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Full Version: [ACT] What are you reading?
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So what are you reading currently?

I've been reading Marvin The Mage (comic), The Answer (NCV Bible), Expression Web 4 In Depth, Dengeki Daisy Vol. 5, Dark Outpost by James M. Ward and Christopher Clark (an adventure), The One Who Watches From Below (DCC adventure), and various other things lately.
Funny enough, I'm reading The Great Train Robbery. Really different kind of period piece. I'm enjoying that aspect of it.
The chapters are wicked short too.
I'm sure I saw one version on the old Vinyl Video players (along with Yentyl, The Lord of the Rings, Rambo, and Escape from Alcatraz I think) before VCRs became the thing. I don't remember a lot beyond being told it was a classic. I do fancy books with short chapters. It's an illusion that makes me read more in one sitting than a book with long chapters because I feel the progress. I should probably read that SCHWA thing someday.
Big Grin
Short chapters they certainly are! Smile
I am reading Light of the World by James Lee Burke. I don't usually read mystery genre books, but Burke's books are different. They're more than who-done-its; they're commentaries on the human condition.
I just read Silver Surfer #1 (May 2014)

The artwork and lettering is exactly what a Surfer relaunch needs but the story was very underwhelming so I won't be getting any more.

[Image: 53286d4a5deac.jpg]
The Allred team more than makes up for any deficiencies in the writing.
I beg to differ, and maybe I should give it more than one issue to decide, however the Allred team is most certainly the best Silver Surfer artwork since Kirby. I like it even better than Buscema.

Surfer was one of those i've always tried to collect but these days I really want good writing. I'll make exceptions for a few artists like Keown and Pugh, but I usually want to laugh.
I haven't tried that show.... Oh! Me? That's probably true. Crazy like a sloth.

Getting into Nightwing again only to find out the series is ending and there was some big crossover I missed and wouldn't have bought anyway. So they're changing him into a spy where the stories are actually supposed to mix Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Uh huh.

[Image: 2014_04_15_15_31_58.JPG]
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