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Full Version: [ACT] Your last movie?
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 / Comic Book) - Wow. While I might have a quibble here or there, this was the Spider-Man movie I've always wanted to see. It captured the essence of the comic book source material I grew up with. While it had some slow parts, it was also action-packed and tear-jerking. I will be watching this again. 6/5
The Wolverine (Action/Comic Book) - Meh. So very Meh. Cheesy and predictable. (3/5)
A Million Ways to Die in the West

Both get a solid 3.5 of 5. I'm tempted to give West a 4 for being really funny, but MacFarlane should have cast someone other than himself. So, it costs the movie 9.3 points.
Despicable Me - It wasn't bad however it also wasn't great. It lacked the flair of Megamind but probably appeals to those who found MM forced. A grudging 3/5

Maleficent - Absolutely preposterous on so many levels but it did make me laugh a couple times and was a different idea for the story. Jolie was wooden. She was a bad good girl and a weak bad girl. 2/5
I can't completely disagree with your assessment of Maleficent, but I judged it by what I think was the target audience. Pre- to young teen girls? And, I figured it was all deep enough for that age group.

(06-11-2014, 04:43 PM)Kersus Wrote: [ -> ]Maleficent - Absolutely preposterous on so many levels but it did make me laugh a couple times and was a different idea for the story. Jolie was wooden. She was a bad good girl and a weak bad girl. 2/5
I would agree with you. I think it hit it's intended mark quite well. Dangit, if we disagreed, we could debate. Wink

I would have liked to see a purer evil for Maleficent. I think that for even those who enjoyed it and loved it, some saw some holes in the story (at least that's what I overheard) but the holes weren't enough to ruin it for them and tears flowed.
You Don't Mess With The Zohan - It's not my first viewing but I didn't hate it nearly as much as the first time. Basic Sandler style although perhaps a little better put together than the bulk of his stuff. 1.5/5

Rapturepalooza - Okay, it was in the background but I enjoyed it as such. It's hard to rate because it was stupid and I really didn't watch it intently but for what I needed (something on while I worked) it was perfect. It's a Christian apocalypse comedy that probably never should have been made. For my purposes, it was a 4/5 but in reality probably less.

Cottage Country - You can tell I've been hunting for comedies to have on in the background.... This was actually pretty well done but lacked enough humour to make it worthwhile. 2.5/5

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - I avoided this one until I realized Alan Tudyk was in it. Despite my disappointment with Labine in Cottage Country, I kept watching past the slow start and was thrilled. I laughed my way through this ridiculous movie and am very happy to have seen it. A spin on the college kids in rustic US. 4/5

Screwed: The Movie - It screams Indie flick and the audio of the main character was off for some reason (as though dubbed) and despite overall being weak, it was mildly entertaining. Yet another stereotypical movie about a guy who's lousy in bed but this time something magical alters things. 3/5

Existenz - One of my all time favourite reality-bending movies along with Thirteenth Floor. It makes Inception look like the Polka Dot Door. I find it brainy, well cast, well edited however with some B-style production values and it's a little gross. Existenze will always be a classic to me and what reality-benders should be. It doesn't colour code everything and hold your hand like Inception. Plus, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Trailer ruins the movie. 5/5

Then a couple documentaries:

Are All Men Pedophiles? - Touchy subject to be sure and likely nothing new to most but there were a few tidbits later on that were new to me. It was a little ignorant of Japanese culture but that's to be expected and it did talk about the double standard with women as well as how walled off men are from their own children nowadays. One point it made was, if you take women away from men, they'll look to other men. There was also a small amount of information on Ancient Greek culture but strangely nothing on the height of Liberal Rome/Republics. It "touches" a lot of hot button issues and not especially well, but also not terribly. It's one of the least biased documentaries I've seen (which isn't saying much). I may have fallen asleep through some of it. Meh. No rating. Perhaps worth chatting about though.

Tiny: A Story About Living Small - This stuff intrigues me but this particular documentary was very slow and tiresome. 2/5
Amazing Spider-Man 2 - still awesome the second time.

Amazing Spider-Man - still Meh, and while it has some great parts (Gwen, her dad), the plot has issues and it doesn't move along well enough. The humour is great, but it's tiring to see yet another drawn out origin story. It fits better after watching #2 but still has too many holes.

Gravity - intense and mildly entertaining. Bullock does well but the movie seems pretty cgi.

Oblivion - far better than I expected. Mostly predictable, it had some decent parts that caught me off guard. I enjoyed it but i'm skeptical of it's rewatchability.
BIPD - Supernatural Men in Black with a little less style but some potential despite coming late to the show. Poor post-production and Kevin Bacon looked uncomfortable in his role. Jeff Bridges was good but the aforementioned poor post-production marred his contribution. Ryan Reynolds was easily replaceable however Stephanie Szostak was fantastic. It would have been better with more Hellboy and Evil Dead characteristics or perhaps as a parody of the television show Supernatural. 2/5

After Earth - Wow, either it was way above my head, I wasn't paying enough attention, or it's just a slow movie with little to offer. Kudos to papa bird for helping out baby bird, but this wasn't my cup of tea. 1/5
Battleship: If you ignore the stupid human interest piece, it's not a bad action movie. I sort of liked it. Unfortunately the human interest part makes it harder to rewatch. 3/5
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