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Full Version: Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/01/27
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Due to a chef's error. we had a large sausage pizza for the price of a medium.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.


From the prior week, Kmaregh found a hole in the ceiling, after which flying through it found himself over small a sea with an island. More or less a small saltwater lake inside the ubiquitous 160 foot diameter chamber that defined every level for the last 3 levels. It should be noted the whole next water level was reverse gravity, otherwise it would have poured through the hole in the ceiling and put out the fire level.

The party decided to be expeditious about getting to the next level and Kmaregh simply had everyone (who couldn't fly) ride on the backseat of his Quidditch broomstick to the island on the next level.

A thorough search of the surface of the island revealed the following: One palm tree, one large rock, a stack of poorly woven baskets, empty Collins glasses, and a sleeping Impling. Waking up the Impling the the party inquired as to his nature. Given his devilish horns and small bat-like wings, the queries were more or less along the lines of "What the (expletive deleted) are you?" and "What the (expletive deleted) are you doing here?" At least they didn't hold a sword to its throat.

Surprising due to the nature of the creature, they got two honest answers: First, "I'm an Impling, I wasn't good enough for Zaraffin's demon Army. (Didn't meet the minimum height requirements," and secondly, "So old Zarraffin let me retire here. All I ever wanted was to retire on a desert island and drink Mai Tai's. Speaking of which, I'm out of shaved ice and orgeat, when is old Zaraf' sending the next shipment?"

Meanwhile some of the party members were rummaging through the Impling's baskets.

"Hey, leave my (expletive deleted) alone!" Cried the Impling.

"Well, the next shipment won't be forthcoming, Zaraffin is is presumed dead." Someone in the party responded.

GM's note: I had to add 'presumed' otherwise it would be out of character knowledge. The Zaraffin encounter was skipped.

So the party makes the a deal: "We'll leave your stuff alone, meanwhile, can you tell us where is the next exit?"

"Sure," said the Impling, "there's a hatch over there beyond the reeds. Guarded by the deadly Ixitxachitl" (Intelligent Manta Rays.) Since my shipment will fall short, can I come too?"

The party agreed, so after the Impling dug up its "stash" from underneath the baskets, they decided on a stratagem to bait the Manta Rays in such a way they would congregate elsewhere while the party headed for the hatch. They only had to kill one Ray that couldn't be fooled and it appeared to be intelligent enough to be wearing a ring on some finger-like appendage. A ring which Huang snagged.

GM's note: It was disappointing in a way, I had bought just enough gummy-sharks to substitute for Manta Rays for the party's miniatures to fight. So we ate them all at once after.

After going through the hatch, the party found itself in the last circular chamber, this time with a domed roof. There were scorch marks on the floor that made the perfectly round room appear to be divided in to eight sections. In the center, there was a diamond the size of a watermelon floating four inches off the floor. On cue, there was a flash of light that blinded party members for a few moments that emanated from the diamond as if it were an ancient Kodak Instamatic. And yes the flash only hit one-eighth of the room, perfectly aligned with the scorch marks.

A formal reading of the Player description indicated that this was the "Soul Gem". Unfortunately nobody knew what that was, since they had missed the searching Zaraffin's room.

Luckily for the Party, the flash did not hit the one-eighth section the party was standing in.

Numrendir hit upon the bright idea of a Monster Summoning spell and he conjured up a few Bullywugs and he had them traverse across the seven other sections.

Meanwhile Krazzek went up to the diamond and grabbed it. Of course the Instamatic diamond flashed again and one of the Bullywugs in another section screamed and became white as a sheet. The party saw its screaming spirit drawn out of its body and dragged into the diamond with ever decreasing size and intensity as its cries became "NO, No, no, --, ..", until it disappeared into the huge diamond.

One of the party members (I forgot who), then spotted a crack in the wall just large enough for party members to pass through single file. Of course it was at the other end of the chamber. (It must have been created by one of the frequent earthquakes.)

So Numrendir had all his remaining Bullywugs grab the diamond at the same time from different sections, setting off a flash in the unoccupied sections. He then cast another summoning, this time he got a half-dozen Jackalopes and commanded them to do the same while the party went for the exit, but not before losing a one of the Jackalopes to the same blinding white ray.

Just at this time, Weasel venting frustration, came out of hiding and smashed the diamond with his pick-ax.

The spell broken, all the souls trapped inside the gem were released and went on their merry way to whatever plane of existence their afterlife belonged to.

The last shape to appear was a huge cyclopean demonic shape which cast it's malevolent gaze at the party, just as it faded.

Lastly the party (including the Impling) went through the opening only to find itself outside at the top of the original Tower they had seen when the arrived.

There was another earthquake at that moment, collapsing the final guard tower of Zaraffin's keep.

They were also in the dark.

In the middle of pouring rain.

In the distance, they could see a log cabin, with a light in one of the windows. There also seemed to be two figures standing next to it in the darkness, and they appeared to be Republican.

The worst is yet to come.






Count Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Thaumaturgist
Sir Huang - Master Monk of the Stone Tiger Order
Dame Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Numrendir - Human Coercer
Krazzek Thunderkeg - Dwarf Gumshoe
Daniella Lia Xiloscent - Half Elf Footpad
Bane - Human Hero (Fighter)


Slim, an Elf Presdigitator/Footpad.


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson