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Ball Cactus Potholder Tutorial

Moogly - Thu, 05/31/2018 - 14:34

The Crochet Cactus Potholders are perfectly cute and on trend! Though they use the same stitches, each deserves its own tutorial. So now we’ll make the Ball Cactus Potholder together with the Crochet Ball Cactus Potholder Tutorial – and of course, both right and left-handed are included! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided [...]

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Looking For Group - Thu, 05/31/2018 - 04:00

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The OSR Many Facets of C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness By Allan Hammack For Your Old School Campaigns

Swords & Stitchery - Thu, 05/31/2018 - 02:41
"A shadow from the past, the Ghost Tower of Inverness has loomed ever larger in the mind of the great Seer of Urnst. Now he has convinced the Duke that an expedition should be organized to go to the ancient keep and recover its greatest treasure - the fabled Soul Gem. " Its been a long time since I've dusted off my copy of C2  The Ghost Tower of Inverness By Allan Hammack & Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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The 'Seek What You Need On The Wurm Road ' Incident & More Temporal Adventuring

Swords & Stitchery - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 19:23
So last night I dropped in the Clash of the Titans film from 1981in the Bluray  & it brought back a a load of bitter sweat memories. Our group of twelve  players or so had an ever changing roster of players back in the Nineties. The table top hobby scene in Connecticut was a explosive as the OSR seems to now. The big engine fueling this heady mix back then was White Wolf & Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Researchers discover vulnerabilities in smart assistants’ voice commands

Malwarebytes - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 16:59

Virtual personal assistants (VPA), also known as smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant, are in the spotlight for vulnerabilities to attack. Take, for example, that incident about an Oregon couple’s Echo smart speaker inadvertently recording their conversation and sending it to a random contact. Or that time when the Alexa started laughing out of the blue. Indeed, something has to be done about these hacks, whether they’re by accident or not.

Earlier this month, researchers from Indiana University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of Virginia found exploitable weaknesses in the VPAs above. Researchers dubbed the techniques they used to reveal these weaknesses as voice squatting and voice masquerading. Both take advantage of the way smart assistants process voice commands. Unsurprisingly, these also exploit users’ misconceptions about how such devices work.

How smart assistants work

VPA services used in smart speakers can do what they’re created to do with the use of apps called “skills” (by Amazon) or “actions” (by Google). A skill or an action provides a VPA additional features. Users can interact with a smart assistant via a virtual user interface (VUI), allowing them to run a skill or action using their voice.

Entrepreneurs, with the help of developers, are already taking advantage of creating their own voice assistant (VA) apps to cater to client needs, making their services accessible in the voice platform, or merely introducing an enjoyable experience to users.

As of this writing, the smart assistant apps market is booming. Alexa skills alone already has tens of thousands, thanks to the Alexa Skill Kit. Furthermore, Amazon has recently released Alexa Skill Blueprints, making skills creation easy for the person who has little to no knowledge of coding.

Unfortunately, the availability of such a kit to the public has made abuse by potential threat actors possible, making the VPA realm an entirely new attack vector. If an attack is successful—and the study researchers conducted proved that it can be—a significant number of users could be affected. They concluded that remote, large-scale attacks are “indeed realistic.”

Squatters and masqueraders

Voice squatting is a method wherein a threat actor takes advantage or abuses the way a skill or action is invoked. Let’s take an example used from the researchers’ white paper. If a user says, “Alexa, open Capital One” to run the Capital One skill, a threat actor can potentially create a malicious app with a similarly pronounced name, such as Capital Won. The command meant for the Capital One skill is then hijacked to run the malicious Capital Won skill instead. Also, as Amazon is now rewarding kids for saying “please” when commanding Alexa, a similar hijacking can occur if a threat actor uses a paraphrased name like Capital One please or Capital One Police.

“Please” and “police” may mean two totally different things to us, but for current smart assistants, these words are the same, as they cannot correctly recognize one invocation name over another similar-sounding one.

Suffice to say, VPAs are not great at handling homophones.

Read: Out of character: Homograph attacks explained

Voice masquerading, on the other hand, is a method wherein a malicious skill impersonates a legitimate one to either trick users into giving out their personal information and account credentials or eavesdrop on conversations without user awareness.

Researchers identified two ways this attack can be made: in-communication skill switch and faking termination. The former takes advantage of the false assumption that smart assistants readily switch from one skill to another once users invoke a new one. Going back to our previous example, if Capital Won is already running and the user decides to ask “Alexa, what’ll the weather be like today?”, Capital Won then pretends to hand over control to the Weather skill in response to the invocation when, in fact, it is still Capital Won running but this time impersonating the Weather skill.

As for the latter, faking termination abuses volunteer skill termination, a feature wherein skills can self-terminate after delivering a voice response such as “Goodbye!” to users. A malicious skill can be programmed to say “Goodbye!” but remain running and listening in the background for a given length of time.

But…I like my smart assistant!

No need to box up your smart speakers and send them back if these vulnerabilities worry you. But it is essential for users to really get to know how their voice assistant works. We believe that doing so can make a significant difference in maintaining one’s privacy and protecting from attack.

“Making devices, such as Alexa, responsible for important systems and controls around the house is concerning, especially when evidence emerges that it’s able to turn a simple mistake into a potentially serious consequence,” our very own Malware Intelligence Analyst Chris Boyd said in an interview with Forbes.

Smart assistants and IoT, in general, are still fairly new tech, so we expect improvements in the AI, and the security and privacy efforts within this sector. Both Amazon and Google have claimed they already have protections against voice squatting and voice masquerading.

While it is true that the researchers had already met with both firms to help them understand these threats further and offer them mitigating steps, they remain skeptical about whether the protections put in place are indeed adequate. Only time will tell.

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Facebook Live and YouTube Live: May 2018

Moogly - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 15:07

Another month has flown by – and it’s time for another Day of Our Moogly Lives! Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Red Heart Yarn, and may contain affiliate links.  Facebook Live: May 2018 In this month’s Facebook live, I’ll be showing off both past and future projects, and sharing where you can meet me [...]

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Review and Giveaway: Country House Knits

Knitted Bliss - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 13:53


Country House Knits is a new collection from  The Blue Brick, featuring eleven patterns (and more!)  for accessories that work across multiple seasons. Lots of cowls, shawls, wraps, and hats with a variety of texture and techniques that are perfect for gradient yarns and ombre yarns. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even use

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Cryptozoic Will Showcase Games at PHD Speed Gaming 2018

Cryptozoic - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 13:00

Cryptozoic Entertainment today announced that it will showcase current and upcoming games at PHD Speed Gaming 2018 in Chicago, June 6-8. Hosted by Peachstate Hobby Distribution (PHD), the largest gaming distributor in the South, this annual event features organized play sessions that let retailers play tabletop games directly with publishers, spending twenty minutes at each table. Cryptozoic will be at PSI’s booth displaying and demoing several tabletop games, including two new Rick and Morty games, Pantone™: The Game, and Million Dollars, But… The Game, which is being given a wide release in partnership with Rooster Teeth.

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Delverr’s Keep

Ten Foot Pole - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 11:18

By Jared Nielsen
Illusionist Investment Group
Levels 1-3

At the entrance of the Below lies the remnants of an ancient keep which is still fortified despite all odds by abandoned remnants of Dwarven lineages called the Delverr.

This thirty page confusing mess describes a dwarf hold with 21 rooms. A combination of fluff piece on dwarves in this particular setting combined with a description of a keep combined with some kind of adventure. I think. After two read-throughs I’m still not quite sure.

Dwarves are in four factions. There’s a dwarf keep sitting on the only entrance to the underdark. It keeps the monsters inside out. The dwarves are unhappy because the four factions live so close to each other. They ask the party to go inside the underdark and break the magic curse that forces them to man the keep. (Morally, that is, not physically.) I THINK that’s what’s going on. Anyway, that’s the end. They escort you to the entrance to the underdark and the module ends. For ten fucking dollars.

At first I thought I had been ripped off and that this was fluff book. Fluff books are ok, I don’t hate them, but I don’t review them. Then, I figured out it IS an adventure. Barely?

This thing has two nice points going for it. First, it’s a nice capstone/entrance to an adventure locale (the underdark.) Journey in and out and you go through the dwarf keep. It’s that whole mythic underworld thing. Also, in encounter one, the desolate road leading to the keep, there’s a rhyme carved in to the stone walls that repeats over and over again with increasing frequency as you approach the keep. Again, nice mythic underworld touch. The entrance to the underworld (IE: dungeons) SHOULD feel special. The rules are all wrong and every perversion is justified, in the dungeon. The entrance to the underworld sets the mood and gets the party ready for that. That can’t be understated.

That’s it. Nothing else nice to say. Everything else is atrocious.

Massive long read-alouds. MASSIVE amounts of DM text. “As you trod along its path your gaze is drawn to the expansiveness of the desolation around you.” Nope. Read-aloud can’t tell players what their characters think and feel. It can relate an environment to the PLAYERS who will then have their characters react. That’s what good read-aloud does. It’s also short. Remember, people don’t pay attention after three sentences. The DM text is MASSIVE. Multiple paragraphs, endless words … almost one page per room in some places. There is no way in fucking hell you can look a this at the table and run it live during play without massive pauses and interrupts. And almost all of the words present are useless. “While it would be perilous to cross the metal gridwork, especially considering the narrow gaps between oil cauldrons and the heat that is emanating from them, a particularly agile person might be able to make it unscathed.” and “There are always ShieldBorne guards here, not just because it’s their assignment, but because over the centuries this is the place where more fun is to be had than anywhere else.” *sigh*

But, worse, the plot is embedded in the room descriptions. Walk the road in encounter one. Get boiling oil poured on you in encounter three. Wake up in jail in encounter 4a and have wounds tended to you. 4b sees you escorted elsewhere. 7a has a dwarf factions asking you to go on the quest. “Should the party agree to this quest, they will be se- creted out via Stone Phaze through the Western nook under the top landing of the South Parapet Stairs, and smuggled into the Trap door stairs leading down to area 21 – South Basement Runic Guildhall under the cover of darkness.” Why the fuck the rest of the encounters were keyed between this room (seven) and twenty one, I have no idea.

Oh, and it ends with a short story for the next module in the series. Joy

The secret revealed. Novelist.

The text of the adventure betrays that. I was thinking “this is a novelist”, and indeed, it was. They don’t seem to get that adventures are technical writing, not fiction. They fill the pages with words trying to paint a rich tapestry … that inevitable feels forced and keeps the DM form actually using the adventure at the table.

FYI: Generic adventure with QR codes to download stats for different game systems.

This is $10 at DriveThru. The preview is a few pages and just shows you some of the endless background drivial that bears no relation on the “adventure.” That sylvan shit doesn’t even come in to to play ever?

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Dungeons & Dragons, HP Lovecraft, Cats, Time, Mist, & Arduin Adventures

Swords & Stitchery - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 05:40
So I'm recounting my own introduction into the other side of playing in Arduin lately. Dave Hargrave's Arduin Grimoire series back in the early Nineties wasn't something you mentioned in the company of certain dungeon masters. The 'other three little brown books' as they were know at my local hang out had a more then slightly sleazy reputation & there was more then a little outright hatred.Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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The Default Setting of Twenties Weird

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 04:23

Each decade has it’s own default setting. It’s sort of a groove that people fall into. The more original and daring the authors think they are, the closer they hew to it. “The Monster-God of Mamurth” by Edmond Hamilton is a prime example of this.

Note how it follows the same overall thrust as Lovecraft’s “Dagon” (1917) without achieving anywhere like the same concision or menace. Neither does it contain either the depths of A. Merritt’s “The People of the Pit” (1918) or the heights of his Through the Dragon Glass (1917).

I’m not sure what precisely was going on in Hamilton’s case. Maybe authors have a certain number of conventional tales that they just have to get out of their system. Maybe the editor of Weird Tales couldn’t see what was so clear to Lovecraft.

One thing is clear, though: a critical mass was quickly reached with a lot of superlative examples and discussion culminating into a wave of first rate work that would cause fantasy and science fiction to attain a depth and breadth of quality in the thirties that would never again be equaled. Judging by the selections in The Best of Edmond Hamilton, one of those authors responsible for that is Edmond Hamilton. Half of the stories in the collection hail from the thirties.

That’s not an accident.

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Looking For Group - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 04:00

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News Article - Class Returns!

Doctor Who TV - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 23:00
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Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 1 - Sketch Card Previews, Part 14

Cryptozoic - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 22:10

Please enjoy the fourteenth and FINAL installment of our Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 1 Sketch Card previews, hand-drawn by our talented artists. Set coming soon!

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LFG and Patreon

Looking For Group - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 20:44

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve recently given LFG.co a bit of a facelift. We like to keep things fresh around here and the updated site is a little more, what you’d call, “mobile-friendly.” You may also […]

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First Comics News - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 20:36

PORTLAND, OR, 05/29/2018 — Image Comics is pleased to reveal preview pages from Dean Haspiel’s forthcoming THE RED HOOK, VOL. 1: NEW BROOKLYN, which is set to launch this June. Haspiel will kick-off the release of THE RED HOOK with a Summer 2018 Tour of events beginning with a Book Expo America appearance.

Winner of the Ringo Award for Best Webcomic 2017, this book collects the first volume of THE RED HOOK, a super-thief who is bequeathed the Omni-fist of Altruism and transformed into a hero against his will a year after a sentient Brooklyn’s heart is broken and physically secedes from America.

THE RED HOOK, VOL. 1: NEW BROOKLYN (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0920-3, Diamond Code APR180549) hits stores on Wednesday, June 6th. It can be pre-ordered at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

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Now on Kickstarter: Animation Veteran Stephan Franck’s Graphic Novel Caper About The Search for Dracula’s Lost Treasure

First Comics News - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 20:13

The Russ Manning Award-nominated SILVER Graphic Novel Series Concludes

The Fourth and Final Volume of Stephan Franck’s Graphic Novel Caper About

The Search for Dracula’s Lost Treasure is Now on Kickstarter

May 29, 2018) Stephan Franck has worked on some of the most beloved animated films of all time, including The Iron Giant, How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me —and his passion for storytelling extends from the silver screen to comic books and graphic novels. Over the course of the last four years, Franck has been writing, illustrating and self publishing SILVER, a globe-trotting graphic novel series that mashes up the world of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula with action, adventure, humor, pulp storytelling and modern sensibilities. Told over the course of 4 volumes (and a stand alone novella), Franck has created an unforgettable cast and a compelling caper that picks up 30 years after Professor Abraham Van Helsing visited Dracula’s castle. Now Van Helsing’s descendent, the mysterious vampire hunter Rosalyn, is teaming up with a ragtag group of con men for a high stakes heist to rob Europe’s richest vampires. Will they succeed, and live off their take from this one last job? All will be revealed in the fourth and final volume of SILVER, which Franck and his company Dark Planet Comics are funding via a Kickstarter campaign.

In SILVER, a group of criminals discover the late Jonathan Harker’s secret ledger, which discloses the existence of an exotic treasure of silver hidden in Dracula’s castle. Finnigan, the group’s leader, knows a retirement plan when he sees it, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to pull off the biggest heist of the last ten centuries—even if that means allying himself with the mysterious, sword-wielding vampire hunter Sledge, aka Rosalind Van Helsing.

This year, Dark Planet Comics released a Free Comic Book Day Edition of the first issue of SILVER. “My hope is that fans who love old-fashioned storytelling that’s chock full of action and adventure, mystery and humor, discover SILVER in time to be a part of the epic finale.” The series has already attracted the notice of comic book creators including Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz and Jim Lee, and has been widely praised with coverage from an array of outlets including NPR, THE NERDIST, HORROR NEWS NETWORK, NEWSARAMA and COMICON.

Fans who back the new Kickstarter can get digital editions, all four trade paperbacks individually, a signed slipcase featuring forall four trade paperbacks, the acclaimed novella ROSALYND, an audiobook of ROSALYND and limited edition prints by or done in collaboration with three incredible artists: Marvel comics and Kickstarter sensation Takeshi Miyazawa (Ms.Marvel, Spiderman, Code Monkey Saves World), animator and bandes dessinées artist Rodolphe Guenoden (Kung Fu Panda, Ma Reverence), and superstar illustrator Mel Milton.

When he’s not writing and drawing comics, Franck is an Executive Producer and the Head of Story for the PLAYMOBIL Movie for Lionsgate. Previously, he worked as a supervising animator on the cult classic film THE IRON GIANT and as a key story contributor to DESPICABLE ME. Franck also co-created the award-winning animated TV Series CORNEIL & BERNIE (Nicktoons, Hub Network), and received an Annie Award nomination for Best Director in a TV Program, for the special SMURFS: THE LEGEND OF SMURFY HOLLOW.

If funded through Kickstarter, pledges will be delivered to backers this fall. The SILVER Volume 4 Kickstarter.com  campaign is live as of May 22nd and runs for 30 days.

For updates, follow Dark Planet Comics on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is what people are saying about Stephan Franck’s SILVER:

“Writer/artist Stephan Franck is firing on all cylinders…. Stylish black-and-white art, and a smart, charmingly roguish point-of-view-character draw you in.” — NPR

“With SILVER, Stephan Franck shows how much excitement can be packed into a fast-moving, thrill-filled story… a really, really fun ride.”—Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween)


“SILVER is so big, bold, and juicy! I absolutely love this book!” — Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin)

“Spun out of Bram Stoker’s literary classic Dracula, SILVER retains the original novel intact at its core, while extending its world in every possible direction.” — HORROR NEWS NETWORK

“Great book!”—Jim Lee (Batman)

“A beautifully drawn and masterfully told noir/heist story with a teasing side of the supernatural that constantly kept me surprised”—Takeshi Miyazawa (Ms. Marvel)

“Franck knows his customers, what they expect, and he gives it to them in spades.”—AIN’T IT COOL NEWS

“SILVER has all of the elements you crave and with a story that you’ll simply devour.”—David Gallaher (High Moon)

“May be the ultimate gothic noir comic saga.”—COMICON

“Impressive. A Mignola-esque reshuffling of history with a fanciful legerdemain that keeps the story light on its toes.—Samuel Sattin (Legend)

“You’ve seen adaptations and re-imaginings of author Bram Stoker’s seminal work Dracula, but never quite like this. Writer and artist Stephan Franck has taken the Dracula mythos and the foundation that Stoker built to create a unique yarn of horror and heist in his story Silver. The conceit sees an Ocean’s 11-esque caper that has con men and women eyeing the ultimate score: treasure from Dracula’s castle.”—FREAK SUGAR

“There may not be a better original vampire comic book in America than SILVER.”—COMIC BOOK BIN

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Two major Canadian banks blackmailed after alleged data breach

Malwarebytes - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 19:52

While the US was celebrating Memorial Day on Monday, Canada was dealing with an unusual data breach affecting two popular financial institutions: Simplii Financial and Bank of Montreal (BMO).

The CBC broke the story and updated it throughout the day to mention that some 90,000 customers were possibly affected by this attack which the banks say they became aware of on Sunday, just one day prior.

While at first the details were scarce, the CBC later confirmed that the perpetrators had threatened to release their data trove publicly unless the banks agreed to pay them a 1 million dollar ransom on May 28th, just before midnight.

BMO has said that they did not pay the ransom and instead is focusing on helping and protecting its customers. Both banks are offering support and in particular credit monitoring services to the victims of this incident.

This hack is noteworthy for targeting two major Canadian financial institutions at the same time and exposing extremely sensitive personal information which, unlike a password, cannot be changed. Although the data has now lost some of its immediate value, the attackers may decide to dump all the information publicly or sell it to the highest bidder.

Breaches leave users scared and frustrated because people know their data may end up being stolen in a way that is out of their own control. Having said that, certain measures can contain the damage and can be readily applied. For one, using strong and unique passwords is absolutely critical so that hackers cannot easily compromise your other accounts.

Many online services have security questions as part of the authentication process that are problematic in themselves. Rather than answering ‘blue’ to the question about your favourite colour, be a little more creative and come up with a full sentence, or even something that has nothing to do with colours at all. Finally, whenever possible, you should enable two-factor authentication as it provides an additional layer of security to the otherwise weak password-only approach.

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Creators of WWII spy thriller explore the death—and near resurgence—of Hitler in timely graphic novel SON OF HITLER

First Comics News - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 19:45

PORTLAND, OR, 05/29/2018 — Image Comics is pleased to reveal preview pages from the “controversial” graphic novel SON OF HITLER, which will hit shelves this June. The alternative history story, written by acclaimed creators Anthony Del Col and Geoff Moore with art by New York Times bestselling cartoonist Jeff McComsey, explores a longstanding legend from the war with a twist that chillingly echoes today’s hostile American politics.

In the darkest days of World War II, SON OF HITLER follows a rogue female spy handler who discovers a shocking secret—that when stationed in France during the first world war Adolf Hitler fathered an illegitimate child. She finds this young man in Occupied France and recruits him to get close to—and kill—his biological father and end the war. In the vein of The Man in the High Castle, Inglourious Basterds, and Zero Dark Thirty, the story’s creators were inspired by recent worldwide political events to craft a completely new ending.

“When Geoff, Jeff, and I first started working on this project, we wanted to tell a pulpy tale of a manipulative woman on a Nazi-hunting expedition that culminates in Hitler’s bunker,” said Del Col (Kill Shakespeare, Assassin’s Creed). “But as we witnessed unfortunate world events like the Charlottesville riots—combined shortly thereafter with the moment I witnessed someone on my neighborhood street wearing a Nazi swastika—I realized we had a duty to explore the roots of what’s happening today.”

Perhaps as a reflex of the recent rise of white supremacist groups in the news, stories of World War II and Nazism are growing in every medium, from film (Dunkirk, Darkest Hour) to video games (Call of Duty: WWII, the revived Wolfenstein franchise) and even television (The Man in the High Castle, the just-announced Jordan Peele project The Hunt). Canadians Del Col and Moore turned to indie stalwart McComsey (FUBAR, Flutter), who has done many stories and anthologies set during World War II and has created a book that feels like it’s from the era.

First announced at the prestigious ImageExpo in February, SON OF HITLER (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0224-2, Diamond Code: MAR180612) is an original graphic novel that will hit comic shops on Wednesday, June 20th and bookstores on Tuesday, June 26th. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

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First Comics News - Tue, 05/29/2018 - 19:40

Comic books are famous for presenting larger-than-life stories featuring the exploits of super men and women in colorful adventures. Their stories capture our youthful fantasies and have translated into nostalgia-driven television and movie adventures that enable us to recall the simpler times of our youth. TidalWave Comics answers the question, “What if you could color your own comic books?”

Known for colorful storytelling and eye-popping art, TidalWave Comics is giving you the opportunity to color your favorite characters from their vast catalog. Featuring art by industry favorites Randy Green, Ken Lashley, Andy Park and more, these coloring books feature pin-ups and pages torn from TidalWave’s best titles.

Do you love fiction? Are you a fan of Vincent Price? Color the macabre art featured in Vincent Price Presents. Love superheroes? Atlas, 10th Muse: Volume 1 and 2, and The Mis-Adventures of Adam West are available! How about strong women? Look no farther than Victoria’s Secret Service, Legend of Isis, and Judo Girl. For lovers of classic science fiction, Logan’s Run features powerful art.

If you prefer drawn from real life characters, TidalWave offers Political Power: Democrats and Political Power: Republicans. These books will be available in the fall.  Featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and more! 

Printed on high-quality paper and featuring dynamic, colorful covers, TidalWave’s coloring books are perfect for collectors of pop art while appealing to enthusiasts. Relive your childhood, show off your eye for color, relive your childhood, or simply admire the art. The book are available now on Amazon.

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