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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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re: Powerless. It has Steve the Pirate. How bad can it be? But yeah. I caught the first episode and I'm willing to watch more.
Tournament of Hearts

For those who don't know, it's a Curling tournament in Canada. I believe it sets who goes to World Championships like the Olympics. I should know more than I do. Curling is a lot more fun than most would think, but like a number of things, it helps to have played it yourself. The television broadcasts of it aren't great as they miss stuff during commercials and talk far too much about stupid crap while the gamers are playing.
Legion (the x-men one)

The first episode was loooooong and slow. It had an oddness about it that I liked, but those parts were few and far between. It was otherwise quite boring. The cast seemed to work. I might try another episode. we'll see. Felt like a bad Indie movie.
re: Legion. Just binge-watched the first four episodes. "Bad indie movie"? More like a distillation of pure awesome poured into a glass of chilled stupendous.
Heh, just watched E02 and I'm still unsure. It gave me a headache, but it's either genius or complete crap. The episode felt like a 3 hour movie that just teased me with almost moving forward with the plot. I like the stylistic aspects and will eventually try E03 when my brain recovers.
Enjoyed Emerald City until the anticlimactic season finisher.

Dislike The Good Place however Kristen Bell is keeping me into it despite her character being pretty unlikeable.
Finished Rebus.  Lead actor changed after season 2 (same character).  That's would be like swapping Bob Denver for someone else in the middle of the Gilligan's Island's series.  But it worked out.  Still the first character was better.

Started working on Murdoch Mysteries, ho hum got bored after three episodes.

Switched to "Jo".  Which is another Murder Mystery set in Paris (but at least it is in English, not dubbed).   Only the lead actor uses a French accent however.

Still working on Dead Like Me. 

Re-runs of Samurai Jack are back online, the way Hulu keeps swapping things out I had better get through it before it goes away again.
"Jo". That's the Jean Reno one from a few years back? Got mixed reviews at the time. Despite the best ratings for the time slot most of its run, it was canceled after a single season. I liked it well enough.

Fun fact: The Doctor's son was a regular. (Sean Pertwee, son of the third Doctor, Jon)
After finishing Iron Fist which despite a few problems and too much talking instead of doing was my favourite of the Marvel shows so far, I tried The Badlands. It surprised me. I quite enjoyed the overly violent first episode. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt3865236/
13 Reasons

It was better than I expected. I ended up crying a few times. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but I'm glad I watched it.

The Slayers

Not as silly as some Anime, but I'm trying to find a good fantasy one. This is less eye-rolling than Fairy Tail. Going through GOO RPGs led me back here again. I tried it and dropped it last time, maybe too quickly.

Elfen Lied

Almost stopped due to the gorefest it opened with however the first episode redeemed itself somewhat and I became interested. I'm trying it as a way of recapturing something like Tokku.

Into The Badlands

I can't bingewatch it and some of the choreography on strings makes me cringe, but I will most certainly finish season one.

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