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BOOM! Studios Announces WWE: FOREVER #1

First Comics News - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 20:13

Iconic WWE Legends Step Back Into The Ring in January 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 11, 2018) – BOOM! Studios and WWE today announced WWE: FOREVER #1, an all-new, over sized, one-shot special featuring action-packed stories of the greatest WWE Legends on-sale in January 2019.

The team of Michael Kingston (Headlocked) & Michel Mulipola (WWE) return to document the rise of the Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart; Brent Schoonover (Captain Marvel) recounts when Bobby “The Brain” Heenan attempts to kidnap Matilda the Bulldog, Lan Pitts (WWE) & Carlos Magno (Planet of The Apes) reveal the showdown between Razor Ramon and Ted DiBiase at a jewelry shop; Arune Singh and Kendall Goode (WWE: NXT Takeover) reveal the true origin of the partnership between Money Inc. tag team partners Irwin R. Schyster and Ted DiBiase.

WWE: FOREVER #1 features a main cover by Rahzzah (Luke Cage), along with a wraparound preorder cover by Kendall Goode (The Doorman) and a variant cover by Marco D’Alfonso (I Am Groot).

“WWE is home to some of the greatest performers in history and we’re thrilled to honor some of those Legends in this special,” said Chris Rosa, Editor, BOOM! Studios. 

WWE: FOREVER is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ eponymous imprint, home to a world-class group of licensed comic book series and ambitious original series, including Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Planet of the Apes, Bone Parish, Mech Cadet Yu, Grass Kings, and Klaus.

Print copies of WWE: FOREVER will be available for sale on January 30th, 2019 at local comic book shops (use comicshoplocator.com to find the nearest one) and on November 6th at bookstores or at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.

For continuing news on WWE: FOREVER and more from BOOM! Studios, stay tuned to www.boom-studios.com and follow @boomstudios on Twitter.

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[EHM 2018-10-11] Opening Night - Stars 0 @ Habs 3

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 20:09

Opening night at the Bell Centre sees the Habs host the Dallas Stars after the Stanley Cup banner is raised to the ceiling.

Reaves can't start tonight as he's serving out a one-game suspension. It's fairly certain that if either Deslauriers or Ritchie are waived for roster space that they will be claimed. Pezzetta on the other hand is exempt from waivers and despite him playing well, the exemption may seal his fate as an AHL player this year. He's sent to St. Johns. Jokinen's try-out ends (same with Bozak and Baun). Matthew Peca turned down a try-out offer. Attempts to snag the rights to Joel Teasdale from the Panthers have failed. They want too much.

The Habs have too many NHL left-wingers and not enough NHL right-wingers. They have too many AHL right-wingers so you'd think that would be a solution however the left-wingers outplayed the right-wingers even when on their off wing. This leaves the Habs with one winger playing on his off side and scratching three left-wingers just to save them from being snagged by another team for free.

This creates the problem of having players you like and want to keep but not having ice-time to go around. Opening night is also a big deal and likely to shine some good morale into the players who get to be announced as this years team.


Scratches: Deslauriers (healthy), Ritchie (healthy), Reaves (suspension)

While simulations of this game saw both teams very even out of the gate with an overtime likely, the addition of Bryan Little may have made a bigger difference than expected even though he didn't make the score-sheet.

Weber had 22:21 of ice-time and Green 24:11. Weber and Valiev were +2. Sergachev and Honka +1.

Dadanov saw 18:16 of ice-time (his line being +2) while Shipachyov only received 11:32.

Domi led the team with 4 shots on goal and surprisingly Valiev himself got 3.

Shipachyov and Tatar each took foolish penalties in a game that had very few (2 minors each team). The PK unit did well but not the PP. Lines also rolled well with no one becoming over-tired or injured.

Thornton scored from Dawes and Sergechev; Hischier unassisted; Domi from Dadanov.

On most game stats the Stars had the edge except on giveaways/takeaways where Montreal took their advantage.


There are still some decisions on the two feeder teams, especially on defense. Strange roster rules keep Michael McCarron, Nikita Scherbak, Victor Mete and Anton Cedarholm from trying out with the Brampton Beast before the season starts. They will all most likely start the season there.

It's unsure which defensemen will join Kulak, Juulsen, Nygren and probably Reilly on the IceCaps. DeSimone, Muller, Ouellet, Perry, Hickets and Gagnon all have a shot. Bindulis will likely be kept for emergency injury replacement. There is a huge hole on the RD side of both the IceCaps and Beast forcing the defensemen to skate make it on their off side. Some like Muller, Ouellet and Perry are pretty good at doing that.

While the Habs have a glut on LW, the Beast aren't sure who'll fit there. Valcourt will most certainly keep his place with Castonguay and Addison but Verbeek and Gabrielle have underperformed and being let go is a likely future. Versatile Phillips might find his way there and Broll or Gagnon might come down temporarily for some ice-time. Brodeur has certainly locked the second LW position so the 3rd is wide open.

Remember that the ECHL where the Beast play have a strict 18 skater lineup with a max of 20 players on the roster. Once the players signed by the Habs or IceCaps come down, the salary rules kick in and the team will not be able to sign anyone. This league runs heavily on try-outs and unlike the AHL or NHL, try-out players may play in season and playoff games.

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Who Will Stand…

First Comics News - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 19:43

When The Last Guardian Falls




Written by DONNY CATES



On Sale 1/23/19

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Looking For Group - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 18:26

And there we have it, friends. 21 days and we hit all the stretch goals, all except one, though that 10 million mark may have been a tad overzealous on our part. Not sure what I’ll do with all these […]

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New OSR Cult - The Fangs of The Fatherland For Your Old School Campaigns

Swords & Stitchery - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 17:35
With the collapse of the worship of Baal Hammon's Carthagian religion & society many gods would have simply faded to the 'Other Place'. Instead "the beast" aspect of the god was taken to the darkest pits of the Inferno & merged with its other self in the form of  the collective devil thing  Zeus Amun. The howling wolf prince of Hell was the product of centuries of neglect & violence among the Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Moogly CAL 2018 – Afghan Block #20

Moogly - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 15:00

Moogly CAL 2018 Block 20 is light, lovely and just a little bit challenging! And it’s free courtesy of Andee Graves and M2H Designs! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Red Heart Yarns, Furls Crochet, and Chetnanigans. Just getting started with the Crochet Along? CLICK HERE for the intro info! Want to [...]

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6 ways to keep up with cybersecurity without going crazy

Malwarebytes - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 15:00

As we dive headfirst into National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it seems only fitting to discuss ways to stay on top of developments in modern cybersecurity and privacy. What’s the best way to stay protected? How can you determine if something is a scam? Which big company has been breached now?

The topic of security features heavily across many industries, blogs, and news channels simply because of the current state of affairs. It seems like every day we hear about a new major data breach, affecting thousands—if not millions—of people. From retailers like Target to social media sites such as Facebook to more prominent credit agencies like Equifax—no one is safe.

The uncontrolled nature of attacks coupled with the 24/7 news cycle make it downright overwhelming to keep up with all the cybersecurity information lobbed at us. The widespread release of new attacks, data breaches, systems failures, and malware use have led many to a feeling of security fatigue. We’re essentially all at a point where we’re sick and tired of hearing about it, and frankly disappointed in many companies and individuals who continually fail to protect the data they are responsible for.

Fatigue or not, we shouldn’t collectively ignore what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity right now. We all have a duty to not only protect ourselves, but also our communities, countries, and world over by staying in the know. You can contribute by keeping your knowledge up-to-date and employing a few simple strategies to capture the good information out there and weed out the bad.

1. Follow security professionals and influencers

We live in the information age, where knowledge is digital, recorded and streamed for posterity, stored in giant servers, and available at the entry of a search term. You can acquire new information and expand your knowledge in a variety of ways, according to your preferred methods.

For example, you can glean information from more traditional sources such as news websites and blogs from security experts, but you can also turn to social media, attend webinars and conferences, or communicate directly with someone well-versed in the field.

You could even bring it up at the office water cooler or by making small talk with parents at your child’s school—cybersecurity is covered so much in the media now that it’s become fodder for mainstream chatter. Many will happily discuss more than the just latest breach, possibly drawing up a debate on which security solution is the best or offering up ways in which you can protect yourself from attack.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to follow some of the top security professionals for the best guidance. Some of my favorites include:

2. Browse security-related social media topics

Most social media networks are great resources for digging up additional content, such as news stories (real ones), videos, opinions, and other posts. In addition, they’re home to a treasure trove of supplemental information on local, national, and global events, career opportunities, top cybersecurity businesses, and more. Of course, social media is not the only place you’ll want to acquire information from, but it can serve as a complement to some of the other channels on this list.

Twitter is especially useful if you know which trends and hashtags to search, as well as who to follow. It allows you to see discussions about current events in real time so you can be right there, in the moment, when things play out.

Twitter lists are also great for creating a niche content feed. You can specify which security vendors, influencers, and developers you’d like to be in your list (or lists), and filter Tweets accordingly. Lists have the added benefit of weeding out noise not pertinent to a particular group—you can focus on a single topic or community.

3. Attend live events

Believe it or not, there’s a huge market for live, in-person cybersecurity events. This includes so much more than conferences, or “cons.” You might also attend lectures, discussions, workshops, networking events, educational courses, or sponsored meet ups.

Web-based events present another great avenue, such as webinars and online community conference calls. Some of the best live cybersecurity speakers will attend such events or be asked to participate, and it stands to reason you can learn a lot from any one of them.

So how do you find such events? You have to keep a pulse on when, where, and what’s happening around you. Local newspapers are great resources for event listings. And of course, there’s always trusty-old Google. Luckily, some of the other channels mentioned in this article will also help keep you informed.

4. Check vulnerability and risk advisory feeds

One cannot overstate the need to remain aware of security vulnerabilities discovered in both new and old technologies—especially for business owners. Web browsers, apps, software, operating systems, and a variety of the personal or professional tools you use may have been compromised or attacked.

You should make a habit of checking vulnerability alert feeds and advisory sites to ensure the protection of your personal and corporate data. Here’s a quick list:

If regularly checking these feeds feels overwhelming, another approach would be to simply keep your programs updated at all times so there’s no chance a cybercriminal can exploit the vulnerability and gain access to your machine.

5. Listen to a podcast

We all lead busy lives—maybe you don’t have time to read article after article. But what about the time you spend driving, walking, or traveling? Podcasts fill this time nicely, as you can listen to them on-the-go and multi-task while doing so.

Podcasts can be found—and listened to—through a variety of channels, including media apps, music libraries such as iTunes or Spotify, Amazon, or even YouTube.

6. Customize your own real-time alerts

Using a tool such as IFTTT—which stands for If This Then That—you can set up customized alerts for all things cybersecurity.

The subreddit r/netsec, for example, is one of the most popular curated forums for cybersecurity news and information. You can configure IFTTT so it sends you push notifications or emails when something gains popularity on the subreddit. The headlines will populate in the taskbar of your mobile device allowing you to gauge whether or not the story is worth your time.

The r/netsec example is just one of many, of course. You can configure any trusted sites or community forums to send you alerts via RSS feed as you see fit.

Just keep consuming

If you want to stay as close to the bleeding edge of cybersecurity as you can, continue to consume content, whether that’s by reading, listening, talking, watching videos, or attending live events. Understand that as you learn, the industry will continue to evolve, so staying on top of cybersecurity developments means adapting to an ever-shifting landscape. It’s unfortunately not enough anymore to glance at one article and call it a day.

While you understandably won’t have the time or inclination to invest every waking hour in your cybersecurity pursuits, you can certainly remain in-the-know without losing your mind by carefully curating and streamlining online information, and turning to sources you trust. There are plenty of ways to make yourself crazy. Learning more about cybersecurity shouldn’t be one of them.

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Zenopus Archives - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 11:22
1978 promotional poster for Gamma World
FYI, just about forty years after they were originally released, the original Gamma World rules (now known as the first edition or 1E) are now available on Drive Thru RPG in both PDF ($10), Print-On-Demand ($20), or both ($22) ---

Gamma World 1E on Drive Thru RPG 
(link includes affiliate number)

The PDF is of the third printing from 1981, with a TSR Face Logo. Earlier printings had the Lizard Logo or the Wizard Logo (August 1978). I've checked the 2nd and 3rd printing against each other and didn't note any rules differences, just some slight differences to the logos, copyright info and product listings. I don't have access to a 1st printing, so I don't know whether any corrections were made from 1st to 2nd.

A Gamma World "Sneak Preview" appeared in Dragon #8, July 1977, the same month that Holmes Basic was first available at Origins 77. It was titled "Introduction to: Gamma World", and was an early draft of the Introduction that later appeared in the rulebook. It was attributed as an "Excerpt from "The Black Years" --- Hald Servin, 2562", with no further explanation.

In Dragon #15 (June 1978), an advertisement on page 18 announces two new TSR releases for Origins 78, Gamma World and the AD&D Players Handbook. This was repeated in Dragon #16 (July 1978), and the next two issues have, "This is Gamma World" advertisements that use the same artwork as the poster shown above, and specifically mention the poster as being available.

The back of the original Gamma World boxed set stated that "The GAMMA WORLD™ rules are also suitable for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS™ rules." This compatibility can be seen by looking at a stat block from the "Monster & Treasure Listings" in the back of the Gamma World 1E rulebook ---

07. Yexil (2) HP: 42, 35; AC: 6, Move: 4/15; AT: bite does 3d6 damage, laser eye beam does 5d6 damage (25m range); MU: totally resistant to cold attacks.

They left HD out of these listings (similar to the OD&D M&TA listings, although those have a "To Hit AC9" score), but it can be found elsewhere in the write-up (10 in this case). It'd be trivial to just throw this at a (A)D&D party as an encounter. 

In 1979, the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide included a section, "Mutants & Magic" (pg 113-114), on conducting cross-over campaigns between the two rulesets in either direction.

It took a few years, but the original rules were eventually supported by several products, including the sandbox module GW1 Legion of Gold (1981) by Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax and Paul Reiche III, the module GW2 Famine in Far-go (1982) by Michael Price, and a Referee's Screen with a mini-module, The Albuquerque Starport, also by Reiche. None of these are available on Drive Thru RPG yet, but hopefully will eventually appear. 

I must note that they still haven't released Holmes Basic in PDF or POD....!!!
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Finished Knit: Remix Cardi

Knitted Bliss - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 11:00


I finished my Remix cardigan in the summer, and then proceed to wear it all the time. Ravelry project page is here.  Pattern: Mama Vertebrae Yarn: Berroco Remix Light in ‘Smoke’ This pattern has been in my queue for ages. I love that it is written for all sorts of yarn weights, but this was

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Sorcerer's Skull - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 11:00
Art by Kyle LatinoScott Martin can be blamed for this post for pointing out the similarities between Oz and Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom....

Mars is dying and has been for millennia. The only truly fertile land left in the squarish Land of Oz, surrounded on all side by the deadly desert.

Oz has four countries, each home to a different race of men. The east is the home of the Blue Men, sort in stature and friendly. It was once ruled by an ancient crone, but she was dispatched by a little girl from Earth. In the South is the Country of the Red Men, ruled by a benevolent queen. In the west are the Yellow Men, who are renowned for their technological skill. They are ruled by a metal man. The northern country is the land of the Purple Men. They have been ruled by a succession of queens with a mastery of powers of the mind.

In the center of Oz is the Emerald City-State, made entirely of crystal. It's true color is not one human (or Martian eyes may see), but the people were opticals which convert the color to green. It was formerly ruled by a man of Earth, a charlatan and huckster, but the rightful queen has been restored, who had spent her young life disguised as a boy.

Young Dorothy Gale was transported to Mars by a strange storm that through her and her house and dog across the astral void. She killed a which, exposed a charlatan, and helped restore the rightful ruler of Oz. She didn't do it alone. She was aided by a Lion Man, exiled for his supposed cowardice, a an artificial man without the ancient brain that formerly guided him, and a Yellow Man who's mind was placed in a metal body. They took the ancient Golden Road that followed the canals that flowed from the hum of the great Emerald City, then undertook a quest to depose the witch that ruled the Yellow Men and forced them to use their knowledge to build an army for war.

This was only the first on many trips Dorothy Gale made to Mars. A younger farm girl became an dying world's greatest hero.


Looking For Group - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 04:00

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[EHM 2018-10-10] Tier 2 and 3 Exhibition

Furiously Eclectic People - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 02:23

Ranger took on Martin in a fight late in the first period. It started rough for Ranger who had trouble connecting and Martin landed a flurry of blows. Ranger finally got steady and started connecting so Martin jockeyed for position and they both went down. Easily Martin's win.

Ruck got a shutout.


Brodeur showed some chemistry with Captain Castonguay and scored the Beast's only two goals.

In other news:

C Matthew Peca refused to even sit down and talk about a contract with St. Johns.

Beast LW/C Hayden Verbeek has been loaned to the Peoria Rivermen.

Brodeur and Phillips snubbed contracts from the Beast.

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DC Bombshells II Trading Cards - Sketch Card Previews, Part 2

Cryptozoic - Thu, 10/11/2018 - 00:30

Please enjoy the second installment of our DC Bombshells Trading Card II Sketch Card previews, hand-drawn by our talented artists. Links to contact the artists can be found below the images of their Sketch Cards.

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Shadows of Saltmarsh Amazing Adventures! Rpg Session Report #1

Swords & Stitchery - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 20:17
The Green Man a menace to the PC's coming up. I've just started an Amazing Adventures rpg  by Jason Vey game last night. The PC's ended up crossing over into an alternative world time line of 2100. The mono skyscrapers of the preserved New York Sky line greeted them. This was after tracking down the cybernetically enhanced courier of Nazi dimensional traveler  from 1952. The world of these Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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REVIEW: Bernice Summerfield – The Story So Far (Vol 1 and 2) is a Beautiful Birthday Bash for Benny

Blogtor Who - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 18:40
Can you believe that Big Finish’s First Lady has turned twenty this year?

Lisa Bowerman’s fantastic performance as Bernice Summerfield paved the way for the Big Finish to become the audio powerhouse we know today. Without her, there’d be no Classic Doctor Who adventures; no returning Doctors, companions or monsters. In fact, we might not even have Bernice herself. To celebrate Benny’s second decade in audio, Big Finish have treated her to two big lovely box-sets of new stories.


James Goss’s opening story takes us back to Benny’s roots as a reluctant cadet. Shying away from war, offering advice to her fellow classmates on love, happiness and homework.

For some listeners, the adventures of Bernice Summerfield might seem a little daunting. But Goss crafts this story in such a way that no real knowledge of her past is required. You can easily follow this story if you’re a newcomer. Yet, at the same time, it appeals to old listeners with the presence of Lisa Bowerman herself alongside the younger Bernice played by Emily Laing. In particular, Laing effortlessly captures the qualities that make Bernice such a lovable character while making the role her own. Given she was working alongside the Woman Herself, that’s no easy feat. She has a great chemistry with everyone, including Che Francis as Bernice’s childhood sweetheart, Simon. There another great performance from Robbie Stevens as the Academy Headmaster, a man with a few skeletons in his closet.

But things aren’t all fun and games and James Goss gives us some truly heart-breaking moments. Bernice sees friends die, her camp is raided and the conclusion leaves us on tenterhooks. A follow-up adventure is practically demanded. Hopefully Big Finish will bring back Emily Laing at some point in the future.

The Grel Invasion of Earth by Jacqueline Rayner

Continuing on the set, Jaqueline Rayner returns to writing with her story, ‘The Grel Invasion of Earth’. As you might have guessed it is a parody of the 1964 story but you’ll have to listen to the story to find out what is happening. The story opens and closes with some brilliant musical numbers from Lisa Bowerman which are rather amusing. But these are far from the only humorous moments that litter this story.

Thanks to Rayner’s witty writing style, the story rattles along at a pace, not only working as an homage to ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ but also in dealing with the sudden appearance of Bernice’s ex-husband, Jason Kane, played brilliantly by Stephen Fewell. Hearing Fewell and Bowerman re-united is a treat despite spending a large chunk of the story alone. Bernice is solving the problems while Jason is trying to get to her to prove his devotion to her. And like the previous story, this one also delivers a knife to the heart in their parting.

Rayner has such a great handle on Bernice’s character, which is little surprise as it was her who worked on Bernice’s adventures for a long time during the range. She gives Lisa Bowerman some hysterical one liners, especially when she paired up with some of the least threatening monsters in the Doctor Who mythology: the Grel!

Braxiatel in Love by Simon Guerrier

The third and final tale for this opening set is ‘Braxiatel in Love’, written by Simon Guerrier. Again, this is another enjoyable piece, if a little slower in pace because it makes the bold choice to not really put the focus on Benny but her shady partner, Braxiatel.

As the title suggests, Braxiatel finds himself in love with someone whom Bernice doesn’t like or trust. At first this leads to some rather amusing little moments but things quickly escalate and Bernice finds herself on the receiving end of Braxiatel’s wrath.

Miles Richardson steps up brilliantly to the tasks this role demands in this story, moving from love, to rage to grief in fairly short succession. He and Lisa Bowerman have a tremendous chemistry together and, in keeping with the apparent theme for this release, Guerrier gives us another sad ending for one of the characters.

Likewise, Guerrier has a good handle on Bernice’s characterisation and delivers a third and final tale for this set which is thoroughly enjoyable.

Volume One – Overall

‘Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far’ is a tremendous set, featuring the return of old writers, stars, characters and concepts that will thrill both old and new listeners. The guest and main cast are both excellent and the writing makes for a good variety of tales. And the direction from Scott Handcock is just divine: maintaining a nicely rattling pace along long and complicated scripts.

‘Bernice Summerfield – The Story So Far (Volume One) is available to buy now from the Big Finish website.

Volume Two BERNICE SUMMERFIELD – THE STORY SO FAR (VOLUME TWO) Every Dark Thought by Eddie Robson

Eddie Robson kicks Volume Two off with a story that knows the villain’s identity has been given away by the first line the actor says so doesn’t waste time with false suspense. But Robson does a very good job of making us think that the Valeyard has the upper hand this time around.

Intentional or not, Robson makes the story feel like a ‘Virgin New Adventures’ book. Which is fitting since that’s where Benny originates. The NAs grew increasingly dark and morbid and that is exactly the vibe you get from ‘Every Dark Thought’. There’s some disturbing moments involving the monsters and the sound design alone is enough to make you uneasy!

Lisa Bowerman is predictably excellent as Benny and the rapport she shares with Michael Jayston’s Valeyard is a surprise. Of course, Benny is initially willing to believe this man is the Doctor but it is fun to hear her finally working out the truth, something Robson gives to us in a gloriously twisted way. A brilliant start to the second set.

Empress of the Drahvins by David Llewellyn

While ‘Every Dark Thought’ is a particularly dark story, ‘Empress of the Drahvins’ couldn’t be more different. The story from David Llewelyn sees the return of the First Doctor villains, the Drahvins and is gloriously amusing.

Llewelyn starts things slow before launching full-pelt into a very charged and relevant script. We know how ruthless and shifty the Drahvin’s are from their appearance in ‘Galaxy 4’ but this story depicts them at their most cold-hearted. Their actions throughout this story is shocking and their blasé attitude shows how cold and calculating they really are.

It was nice to hear Ayesha Antoine as Ruth – a long-running main character in Bernice’s series – take centre stage. She doesn’t upstage the birthday girl, but it’s nice to hear a story where she gets the spotlight. Antoine rises to the challenge brilliantly, proving how funny she is, especially with her exasperation with Gorath played by Luke MacGregor. She is a definite highlight of this release.

The Angel of History by Una McCormack

Una McCormack’s closing story in the set takes place in the latest timeline for Benny. Some time during (or after) her travels in the Unbound Universe with its own Doctor played by David Warner. McCormack does a brilliant job with this story benefiting from there being no over-arching storyline. Each writer gets free reign and McCormack’s story makes possibly the best use of that freedom.

‘The Angel of History’ puts Benny right under the microscope. The story is shocking and surprising, made all the better because it does mirror some real-world events both in the past and currently happening. But McCormack does a good job of not shoving that in our faces and just letting the story run its course. It has a tremendous twist at the end but to say anything more about the plot would ruin it completely.

With a very Benny-centric script, it falls to Lisa Bowerman to carry the bulk of the dialogue which she does with absolute aplomb. This bolsters and already heartbreaking conclusion that asks a lot of questions for the listener to ponder over the credits.

Volume Two – Overall

Volume Two is a heavier set than the previous one. Whereas the first set decided to tell some fun, lighter stories, this one goes for dark and thought-provoking. Again, Scott Handcock has risen to the challenge wonderfully as director and deserves a lot of credit for delivering a worth anniversary for Benny.

‘Bernice Summerfield – The Story So Far (Volume Two) is available to buy now from the Big Finish website.

With a wealth of guest stars making reappearances, it would have been easy for the lead to get lost in the muddle. So let’s talk about Lisa Bowerman as Benny in more detail…

Lisa Bowerman

It goes without saying that Lisa Bowerman is a tremendous actor and a delight to listen to as Bernice Summerfield. As well as playing the character for twenty years, she has starred in a plethora of other Big Finish audio adventures and acted as director for plenty too. Not to mention she’s a tried and tested director for Big Finish as well in ranges like the Short Trips, Jago & Litefoot, Graceless, Torchwood and many others. We genuinely don’t know how she does it all!

It’s a testament to her talent and dedication that Bernice is still sounding strong twenty years down the line. Enthralling new and old fans alike to her corner of the Big Finish world. Here’s to another twenty years and more!

Do you have any favourite Benny moments from the audios or books? Let us know in the comments.

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Bloomberg blunder highlights supply chain risks

Malwarebytes - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 16:00

Ooh boy! Talk about a back-and-forth, he said, she said story!

No, we’re not talking about that Supreme Court nomination. Rather, we’re talking about Supermicro. Supermicro manufacturers the type of computer hardware that is used by technology behemoths like Amazon and Apple, as well as government operations such as the Department of Defense and CIA facilities. And it was recently reported by Bloomberg that Chinese spies were able to infiltrate nearly 30 US companies by compromising Supermicro—and therefore our country’s technology supply chain.

If you’ve been trying to follow the story, it may feel a bit like this:

What do we know so far

On October 4, Bloomberg Businessweek detailed a narrative regarding Chinese government influence into the operations of US-based hardware manufacturer Super Micro Computer, Inc., or simply Supermicro. The article was produced using information from 17 different anonymous sources including “one from a Chinese foreign ministry,” and draws on research spanning more than three years of investigations.

The article alleges that operatives from a unit of the People’s Liberation Army used a method known as seeding to compromise the Supermicro supply chain. They did this by coercing Chinese-based subcontractors responsible for the creation of the hardware circuitry to secretly install a high-tech spying chip into the motherboards and systems of computers destined for high-profile customers.

Bloomberg suggests the access by top-level operatives allowed the Chinese government to conduct a highly-targeted and highly-complex spying operation against worldwide organizations and in all sectors of business, including finance, health, government, and private.

That little chip is what the Bloomberg article says is responsible.

According to the article, the problem stems from a tiny microchip, not any bigger than a pencil tip, and that had been embedded to the electronic circuitry of compromised devices. Though the intent of the microchip remains uncertain, the article suggests it was capable of communicating with anonymous computers on the Internet and loading new code to the device operating system.

In at least one case, the malicious microchips are alleged to be thin enough as to be embedded in between the layers of fiberglass onto which the other components were attached.

The malicious microchip can be embedded between layers of hardware fiberglass.

The chips have the ability of being able to modify the instructions between the operating system and CPU, and can allow for code injection or other data-alteration techniques. The code has also created a stealth doorway into the networks of altered machines.

Or as Bloomberg put it:

The implants on Supermicro hardware manipulated the core operating instructions that tell the server what to do as data move across a motherboard. This happened at a crucial moment, as small bits of the operating system were being stored in the board’s temporary memory en route to the server’s central processor, the CPU. The implant was placed on the board in a way that allowed it to effectively edit this information queue, injecting its own code or altering the order of the instructions the CPU was meant to follow. Deviously small changes could create disastrous effects.

Talk about some deep-state, James Bond–level stuff.

Here, we have a story detailing illicit government operations and covert operatives who have systematically compromised the supply chain of one of the world’s largest motherboard and custom hardware manufacturers. Threat actors have accomplished this using a deeply-technical and highly-targeted—not to mention a nearly impossible mechanism to detect—hardware attack utilizing incredibly small, sophisticated microchips that are embedded between the individual hardware fiberglass layers.

And why did they do it? To initiate clandestine spying operations against some of the worlds’ largest entities in order to exfiltrate sensitive intellectual property and top-secret government information.

Quick, call a Hollywood director. I have a story to pitch!

This is indeed a fantastic story filled with all sorts of nail-biting suspense and adventure, but just like any good Hollywood caper, we have to ask ourselves: Is there any truth to it? We imagine that when storytellers got a whiff of this tale, they did something like this:

Did that really happen?

One problem with verifying this story is that this type of attack isn’t detectable by any security solution. Right now, no one can detect hardware-level modifications using custom hardware solutions that have been systematically installed at the manufacturer level. That kind of detection protocol just doesn’t exist yet.

Another problem: Aside from the S.O.C.-generated network logs pointing fingers at compromised machines and vulnerable networks—for which the article said there were none—no one can prove or disprove this story.

Few security researchers are going to have access to the $100,000+ computers where these chips are said to reside. And even fewer of those researchers work for organizations that will let them start analyzing and ripping capacitor-looking circuits from the board. So basically, we’re left having to trust the anonymous sources used for the report.

This state of unknown even led well-known Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy to liken the event to the chemtrails conspiracy theory and the hunt for Sasquatch.

In the days since Bloomberg’s publication of the story, there have been significant rebukes and outright denials from the companies and government agencies cited in the report. Here’s what’s been said:

  • Amazon called the information untrue and doubled down on the statement by saying it was also untrue it had worked with or provided information to the FBI regarding malicious hardware.
  • Apple said they had repeatedly and consistently refuted every aspect of Bloomberg’s story during pre-publication verification efforts, and refute virtually every aspect of the article now.
  • Supermicro denied most, if not all, aspects of the Bloomberg story.
  • China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated the government intrusion into the product supply chain would violate China’s commitment to the proposal of the 2011 International Code of Conduct for Information Security.
  • And the United States Department of Homeland Security said it had no reason to question denials by US technology companies (though this doesn’t really refute the claims).

To further muddle the information, the only two named technology experts have backpedaled their statements since publication.

Joe Grand, cited hardware hacker and founder of Grand Idea Studio, Inc., claimed in a recent Twitter post that his quote was given over a year ago and broadly relating to the ultimate story.

In a fascinating podcast on Risky.biz, Joe Fitzpatrick, founder of Hardware Security Resources, expressed concerns regarding the accuracy of the reporting, and claims his statements were taken out of context. In an email exchange provided by Fitzpatrick and read aloud on the Risky.biz podcast, Fitzpatrick expresses skepticism to Bloomberg reporters over the financial cost and scalability of the device.

“The whole setup doesn’t really make sense,” the email is quoted as saying. “It just doesn’t make sense to spend the time and money to do what you are describing. Are you sure that the person who did the analysis had actual hardware knowledge and understanding?” Fitzpatrick concludes, “I’m incredibly skeptical.”

So basically, all of the reporting on this story fell apart post-publication, and everyone involved has denied the aspects of the story. Oops!

Supply chain attacks are real

Even though Bloomberg may (or may not) have got the details wrong on this one, the scenario the story brings up is entirely plausible—though maybe not with the sensationalism portrayed in the article. In fact, supply chain compromises, hardware faults, and outright counterfeits are not at all uncommon. There have been numerous events across the globe that highlight the dangers that audit-free software and single points of failure can introduce.

Just last year, the popular Ukrainian tax software Medoc was subject to a compromised update that went out automatically to millions of customers. The attack resulted in the distribution of the EternalPetya ransomware.

Earlier this year, popular PC cleaner CCleaner was victim of an advanced APT backdoor that came as part of a software supply chain attack. In this multi-thronged attack, threat actors infected 2.27 million users in the first stage. After analyzing the collected information for high-value targets, only 40 were chosen for second-stage attacks and additional espionage efforts. This type of concentrated effort shows the extent attackers are willing to go to infect high-value and potentially lucrative industries and organizations.

Let’s also not forget that Edward Snowden detailed an NSA program that alleged backdoors planted in Cisco products allowed for spying on 20 billion communications each day—or the allegations that the NSA compromised hard drive manufacturers from all over the world to install malware that remained undetected for as long as two decades. Or how Mark Klein detailed secret, unmarked rooms at AT&T from which covert spying operations were being run.

And this doesn’t even touch on the countless vulnerabilities, IOT botnets, default password attacks, or the many other vectors that can be used to launch malware toward systems, peripherals, routers, and other hardware devices we use on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, few of these devices or systems are covered by security solutions that can protect from or remediate the unwanted code and malicious behaviors.

But don’t be fooled. This doom and gloom isn’t just isolated to high-tech computer components and state-sponsored spying. Nor is the problem isolated to components originating from specific geographic regions.

Due to deep supply chains and razor-thin profit margins, consumers face risks every day when at the checkout counter. Consumables can be compromised, either knowingly or not, and with malicious intent or not, in any one of the many downstream transports. This relates to everything from cheap computers and phones purchased from third-party markets all the way down to pet food and lettuce that you buy from your local supermarket. Even the vehicle you drive may have faults attributable to supply-chain issues.

There have been millions of instances where food, phones, computers, manufacturing goods, and virtually every other product known to man have shipped with vulnerabilities or been susceptible to supply-chain tampering.

So what do we do?

Admittedly, that’s a tough nut to crack.

Few in the security industry possess the necessary skills to comprehend—let alone reverse engineer—malicious hardware components that are deliberately designed to look like obscure, legitimate hardware components and are hidden within pin-point modules. And do any of us have the time or desire to understand the inner workings of the devices and systems we purchase? Okay, perhaps a few do.

To make matters worse, there aren’t any security products on the market that have the capability to protect against the sort of sophisticated and targeted attack outlined in the Bloomberg report. To steal a quote from the article: “This stuff is at the cutting edge of the cutting edge, and there is no easy technological solution.”

Regardless of the device or the origin of the product, businesses and consumers alike need to perform due diligence when purchasing devices and products. The risk tolerance may need to be assessed to determine if a particular service or product is worth the potential detriment of losing sensitive information—or other valuable data, time, and peace of mind.

Businesses may wish to conduct hardware security audits on newly-acquired equipment to check for suspicious behavior. IT departments should also consider rolling out updates and patches in staggered succession to monitor for flaws or undesirable effects, thus isolating these problems to a few machines rather than the entire company. And, of course, adopting early technologies should be off-limits for security-conscious enterprises as these products have not yet received the scrutiny of the security community.

How can consumers and businesses truly protect themselves, then? The real answer is “they can’t.” Consumers can never be 100 percent assured the devices and software they buy will be completely harmless.

Without the ability to analyze and reverse-engineer every single device and bit of code that is used, customers have few fail-safe methodologies to ensure their products are free of defect. They must simply research, use common sense, and trust that they’re aligning themselves with products and companies that take the privacy and security of their customers seriously.

Aligning with security best practices, doing due diligence, and conducting a cost/benefit analysis are all good suggestions to follow. But also in this case, maybe crossing your fingers and saying a prayer is just as viable a suggestion.

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The Autumn Amore Beanie Tutorial will walk you through this fun and flexible top-down crochet hat pattern – whether you are right or left-handed! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Red Heart Yarn and Furls. This pattern is part of the Autumn Amore Mini Crochet Along happening in October 2018 – CLICK HERE for [...]

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Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, today announced the October 17 release of DC Bombshells Trading Cards II. It features a Base Set with art taken from the Sketch Cards of the previous release, four Chase Sets, and randomly inserted one-of-a-kind Sketch Cards with new art from some of today's hottest artists. Each hobby box contains one rare Golden Goddess or Golden God variant of a Series 3 DC Lil Bombshells 2.75-inch vinyl figure: Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Raven, or Starfire. 

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The Doctor’s Earring: Original Designer Alex Monroe Announces Official Replicas

Blogtor Who - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 12:01
For the Thirteenth Doctor’s soon to be iconic earring, Jodie Whittaker turned to celebrity jeweler Alex Monroe. Now fans can buy their own Doctor Who replicas from Monroe himself.

The Thirteenth Doctor is in many ways, both completely the same person the Doctor always was and very much her own woman. But there’s one particularly distinctive things about the Doctor’s new appearance. Whittaker is the only actor, so far, to wear an earring as the character. Easily missed in those final scenes in last Sunday’s Doctor Who, when the Doctor unveils her new look she’s also acquired a single, classy, cuff earring in her left ear.

The design was the result of a collaboration between Whittaker and celebrated jeweler Alex Monroe. It features gold and silver hands shaking hands (representing the bond between the Earth and the Doctor) on the ear lobe and a cluster of silver stars cuffed around the upper ear to represent the Doctor’s alien origins. Once the design was agreed, it was hand made in Monroe’s exclusive London Bridge workshop.

Now you can have the Doctor’s Galaxy Earring too

Now Alex Monroe is making exact replicas of his original custom piece available for general sale. Whether you’re a perfectionist cosplayer, or are just showing your fandom, the ‘Doctor Who Galaxy’ earring is ideal. It’s available exclusively from Alex Monroe’s own online store, or from their London Bridge shop. It’s priced at £135.

The Doctor Who Galaxy Single Earring, available from Alex Monroe (c) Alex Monroe

Of the project, Alex Monroe says “I love Doctor Who and watched it religiously when I was a kid and now my kids absolutely love it. I have three girls, each one brought up with a different Doctor. To create a piece for the show and such a strong character is incredibly rewarding and exciting.”

Monroe has also made other pieces inspired by the Thirteenth Doctor. If the cuff and chain look isn’t to your tastes, then a more straightforward version is available. Consisting simply of the handshake in the form a single stud the Companion Earring is priced at £75.

The Doctor Who Companion Single Stud Earring by Alex Monroe (c) Alex Monroe

Also being produced is the Galaxy In-Line Necklace featuring two silver hands holding a cluster of golden stars between them.

The Doctor Who Galaxy In Line Necklace by Alex Monroe (c) Alex Monroe

The new Alex Monroe x Doctor Who range can be shipped anywhere in the world, with free shipping within the UK. For full details on the range of products seen the official Alex Monroe site.

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In the Depths of EldHeim

Ten Foot Pole - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 11:22

By Quentin Acord
Pentagon Games
Level 1 Dwarves

For generations the subterranean city of Eldheim was the eternal home of the Dwarves, until the faithful day spoke of in legend. Fyor Blackhand, who’s clan was responsible for mining precious ores from the deepest depths of the mountain uncovered an ancient evil. The Entity promised him power in exchange for his service and that of his clan. Blackhand agreed, and in doing so became the first of the betrayers (called Duergar in the Dwarven Tongue).

My reviewing life is frequently a living hell.

This fifteen page pointcrawl has ten essentially linear locations. Forced fights, single column, lots of italic read-aloud, with a style that is more Storgame than OSR.

I know I take shit sometimes for my taxonomy. Yeah, sure, it’s OSR if you say its OSR. Meanwhile, those of us spending money on the shit want some expectation of confidence in what they are buying. If I buy something with “OSR” on it and it turns out to be a one page Fiasco playset of London gangsters, well … You can expect me to be upset.

I know the lines are not always as clearcut. If you stat something for OD&D, did you just write an OSR adventure, no matter its similarity to London Gangster playsets? Maybe you wrote a D&D adventure (and therefore an OSR adventure …) but it’s just a REALLY REALLY bad adventure. Maybe?

Anyway, this adventure shows little understanding of how D&D works, especially older styles of play. Everyone is a level 1 dwarf and you’re sent in to the ancestral home to find a kidnapped dwarf prince. You’ve got a hidden stat, Honor, which means that someone will “win” (get to the kings heir) based on an accidental following of what the designer thinks is honorable.

Tear down evil banners, get some honor. Loot centuries old abandoned market stalls? Loose honor. Unless their your clans, then no honor gain or loss. This is shit.

First, you can’t assume. Even in 2018 it’s not fucking clear what good and evil and right and wrong is. Peter Singer says you’re shit for drinking anything other than water and donating the savings to helping unfortunate people around the world. -1 Honor for drinking the coffee! Second, that kind of mechanic only works if the choice is meaningful. Meaning that the players have to understand the consequences of their choices. “You want to tear them down? That’s an honorable act … do you want to?” or “Looting the stalls could be seen as a dishonorable act, looting the dead. Do you want to? NOW the players have some choices to make and it is, after all, about them making choices for their characters. But that’s also kind of shit, right? I mean, if you tell them then they will (probably) game the system and only choose “good” action. That’s why there needs to be consequences. Sure, you can loot the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords from the old kings tomb … but there will be a massive honor cost … Now it’s a delicious choice. This adventure don’t do none of that. Just take your fucking lumps and move on. It’s shit, with no interesting choices or consequences.

Back to Ye Olde Fiasco playset, what’s your position on forced fights? D&D, early D&D, is fucking deadly as hell. Players needs to navigate risk v reward and all of that jazz. When you force a fight (in the second fucking room) you are forcing their hand. You are telling them that exploration, roleplaying, and everything else is secondary to tactics. Low and behold everyone min/maxes for combat and 4e shows up the day. It’s a fundamental lack of understanding about D&D. The same with treasure. Old D&D is a gold for XP system. This abstracts nearly all of the treasure. “If they loot the stalls they get treasure.” What treasure? Who knows! That’s up to the DM! Hey, I just paid you five fucking dollars, how about you lift your pinky or glance sideways as we pass Big Ben in order to provide some fucking value?

It’s all single column, which, as we all should know by now, is not easy to read and run at the table. THEN it makes us suffer through LONG read aloud. No one pays attention to long read aloud. Know why players are on their phones? THEY ARE BORED BY YOUR FUCKING GAME AND ITS READ ALOUD. And, it’s in italics. I fucking hate long sections of italics. It’s impossible to read and makes my head hurt. No, it’s not just me. It’s a readability/usability thing.

One rooms read aloud tells us that the forges has “a cooling station enchanted to never be empty and be full of blessed water.” Uh … how do we know that? Hey, how about a little interactivity? Lets the characters investigate, find out it nevers empties and is blessed? No? Just want to tell us everything inthe read-aloud? FUNDAMENTAL LACK OF UNDERSTANDING.

No. Redeeming. Qualities.

This is $5 at DriveThru. The last page of the adventure shows you the first three rooms, one of which isn’t even on the pointcrawl map. Enjoy the blessed water room.

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