[MSHIP] Nathan's Mothership S07

Nathan's Mothership "Space Trucking" Session 07
S02 Prison E03 Mutiny
November 14, 2023

> Dean as Seth "Poser" Mader
> Dwight as Captain Cost Effective "Callsign"

Seth, Captain and the Major go downstairs to see Test Subjects. Seth wants armament and the guard convinces him there will be some downstairs. The Major is visibly agitated and twitchy with his shotgun.

Captain asks about the AI Echo Core. He says it was unnecessary and server ability was relegated to experiments

[OD&D] Se170 Emancipation

OD&D "Malchor's Misty Isles"
Session 170 in Isles
Session 26 since heading out to Tonisborg

    Player Characters

The Remnants (being stolkholmed by villainous zealots)
Cadfael the Sleuthing Cleric
Madoc the Fighting Man
Einar the Aeros Thief
Crafty the Bookish Magic Wielder

Free Adventurers
Sewcup.... No idea his Race or Class.
Dextro the sometimes Fighter, sometimes Thief

[OD&D] Se163 "The Evil Cult Draconae"

System: Original Dungeons & Dragons with Greyhawk and some other stuff.
Adventure: Tonisborg

Session 163 of the campaign in the Misty Isles
Session 19 of Tonisborg (if you count session zero as one)

"Double Standards on Paper"

Dunderhauk, Einer, Dextro (who's injured), and Crafty stay at the ghost-free Inn with their books and such. I don't know what that mess was about with them tearing into the floor. Wealthy people worrying about their wealth i guess.

Crochet Pattern - Switch Sock

Switch Sock

Yarn: sweet roll fruits
Hook: 5.5 mm (Check out my fave hooks here: )
Gauge: 14 sts x 16 rows
Un stretched: 4 x 10.5 in
Stretched: 4.25 x 10.5 in


Grannys got a new bag

Granny square bottom bag

I wanted a cute gift bag and this pattern came about! It's an open granny square at the bottom (not good for holding tiny things but great for wrapped gifts!) and granny stitch up the sides with a handle at the top.

Crochet Pattern - Pensive Brimmed Hat

I wanted a nice textured hat with a flipped up brim and this hat came about!

Harvest Gaming 2022 / Samhain Gaming 2022

Furiously Eclectic People
are proud to present our third annual
Virtual Harvest GameCon aka SamhainCon

Come join us for fun and thrilling games as well as a couple groupwatches.

Summer Multishawl

Hook Size: 8 mm (Check out my fave hooks here: )
Yarn used: Dahlia cotton by Hobbii
Colour way: 07 Mystery Day

Tracy's Furiously Eclectic Game

Still around but haven't posted in awhile. Still gaming every Thursday. I just thought I'd show my game store bulletin board.


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