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Full Version: The Up-to-Date Rules
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This post will be edited as changes are made.

And here are the character sheets.

The latest update (140901) has been uploaded. (see first post)

Mostly editing, like removing a "... with with ..."

The big change is in Resisting spells.
Printing it out now... If I can figure out the booklet printing. Smile
Latest update added to first post (after a year and a half).

Any errata has finally been added and I changed the web address. Also: Rank/Die chart for the Ə character sheets.
Updated latest version of Ə (170421), incorporating the latest errata.
And with a grand total of 0 downloads of 170421, comes 170504, the update that finally includes Caster Rank, only three years later. Now to get around to actually correcting the spell number for scrolls in Ə-OH.
190309 uploaded. I went through and tried to edit with as critical an eye as I could apply to my own work. I wasn't happy with the results. But I do feel the game still holds up. I'm halfway through Ə-OH, so who knows when that will be finished.