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Full Version: [ACT] Your last movie?
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I have to travel a ways for such theatres, however I agree. In this last case, the movie ticket was free (Scene Points).

I used to go to a place called the Mayfair which did double and triple bill movies often for less than $5. It was the same style place that would do the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the actors in front of the screen and full audience participation.

One thing that's nice is that drive-ins have made a small comeback out this way. It's not by the carload anymore, but it's still nice.

While watching John Wick I realized how much I miss intermissions so we could go refill drinks and such, but apparently the theatre recently stopped offering refills.
We went to see Gone Girl last week. I have to admit that I didn't see *that* coming.
Saw Lucy at the second run theater. I want my money back. I was willing to overlook the flawed premise that we only use about 10% of our brain because it's been a staple of sci-fi stories for awhile now. (We use 100% of our brain, but only 10% of the neurons are firing at any given moment. Know what happens when you get 100% firing? Ask an epileptic.) So, suspension of derision, check. But then the movie follows up a flawed premise with deridable moment after deridable moment, from "Why is she on the ceiling?" to saying she remembers the pain of her braces during a close-up on her face with teeth that have never been in braces to traveling back in time to pre-Columbian Algonquians (before Columbus sailed the ocean blue) on horseback. (Horses were first introduced to the Americas by the Spanish. In fact, one theory for the Americas never developing the wheel is because there were no beasts of burdens to tow large enough loads to warrant the wheel and axle.)

It was a well-shot, but incredibly stupid movie. 2/5 because Scarlett Johansson is an attractive woman.
Big Hero 6 - That was fun.

Robin Hood (Crowe) - uhhh....

1 hour of nothing, some intrigue with reference to the magna carta, a small battle, some music and landscape, riding, boats rowing, more riding, the ships land at Troy, arrows blacken the sky from a few men, bad guys forget what shields are for and pikemen forget what pikes are for, pretty meaningless movie but don't forget the wood people who mysteriously don't have any impact, then Eowen shows up but doesn't do anything, big water surfacing shot that has no purpose, iconic arrow shot that oddly turns the tide but may have been intended for the director, cheers from the extras hoping that the monstrosity of a film is over, but afterwards the movie finally starts, roll credits. 2/5
Interstellar gets a solid 3/5, and that's mostly for visual effects.

Birdman gets 4/5 for being cooly different and Micheal Keaton's great acting.
I'm interested in Birdman. I hope to see it.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil

An almost perfect film. Wash (Firefly) and Sock (Reaper) play best friends who are fixing up their dilapidated (presumably-)Appalachian Mountain vacation home. Cerie (30 Rock) plays Allie, a college girl who is camping in the area on spring break with some friends. When Tucker and Dale help out Cerie, her friends misunderstand their intent. Hilarity ensues.

Foxy Brown

A staple of '70s blaxploitation starring Pam Grier. A movie so bad it's superbad, dig? I'm mean the scene's so groovy it's fly. No jive, brother.

Also, Sid Haig used to have hair.
This is the End

Seth Green's apocalypse movie featuring cameos with just about everyone, including the highly rape-able Emma Watson. (A bad joke referencing a bad joke that didn't work in the movie, either.) Unfortunately, This is the End wasn't prophetic enough as Seth and James Franco are making another movie.
Malone (1987)

'70s icon Burt Reynolds, Lauren Hutton, Paul Wilson (The Walking Dead, In Cold Blood, In the Heat of the Night), Cynthia Gibb (no relation), Cliff Robertson, Tracey Walter (of "That Guy" fame. You know, as in "Hey, it's that guy."), and more familiar faces.

Typical script and direction for the time. Average critical rating, but I like it.
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