[Black Creek] Pumpkin Ale in a 500ml brown bottle @5% from Ontario, Canada

Pouring with no head at all, this ruddy brown ale gives of a nice seasonal malty pumpkin spice aroma.

It has a strangely complicated bittersweet flavour that leaves you a little confused. Was that malty or was that a bitter? The aftertaste lingers much the same way.

Very low on carbonation and with a heavy body, no specific taste emerges except the ting of bitter well after swallowing.

Overall I found this to be a mild Halloween Ale that is a little creamy and heavy which is nice on a cool evening. It's honestly quite a pleasant drinking beer but has no exceptional qualities to spice up this entry. The malt carves it's way through the other flavours just enough to keep it congenial.

This pumpkin ale gets better as it warms up so don't chill too much. Average basement/cellar temperature will do.

Smoothly bitter. Orange you glad?