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Use this thread to post interesting characters, avatars, toons, and the like to share with the group.
System: Lejendary Adventure

Name: Hōjō (sometimes known as Sour Mirna)
Order: 10th Rank Mystic Monk
Female Human, 5' tall, 193 lbs.

84 Health
27 Precision
14.25 Speed

57 AEPs
9 (45%) Defense (5 UAC, 4 Half Cloth)
2 Joss

58 Unarmed Combat
47 Psychogenics
50 Physique
33 Learning
10 Weapons (15)

Knacks: Night Viewing, Catlikeness
Quirk: Unlikeability

78% with Hand (3 attacks) doing 1-4+16 Harm
63% with Foot (2 attacks) doing 1-6+16 Harm
35% with Kaiken doing 1-20+5 Harm
20% with Shō-Kunai doing 1-20+5 Harm

Arcane Understanding, Charismatic Charm, Lifeform Levitation, Spontaneous Combustion

$25K, warhorse (Courser), pack mule, service suit and cap equivalent to Half Cloth Armour, concealed Kaiken (short dagger), extra clothes, 1 blank tablet, 2 canteens, clay pot of grease, 4 shō-kunai (throwing knives), 100 clay balls, grapnel, candle lantern, 30' rope, tinderbox, 2 poison antidotes, 8 days food, hammer and chisel, 7 wound healing salves.

Mirna is very muscular and has a gait and presence about her that irritates others, however she makes up with this through her knowledge and charming those she sees fit. After her time in the monastery, she reclaimed her birthright and sought adventure.
System: Lejendary Adventure

Name: Kahime
Order: 9th Rank Sohei
Female Human, 6' tall, 165 lbs (thin and lithe).

53 Health
58 Precision
14.25 Speed

57 AEPs
11 (55%) Defense (1 UAC, 4 Half Cloth, 6 Buckler)
1 Joss

58 Weapons (67)
45 Theurgy
31 Chivalry
22 Savagery
10 Unarmed Combat

67% with Naginata (Glaive) doing 2-20+8 Harm
77% with Tanto (Long Dagger) doing 1-20+8 Harm
72% with Kanabō (Mace) doing 5-20+8 Harm
67% with Nata (Hatchet) doing 3-20+8 Harm
78% with Hand doing 1-4+2 Harm
63% with Foot doing 1-6+2 Harm

53% with Daikyū (Strong Bow) doing 3-20+8 Harm
70% with Uchi-ne (Light Throwing Spear) doing 1-20+6 Harm
65% with Nata (Hatchet) doing 1-20+6 Harm

Tablet 1: Invocation of Service & Care; Rite - Summon Protector; Rite - Save From Evil; Safe Haven
Tablet 2: Confer Health Benison; Confer Righteousness; blank; blank
Tablet 3: Heal; Uphold Faithful; blank; blank

$25K, warhorse (Courser), pack horse, summoning materials, votive materials, 48 arrows, backpack, belt pouch, shoulder pouch, leather drum (kettle), bugle, 30' rope, grapnel, fine clothes, cloak, white headcowl, mikoshi (portable shrine), 7 wound healing salves.

Bald Kahime left the battlefield to be a wandering do-gooder, helping out those in need and illuminating them to the wonders that are Jarelough (goddess of Dependence, Engineering, and Weakness) and teaching women to stand up and buck social standards. Sometimes welcomed, and sometimes feared, Kahime seeks to find her true self.
System: Lejendary Adventure

Name: Dota
Order: Odiriko - 9th Rank Geisha
Female Human, 5'3" tall, 160 lbs.

57 Health
58 Precision
14 Speed (13 with Gunsen)

5 (20%) Defense (4 Gunsen)
5 Joss

60 Minstrelsy
47 Pretense
35 Luck
25 Urbane
10 Weapons

(first number is using Minstrelsy to deduct 6 incoming Harm)
8/20% with Katana doing 4-20 Harm
3/15% with Hairpin (S1R1) doing 1-20 Harm
10% with Parang (Cleaver) doing 4-20 Harm
15% with Whip doing 0-2 Harm
30% with Hand doing 1-4 Harm (untrained)
15% with Foot doing 1-6 Harm (untrained)

21% with Shuriken doing 2-20+6 Harm
16% with Parang (Cleaver) doing 3-20+6 Harm
15% with Uchi-ne (Light Throwing Spear) doing 1-20 Harm

$23K, riding horse (mare or gelding), kimono (dress), hand fan, makeup kit, kanzashi (hair ornaments), shakuhachi (flute), mandolin 20 shuriken, gunsen (war fan), canteen, whip, common clothes, candle lantern, tinderbox, pan pipes, belt pouch, 4 days food..

Vivacious Dota has left her okiya whom she still owes a great debt however her onee-san has encouraged her to see the sights before returning for more training. Dota is expected to return when she's ready to become an O-Shaku. Such a tiny girl, she can seem invisible in a group or use her bubbly spirit to be the life of the party. She's no Geisha yet, but has so much spirit that it's only a matter of time.
System: Lejendary Adventure

Name: Tomoe
Order: 10th Rank Kunoichi
Female Ilf, 5'9" tall, 124.2 lbs.

56 Health
64 Precision
15 Speed

6 (30%) Defense (6 half leather)
1 Joss

59 Pretense
54 Tricks
45 Weapons
37 Hunt
31 Stealth
12 Minstrelsy

(first number is using Minstrelsy to deduct 1 incoming Harm)
53/55% with Ninja-to doing 4-20+5 Harm
53/55% with Sai doing 1-20+5 Harm
48/50% with Kau sin ke (whipping chain) doing 4-20+5 Harm (bypasses shields)
65% with Hand doing 1-4 Harm (untrained)
50% with Foot doing 1-6 Harm (untrained)

51% with Shuriken doing 2-20+6 Harm
48% with Crossbow doing 3-20+5 Harm
45% with Sai doing 1-20+5 Harm
45% with Sling doing 1-20+5 Harm

$25K, riding horse (Gelding), disguise wardrobe, 10 dose bottle of ingestive poison, 1 poison antidote, mandolin, shakuhachi (flute), file and lockpick in leather case, 30' rope, grapnel, half leather, 2 shuriken, 8 days food, trumpet, candle lantern, tinderbox, clay pot of grease with rag wrapping, sling, 100 balls of baked clay in cloth bag (.5 inch diameter), leather backpack, 2 leather belt pouches, leather shoulder pouch.

Natural affinity with normal animals, darkvision, disorderly, gullible, judgemental, rash, good looks.

Tomoe is bound to Lady Chiyome who purchased her from an orphanage and trained her while using her to infiltrate a Geisha house. Dota has been marked as a way in and the two have become fast friends. Dota takes the limelight, allowing Tomoe to slip around stealthily. She knows how to use her feminine wiles which are often compounded by her natural Ilfen charm. She does at times struggle with her own gullibility however she sometimes uses it to her own advantage.
System: OAD&D

This is the PC I used in Rob Kuntz' adventure at Gary Con VI.

Dirn Silv
Human (reincarnated from Elf); Dual Class Fighter 8 / Magic-User 13
Chaotic Good. Skilled as a shipwright and in desert survival.

AC -2, HP 56

15 Strength
17 Intelligence
12 Wisdom
15 Dexterity
12 Constitution
13 Charisma

"Slit" the Hawk Familiar AC7, HP3

Leather +2, Bracers of Defense AC4, Ring of Protection +2

Longsword +2, Dagger +1, +2 vs. magic using and enchanted creatures, Longbow, 20 +1 arrows, 4 silver tipped arrows

Helm of Teleportation (6), Carpet of Flying (6'x9' 4 persons at 24" speed), Potions of Speed, Extra Healing, and Flying, Custom Power Cube (2 inch cube with a rune on each side with a voice activated power - 1 destroys the cube and turns time back 10 rounds; 2 Feather Fall (as ring); 3 Water Walking (as ring); 4 Remove Trap (as 14th level); 5 Become scentless, silent, invisible for 1 hour; 6 Fly (as per potion), Tome of Magic (18th level scrolls) with Slow, Distance Distortion, Pass Wall, Teleport, Disintegrate, Permanent, Temporal Stasis, Time Stop, Spellbook.

Tinderbox, 35' rope, pouch of sulphur, 2 flasks of sulphur, large metal mirror, bone scrollcase with a feather.

Speaks Common, Troll, Goblin, Kobold, Elf, Halfling, Chaotic Good, most desert languages.

Dirn was once a power hungry Elf who advanced as far as he could while adventuring with a party. His largest leap in knowledge was when the primary spellcaster was killed by an Efreet, allowing Dirn to acquire his spellbook and items. Later he gained a wish and chose to be reincarnated as a Human so he could advance as a spellcaster and is now a power hungry Human.
System: Platemail 27.0

Tor Roachkiller
Dwarf Warrior of 2nd Level (822 xp)

3 Hits
2 Combat
+2 Morale
0 Reaction
0 Initiative
11 Movement
5 Armour Class

Gift: Iron Will
Curses: Greedy, Vendetta (Elves, Goblins, Orcs), Drunkard
Abilities: Hearty, Devout, Climbing, All Weapons & Armour, Pious

Miracles Known: Revive, Heal the Wounded, Call Back the Dying

Armour: Leather and Shield
Weapons: Sword and Crossbow
Equipment: Hooded Lantern, 3 Waterskins
Money: 15 Shillings, 1 Penny

Tor may be a drunkard but he has timing. More than once he's saved his party's bacon and made the killing blow on a foe. He has no issue going first and leaps into the fray while staying aware of his allies. One of the more level headed members in the group.