BeerWar Alc./Vol. 1: Export vs Old Style

War of the Beers Alcohol per Volume 1

    Molson Export Ale vs Molson Old Style Pilsner

    Blah blah blah from the guy at The Beer Store about how OS Pilsner is the exact same as Ex as he goes on about brewing processes that belies education on the topic but his zeal made me give it a whirl and start the first of my beer wars. Beer battles? Beer clashes?

    These are both in 500ml cans stored for just a day at basement temperature which in this case was probably about 58 degrees F or so.

    Ex pours thick and frothy while the Pilsner pours like water. The former has a thin head, a light smoky copper colouring and the latter is a pale clear yellow with no head.

    My first sip of Ex has a strong tinny flavour which is more likely due to being an old batch than it's brewing process; it's immediate bitterness quickly fades into a light sweetness which disappears.

    Conversely my first sip of Old Style has very little taste initially (like tap water) but follows up with a skunky sourness that lingers.

    Ex is a frothy classic ale that sits well despite it's weightiness and moderate carbonation. While it may not be full bodied in the grand spectrum, it's as close as you might get with mainstream brands. It's an ale and as such, quite versatile. This specific can had a strong tinny flavour that hit you hard on each sip but ultimately didn't ruin the beer.

    The Pilsner is more or less sour water. It falls somewhere in between Moosehead and Cracked Canoe. It doesn't have much flavour but what it does have just tastes bad with a lingering foulness. It's very light with lots of bubbles but doesn't really hit on anything correctly.

    For a battle it's tough. They were advertised as similar despite an obvious difference (Ale/Pilsner) but they fit in very different niches.

    Ex is your classic baseline ale that shows you what is possible with malt but not going into dessertland. It's good chilled, ice cold, room temperature, and all year long. Ex is moderately heavy and stomachs used to lighter beers may have trouble.

    Pilsner is crap.



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I thought you were writing about Old Style ( which, for a while in the not too distant past, yes, was skunk beer, but they've since changed the brewing process back to krausening. Now, I must admit that I haven't had an Old Style since the correction, but I've read happy comments on the interwebs.

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I wonder if there's a connection. Sometimes the Canadian and U.S. will have similar beers however the regulations are vastly different such that even a beer with the same label can taste totally different in one country over the other. They often license each other the names as well. Sometimes the names are just changed (like Labatt 50 being The Canadian Ale). It's quite disconcerting to go to a bar in the U.S. and ask for Canadian to be served Labatt Blue. Blech.

In general, I've found beer in the U.S. to be light and near impossible to get drunk on. I plowed through Spotted Cow at GaryCon a few years ago and am certain there was no real alcohol in that very light and nearly water beer. It was certainly okay, but not flavourful.

Now, dropping a shot of black rum into some Old Vienna will certainly hit me. :)