thirteenth Doctor #0 is part of Titan Comics’ larger plans for the Thirteenth Doctor, which includes the launch of issue #1 in October and Doctor Who Comics Day on November 24.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #0 – The Many Lives Of Doctor Who is available at bookstores and comic shops from September, and is available to read on digital devices.

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