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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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Strangely....... Danmachi https://youtu.be/h_vrKfjpQSo
Trying to get into Black Books.

Finished Sword Oratoria.

Father Brown
Midsomer Murders alternating with Father Brown

Finished 'Allo 'Allo
Final Space
Just finished the second half of season 1 of The Tick on Amazon. Jackie Earle Hailey proves yet again that he deserved all the praise he got from The Bad News Bears.
Does The Tick get better? I only watched an episode or two and sort of gave up.

Started The Good Place S02 and am always watching Friends.
Trying to get back into the CW DC stuff. Way ahead in Arrow (compared to the others), catching up with Flash, mulling over Legends. Waiting for Supergirl to bring season 3 to Netflix and not be all about LBGTQRFDS politics.

I mean, Legends is a no-brainer. Firestorm alone would make a solid series. Combine him with The Atom and throw in Vixen or Hawkgirl. Wham, a winner. The rest, space-em. Maybe one of the many Flashes could come. Jessie Quick? The real trouble is viable villains and some kind of screenplays that aren't like rusty filters grinding my balls.
I'm still on Midsomer Murders, now the 14th season episode 2 "Dark Secrets" just after Tom Barnaby retired and his Cousin, John takes over.

Also watching Father Brown in the middle of season 5 episode 9 "The Lepidopterist's Companion".

And for the wife, we're watching "Call the Midwife", now on season 7 episode 3.
I don't know if I've seen the other two but did enjoy some episodes of Father Brown.
Doctor Who, Iron Fist
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