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Mini OSR Fall Campaign Idea Using - B10 Night's Dark Terror By Jim Bambra, Graeme Morris, Phil Gallagher & Some Free Old School Appendix N Downloads

Swords & Stitchery - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:39
"Barely one day's march from Kelven, the uncharted tracts of the Dymrak forest conceal horrors enough to freeze the blood of civilized folk. Those who have ventured there tell how death comes quick to the unwary - for the woods at night are far worse than any dungeon. But you are adventurers, veterans of many battles, and the call of the will is strong. Will you answer the call, or areNeedleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Play Protect: Android’s new security system is now available

Malwarebytes - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:04

Play Protect, a security suite for Android devices, was originally introduced in mid-May of this year during the Google I/O conference.

And in just a couple of months, the tech giant has made it available for all their mobile users.

Play Protect is the amalgamation of Google’s Android security features, such as Verify Apps and Bouncer, and it’s integrated into the Google Play Store app. As such, users don’t need to look up, download, and install a separate app.

Here’s how Play Protect works:

  • It scans and verifies all apps in the Google Play Store before users can download them. It also periodically scans for all apps already installed on the Android device.
  • For apps downloaded from third-party stores, Play Protect scans and monitors them around the clock for any change in behavior. This is handy for those apps that appear normal at first but then starts misbehaving, like inconspicuously downloading malicious components. If a potentially harmful app is detected, Play Protect does two things: (1) disables it or (2) issues a warning to users about it.
  • It implements an anti-theft feature called Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager). If the device—phone, tablet, or smartwatch—cannot be claimed back, this also allows the owner to lock it or wipe data stored in it.
  • Its Safe Browsing feature stops users from landing into dubious destinations when browsing the Web via Chrome.
  • It constantly auto-updates so users don’t have to do it manually.

The system behind Play Protect uses machine learning to enable itself to continuously improve in protecting Android users.

Users can access and customize the settings of Play Protect by going to Settings>Google>Security>Verify Apps.

Stay safe, everyone!

The Malwarebytes Labs



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Are you a Trog or a Troll Complete Debuting @ Gen Con 50 For Shadowrun

Gamer Goggles - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 17:46

They can call you a trog. Sure they can. Let ’em think it’s smear. Let them show you what they don’t know. Let them ignore history, the great accomplishments orks and trolls have made in every field in the Sixth World, the homes and enclaves they’ve built out of nothing. There’s enough talent in the trog population to punch, hack, rig, charm, or enchant that smug smile right off their face. You know what you are. They’ll learn—fast, if they know what’s good for them.

The Complete Trog is the definitive guide for ork and troll characters in Shadowrun. With information on what it’s like to be an ork or troll in dozens of spots across the globe, details on working in corps as a trog (including in ork- and troll-dominated corps) and the heroes and enemies of trog culture, the book helps players add flavor and depth to their characters and the world around them. On top of that, it has gear, qualities, and life modules compatible with both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun: Anarchy. Plunge into the rich culture of trogs and watch them turn that slur on its head.

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RICH REVIEWS: The Ice Cream Truck (movie review)

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 16:20

The Ice Cream Truck

Suburban Nightmare THE ICE CREAM TRUCK coming this August!

Writer-director Megan Freels Johnston’s suburban nightmare The Ice Cream Truck will hit theaters August 18 and be released day-and-date on VOD via Uncork’d Entertainment. A new trailer and poster have been released to coincide with the release.

The provocative psychological thriller stars Deanna Russo (Being Human, Gossip Girl) as Mary, who moves back to her suburban hometown after her husband gets relocated for work. As her family ties up loose ends back home, she moves into their new house alone. And although the move makes Mary nostalgic for her youth, there’s something very sinister about that Ice Cream Truck that patrols her suburb.

The Ice Cream Truck also stars Dana Gaier (Despicable Me 3), John Redlinger (Thirst, Banshee), Emil Johnsen (Isolerad), Hilary Barraford (Go For Sisters), Jeff Daniel Phillips (31), and Lisa Ann Walter (War of the Worlds).

Storytelling is very much in Freels Johnston’s DNA. The granddaughter of legendary crime writer Elmore Leonard, The Ice Cream Truck screenplay was a semi-finalist in the Circus Road Screenplay competition.

As a producer developing material for over a decade, Freels Johnston worked on adaptations of her grandfather’s work and produced Sparks, the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After completing a project for the USA Network, she decided to follow her passion and write and direct her own material. Her first film, 2014’s micro budget thriller Rebound, developed a cult following on VOD, was called, “Almost David Lynchian in its strangeness” by Film Threat and Rue Morgue said, the film “(was) worth watching to the end for the unnervingly realistic twist ending.”

The Ice Cream Truck will be released in theaters and on VOD August 18.

Official Synopsis :
Mary’s husband gets relocated for work which allows her to move back to her suburban hometown. As her family ties up loose ends back home, Mary moves into their new house all alone and….waits. Yet in this idealistic world, something seems very odd. The Ice Cream Man, a symbol of youth and good times, starts killing some of her neighbors. Mary soon learns that the suburbs are scarier in more ways than she ever remembered.


Directed by:

Megan Freels Johnston

Writing Credits: (in alphabetical order)

Megan Freels Johnston … (writer)


Cast overview, first billed only:
Deanna Russo … Mary
Emil Johnsen … The Ice Cream Man
John Redlinger … Max
Sam Schweikert … Nick
Hilary Barraford … Jessica
Bailey Anne Borders … Tracy
Jeff Daniel Phillips … Delivery Man
Dan Sutter … Frank
Dana Gaier … Brie
Lisa Ann Walter … Christina
Declan Michael Laird … Joe
LaTeace Towns-Cuellar … Katie
Miles Johnston … Wil
Mark Scheibmeir … Food Delivery Guy
Wes O’Lee … Max’s Uncle

Run Time: 1 hr., 27 min.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The movie takes place in the suburbs with Mary moving into her new house ahead of her husband and children. One of the first things she sees is an old style ice cream truck.
There are some nice atmosphere building scenes. Deanna Russo aka Mary plays the part well of a mother newly moved from the big city to the quiet suburbs. The other wives around the area seem to swallow.
The ice cream driver is a little creepy. When he starts killing he is brutal.
Mary has some sexual tension with a young neighbors son. Mary though stays true to her husband. The movie would be dragging on accept Mary’s character keeps you watching.
Then just when you respect Mary for not cheating. Some women. The two meet up and the ice cream man shows up to. He does have a way of showing up at the right or wrong time.
The ice cream man is a psycho. No reason is given for it. Why does he kill?
Mary does look amazing in action as she battles the ice cream man.
Well Mary did need inspiration for her writing. Well the ending leaves you hanging. Nothing is explained. Plus your offered a cliffhanger that seems just thrown in there for no reason. The ending just kind of ruins it for the whole movie. It does not tie up the loose ends or offer a reason why not.

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Deborah Watling, 1948 – 2017

Blogtor Who - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 16:10

Deborah Watling, best known to Doctor Who fans as Victoria Waterfield, has sadly passed away at the age of 69. Born to actors Jack Watling and Patricia Hicks, Deborah began performing from a young age. Her first role was in the short-lived ITC series ‘The Adventures of William Tell’ at the age of eleven. She […]

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Marvel Publishing and ComiXology Team-Up to Debut Immortal Iron Fist

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:37

The Perfect Starting Point For New Readers & the First of Many Exclusive Digital Series Coming to ComiXology Unlimited

Available today exclusively on comiXology and Kindle for $2.99 & free to comiXology Unlimited subscribers


New York, NY—July 21, 2017— During yesterday’s Next Big Thing Panel at Comic-Con International San Diego, Marvel Entertainment unveiled that it is joining forces with comiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comic shopping & reading service, for a line of exclusive digital comics. Available free to comiXology Unlimited subscribers and only available through comiXology and Kindle these comics will be part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content.


Marvel and comiXology’s team-up kicks off with Immortal Iron Fists, a 6-issue bi-weekly series written by Kaare Andrews with art by Afu Chan. Immortal Iron Fists is on sale today for $2.99 on comiXology and Kindle or free to comiXology Unlimited subscribers as part of their subscription. New users to comiXology’s popular subscription service can also access Immortal Iron Fists for free as part of their 30-day free trial. Additional exclusive series will be announced soon.


A unique entry-point that’s perfect for new fans and longtime readers alike, Immortal Iron Fists tells the tale of Pei, a young female monk from K’un-Lun and the youngest person to ever bear the mark of the Iron Fist. While Pei tackles the trials of high school, Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, faces his greatest challenge yet: training the inexperienced Pei. All the while, a growing threat appears that will take more than one pair of Iron Fists to defeat!


Immortal Iron Fists serves as a perfect starting point for those new readers who are just discovering the world of Marvel Comics,” said Chip Mosher, comiXology’s Head of Content & Senior Director of Communications, “We’re loving working with Marvel on this line of exclusive content as part of our comiXology Originals program. Giving new and current fans the option to buy or read for free as part of our comiXology Unlimited subscription service is a huge win. We can’t wait to hear from the fans.”


Fans across the globe have been attracted to Marvel’s amazing characters through top-grossing movies, critically-acclaimed TV series, and ground breaking new publishing series that have driven titles like Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil, and Black Panther to new heights, alongside perennial favorites like Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers.

This past spring, Marvel Comics joined comiXology Unlimited, giving fans the ability to read over 10,000 titles including thousands of Marvel Comics’ single issues and collections as part of their comiXology Unlimited membership, featuring Super Heroes like The Avengers, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

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Christmas in July Sale at RPGNow - 25% off Many PDFs - Tavern Picks will be Forthcoming

Tenkar's Tavern - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:32

Yep, its that time of the year again - its Christmas in July at RPGNow, with a whole swatch of PDFs at 25% off.

I'll be going through some of the offerings and highlighting those that may be of interest to The Tavern's readers. There are 1,530 products under the OSR label that are on sale for Christmas in July (and a whole bunch more that aren't yet labeled OSR I'm sure, so digging will be needed)

In the meantime, Black Pudding #3 just released in PDF. +James V West has done an amazing job yet again. It PWYW, so there is no excuse for you not to grab a copy. Trust me on this. You WANT this. (You also want issues #1 and #2 if you haven't snagged them yet)

Now THIS is a Christmas in July Gift :)

Remember, all purchases made with The Tavern's RPGNow affiliate links return a small portion of the purchase price to The Tavern. As always, we appreciate your support.
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John Barrowman lights up SDCC in sparkly TARDIS dress

Blogtor Who - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:18

John Barrowman, MBE has outdone himself at this year’s SDCC by appearing at a panel in a sparkly blue TARDIS tutu dress and matching Converse. Just when you think you can’t possibly love the Cultural phenomenon, Sci-Fi Superstar and Gay Icon of the Universe any more – turns out you can as he twirled in […]

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7 tips to stay cyber safe this summer

Malwarebytes - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:00

You’ve probably already seen the back-to-school ads on TV and rolled your eyes a little bit. We’re with you: There’s still plenty of summer left. That’s why we want to remind you about some of the cybersecurity pitfalls you might encounter during the remainder of the summer season.

Whether you’re home with the kids or heading out on vacation, here are some ways you can tighten up your security profile and avoid spending the rest of the summer reclaiming your identity or filing credit card insurance claims.

1. Monitor your children’s Internet habits during summer break.

Without homework and extracurricular activities for young students, summer days and nights are often spent lounging around on a tablet, cell phone, or laptop, browsing the Internet for funny cat videos or swapping faces on social media platforms. Parents may already enforce safe surfing habits during the school year, but with a more lax schedule may come a more lax attitude.

Be sure to set limits for Internet usage, whether that’s hours spent, sites visited, or apps and video games allowed. It’s also important to discuss online predatory behaviors, from cyberbullying to sexual exploitation (with an age-appropriate audience). Don’t just send your kids off to a room to Internet with abandon. Give them the skills (or possibly the parental controls) to navigate the online world safely.

2. Beware of fraudulent hotel booking sites.

Planning a trip to cap off an incredible summer? Make sure you’re using reputable booking sites for travel. A 2015 study by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that about 15 million hotel bookings are impacted by rogue travel scams each year. Fraudulent websites or call centers often pretend to have an affiliation with certain hotels, when in fact they have none. This can result in being charged for hidden fees, losing rewards points, incorrect accommodations, fake reservations, and more.

The safest way to avoid being scammed is to book directly through a hotel’s website. Use third-party sites as resources to see available options. If you do want to consider a third-party site, call up the hotel directly to inquire if they are, in fact, affiliated. In addition, be wary of sites that urge you to book one of the last remaining rooms or don’t allow you to see a breakdown of fees.

3. Research hotels’ security policies before you book.

According to cybersecurity expert Matt Suiche, hotels are being targeted more frequently by criminals. Guest credit cards are kept on file for room charges and opportunities for additional spending at spas, restaurants, bars, and shops on premise make these properties attractive targets. In April 2017, InterContinental said that 1,200 of its franchise hotels in the United States, including the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, were victims of a three-month cyberattack aimed at stealing customer payment card data. Also this year, 14 Trump hotels were targeted by hackers raiding personal data such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes, as well as some phone numbers and addresses of hotel customers.

When booking your hotel, you can ask about privacy and security policies in place for protecting customer data. Does the hotel have cybersecurity software? Is data stored in a secure computer/network? Who has access to it? Their policy should cover this information and more.

4. Watch out for public wifi in airports and hotels.

Yes, free wifi is a wonderful thing. How else would you stream Netflix in your hotel room instead of watching the room service menu options on your TV? However, free wifi is also public, which means that any person in the hotel or airport can access that account with (or without) a simple password. Wifi that isn’t password-protected is especially vulnerable. Add thousands of people accessing it daily and you’ve got a recipe for data breach.

So what to do? Use up your mobile data? That’s one (expensive) way to deal with it. What we recommend, for the layperson, is to avoid sites where you need to login, sites with sensitive info (banking, healthcare, etc.), and especially stay away from making purchases over an unsecured connection. If you absolutely need to access sensitive info on this summer trip—perhaps it’s for business rather than pleasure—you’ll want to look into using a virtual private network, or VPN. In fact, if you are traveling for business and staying at a luxury hotel, you might be vulnerable to a spear-phishing campaign called DarkHotel if you use the in-house wifi network. Better get that VPN cracking.

5. Don’t announce to the world that you’ll be away from your house on vacation.

The lead-up to the vacation is almost as good as the vacation itself, no? It’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement and jump on Facebook to tell all your friends about your upcoming trip. Problem is, unless you are ruthlessly private about what you share (and social media platforms are constantly updating their policies, making it easier for people to find your information that you didn’t intend to), people who aren’t your friends will see that announcement, too. And really, how well do you know that girl you passed in the hallway in high school 30 years ago?

Discussing your travel plans (specifically the dates you’ll be gone) opens you up to a physical security issue. Criminals are known to watch social media in order to target homes they know will be vacant for robbery. So best to wait until you get back until you start posting those trip photos.

6. Look closely at ATM scanners and gas pumps.

Heading to a concert and need to gas up? Hitting up an ice cream truck at the beach and forgot your cash? Be extra careful when stopping at gas pumps or ATMs, especially those unaffiliated with a bank. ATMs and gas pumps are targets for cybercriminals, who might attach skimmers in order to pilfer bank account or credit card data (and eventually drain those accounts).

Before you swipe your card, give the card reader a good tug. If there’s a skimmer attached, it’ll likely pop right off the top. In addition, take a look around the ATM or gas pump for small cameras (smaller than your typical surveillance camera). They’d be pointing down at the keypad in order to capture your zip code or pin number.

7. Avoid credit card fraud.

Easier said than done, we know. This one is extra tricky when traveling abroad. Pick-pocketers steal wallets or credit cards might be accidentally left behind and lo and behold: someone’s charging $2,537.45 worth of train tickets. While many card companies can track fraud and refund you the charges, the hassle of reporting and waiting, especially when overseas, is probably the last thing you want to deal with while sunning yourself in Phuket.

A few ground rules for traveling with credit cards: don’t take them all. Select one or two with high credit limits and low foreign transaction fees. Make copies of the credit cards you’re bringing with you so you can see the numbers and customer service phone number. Leave one copy with a friend and bring another with you. (Just don’t store it in the same place as your credit cards.) And finally, make sure you alert your credit card company of your travel plans so they don’t freeze your account.

Summer is a time to kick back and enjoy. So don’t spend it on the phone with your bank and the IRS. Take these precautions and you can be sure to end this easy-breezy season on a light and carefree note.

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Cassette Tape Pouch

Moogly - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 14:12

It’s all about 90s retro these days, and what’s more retro than the cassette tape?! The Cassette Tape Pouch is the perfect clutch to carry when you’re at the party for your hot new mixtape – or to fill with pencils and supplies when the kids go back to school this fall! Disclaimer: This post [...]

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Marvel’s “INHUMANS” – Official SDCC 2017 Trailer

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 12:19

Be more than human. Meet Marvel’s “Inhumans,” straight from #SDCC! Premiering exclusively in IMAX Sept 1 and continuing on ABC Sept 29. One of the most challenging Marvel properties to convert to film, once thought to be impossible is now just months away from debuting! Check out the newest SDCC trailer for the series below!

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STARGATE: ORIGINS – Official Teaser Trailer Released

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 12:16

Just when you thought the Stargate universe was gone for good, SDCC provided fans with a surprising new on-demand series coming from MGM. Set to debut this fall, the very first teaser trailer has been released and can be viewed below!

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RICH INTERVIEWS: Steven Defendini Artist for Side-Kicked

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 07:32

First Comics News: Why did you decide to enter the “Breaking Into Comics” contest?

Steven Defendini: I had previously seen the work from Darby Pop at New York Comic Con last year, and was impressed with what they put out. So, I kept an eye on them because they had previously held “Breaking Into Comics” contests, and I really wanted to participate if another one came up.

1st: Your story in Side-Kicked is “Gauntlet” what is it about and who are the main characters?

Steven: I illustrated the “Gauntlet” story that follows Atalanta and Frostbite as they discover each other for the very first time.

1st: In illustrating Atalanta and Frostbite what personalities do you bring out in them?

Steven: With Atalanta, I was trying to make sure that her body language always evoked a sense of confidence and discipline because she has been a hero for so long. As for Frostbite, I tried to make sure he was as expressive as possible to clearly convey his wide range of emotions as the situation developed and changed around him.

1st: What type of powers do you get to draw Atalanta and Frostbite using?

Steven: Atalanta is agile and methodical, so I was able to display a wide range of movement. Frostbite has really visceral powers; it was a lot of fun to figure out how to visualize them. His abilities provided a large sandbox to play in.

1st: How did you feel when Darby Pop told you you were one of the winners in their contest?

Steven: When I found out that I was a winner, I was beyond excited. And after working with the crew over at Darby Pop, that excitement hasn’t diminished. Any chance to share my art with a broader audience…

1st: How has been a teacher helped you to be a better artist?

Steven: Teaching high school students really gifts you with the superpowers of multitasking and working in fast-paced environments. It also allows you to absorb a lot of visual information that is uncommon everywhere else.

1st: What work did you do for Aspen Comics?

Steven: I had previously done an in-house holiday greeting card for Aspen.

Sidekicked Vol1.5 Cover

1st: How do you make yourself a better artist?

Steven: I am constantly trying to improve, so I spend almost every night honing my craft and I try to pour that learning into the work. When I am not drawing, I try to read interviews, articles or watch videos from some of the artists I admire so I can learn from them, too.

1st: Would you like to be a regular artist on a regular monthly comic series if so would it change your life?

Steven: I would LOVE to work monthly on a title, and I will be trying to accomplish that with a personal project that I have started working on. I teach by day, but illustrating books has always been my end-all be-all. So, if I landed that job, it would be the literal definition of “heaven.”

1st: Would you like to draw a team book such as the Power Rangers?

Steven: “Team” books have always interested me because of the diversity that you can bring. The majority of the shows I watched growing up revolved around a team of colorful characters, so that has always been a huge influence on me.

1st: If you could be the artist on any Marvel or DC comic which one would it be and why?

Steven: I would absolutely love to work over at DC. The admiration I have for their character is endless, and every great memory/milestone I have related to comics involves DC. My end goal would be to work with Jim Lee or Geoff Johns, and I would love to work on Wonder Woman or Action Comics.

1st: Do you like to build things such as a Batcave or the Hulk?

Steven: I also have a knack — I call it a “builders itch” — for sculpting. My day job as a teacher really helps me express that. And then, on my own time, I create sculptures that I often bring to cons/art shows to sell.

1st: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Steven: If I could have a super power, it would be flight. But the one I might NEED most is the power to control time… so I could accomplish all of my work ahead of schedule.

1st: What would you like to say to the fans of your art?

Steven: I would like to thank my fans for supporting me with all their kind words and praise. As someone who is always looking to improve, it means a lot to hear that people enjoy my work.


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David Tennant joins the Cast of Final Space

Blogtor Who - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 06:05

Announced a SDCC David Tennant joins the cast of TBS' Final Space along with oTom Kenny, Fred Armisen, Gina Torres, Steven Yeun. Ron Perlman, John Dimaggio and Keith David

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WWE and SuperSport Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Televise Raw and Smackdown

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 05:54
July 20, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

JOHANNESBURG & STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WWE (NYSE: WWE) and SuperSport, Africa’s premier sports broadcaster, today announced a new, multi-year agreement to broadcast WWE programming live for the first time in more than 50 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Starting Monday, August 28, SuperSport will air WWE’s flagship shows Raw® and SmackDown® as well as WWE specials, including WrestleMania® and SummerSlam®.

“WWE is a global phenomenon, so securing the broadcast rights for SuperSport is a terrific coup,” said Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport. “The athletes involved are larger than life figures who command huge followings. At long last our viewers will get to share in this entertainment spectacle in high definition. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with WWE.”

“SuperSport is a best-in-class partner who shares our vision and passion for engaging with and entertaining our fans,” said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International. “Televising WWE programming live in sub-Saharan Africa for the first time is an important milestone for us, and we look forward to working with SuperSport to cultivate new fans in the region.”

SuperSport channels S3, S4, S9 and SS10 will televise Raw on Tuesdays and SmackDown on Wednesdays, offering both live telecasts and same-day re-airs, and will broadcast all WWE specials live, including WrestleMania®, SummerSlam®, Survivor Series® and Royal Rumble®. All programs will be available with English commentary and on demand.

WWE programming will also be made available across some of DStv’s general entertainment channels.

To celebrate the new partnership, SuperSport will televise the prior week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown on Monday, August 28.

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First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 05:49

Geoff Johns joined DC Publisher Dan DiDio at SDCC today and revealed new details about his highly anticipated DOOMSDAY CLOCK series. During the hour-long Spotlight conversation, Johns debuted six interior panels, beautifully illustrated by Gary Frank with colors by Brad Anderson, including confirmation of Dr. Manhattan’s involvement in DOOMSDAY CLOCK.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK is a story for our time that brings the greatest heroes and villains from the DC Universe together with the mysterious forces from the Watchmen Universe. As Johns discussed the sophistication of the story and its real-world influence, his words paired beautifully with the panels, which are highly detailed and evoke layers of emotion.

During the panel, Johns announced that the series would be Superman centric and it will start one year in the future from current DC continuity. The timelines will link up at the conclusion of the series where readers will see characters that have been affected by the events in DOOMSDAY CLOCK.

The first issue will hit shelves on Wednesday, November 22, just prior to the Thanksgiving 2017 holiday, a time of year that has a special meaning in Johns’ life. Each year, he would return home from school with the latest comic books to read and discuss with his friends. The monthly series will run 12 issues with planned breaks in March and August.

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WWE Declares Quarterly Dividend

First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 05:47

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WWE (NYSE:WWE) announced that its Board of Directors today declared the Company’s regular quarterly dividend of $0.12 per share for all Class A and B shares of common stock. The record date for the dividend will be September 15, 2017 and the payment date will be September 25, 2017.

About WWE

WWE, a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family friendly entertainment on its television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing platforms. WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide in 20 languages. WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 over-the-top premium network that includes all live pay-per-views, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library, is now available in almost all international markets other than the People’s Republic of China and embargoed countries. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Munich and Tokyo.

Additional information on WWE (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com. For information on our global activities, go to http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/

Trademarks: All WWE programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos and copyrights are the exclusive property of WWE and its subsidiaries. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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First Comics News - Fri, 07/21/2017 - 05:44

Reveals new Yanick Paquette art and gives latest details on WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE Volume 2

DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are always full of surprises during their panels at Comic-Con, and this year was no exception. At this year’s “Meet the Publishers” panel, another comic book icon made an unexpected appearance, storyteller extraordinaire Grant Morrison.

The superstar writer didn’t come empty handed either; he treated the both the Publishers and fans to all new, never-before-seen pages from his upcoming original graphic novel, WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE Volume Two, and fans at the panel pretty much lost it! While showing off black and white pages drawn by artist Yanick Paquette (with whom he collaborated on Volume One), Grant talked to Dan and Jim about his vision for this next chapter of Diana’s continuing journey through Man’s world, what surprises might pop up along the way. In true Grant Morrison fashion, he discussed some of the more “unusual” consultants that are helping him tell the kind of story that made WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE Volume One a New York Times bestseller.

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