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OUT NOW: The Daleks! – Doctor Who Magazine Reprints the Iconic 1960s Comics

Blogtor Who - Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:23

Out now! But already almost sold out! The classic Daleks strip from the pages of TV Century 21 is reborn, better than ever Doctor Who has been appearing in comic book form almost as long as it’s been on television. But in its early days one force in the universe eclipsed even the Doctor for […]

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Keep at Blood Red Falls, D&D adventure review

Ten Foot Pole - Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:11
By Victor Dorso Angry Dwarf Games 1e Levels 5-7

[…]  In recent times, the clans have closed the mines due to a lack of demand for ore. The closing of the mine had reached the ears of the dreaded Spriggan Chief, who for years has terrorized the countryside by raiding and slaughtering villages.  The vile warlord has taken over the keep, enslaved the village of Blood Red Falls and nearby settlements, forcing the inhabitants into slavery, and also put a strangling hold on all rivers traffic by enforcing punitive taxes on anyone wanting to pass by. Due to these action, All the inhabitants opposed to the brutal leader have banded together to offer a large reward for the capture of Bloodaxe, dead or alive. 

This 56 page single column adventure features two towers, each with five levels, and about a hundred and fifty rooms. It’s minimally keyed and is nothing but stabbing.

Ah, the noble commando raid. Go to place X and kill Frank. Also, the place is stuffed with monsters. G1 did a great job with it, creating a dynamic environment with a minimal amount of superfluous text to create one of the best modules ever. This ain’t G1.

Revel in the majesty of: “1 – Spriggan archers are in this room hp 24 armed with Short bow and short sword. Sleeping in a bunk”  or perhaps your party should turn their attention to this little gem of a room: “This room has a desk near the door, a bed on the far wall and a table with 4 chairs in the center.” No? Then how about: “This room is empty but obviously inhabited by the piles of straw & furs on the floor .”!  This is the splendor of our achievement! Call in the airstrike with a poisoned kiss …

I’m not really cherry picking that much. The vast vast majority of the rooms in this adventure will be presented in this very boring manner. Minimally keyed, or, perhaps, one breath beyond it. Gnolls play a game at a table. What kind of game? Not mentioned because the description is abstracted. Not knucklebones. Not Papers & Paychecks. Just “a game.”

The encounters in an adventure are the heart and soul of it (generally.) It is what the DM uses to bring the game to life. As such it is the designers job to provide the DM with something to work with. SOmething more than “1 gnoll asleep.” It IS the DMs job to bring the adventure to life, but it’s the designers job to give the DM something to work with to do that. Imagine a dungeon that just had the monsters randomly rolled. Room 1- 3 kobolds. Room 2- 4 orcs. Etc. If I publish this is it valid to, upon pushback from the suckers, claim that it is the DMs job to bring it to life? And yet, we seem to accept this. I have no idea why.

The rest of the commando raid aspect fails as well. There’s no real overall map, just the cover painting, to give you an idea of how things are laid out for an assault. There’s a village on the other side of the river, somewhere, but fuck if I know how it relates to the tower, there’s no map and the text is unclear. If the baddies see the party they ring a bell and the whole fortress comes alive, but no details beyond that of an order of battle, or de escalation, or anything related to cat and mouse. 

The first four pages are read-aloud to set the scenario up.

There are long LONG blocks of italics to dig through.

Most of the text is written in a “if the party searches then they find …” or “If you search the cage then …”

And, ultimately, it’s just an adventure full of stabbing things. A minimally keyed stabbing things. 

Prisoners, with names? Bah! Better to just let there be a fuck ton of whitespace after the prisoner entry rather than give a name or personality.

This is clearly someone’s labour of love. They had a vision in their head of how to run it, what it looks like, and they love it and want to share it everyone else. I admire that. But the designer has no idea how to actually write an adventure for OTHERS to use.

This is $25 at DriveThru. The preview is the first six pages. As such you get to see the read-aloud to start the adventure and that’s it. The preview should show some of the actual encounters, so we can judge if we want to buy the adventure. Further, the level range is only on the cover, it should be the marketing blurb also.


I have resorted to drinking bourbon now. God how I hate bourbon …

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Balo The Jester of The Chaos Lords & 'The Mad Cap Laughs' For The Stormbringer Rpg By Matt Williams White Dwarf 095 UK

Swords & Stitchery - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 22:45
 Let's talk about Stormbringer rpg  or more specfically Games Workshop's third edition of the Stormbringer Rpg. This is & has been my preferred edition of the Stormbringer rpg & everything begins with White Dwarf 095 UK. There are so many reasons why this is such a great issue of White Dwarf, let's see there's the almost but not quite Warhammer role play & Warhammer Fantasy wargame influences. Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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COTR Youth Events – Circuit Breakers!

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 20:59

Well, we’ve got another lockdown amoung us! But youth still need to be encouraged! So, we continue on with some new ideas!

We’ll still be having services ONLINE with our Zoom community!

For High School Ministry students…
CLICK HERE for Friday Nights at 7:30pm-8:30pm

For Threshold Jr students…
CLICK HERE for Wednesday Night at 7:30pm-8:30pm

This week!
We continue with our online services!

The Week After!
We’ll have our services but also scheduled Watch Parties, Group Mobile Games and Small Groups! Look at our schedule next week to see what you’d like to attend!

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Top Comments – Pages 1449 – 1450

Looking For Group - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 17:51

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on lfg.co and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1449 – 1450 Looking […]

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Back to the Wilderlands of High Fantasy - Hacking the Wilderlands With Castles & Crusades Through The 'Witches of Court Marshes' By Bryan Hinnen From Judges Guild

Swords & Stitchery - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 15:27
 "The fifth book in the "Wilderness Series", danger awaits on All Hallow's Eve, Witches of the world are gathering en masse, the peasants of the area are going to leave, unless you can stop the wicked Black Mass.  26-pages of maps detail the area around the Witches Court Marshes and the village of Grita Heath.  Complete description of the Witch character class.  Many witch NPCs are detailed.  Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Mozilla patches critical security issues in Firefox and Thunderbird

Malwarebytes - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 15:22

Mozilla has issued a critical patch for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird after a security issue was discovered at the Tianfu Cup 2020 International Cybersecurity Contest

The security issue has been assigned CVE-2020-26950 which has the “reserved” status. Publicly disclosed computer security flaws are listed in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list—a dictionary that provides definitions for publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures. The goal of CVE is to make it easier to share data across separate vulnerability capabilities (tools, databases, and services).

What is the problem that’s being fixed?

The description Mozilla published itself reveals that write side effects in MCallGetProperty opcode were not accounted for. In certain circumstances, the MCallGetProperty opcode can be emitted with unmet assumptions resulting in an exploitable use-after-free condition.

Use-after-free is a naming convention for vulnerabilities related to the incorrect use of dynamic memory during an operation by a program. It means that after freeing a memory location, a program does not clear the pointer to that memory, which could allow an attacker to abuse the error and launch a buffer overflow attack. In a “worst case” scenario this could allow for a remote code execution (RCE) attack, but whether that is true in this case is unknown at the moment.

Which versions are vulnerable?

Make sure you are on the latest versions of the following:

  • Firefox should be updated to version 82.0.3 or later
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) should be updated to version 78.4.1 or later
  • Thunderbird should be updated to 78.4.2

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is a version of the popular browser for large organizations that need to deploy and maintain Firefox at a large scale. It does not have all the latest functions, to limit the number of updates, but it does receive security and stability updates.

How do I check my version and update?

To find out which version you are using on a Windows machine, open the application menu and click on Help > About. On a Mac, look at the top menu and click Firefox > About Firefox. This will show which version you currently have and whether an update is available.

Version screen Firefox

The screens and the way to access are largely the same for all the Mozilla programs, so we will only show the Firefox example.

After the update you should see a screen similar to this:

The next stable version of Firefox will be released on November 17, 2020.

Stay safe, everyone!

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Fast, Unkillable, Deadly: The 7 Supreme D&D Character Builds for One Thing

DM David - Tue, 11/10/2020 - 11:30

Have you ever wanted to play a Dungeons & Dragons who boasted the highest armor class, the fastest speed, the deadliest attacks, or another extreme ability? This post shows the way to making the most amazing character at one of 7 things.


For the fastest character, start as a monk. Your choice of race depends on what your campaign allows.

  • Wood elves gain the fastest walking speed.
  • Tabaxi from Volo’s Guide to Monsters make better 1-turn sprinters. Their Feline Agility trait doubles their speed for a turn, but they must spend a turn moving 0 to use it again.
  • Aarakocra, also from Volo’s Guide, gain a flying speed of 50 feet, which combines perfectly with the monk class. Not every campaign allows flying characters, especially to start.

Take 10 levels of monk for a 20-foot speed bonus. Then add 5 levels of barbarian for Fast Movement and another 10-foot bonus. Choose the Path of the Elk Totem Warrior from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to increase your walking speed by 15 feet while raging. Sadly for aarakocra, this bonus doesn’t improve your fly speed.

For even more speed, add two levels of fighter for the Action Surge.

Along the way, choose the Mobile feet to add another 10-foot speed bonus. Also consider the Magic Initiate feat to learn the longstrider spell, which adds another 10-foot speed bonus for an hour. Obviously, seek Boots of Speed, Potions of Speed, and friends able to enchant you with haste.

Even without the magic, this build yields a 70-foot base, doubled to 140 by feline agility. For maximum speed, choose a dash action, add a dash using the monk’s Step of the Wind ability, plus a dash using Action Surge to move 560 feet in 6 seconds. That amounts to 63 mph or 102 kph!

See How to Build a D&D Monk So Good That DMs Want to Cheat.

Most skilled

For the most-skilled character, start as a half-elf rogue. This gains you 4 rogue skills, plus 2 skills from being a half-elf and 2 more from your background. Don’t pick proficiency in Nature or Survival. You gain those skills when you select the Scout archetype at level 3.

Remain a rogue until level 4 when you can choose the Skilled feat for 4 more skills.

For level 5, multiclass into bard for another skill. At level 7, select the College of Lore for 3 more skills. Then at level 8, elect the Prodigy feat for that last untrained skill plus Expertise in a choice of skill. Expertise doubles your proficiency bonus for that skill.

At level 8, your character boasts proficiency in every skill in the game.

Most damaging

The highest, most consistent damage output comes from characters who combine the Sharpshooter and Crossbow expert feats with a hand crossbow.

Start as a human with the Sharpshooter feat. Your class can either be fighter or ranger. Either way, select the Archery fighting style to gain +2 on your ranged attacks.

For a fighter, choose either the Battle Master or the Samurai archetype from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. As a ranger, choose the Gloom Stalker archetype, also from Xanathar.

At level 4, take the Crossbow Expert feat to gain the ability to make extra attacks with a hand crossbow as a bonus action.

For more, see How to Build a Sharpshooter Who Wins D&D.

Highest AC

The simplest route to a maximum AC uses heavy armor. Select a paladin or fighter and then select the Defense fighting style. Equip plate mail and shield for AC 21. Then seek magic that improves AC. If you find +3 plate, +3 shield, plus a Cloak of Protection, a Ring of Protection, and an Ioun Stone of Protection for your three attunement slots, your AC reaches 30. If you attune a Staff of Power instead, you reach AC 31, the highest permanent level you can achieve. Plus, the munchkins make you their king or queen. Also your absurdly indulgent dungeon master wants to date you. If you learn the shield spell, then you can vault your AC 36 for a turn.

Someone in half plate with a 16 Dexterity and the Medium Armor Master feat can reach the same ACs.

A barbarian with just a shield can reach a 24 AC without any magic, but that requires a 20 Dexterity and the 24 Constitution attainable by the class at level 20.


For the toughest character, start as a hill dwarf for a +1 hp bonus per level. Select the Barbarian class. At 3rd level, pick the Path of the Bear Totem Warrior to gain resistance to all damage but psychic while raging. At fourth level, take the Toughness feat for 2 more hp per level, and then use your ability score increases to maximize Constitution.

Biggest damage nova

When characters unload all their abilities to deal maximum damage in a single turn, they go nova. You could just level a Wizard up to level 17 and cast meteor swarm on a hoard of foes, but true nova builds aim for focused damage more than once a day. Thanks to the Divine Smite ability, paladins bring big nova potential, but the class lacks enough spells slots to fuel maximum damage. For the biggest numbers, combine 2 levels of paladin with either sorcerer or warlock.

For a sorcerer combination, your dream turn starts when you cast a quickened hold monster on your foe, and the hit with green flame blade plus a smite that spends your highest-level spell slot. On a paralyzed enemy, you automatically score a critical hit and double all your damage dice. (If you don’t paralyze your target, booming blade makes a better cantrip combination.)

While sorcerers bring more spell slots, the warlock combination boasts better synergy. Start by creating a paladin with maximum charisma and the 13 strength required for multiclassing. After reaching 2nd level as a paladin, multiclass to a warlock and choose the Hexblade pact. At warlock level 3, choose the Pack of the Blade boon, and then at level 5, choose the Thirsting Blade invocation for multiple attacks. Your dream turn starts when you lay a Hexblade’s Curse on your foe for a damage bonus, and then strike twice, scoring critical hits on a roll of 19 or 20. Back each hit with a smite. After a short rest, you can reload slots to repeat the combination.

An all-in nova build adds 2 levels of fighter for an Action Surge, another swing or two, and as many smites as you have spell slots to fuel.

See D&D’s Best Multiclass Combinations With Paladin.

Most healing

For the easy path to a character who vies for the best healing, play a cleric and choose the Life domain. Done. By the time you reach 17th level, nothing else comes close. But hardly anyone plays at tier 4. In tiers 2 and 3, you can become the best healer as a bard with just a one level dip into cleric.

Start 1st level as a human Life domain cleric. Choose the Healer feat, which lets you spend one use of a healer’s kit to restore 1d6 + 4 hit points, plus additional hit points equal to the creature’s maximum number of hit dice. A creature can only regain hit points this way once between each rest, but this still counts as the cheapest healing in the game. See The Two D&D Feats Everyone Loves (For Someone Else’s Character).

After level 1, switch to only taking bard levels. At bard level 3, choose the College of Lore, and then at level 6 choose the paladin spell aura of vitality for your Magical Secrets feature. For each of the 10 rounds of aura of vitality’s 1 minute duration, you can use a bonus action to heal 2d6 hit points. The cleric’s Disciple of Life feature boosts that to 2d6+5 hp. One third-level spell heals an average of 120 hp. You will have 3 third-level spell slots.

Plus, the bard spell list includes most of the cleric’s best remedies, including the restoration and resurrection spells. You can raise dead through song!

You Can Play These Supreme D&D Characters, But Should You?
7 Dungeons & Dragons character builds absurdly good at one thing

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The Continuing Outer Realm War Round Two - Godbound/Cha'alt Play Session Seven - Gregory's Hunting, Ammo Supply, Marriages, Car Dealership & Garage

Swords & Stitchery - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 20:52
Once again our party of adventurers is stuck out in the middle of the wastelands & things are looking up when they stumbled upon 'Gregory's Car Dealership &  Garage'. This looks like it was a too good to be true 70's car dealership in the middle of no place squared wasteland. Last night's Godbound/Cha'alt/Stars Without Number game too a simple upgrade trip & turned it into a full on mini Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Lock and Code S1Ep19: Forecasting IoT cybersecurity with John Donovan and Adam Kujawa

Malwarebytes - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 18:36

This week on Lock and Code, we offer something special for listeners—a backstage pass to a cybersecurity training that we held for employees during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which ended in October.

The topic? The future of cybersecurity for the Internet of Things.

Our guests, Chief Information Security Officer John Donovan and Security Evangelist and a Director for Malwarebytes Labs Adam Kujawa guide us through some of the future’s most pressing questions. Will we ever run antivirus software on IoT devices? What predictions can we make for how the cybersecurity industry will respond to the next, possible big IoT attack? And what can we do today to stay safe?

This episode was recorded live in front of our fellow Malwarebytes employees (over Zoom, of course, as is tradition during the coronavirus pandemic). The episode even includes a Q&A with our employees.

Tune in to get a glimpse into how Malwarebytes helped its own employees during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, on the latest episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

You can also find us on the Apple iTunes storeGoogle Play Music, and Spotify, plus whatever preferred podcast platform you use.

We cover our own research on: Other cybersecurity news

Stay safe, everyone!

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High School Ministry – Nov 9th – Mars Dash Tournament!

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 17:33

We are happy to say that we are still meeting in person AND online! If you intend to come in person make sure you are adhering to the Government of Manitoba Guidelines in regards to masks & social distancing.

This week!

Mars Dash Tournament!
From 7:30pm – 10:00pm
November 13th Friday

We’ve found a way to get this fun game on the Big Screen! We’ll play to see who is the best! Bring your smart phones! Download the app Bunch!


Next week!

Mall Hunt! (POLO PARK)
November 20th – Friday **7:00pm – 9:30 pm**
Come early for this event in order to have enough time before the mall closes! We have leaders disguised in the mall and you  must find them! Remmeber, we meet at church!


Questions? Email Mathew back!


Click here for the church calendar

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Threshold Jr – Nov 9th – NO YOUTH!

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 16:44

We are happy to say that we are still meeting in person AND online! If you intend to come in person make sure you are adhering to the Government of Manitoba Guidelines in regards to masks & social distancing.

This week!

Remembrance Day – No Youth
November 11th
Stay at home and enjoying this holiday with family and we’ll see you next week!

Next week!

November 18th – Wednesday 7-9 pm
Just because we can’t move around for games doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Everyone can join us on a couple of rounds of Kahoot for candy prizes! We will be continuing with the Greater Passion series!
To join our Zoom service CLICK HERE.


  Click here for this month’s calendar

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Random Asteroids

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 12:00

Continuing my random old science fiction solar system generators here with one for the asteroid belt. The asteroids are much less specified than Mars or Venus in the fiction, but there are stories to draw on. The first thing to keep in mind is that asteroids in pulpish tales tend to be much closer together than in real life. Maybe not quite Empire Strikes Back asteroid field distance but close.
Basic Theme:1  Gold in The Hills - The Belt is a rural backwater, but it draws prospectors and those who cater to them. Think boomtowns and eccentric mountain men spacers.2  Islands in a Vast Sea - Strange societies, exotic ports of call. It's one part The Odyssey  and one part South Pacific adventures of  Voyage of the Scarlet Queen.3  Lost Worlds - A more isolated version of the above. The Belt may even be mostly empty, but a few hidden worlds lurk there.4  Place of Mystery - Mostly uninhabited now, but there are this wasn't always the case. There are tombs to rob, artifacts to loot.
Why is This Rock Different? (Note that the answer here will suggest things about other asteroids!) 1  It's inhabited2  It's a piece of some structure3  It's actually a dwarf planetoid4  It has an atmosphere and life despite it's small size
Who Are the Inhabitants?1-2  Strange and varied beings, unknown elsewhere3-4  The adventures, nonconformists, and/or criminals of other worlds5-6  Native primitive human(oid)s--how they spread from rock to rock is a mystery
What Do Outsiders Do There?1  Exploit Mineral Wealth2  Exploit the Natives3  Hiding Out4  Homesteaders5  Archeology/Exploration6  Crashed/Maroon/Exiled

Selected Asteroid Belt Sources:"Marooned off Vesta" Isaac Asimov"Master of the Asteroid" Clark Ashton Smith "The World with A Thousand Moons" Edmond HamiltonThe Twilight Zone "The Lonely" "Trail of the Astrogar" Henry Hasse 

(5e) Gone Child, D&D adventure review

Ten Foot Pole - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 12:00
By John Walts Dark Eagle Games 5e Level 3

A young girl has been abducted and the heroes join a posse to hunt the orcs who did it. But they face several terrible temptations while rescuing her.

This eight page adventure details elevent linear plot encounters in about three pages. It’s abstracted text, with lots of hemming and hawing in an attempt to not give details. The moral quandary is not really that tempting.

And the moral quandary is why I’m reviewing this. “Several temptations …” is something that caught my attention, in the marketing blurb. The deliciousness of temptation, the tension of making decisions, is one of the best parts of a RPG. I was hoping to see something that would really make the party sit up and take notice and really cause a quandry. One one hand you’ve got a hag who wants to keep the abducted little girl she is raising. You’ve also got an orc warlord that just wants the party to go away … that you are supposed to be killing to appease the hag. In both cases you’ve got an evil NPC asking the party to not interfere, and offering something in return. In theory, this is a great set up. I always like to say that you can resort to stabbing a monster at any time, but a little roleplaying first makes the encounter all the better (in general.) And this adventure is going down that path. But in both instances the offered temptation is not really enough to make it worth the party selling out. Save a little girl or get a chest with some furs and wine in it from the orc warlord? This being 5e, monetary rewards are kind of meaningless anyway, since they don’t lead to XP and they tend to be rather small … maybe 1500 gp worth in this case. The hags offer is a little better, she’ll add 50% to your lifespan if you just go away and leave her the girl. Both, though, are kind of abstracted rewards (because of the cash situation in 5e.) One day the hag will eat the girl, when she grows old and dies. Is leaving her worth the 50% more lifespan? These rewards are not enough. Sure, the DM can modify and/or it could be situational, the party might NEED that 50%, but in general the selling point of the adventure, the quandry, is not really a temptation at all. Even _I_ would go all Righteous Justification on those two, and I love me some NE playstyle. 

The adventure, proper, is abstracted in a way that is not good. The designer notes this up front, saying that he prefers a more outline style of style instead of spelling everything out. In general, I would agree. The overwritten text of adventures is a thing of legend, and pushing back against that is laudable. But the designer goes too far in to the abstracted format. There is a mob of peasants forming to go get the girl, and a sheriff leading them, but the mob is entirely abstracted and the sheriff all but so. No real names, personalities, or flavour to help the DM out and add tension and memorable moments to the game. Now, I’m NOTT calling for overwritten text, but specificity is needed to ground a DM and get them headed in the right direction, a shove as it were, and that’s just not present here. That mob would have been a great place to have a paragraph or a few sentences on, but nothing. And this is a pattern that repats over and over again.

Up to and including the lack of maps. I don’t need a map, and certainly not a tactical one, but the text is confusing when it describes the battle environments and a map, even a simple line drawing, would have cleared that up easily. Further, it would have added, hopefully, some tactical options in places like two guard dogs outside of the hags home.

I’m quite disappointed with the complete lack of any meaningful description. The hag, the orc camp, the mob, nothing is covered in any way to lead the DM to a good encounter. There needs to be something, not a lot, but something, to spark those DM juices. Just saying “its a giant hag” is boring as hell. Generic. 

[I will note without further comment the designers comments that this should be a storytelling game, and the DM’s goal being to elicit emotions and entertain the players, as well as noting tha the classic “5 room dungeon” format was used..]

It’s a generic outline of a linear adventure without tension. 

This is Pay What You Want at DriveThru with a suggested price of $1. The preview is five pages and you get a good idea of the adventure from it, since it shows all of the encounters. There is one good moment, in a text box, but the rest of the genericism should be self evident from it.


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For Wanderers, the Way Back to God

Just Call Me Pastor - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 11:00

There is a verse in Jeremiah’s compelling letter to the Israelite exiles in Babylon that arrests me whenever I read it. God says to his people: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you” (Jeremiah 29:13-14a).

But first, let us review the context from last week. Jeremiah, the prophet, remains in the region of burned-out Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar’s troops had crushed the city to the ground and taken thousands of Israelites, young and old, into exile.

From ruined Jerusalem, Jeremiah had written these exiles a letter telling them how they were to accommodate themselves to their new situation: by building houses, planting gardens, raising families. In summary, they should fit in, but remain communally strong.

He told them in addition that their captivity was to last seventy years, but then God would turn his face to them and there would be a glorious round-up of fellow exiled Israelites from many places, who would return in droves to Jerusalem. He would restore the glory of Israel, and the people would again worship him. God would keep his covenant.

Nestled in the midst of this richness of promise is the compelling condition quoted above — that the people would find him when they sought him with all their heart.

“Seek” is an action word. We ask a friend: “What’s your son, Barry, doing these days?” Answer: “He’s seeking employment.” Then follows a recitation of the details of his search. Seeking requires energy, focus, attention.

The God we serve seeks us. In one of Jesus’ parables, he features God as a shepherd who leaves the flock to “seek” for one lost sheep (Luke 15:3-7). That is God’s mind toward the lost.

And God expects us to seek him, too. Isaiah counsels: “Seek the Lord while he may be found” (Isaiah 55:6a). Regarding prayer, Jesus taught: “Seek” and you will find (Matthew 7:7a).

All these verses call for intensity, focus, desire. That is where Israel repeatedly failed. It was not only that they had not sought God’s favor in their worship. They had also gone after what God had forbidden — the idols of Moab, Ammon, Edom. They pursued sexual immorality. They sought greed-driven wealth. These things displaced the proper pursuit of God himself.

Only concentrated search for the favor of God could keep them from further wandering from the paths of righteousness.

That’s why the verse in Jeremiah about finding God by seeking him wholeheartedly is so compelling. And why what Jesus said is so compelling too: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength” (Mark 12:30).

To the God of Israel, nothing less than continual seeking after him and abject devotion to him are acceptable.

Photo credit: Walt Stoneburner (via flickr.com)

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Looking For Group - Mon, 11/09/2020 - 05:00

The post 1451 appeared first on Looking For Group.

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Kickstarter: Layout continues for the Majestic Fantasy RPG, Basic Rules

Bat in the Attic - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 19:11

 Just a quick update that I am in the midst of layout. I have completed about half of the pages and just finished up the monster section. Here is the last page of the monster chapter.

Here is the first page of the character class chapter which includes one of the additional Richard Luschek illustration I purchased. 

For a number of years I have been purchasing stock art and supporting different artists through Patreon. This represents the bulk of the art I use in this book. One of the artist I use is The Forge whose Patreon is located at this link. They provide most of the landscape and locale art you seen in my Wilderlands Guidebooks, and Blackmarsh.

So what I decided to do to supplement the few full page pieces is use that art to present various locales from the settings I created both published and unpublished. Below is an example from the last page of the equipment chapter.

I will do another update next week. This will also include an update of the quick reference cards. I just got notification that the second print test had shipped.

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1d6 Random Lovecraftian 'Guardian Devils' Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Swords & Stitchery - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 16:15
 The technique for summoning devils in the wastelands goes back centuries, demons are untrustworthy but devils follow the letter of the laws of Evil, all of Chaos. But  in the wastelands of  accursed Atlantis, ancient treasures and relics still turn up being guarded by their eternal caretakers of the damned. But what of these eternal ancient evils themselves? What kind of being must guard relics Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Weird Revisited: Encounters in A Martian Bar Before the Gunfight Started

Sorcerer's Skull - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 15:30
Art by Jeff Call01 A jovial human trader eager to unload a large, glowing jar containing squirming creatures he claims are Mercurian dayside salamanders.

02 A shaggy, spider-eyed Europan smuggler waits nervously for her contact.

03 Four pygmy-like “mushroom men," fungoid sophonts from the caverns of Vesta. They are deep in their reproductive cycle and close proximity gives a 10% chance per minute of exposure inhaling their spores.

04 A Venusian reptoid lowlander with jaundiced eyes from chronic hssoska abuse and an itchy trigger-claw.

05 Two scarred, old spacers in shabby flight suits.  They're of human stock mutated by exposure to unshielded, outlawed rocket drives.

07 A cloud of shimmering lights, strangely ignored by most patrons, dances around twin pale, green-skinned chaunteuses. It's  actually an energy being from the Transneptunian Beyond.

08 An aging, alcoholic former televideo star (and low level Imperial spy) with 1-2 hangers-ons.

09 A Venusian Wooly who just lost a Martian chess game to a young farm-hand who doesn't know any better.

10 A Martian Dune Walker shaman on his way to a ritual at a nearby Old Martian ruin, with a bag of 2d6 hallucinogenic, dried erg-beetles. He dreams of driving all off-worlders from Mars.

[CoC7e] Thomas Johnson | Medical Missionary

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 11/08/2020 - 15:11

Thomas Johnson, Missionary to India
25 years old

75 Strength
60 Constitution
65 Dexterity
70 Appearance
45 Power
55 Size
75 Intelligence/Idea
85 Education/Know

Move 9; Credit 30; Damage Bonus +1d4
Hit Points 11; Luck 20; Magic 9; Sanity 45

40 Forgery (art/craft)
70 First Aid
40 Mechanical
79 Medicine
30 Natural World
60 Persuade
27 Psychology
41 Language (Marathi)

40 Dodge
30 Climb
05 Cryptography
10 History
25 Hypnosis*
25 Library
30 Listen
10 Meteorology
20 Occult
14 Pharmacy
10 Read Lips*
20 Survival (Indian Jungle/Desert)
28 Throw
30 Track
85 Language (English)

Thomas is a Canadian who went to India via a USA counterpart church for Missions (thus he holds papers for the USA and India with citizenship in Canada). He works as a doctor and preacher for a few thousand dollars a year. In India he has his own cook, housekeeper and gardener as servants.

* requires Keeper signoff

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