BeerWar Alc./Vol. 2: Old Milwaukee vs Tap Water

The tap water is clear while OM is a healthy urine colour.

The tap water from this well smelled faintly ashy and OM had that generic mainstream beer smell. It's faint though. Some will argue yeast while others barley. There is no significant fruit, hops, or malt in the aroma. Just generic beer.

The tap water is light and non-carbonated (I considered comparing OM with Canada Dry Club Soda but man, that stuff is thirst quenching! Way out of OM's league) and indeed has a slight ash flavour that reminds me of Coors Light. This may be the softening or ultra violet light filter. Ultimately the water has very little taste and is refreshing but lacks the crispness of a club soda.

OM is extremely light, well carbonated and quite sweet. Zero bitterness is involved in the lager and it's about as close to water as one can get and still call it beer; water with a smattering of table syrup.

The water chosen was not the stuff from reverse osmosis but just out of the tap dishwater style. Ultimately it isn't the best I've had (the best being rural well water) but it's clean and potable. OM is a very light lager (better expressed as a light light lager) which isn't bad after playing a game of hockey but otherwise, fruitless.



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Not only is the beer in question put down, but you managed to include drinks not part of the comparison. Well done.

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It's hard to pass up a chance to relive drinking out of a bottle with the dregs of beer and a number of cigarette butts and thinking it tasted just like Coors Light.

I couldn't beer this post, although it was very fluid.