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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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(06-23-2021, 06:51 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like The Blacklist has one more episode. I hope it has only one more episode. I've invested too much in this show for it to pull a The Mentalist on me.

Did not see that end coming. And it turns out the show was renewed for another season back in January.
I'll give The Bad Batch a try.

I'm starting the 2007 Flash Gordon again. Maybe get the RPG?

I wish I could remember where I left off on Blacklist. I'm lost in it. I think some child was taken away in a helicopter?
Y'know, starting The Bad Batch reminded me that when I initially heard of The Clone Wars in early Star Wars I thought it was this mess of wars between clone armies. Droid armies didn't even occur to me.
Halfway through the second season of Star Wars: Rebels. Not as good as Clone Wars or Bad Batch, but not without its charms. Chopper, the "R2-D2" of the show, is definitely no R2-D2. R2 can sometimes be a bit of a jerk, but it's a likable kind of jerk. Chopper is just an asshole.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow is one of those shows that's just interesting enough to keep tuning in.
(07-08-2021, 10:11 AM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]DC's Legends of Tomorrow is one of those shows that's just interesting enough to keep tuning in.

I need to figure out where I left off. During one of the crossovers. I haven't watched any of the Arrowverse shows for awhile.

Been watching 1967's Spider-Man and enjoying them more than I expected.
Review of The Bad Batch, episode 11: Goddammit, Star Wars Franchise, stop trying to subvert my expectations. When I watch a new episode that turns out to be a pilot for a spin-off show, I expect it to be for a show that will be coming out, not one whose four-season run ended three years ago.
Leverage: Redemption. The first two of the eight episode season were a single, two-part story that was actually pretty good television. Not Breaking Bad good, but good. Gina Bellman got to flex her acting chops (the best talent on the show, now that Timothy Hutton is no longer with the show). The rest of the season wasn't as good, reverting back to the final season level, which is still entertaining, just not at the quality of the premiere. Christian Kane, I believe, has enough talent, and was given enough material, to keep the character from becoming a caricature. Unlike Beth Riesgraf, who wasn't given the material. Aleyse Shannon, replacing Aldis Hodge who was only there for the first two episodes before the writers put him in a coma, or sent him to a Buddhist monastery, or something, was the was basically a Robbie Rist. No, that's unfair. Cousin Oliver was an addition, not a replacement. Let's go with the ultimate replacement actor, Ted McGinley. Which is a little unfair to Ted. Noah Wile was there as the love-child of Peter Lupus and Zoe Saldana in the Star Trek movies (if you can call that Star Trek), brought out when the plot needed him and often in scenes where the character really doesn't belong. (Why is Uhuru with the landing party? She's the Communications Officer? Shouldn't she be on the ship doing, oh I don't know, communications? Ah, the plot needed some drama between her and Spock.)

At any rate, Gina Bellman was great, I enjoy Christian Kane, and the show was fun entertainment that would mention societal issues without actually addressing them. Better than what Lovecraft Country turned out to be. Or what I figure Lovecraft Country turned out to be considering I stopped watching and have no intention of going back to finish.

New season of Archer started a few weeks back, which I missed because I thought the previous season was the last, but I guess FXX offered enough money. Wonder if they will end it now that Jessica Walters is dead or if they'll continue with Stephen Tobolowsky and play off the tensions between him and Lana, instead.

Been enjoying season 2 of Lower Decks. Even though I don't consider anything after Star Trek (1966-69) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) to be Star Trek (Yes, even Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn), Lower Decks gets a pass due to the satirical nature of the show.

The Cinemax(?) adaptation of Titans has been airing on TNT. Can't say I've so much enjoyed it as I've been mildly intrigued.

What If..., on Disney+, has been uneven: episode 4 (Doctor Strange) being a high, albeit very dark; and episode 2, (Black Panther/Starlord) being a frivolous low.
I think I liked Titans but it was awhile ago now.

Watched the full season/series of Helstrom. Went in with very low expectations, enjoying it enough to continue and then being quite intrigued by the end. Too bad it got canceled.

Watching Utopia/Dreamlands again about the National Building Authority in Australia (comedy about building infrastructure). Same sort of humor as WA1 to me.

Finally into the second season of Miss Fisher's Mysteries and found the last three episodes of the first season to be amazing.
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