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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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Scorpion always felt forced to me.
It is. Maybe I'm just desperate for something to watch and can empathize with the "not belonging" thing although without any of the intelligence, ability, attractiveness, motivation, etc....

The Sony app for Netflix sucks and I can't seem to run Netflix on Snow Leopard anymore as Silverlight no longer works on any of the browsers I have with that machine. Completely obsolete but I will not upgrade from a reasonably secure OS to the crap that is Lion through El Capitan+. In fact, Leopard is probably a mite better. In fact, I have far less issues with my Tiger machine that sits in the basement for guests and music. Apple pretty much sucked from Lion forward IMO. Now, their bluetooth devices are the biggest crap in the bluetooth market. Smart mouse my ass. Hulu went pay only so I'm probably done with that. So my media machine can play...... Youtube.

[written from a Lenovo S415 Touch that doesn't have enough memory for Windows, KDE or Gnome 3 - and a crappy bus speed that certainly doesn't help, nor is it the nice thinkpad keyboard, but the touchscreen works]
Tried Westworld. Interested enough to move forward, but not blown away. Attracted to the Dream Park vibe but disinterested in the drama. Maybe it will make a good adventure for DP?
Stopped watching Scorpion shortly after posting about it.... No one seems to like it and I guess the external influence finally got to me.

Season 2 of Madam Secretary is mostly done. I don't really know why I like this other than it requires nothing of me and is easy watching while I work.
The Flash S3 premiere was good but it got boring by episode 2.

I'm about midway through the first season, and still (I think) prior to CW taking it over and adding it to Arrowverse (sort of).

I want to like this show. I keep coming back to it. I think they cast Kara okay although the whole DEO think is a little gay. I love the Martian Manhunter in this although he has some of the same problems as the other characters. Red Tornado was a bust. The musclebound jock Jimmy Olsen doesn't work for me, nor the lack of his pasty white freckled face. He shouldn't be handsome. I tire of the computer geeks that can do the impossible in every show. Hey, make the geeks awesome, but research what they can do please. The show is very matriarchal. The villains are women as apparently are all the powers that be on Krypton (good and bad). Supergirl's origin makes about as much sense as sending a second Terminator back through time.

I can forgive much of that. The effects are decent despite the fight choreography being pretty ridiculous and the budget seems ready to make things work.

What I struggle to deal with is how every character makes random decisions that fly in the face of any previous development. From episode to episode the writers toss away any semblance or verisimilitude. No one does things that jive with the character development thus far. Everything just exists (from props to banter) to drive some meaningless story forward. Meaningless is also the other important thing. Few things have any merit. The reveal of the Martian Manhunter was easily the most powerful scene so far, but none of the actions of that character make sense leading up to the reveal. Everything is just to throw you off. Act evil and you're good. Act good and you're evil. It becomes a predictable bait and switch.

Superman's addition thus far has been perfunctory.

DC is all about cities. "This is my city!" I guess we accept that.

I hope the series gets better once CW takes over. I'll ride out the first season and the second season's premiere and then give a verdict.


I'm also enjoying the second punny season of Lucifer despite it's Supernaturalesque view of heavens and hell. Blasphemy can be funny. Smile

I have been waiting for the right time to try Lethal Weapon. I couldn't get through the first episode of MacGyver. The newest Dirk Gently is a little too ADD for me. I really liked the previous BBC version. I have not read the books and didn't like Shada. I did however really enjoy the recent Dirk gently comics from IDW. You see, I bought a Douglas Adams book to read when it came out.... Or maybe it was a gift. Regardless, it was the second DG book and at the time I thought I'd wait until I got the first book, but it never happened. By the time Internet and Amazon rolled around, I forgot about it.

I snagged The Lost Room miniseries to watch again and see if I like it as much as when it first aired.
The Lost Room was an amazing mini-series. Definitely made before the Sci-Fi Channel proved they hated sci-fi. I'm both sad and happy that they never did a sequel. Sad because that world is awesome. Happy because you know they would have screwed it all up and written a really crappy story in their attempt to show how clever they are with all the power items not yet seen.
Let me just get this out of the way: Goddamned JJ Abrams.


Over US Thanksgiving weekend, HBO had a free preview and played all episodes to date, which was up to 9 at the time. I recorded them all. My aunt gets HBO, so I had her record the final episode. I finally got around to binge watching it.

First the good: That's how you do nudity in a drama. If anyone in any way thought the nudity was prurient, they just need to stick their heads back up their asses and leave the grownups alone. Also, the performances were great.

Now the bad: In trying to be clever, the writers got too clever creating conflicts to the conflicting conflicts. Did the machines develop intelligence or not? Event A says yes, Event B says no, But event C says that Event A is wrong, so no, and Event D says that B is wrong, so yes.

The ugly: The central mystery of the series was whether the machines have gained intelligence. This is just a superficial issue and misses the deeper issue, which is the same issue that Ridley Scott completely missed in Blade Runner with his Is-Decker-really-a-replicant bullshit. (Which, from what I've read. Ridley says yes.) The deeper issue is what does it mean to be human. It's a simple question with very complex answers and WestWorld doesn't even try to answer it. That said, I'll watch season two if there's still a world left.
I have mixed feelings about Westworld and would also give season 2 a shot. Samurai World?

I felt like the final episode tied things up fairly satisfactory until I watched some youtube video telling me how I was jipped from all these answers..... Now I like it less. Stupid youtube. Ultimately I liked Westworld more for feeling like Dream Park, than it's actual plotline.

What does it mean to be human..... The question 50% of Anime tries to answer? That word... Anime... Still feels new to me. With Ghost in the Shell coming out I've gone back to the original movie and SAC, but I find them slow and boring now. I have the manga (original and SAC) to try someday. Vexille was good. I think I was too young to fully appreciate Bladerunner. Later in life I grew to really value Philip K Dick's work and only then found out he wrote the source material. What about the new Bladerunner movie coming out?


So, after Supergirl joined the CW, the writing did get a pinch better as they tied up the crappy plots from before (unfortunately with the best actress getting killed off - okay, best actress in a bodysuit. AFter improving the show they jumped off the cliff with LBGT drama that became the centrepiece of the show. It's not Supergirl, it's What It's Like To Think You're Gay. I watched until Medusa which starts the Invasion crossover and finally watched the crossover. It was too short and condensed, but as a fan of the actual comic book crossover from those many years ago, I liked it. Not sure if I'll watch more Arrowverse, but probably. Less likely Supergirl.

Tried the first episode of The Exorcist and was surprised to quite like it.

Oh, watching Hikaru no Go with blech, er, subtitles. Takes so much concentration and I have to pause constantly to catch up with the reading but I like the game of Go, so maybe it's worthwhile. I haven't "seen" any of it because I'm always reading. Might as well have gotten the manga or just a novelization.

I watch The Odd Couple with my girlfriend because she likes it and I don't hate it, except that it always sounds like Chandler is yelling at me. Oh, caught a couple episodes of Frasier at my parent's place. I'm glad they're off those really bad BBC shows about being old.
(12-23-2016, 10:44 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]That's how you do nudity in a drama. If anyone in any way thought the nudity was prurient, they just need to stick their heads back up their asses and leave the grownups alone. Also, the performances were great.

Agreed. Bonus marks for using the word of the day.... some days ago...
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