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Full Version: [ACT] Your last movie?
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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

This flick misses in pretty much every way. It isn't scary, creepy, or funny. The cast of teens look they are all 30+ and have no personality to distinguish one from the other. Some of the adults were okay. The villain himself was very poorly done however I don't blame Jackie Earle Haley who I think did a good job with a poor script, awful direction, and even worse special effects. This is a major franchise that languishes with what seems like unimaginative people who don't understand what makes it work.

1/2 a comet
Spectre (2015)

I spent most of this movie not really knowing what's going on, and then it gets intense as the writer pulls all the stops to tie up all of Craig's Bond movies into a nice bow. This is my second viewing and I don't really follow it any better. Maybe next time.
The Last Druid http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2504640/

It was visually stunning and often intriguing however the beginning is a little convoluted and the ending disenchanting. There are a lot of "nothing" scenes where characters just stand and look at something for awhile. The start felt like the Dune movie but it then fell into very generic Japanese style scenic moments which were quite fun. Lance Henriksen was okay but superfluous. The other two main cast members were actually better IMO.

I felt like the plot had more potential than the film showed us. It was a little too long for what was there but it's probably worth the watch.

3 Dystopians

[Image: garm-wars-mamoru-oshii-presentera-lucca-...80x720.jpg]
Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016)

It wasn't as bad as the Footloose remake, but it missed on many of the same points and lacked heart. The original cast is near impossible to follow and the original still stands up.

The Double (2014)

Richard Ayoade based on some old Russian psychosis. 2 IT Crowd cameos?
Major League 2

I don't really 'get' this movie but it followed up a 'hit.'

2 RBIs
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Honestly, this was pretty good. It had action, returned us to the first movie and tied them all together in a heartfelt way that capped the movie franchise off nicely. I look forward to watching them all in a marathon. Now I just have to find someone else who liked them.

4.5 Ali Larters
High Anxiety (1977)

I miss Madelyn Kahn
Role Models (2008)

Despite being another in a long line of movies showing how stupid and selfish men are where if they just do as women tell them, life is perfect; it's a pretty fun movie. Seann William Scott may slightly be returning to his roots here but don't count him down. He's a surprisingly good actor. Rudd is Rudd and always will be Rudd.  Jane Lynch is... Well... I love her regardless how bad the role. All in all, I enjoyed the movie, and it's possible in part because they made LARPing look like a lot of fun.

3 Rubber (but singing) Swords


Highlander (1986)

I pulled this out to show a Millennial (well, they were 1 when this came out). For me, it doesn't get much better. It was never well replicated and it's potential has never been fully realized but this movie taken on it's own is certainly one of my all time favourites. The casting is perfect as is the script for the extended version. The theatrical version is also awesome but the extended version added some pretty pivotal scenes like WW2. Other than improving the choreography of the sword fights, I doubt there's much that could be done to improve Highlander. That said, it's still better than the  bulk of the movie choreography out there.

My other viewer seemed to enjoy what she thought was dated special effects however I think that was more due to the language and dress of the 80s than the movie itself.  I love 80s style but I can see why bandanas and using landlines feels dated.

A true classic.

5 Funny Accents
Cry Wolf (2005)

Watched it alone, in the dark and still wasn't overly tense. I bought this years ago and just finally got around to watching it. It was pretty well done but lacked any oomph. The lack of oomph was highlighted by a poor soundtrack and even poorer timing. I thought the cast did well with what they had. Mostly predictable it did have some twists that could have been enjoyable if the aforementioned ooomf was there.

It's not all bad. I mean, Jon Bon Jovi is in it!  Woo!

BTW, this was the darkest college campus I've ever seen. Every hallway, room, stairwell and even the library was pitch black.

2 college hazings

Rings (2017)

Very, very, very, very predictable. Not even remotely as scary as the first one (no not Ringu, the real one we made over here despite the manga and whatever). It seems to retcon a little bit but try to create the same scenario as the first movie with new technology. Overall it fails to deliver. The Blair Witch trailer for the remake is scarier.

2 church bells
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

It was okay. Tim Burton was toned down a bit which helped but I didn't really follow the epilogue. Always good to see Chris O'Dowd getting work. Underrated and for me the highlight of this movie. Beyond that they do some timey wimey stuff that doesn't make sense to me. Well, it is a kids movie and based on some book. Perhaps the book doesn't toss any continuity out the door like the movie.

3 Pirates of the Caribbean
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