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Full Version: Gathering Players for a PbP Game
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So, post here if you want to play schwa in some crappy adventure I run Smile
I suppose it would be pretty crappy to not play in a crappy adventure for a crappy system I wrote.
Everyone is so cheeky here.

We need to rattle the bushes for more players.
I never touched her bush! Or her cheeks, for that matter.
Sounds like a hairy situation.

If we build it, they will come? Tear the place apart and beat us with our own books?
Youse guys are bad, very bad!
Watch it, or I'll "crack" the whip!
So, rredmond... Are you in for a spanking good time?
Wait we're playing a Twilight Vampire game??? No man, I'm out!
Oh wait, I though it said sparkling good time!
If we are playing ə then sure I'm in. Are we playing here? If not then Unseen Servant?
I was going to try the dice roller addon for MyBB (really, what possessed me to move away from phpbb in the first place?) and be pretty loosey goosey here. Maybe drive traffic here, as well as try to garner more attention to SCHWA. I'm pretty flexible. I was going to run a deadly little dungeon but I really don't want to map so I may do a simpler overland scenario to start. We can do any number of players. If there are just the two of you, we can add some fodder mercs with you or something. I'll try to keep the scenarios short so that there are easy jumping on points for new players.
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