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Down the Rabbit Hole Again

Knitting | Work in Progress - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 10:30
As you well know, I try to work from stash when possible, but am equally happy to invest in yarn if it leverages skeins on hand. For the most part, this is a calm, rational and well-reasoned strategy, but every now and then it hits a decided snag.

Here's the most recent example. Several years ago, I purchased four skeins of Champagne (Grignasco), a luscious sport weight merino-silk yarn, in teal to make a shawl for my lovely Aunt K, but in the end I used a different yarn in a cornflower blue that better suited her coloring and tastes.

Thinking the Champagne would make a scrumptious sweater, I acquired four more skeins in lake for a tone-on-tone effect (left: lake, right: teal).

Time has passed, a new plan is afoot and — yep, you guessed it — to make that plan work I need a third color. Experimenting with different yarns from stash, I thought this combination held possibilities:

Colorwise, the blue Zaffiro (Madil Yarns) worked, but the cotton-rayon-silk blend isn't nearly as springy and soft as the Champagne. Often, that wouldn't matter, but it could become an issue for the project I have in mind.

For better or worse, I've been scouring Ravelry and the interwebs for more Champagne, which in a perfect world would be in the blue-green color family, but contrasting or neutral shades are viable contenders, too.

Feel free to check my math, but what started as four skeins quickly grew to eight, and it's likely several more will soon be joining the clan. I can't speak for you, but I've certainly been down this particular rabbit hole before, and apparently I'm ready to jump down it once again.

Connecting with the linkups in the sidebar.

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How to give away earth?

Blogtor Who - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 09:39

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What was Pearl doing in Tenerife?

Blogtor Who - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 09:22

The post What was Pearl doing in Tenerife? appeared first on Blogtor Who.

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SPENCER & LOCKE Trade Collection Hits Stores August 2017!

First Comics News - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 06:52


Writer(s): David Pepose
Artist Name(s): Jorge Santiago, Jr. (Pencils), Jasen Smith (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Jorge Santiago, Jr.
128 pgs./ T+ / FC

His partner’s imaginary… but the danger is all real! Classic comic strip nostalgia meets dark and gritty noir in Spencer & Locke, the critically acclaimed new crime series from writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr., which arrives in trade paperback this August from Action Lab: Danger Zone.

When his childhood sweetheart Sophie Jenkins is found dead, there’s only one partner hard-boiled Detective Locke can trust to help him crack the case: his imaginary talking panther, Spencer. But as Spencer and Locke’s investigation stirs up a vicious crime syndicate — as well as memories of their own traumatic pasts — can this unlikely duo survive long enough to discover the truth?

Described as “a richly imagined and darkly original tale” by All-Star Batman writer Scott Snyder and “a fiendishly fun take on an age-old classic”, Spencer & Locke has dazzled critics and readers alike with its bold and subversive storytelling, which brings together the classic iconography of Calvin and Hobbes with the dark noir aesthetic of Sin City.

“Spencer & Locke is a story by comics fans, for comics fans,” says writer David Pepose. “Weaving together pulse-pounding action, compelling psychological drama, and two unforgettable leads, this book is not just a parody, not just a black comedy, but also our love letter to the innovative and trailblazing works of Bill Watterson and Frank Miller.”

Featuring behind-the-scenes material including character designs and script pages, fans of Calvin and Hobbes, Sin City, and Criminal should not miss the trade collection of Spencer & Locke, which will be released August 30, 2017. It can be pre-ordered now with the Diamond item code JUN171107. Get in on the story now with these preview pages:

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RICH REVIEWS: Church of the Broken Soul

First Comics News - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 06:28

Title: Church of the Broken Soul
Publisher: James Rubino
Created/Written/Illustrated by: James Rubino
Price: $ 3.00 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Website: www.jamesrubino.com
Comments: This is a religious book about God and you. Here God is referred to as Yahweh the Hebrew name of God. Men in general are put down as dinners but can still find forgiveness through God.
The art style has the drawings done in a broken line format. The art is extremely vague as well.
The comic focuses on a man and him wanting redemption. The story telling is fragmented. The story does not flow well at all, it is written in parts that seem broken up.
The message of God does not come across well here. Your left wondering what was the purpose of this comic? The message of God is a good one and it is something for those who want to read about it, they should.

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Looking For Group - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 04:00

The post 172 appeared first on Tiny Dick Adventures.

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Announcing the Tenkar's Tavern Monthly Crate of OSR Goodness - I Kid You Not!

Tenkar's Tavern - Wed, 05/31/2017 - 03:33

Here's the official press release announcing the Tenkar's Tavern OSR Crate (I told you there was something special coming on the 8th Anniversary of The TavernIllusionist Investment Group Partners with Tenkar’s Tavern Erik Tenkar, the populist old school roleplaying (OSR) commentator and blogger, has granted theexclusive monthly subscription box license to the Illusionist Investment Group entertainment collective. Houston, TX, May 30, 2017 (www.illusioni.st) - Monthly subscription services are key to the growth of the Illusionist Investment Group (IIG). IIG brings scale, corporate business support, capital, technology resources, marketing specialists, and strategic relationships to key celebrities and creative studios within the tabletop game industry. “Tenkar’s Tavern brings a bold and edgy commentary to the adventure trade with blogs, social media, convention appearances, and brand licensing across many verticals,” said Jared Nielsen, Principal Investor of IIG. “We believe that with additional investment the Tenkar’s Tavern brand and IIG can mutually grow together.” When asked what appealed to him about bring involved with a monthly crate, Erik Tenkar responded: “To be honest, I love getting monthly surprises in the mail, especially those related to RPGs. An offer to help curate a monthly crate of OSR goodies was something I just couldn't pass on." About Illusionist Investment Group LLC The Illusionist Investment Group is a woman-owned, Houston-based company focused on developing entertainment properties within the tabletop game industry that includes board games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures, web games, mobile apps and augmented reality games. About Tenkar’s Tavern Tenkar’s Tavern is a cutting edge network of blogs, events, social media and convention
appearances led by its namesake, Erik Tenkar. Over time Erik has become the voice of the old school roleplaying market with his edgy humor and incisive wit. An avid gamer, Erik not only comments on the games he reviews, but he creates his own content and inspires and assists other small press publishers using his podium as a megaphone. He is respected by old school grognards and newbies alike for his fairness and transparency with industry reporting and game information. About Tenkar’s Tavern Crate The Tenkar’s Tavern crate is a monthly subscription box filled with a mystery selection of OSR gaming products. Products range from RPG books, scenarios, adventure modules, dice, tabletop game accessories, miniatures and much more. With a changing selection each month this crate aims to satisfy collectors in the old school roleplaying market segment.Media Contacts:
Trina Burns
Illusionist Investment Group
(832) 664-7993
www.illusioni.st So, what does this mean for you?

Well, if you are a gamer I hope to present you with a deep selection of OSR goodness. You've been loyal readers for years, some of your for the full eight years, and this is part of me paying you back. Seriously, I love getting my Loot Crate and Mythoard every month, but the idea of a monthly shipment of OSR picks landing on my doorstep is simply awesome. If you've been following the current OSR Extravaganza Sale at RPGNow, you know the waters of the OSR are deep and full of life. Its time to take a swim in those waters.

If you are a publisher of OSR or System Neutral products, rulebooks, adventures, accessories, settings, etc and you would like to be part of the Tenkar's Tavern Crate I need to talk with you. Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. Put "Tenkar's Crate" in the email heading. We'll talk gaming and TPKs before getting down to the nitty gritty.

If you are a publisher and will be at NTRPG Con this week, we WILL talk. Trust me on this :)

As if you can't tell, I'm extremely excited to be a part of this. I've been dying to talk about this for weeks!

Doh! Sign up is on the right side of this page! DO spread the word! The more folks that sign up for the crate the better the crates are for everyone. Now to put my Tenkar's Tavern Crate Wishlist together...

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OSR Extravaganza Sale - The Picks - The Witch Queen's Lair was in the Lost City of the Dwarves beneath the Frozen Fortress of the Winter Lord

Tenkar's Tavern - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 21:39
The OSR Extravaganza Sale is in full swing. Its time for The Tavern to make some picks and the occasional "deep track" ;)

Saga of the Witch Queen - Lets look back to the Summer of 2007, when Goodman Games released Saga of the Witch Queen at Gen Con. A 1e adventure for AD&D 1e, it is one of +Harley Stroh 's earlier works. Conversion by +Jon Hershberger - "Drawn into a series of adventures spanning the north, the heroes take up arms against the sinister machinations of Kyleth, the Witch Queen. Beginning in the miserable bog known as the Great Swamp, the heroes are called to thwart Kyleth’s plot to create sinister artifacts of unholy blight. But the Witch Queen is a tenacious foe, protected by wicked dweomers and ancient rites. Running their prey to ground, the heroes must navigate the perilous halls and torturous caverns of the Lost Passage of the Drow. Their epic quest comes to a head in a battle that stretches across the icy reaches of the Northlands and to the stygian demesne of Baba Yazoth herself!"  $9.99  $8.49

Frozen Fortress of the Winter Warlord - This time we only are going back to 2014. Amazing cover +James Spahn -  "Cold Be Hand and Heart and Bone!and written by none other than our very own Frozen Fortress of the Winter Warlord is an adventure module for 4 - 6 characters of 9th - 12th level for Labyrinth Lord and other old school fantasy role-playing games. Utilizing rules in both the Labyrinth Lord core rules and the Advanced Edition Companion, this huge adventure pits the characters against foes of undead and ice!"

In addition to the adventure Frozen Fortress of the Winter Warlord includes...

-A complete dossier on the village of Winterhome, an adventuring location that can easily be inserted into any fantasy campaign - including NPCs and a rumor table!
-Seven new magic items
-Ten original monsters for use in any old school fantasy role-playing game
-Optional rules for frigid temperatures and how to survive them

This adventure is suitable for several weeks of gaming, with over 100 unique locations!  $4.95  $4.21

Lost City of the Dwarves Part 1:Discovery - They had me with Dwarves. Really. Slam dunk - "The first book in the Path of Legends gaming book series which allows you to choose the path of your adventure while using a dice-rolling combat system. The refined OSRIC-compatible adventure system (old school d20 RPG) has a minimal learning time but covers the most used aspects of old school gaming. In no time you’ll be hunting for enchanted items, battling goblins, rat-men and other creatures, enhancing your combat with a variety of potions and solving puzzles with deadly traps. Best of all, the character that you create, level up and spend time building in this adventure can be used continually in all of the Path of Legends books as you travel the path to becoming a living legend."  $5.99  $5.09

For the complete Tenkar's Tavern series of posts highlighting the notable picks of the OSR Extravaganza Sale, follow this link. New posts added daily.

Remember, your use of The Tavern's affiliate links helps keep the candles burning and the taps flowing at The Tavern. As always, we thank you.
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First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 20:52

Creator signings, giveaways, and an interactive comics workshop for kids
highlight the publisher’s presence

Misfit City #1

Victor LaValle’s Destroyer #1


The Not-So Secret Society

May 30, 2017 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce it will exhibit at BookExpo America, a leading trade show for the book publishing industry attended by publishers, distributors, authors, bookstore owners, librarians, journalists, and more; and BookCon, a two-day fan event open to the book-loving public. The shows take place back-to-back at the Javits Center in New York City May 31st to June 4th, with BOOM! occupying booth #1530. The publisher shared its plans for the events, including:

—During BookExpo and BookCon, BOOM! will have limited quantities of free single issues available to give away to librarians, reviewers, buyers, and fans while supplies last, including recent releases Misfit City #1 (Vol. 1 collection out in December) and Victor LaValle’s Destroyer #1 (collection out in January). Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City) and Victor LaValle will be appearing throughout the week to autograph copies.

The latest release from BOOM!’s BOOM! Box imprint, Misfit City is about a group of girls living in a small coastal town that most people have only heard of because it was the filming location for a beloved kids’ adventure movie from the 1980s. They’re sick of their town and the tourists that come to gawk at them, but they end up discovering a real treasure map, which leads them on an adventure even crazier than the one in the movie. Misfit City is illustrated by Naomi Franquiz.

In Victor LaValle’s Destroyer, when the last descendant of the Frankenstein family loses her only son to a police shooting, she turns to science for her own justice…putting her on a crash course with her family’s original monster and his quest to eliminate humanity. The series is illustrated by Dietrich Smith.

—BOOM! will also have limited advance copies of its KaBOOM! imprint’s upcoming original graphic novel, The Not-So Secret Society (August 1), available for free to qualified individuals. The creators of the book—Matt Daley, Arlene Daley, Ellen Crafts, and Trevor Crafts—will be on hand all week to autograph copies and share brochures, activity sheets, and mini-comics, and will raffle off a giant Gummy candy! (See booth for details.) The Not-So Secret Society is illustrated by Wook Jin Clark.

In addition, the creators of The Not-So Secret Society will appear at the BookCon Family HQ area (booth #1416) on Saturday, June 3, 5:30-6:00 PM for an interactive comics workshop.

The Not-So Secret Society is about a group of 12-year-olds who learn the value of teamwork and friendship when their invention brings a piece of candy to life that threatens to destroy the entire city!

—Free partial advance review galleys of the Archaia imprint’s upcoming all-ages original graphic novel Bolivar (November 21) will also be available for qualified individuals, with writer and artist Sean Rubin on hand to autograph copies.

Bolivar is the story of a dinosaur living unnoticed in New York City (“Everyone in the city was too busy to notice Bolivar was a dinosaur”), except for his young neighbor, Sybil, who desperately tries to convince everyone of his existence.

—Appearing at the BOOM! Studios booth (#1530) throughout the weekend will be:

Wednesday, May 31
2:00-4:00 PM // Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City)
4:00-6:00 PM // Victor LaValle (Victor LaValle’s Destroyer)

Thursday, June 1
11:00 AM-1:00 PM // Victor LaValle (Victor LaValle’s Destroyer)
1:00-3:00 PM // Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City)
3:00-5:00 PM // Sean Rubin (Bolivar)
5:00-6:00 PM // Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City)

Friday, June 
10:00 AM -12:00 PM // Sean Rubin (Bolivar)
1:00-3:00 PM // Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City)

Saturday, June 3
12:00-2:00 PM // Jim Campbell (Over the Garden Wall)

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John Ottinger talks about THE DWEORES

First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 20:45

Frist Comics News: What are the Dweores?

John Ottinger: Dweores are mechanical beings (robot) that live in a land of their own. They dwell in different towns villages, tribes and have many different cultures… The word Dweores is a real word, it’s old English for the word dwarf, so there my little robots.

1st: How did you come up with them?

John: I love toy robots I have hundreds in my studio so I decided to create a robot world of my own. The first thing I did was, I stared at my collection for an hour of two. When I came out of my robot trance I realized that they were just interesting shapes and colors and I had no emotional connection to any of them. So my first parameter put on the list was to create robots with an Instant Emotional connection. The second parameter makes the relatable to eastern and western cultures. The third parameter, make them a force of good in the world, make them something that will make people feel good or inspired.

1st: How did your daughter, Jessica, inspire your work?

John: There is a lot of her in the human character May, a 13-year-old girl that came to the Land of the Dweores to search for her father who when missing there. Jessica also wrote the poems and the verbiage in the first book Inside the Dweores she’s an amazing writer.

1st: How did you son, Daniel, map out the world of the Dweores?

John: Daniel is a wonderful artist and literally drew the map that is in every Dweores book. We both loved the map that is in Tolkien’s The Hobbit and wanted an interesting one for this world.

1st: Where does all the junk they repurpose original come from?

John: There is wreckage and junk throughout their world from the 1800s to present time… They repurpose it to make incredible things. The junks origin still hasn’t be reviled in the comic book yet.

1st: How many Dweores are there?

John: I’m not sure yet. There are so many different Dweores cultures in their world, mountain Dwores, desert Dweores, village Dweores, mining Dweores, forest, jungle, ice. I think there are lots.

1st: Who is Kaso?

John: Kaso has the mind of a cautious emotional teenager and has a very dry sense of humor. He hates danger and adventure. Kaso would rather be in his bike/junk shop tinkering. He can’t believe he was chosen by the Elder to be one of the Village Protector. He has the ability to take any broken junk and combine it with some other rubbish. Combining them with lightning speed to get some new crazy invention. He works in an instinctive makers trance and is always as surprised at what he has made.

1st: What makes them want to explore?

John: Dweores are very curious intelligent creatures, in some of them this curiosity builds up and they pack a backpack or hope on a beast and go on a quest sometimes for years before returning home with story’s, treasures and some new dents.

1st: How did the art book come about?

John: Well the first art book “Inside The Dweores” started out as just a bunch of doodles in my sketchbook. Every day on the train I would draw one image, inspired by what I saw outside the train window. By the end of the year, I had hundreds of glimpse of their world so I made Xerox copies of them and stapled them together and submitted it to San Diego Comic-Con. I was totally shocked when I found out I was accepted.  “Oh no, I have to figure out how to make a book!”

1st: Were you selling these book exclusively at comiccons?

John: Yep, just at cons, for now, making comic books and art books takes most of my time and there is the day job and giant sculptures.

1st: In addition to the art book there are now Dweores comics. How many issues are there so far?

John: I have 3 comic books out so far book zero, book one and book 2. People loved the art book and wanted to know more about them. They had so many questions about them I decided to start a linear story so they could get to know the Dweores and explore their world.

1st: What is the story so far?

John: In the peaceful natural world of the Dweores Villages are being attacked by some unknown force, Dweores and equipment are missing. The elders chose one Dweore to from each of the attacked villages to find the hidden enemy and stop the attacks. They are called Village Protectors, Hazo, Gama, Kaso and his pet Yamchi. We also meet May who’s come to their world to look for her missing father and brother. May is my Alice in wonderland and Snow White, she has no super powers. She has just her determination, intellect, kindness and her new friends.

1st: Tell me about the Dweores “I Can Do This” CD?

John: A musician friend Matt Harris asked for a copy of the all the pages of my book. He put them up on a wall in his studio and recorded music for some of his favorite pages. He came up with some really wonderful interesting songs.

1st: How did the Dweores get to be Facebook Stickers?

John: My first year at San Diego Comic Con someone from Facebook came by my table and asked if I would be interested in having Dweores stickers in Messenger. I said Wow that sounds like fun, yes. The Dweores went global overnight. Now I have fans around the world and with FB analytics, I can track the top 50 countries that use them, there age and gender and how many millions of time they are used.

1st: How did the Dweores get on the Big Bang Theory?

John: Well two years ago I meet an ex-pro wrestler, he told me he had his books and toys on the show. So I thought I’d try to get the Dweores on the show, It took me 2 years to find the correct path and prepare the right presentation. I sent it in that afternoon and got an email that evening, yes we want it but we need it the next morning on the set. How this season you can see the Dweores statues, posters, and books on the different sets. It’s crazy seeing Sheldon taking with Kaso and Gat in the background.

1st: What’s next for the Dweores?

John: At this year’s San Diego Comic Con I’ll have a full color 68 page Dweores art book and there are more statues, and Dwores figurines, mugs, and lots more surprises. coming this year. I’m very interested in creating a game and or an animated show for them.

1st: How can people get the Dweores comics?

John: Right now I just sell them to fans at the cons, or you can email me.

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DC's The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition (Comic-Con Exclusive)

Cryptozoic - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 20:36

Cryptozoic’s latest San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive is here! Don’t miss your chance to own DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition, made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours? This pre-order makes it possible for you to get this killer version of The Joker before it sells out!

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FRESH TALK: Who are the new superwomen of the universe?

First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 20:05

For much of comics history, women characters were introduced as plot devices for leading male characters with disheartening regularity. A new wave of superheroines is entering the comic universe, leading the fight for justice and dispelling traditional stereotypes in fiction and beyond. Speakers include Carolyn Cocca, author of Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation; Ariell Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Philadelphia; Gabby Rivera, author of Marvel’s AMERICA series and the novel Juliet Takes a Breath; and Ashley Woods, illustrator, graphic novelist, and artist for the Stranger Comics series NIOBE: She is Life.

Wed., June 14, 7–9:30 p.m.
Fresh Talk: 7–8:30 p.m.
Catalyst cocktail hour: 8:30–9:30 p.m.
Exhibition galleries open to attendees: 5–6:45 p.m.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20005

$25 general; $20 members, seniors, students; price includes museum admission and Catalyst cocktail hour. Reservations required. Reserve online at https://nmwa.org/events/fresh-talk-who-are-new-superwomen-universe. For more information, contact freshtalk@nmwa.org.

The program will be live-streamed as well as recorded and made available on the museum’s website shortly afterward. To watch the live stream, visit http://nmwa.org/freshtalk4change on the day of the event. Also, join conversations before, during and after Fresh Talk events with #FreshTalk4Change.

The Speakers…
Carolyn Cocca
Carolyn Cocca is a political scientist and associate professor in the Department of Politics, Economics, and Law at the State University of New York, College at Old Westbury, where she teaches courses on U.S. Politics, the Politics of Gender and Sexuality, Civil Rights Law and Civil Liberties Law. She is the author of multiple publications about gender, law and the news media, but for the past few years she has been focused on gender, comics and pop-culture media. Her latest book Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation examines how female superheroes are portrayed in print, on TV and in movies, and how and why those portrayals have changed over time.

Ariell Johnson
A true child of the ’80s, Ariell Johnson grew up on a diet of He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats and Transformers. This would be the gateway to a lifelong love of superpowers, superheroes and comics. She turned this passion into a career at age 32 when she opened Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia, a hybrid comic-book store and coffee shop. Amalgam is the only black-woman owned shop of its kind, and the only black-woman owned comic book store on the East Coast. Johnson has a strong passion and commitment to diversity, representation and inclusivity. She uses her shop to showcase and promote works that are created by and feature people of color, different faiths, women and the LGBTQ community.

Gabby Rivera
Gabby Rivera is currently making major waves for her new Marvel series starring America Chavez: a queer, Latinx superhero who’s been written and designed, crucially, by a queer Latinx. Rivera is also the author of Juliet Takes a Breath, a YA novel listed by Mic as one of the 25 essential books to read for Women’s History Month. As an activist, Rivera also gives back. She’s the Youth Programs Manager at GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”), a leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students. That means fewer incidents of bullying and harassment, and more students treated with respect. She’s also worked with Autostraddle.com for over five years as the QTPOC Speakeasy editor and A-Camp staff. As a film and multi-media teaching artist, Rivera has worked with social justice organizations like DreamYard Project, Inc. She has appeared as a featured panelist and counselor at the annual Autostraddle Queer Women’s Conference, and has presented at the Allied Media and Digital Media and Learning Conferences.

Ashley Woods
Born and raised in Chicago, Ashley A. Woods is an artist who got her start through self-publishing her action-fantasy comic series, Millennia War, while attending the International Academy of Design and Technology. After earning her degree in Film and Animation in 2007, she traveled to Kyoto, Japan, where she presented her work in a gallery showcase called Out Of Sequence. After returning to the states, work from her comics was included in the Black Comix compilation table-top book, which was used in college courses at various universities internationally. During summer 2015, she joined the team of Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg and Stranger Comics to work on NIOBE: She Is Life, which went on to sell tens of thousands of copies. Woods is currently working on LADY CASTLE with Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars, Wicked As They Come) for BOOM! Studios and on the cover for Vampire Hunter D

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Fear the Walking Peasant … Pestilence #1

First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 20:04

The Black Death, The Plague. We were told it was a devastating pandemic of the Yersinia Pestis bacteria causing the deadly Bubonic Plague. But what if history was a bit off? What if the evidence is incomplete and our theory is incorrect. What if this 14th Century pandemic was the first known zombie infestation? Pestilence, a new series from Aftershock Comics sets out to answer this very question.

Pestilence #1 Cover

The cast of characters in Pestilence are appropriately dark and gritty. Straight out of the Crusades, Roderick Helms leads a group of special soldiers known as Fiat Lux. If the Crusades had a Special Ops branch then Fiat Lux were just such a team. Along with Roderick is his loyal friend Geoffrey Ameil, assassin extraordinaire Giovanni Domenico, chief strategist William Moore, super spy Abel of Cyprus and the funny man of the team, James Howard. Each member, a specialist in their own right. Organized to be The Church’s assassin arm, Fiat Lux is sent out to quell a brewing uprising involving a renegade Crusader and his little militia. Of course, that’s when they realize the mission is much larger than anyone at The Vatican originally envisioned. The mission will ultimately evolve to encompass destroying the Undead zombies across medieval Europe.

Definitely a mature readers title as the violence flows freely, the language is spicy and containing more than a few shots of nudity during some “celebratory” scenes at a castle.

The art is absolutely stunning in my humble opinion. Oleg Okunev is a Disney illustrator and the details in his line work is outstanding. Each main character has a very distinctive look and there is never an issue identifying who is swinging the sword at any given moment. Rob Schwager’s colours are equally as exceptional. While details abound the pages never look heavy or overdone. Tim Bradstreet will be providing the regular covers for the series which kind of speaks for itself as Bradstreet is just a phenomenal artist having earned an Eisner Award-nomination for his creative work. I even had a chance to take a peak at Mike Rooth’s variant covers which are equally as fantastic.

Frank Tieri, “master of violence, gore, and mayhem” spins a great little opening story which gets all the mundane introductory stuff out of the way quite efficiently. Of course, the opening issue asks more questions encouraging a peak at the second issue. I liked this book so much I am immediately adding it to my pull list at my Local Comic Shop.

Issue: Pestilence #1 | Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Writers: Frank Tieri | Artists: Oleg Okunev & Rob Schwager
Letters: Marshall Dillon | Editor: Mike Marts
Price: $3.99

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Adventure Campaign Construction Using X1 Isle of Dread With Dark Albion

Swords & Stitchery - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:46
'The appearance of the Isle of Dread has been foretold from the mists of legend. A place from the 'other world' whose shores are the realm of monsters. There beasts walk as men & the jungles are full of all types of horrors but there are riches there for the taking!' Part of the appeal of X1 Isle of Dread is the incredible mutability & inventiveness that this old school module allows. It can Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:27

Josie and the Pussycats are on a roll like never before, racking up award wins and climbing the charts! But are the “and the Pussycats” living their dreams, or just Josie’s? Are Melody and Valerie ready to try their hand at succeeding on their own terms?
Script: Marguerite Bennett, Cameron DeOrdio
Art: Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli
Cover: Audrey Mok
Variant Covers: Jen Bartel, Tom Grummett
On Sale Date: 5/31
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:26

Get creative with Archie and his pals ‘n’ gals! Now you have the chance to color all of your favorite Archie characters! You can give Archie’s jalopy a paint job or personally style Betty and Veronica’s outfits. Plus, each image has an intricate background pattern to add to your color experience. The possibilities are endless and the fun never stops!
Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan DeCarlo, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 5/31
128-page, full color comic
$9.99 U.S.

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First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:26

It’s MUSIC MONTH! In the BRAND NEW LEAD STORY “And the Winner Is….” The Archies win an NTV music award, but an overzealous pop star steals their thunder! When they find out he was just using their moment for publicity, the gang decides to turn the tables on him!!
Script: Dan Parent
Art: Dan Parent, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Dan Parent
On Sale Date: 5/31
160-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S.

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First Comics News - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:26

Celebrate Archie’s 75th anniversary in a special way with this commemorative digest that presents the always-entertaining fairy tale stories!
Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan Parent
On Sale Date: 5/31
224-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.

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Stand Up Fight - For Glory and Fame - Part Two

Two Hour Wargames - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 19:03
Part One
As the Viking Freemen failed to move on their Activation as they failed their roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table, it's time for the next turn.

 Activation Dice are rolled and the Anglo Saxons go first. The Fyrd roll on the Non-Player Force Table and move towards the closest enemy - they charge into the melee between the Hirdsmen and Huscarls. This also requires the leaders to roll to check for Heroic Combat - and they all score a 3! The Fyrd Leader and Rolf square off, and Rolf wins.

 The Hirdsmen Leader now squares off with Rolf and dies under the Viking blade! 

 Melee continues, the Huscarls take two casualties - one from each unit they are fighting and the Fyrd and Hirdsmen take one each.

 Dice are rolled and casualties exchanged. 

 Time to take the Will to Fight Tests.

The Hirdsmen and Huscarls both have two of their figures run off and each falls back to lick their wounds. Rolf to section 8 and the Hirdsmen to section 5. The Fyrd test next and being leaderless rout from the table!

 The Archers exchange fire and the Anglo Saxons suffer casualties, forcing them to join the rout.

 Vikings turn to activate. Rolf joins the Freemen unit and leads them in a charge against the weakened Hirdsmen. No leader is with the unit so no Heroic Combat is rolled for.

 Each unit loses a figure to start and the melee is a massacre. 

The last Hirdsmen goes down and the Vikings are victorious! 
Rolf rolls to recover his Huscarls and five of the seven return, two going to Valhalla.
Rolf gains 6 Fame Points - 3 for the victory and 3 for vanquishing the 3 enemy units. This gives him 12 for his career. He doesn't warrant a promotion, but he did get the use of a longship from interacting with a Captain back in Skoro.
Time to take the battle to the sea!
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The Tavern - Eight Years and Still Open Every Day - Thanks to You!

Tenkar's Tavern - Tue, 05/30/2017 - 14:54
Ashley knows something the party doesn't...Eight years ago today Tenkar's Tavern hit the blogoshpere. Actually, the blog was created a year before, but with the exception of a single test post it wasn't really alive.

Now, eight years later, here we are. The prolific posting has slowed down slightly but we've only missed a day of posting once in over five years. Conventions, sickness, holidays, vacations, a 29 1/2 hour work day, family drama, whatever - we've been posting.

Notice I said "we". I'm not alone here. Others do post and share at The Tavern and guest posters are always welcome. It is your community after all, I am merely the bartender. I keep the taps flowing, enable the conversation and throw out the occasionally unruly customer (we have few of those)

I can't thank you all enough for joining me on this wild ride. It has been and continues to be, a blast :)

So, where do we go from here?

Well, after I get back from NTRPG Con next week I plan on immersing myself in InDesign and getting some more creatures, magic items and even adventures up on RPGNow. PWYW or low prices, it will all be meant to be used.

Once I know how close Swords & Wizardry Continual Light is to release I'll turn the fire back on with the Torchlight contributors. Can't put the cart before the horse.

There's another project that may get announced later today or may not. Sometimes things fall into place as hoped, sometimes the process takes longer than planned. Its all good and will be worth the wait if it comes to that.

Last, but far from least, I'd like to thank you all for your support. Whether with words, donations, affiliate links (my God but judging from my numbers over the last week, the OSR has been neglected in the past by RPGNow - y'all are on fire!), evangelizing SWL, participating in The Tavern's Facebook Community or simply reading The Tavern - your actions are why I continue doing what I do and enjoy doing it so much.

Here's to another eight years and then some!

Ashley is a cruel DM.

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