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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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I enjoy Into the Badlands, and not just because the wimmens is hot. Especially The Widow. Fun fact: Season 2 has Nick Frost.
Mission: Impossible season 1 (1966-67)

Everything the movies are not: intelligent, clever, entertaining, plausible.

Fun fact #726: Sulu was on M:I (episode 10) before Spock (seasons 4 & 5).
Anne (2017) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5421602/

A new rendition of Anne of Green Gables that's not filmed in PEI which was part of the majesty in the original. PEI is gorgeous. The old film sets are even still there as a tourist attraction, but no, it's filmed in Ontario flatlands. This is another one where it's hard to follow the amazing cast of the original and since the original is timeless, why recreate it? Oh, so they can get the writer from Breaking Bad to make it.... Bad?

Twin Peaks (1990) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098936/

I never could get past the first episode before, but now I'm into the second and enjoying it, finally... The only reason I keep trying it is because of John Phythyon and his Heaven & Earth RPG.
Oh my frickin' gawd. Just watched the first three episodes of Twin Peaks. I was busy back in '90, '91 and was unable to watch it at the time. Never got around to watching in syndication. So this is my first chance to sit down and watch it. I have seen scenes and I know who did it, (how could I not? The show is over 25 years old), but that doesn't matter. This show is absolutely amazing. From the stylized and stilted (intentionally) bad acting to the repetitious, schmaltzy music, to the gorgeous long shots, this is David Lynch at his peak. He is now forgiven for Dune. (To be fair, I doubt even Stanley Kubrick could have done Dune justice, but c'mon, voice modules? Really? Just because you didn't want desert ninjas?)
Luckily I didn't know who did it until I started watching recently and then suddenly saw it in the synopsis of a news article in passing. Sigh. I got stuck in season 2.

Currently going through the first season of Star Trek out of order; started Olympus which seems like it should be cool although a little boring; got bored with Bates Motel; After a few tries got to episode 2 of Love - it's not for me; watched one episode of The Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting - I laughed once, which isn't enough to keep watching a comedy skit show; actually getting into Drop Dead Diva for some reason but can't watch more than one episode in a given day (which may be why I like it - episodic nature is good); periodically rewatch episodes of Archer but not the most recent season which was awful; rewatched some of Dark Matter's second season - great show, wish it was still going along with Killjoys; watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles again as part of a Terminator share-time with my girlfriend; going back and watching episodes of Nero Wolfe to help me sleep (makes me want to read another Rex Stout book); watched the amazing new series of GLOW and have been watching the original in snippets as well as the documentary; tried Castlevania which actually was pretty good, just not great; tried an episode of Travelers which was good but felt like a full story and haven't moved forward with it; thoroughly enjoyed some of Last Tango in Halifax but eventually got bored - it lacks the humour that made As Time Goes By so awesome and timeless; watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who spinoff, Class - I liked it but doubt it will overly engage me for a season - sort of like mixing Sarah Jane Adventures with Torchwood but limited to a school; tried rewatching Torchwood: Children of Earth but neither of my blue ray players can seem to run the DVDs properly, y'know with audio so I need a new player I guess; enjopyed the first five episodes of Californication's season 7 - which I had seen before; got stuck in season 2 of the Witches of Eastwick; watched a couple free episodes of Slayers on youtube but the dubbed disappears and I don't want to buy it just because I snagged the BESM Slayers book; rewatched all of Dresden Files; rewatched some of the 10th Doctor's run with Rose; I think I also snuck an episode of Gatchaman and Blackstar in there somewhere.....

Now to find a movie about desert ninjas....
Enjoyed Atypical.
Watched the first episode of Comrade Detective http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5834198/ and was a little surprised to like it.

"She's a capitalist. Isn't calling her a prostitute redundant?"
Watched my first Inspector Lynley Mystery where Lynley is but a supporting character at best. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0834511/ I didn't dislike it and found it brought some nostalgic fun to old PBS Mysteries we used to sit down and watch back on antenna TV as a family, y'know because we only had one TV.

Natural Causes

After a ~36 hour binge, I'm all caught up with Marvel tv. Daredevil - done. Jessica Jones - I was not aware that Dr. Who was in that beforehand. Luke Cage - best part of a great season was the lampshade to the '70s comic's costume. Iron Fist - maybe because I was 15 hours in, but I didn't think it was as bad what I had heard. Not saying it didn't have problems. The Defenders - Ok, I had more issues with this one. Still watched it all. And on separate day, Marvel's Inhumans - Marvel didn't help themselves with the rollout on this one. It's an eight-hour, serialized tv movie, not an Imax feature.
Stranger Things Season 2 dropped at midnight I think. My wife, two eldest, and maybe the eldest's boyfriend (Sad) will start the binge watching tonight.
And I'm old, so by "binge watching" I mean 2 or 3 episodes. Wink
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