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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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Still watching Scandal and the addition of Scott Foley from The Unit and a cameo by Ernie Hudson have been the highlights for me.

Hoping to catch some NHL Playoff games this year.
Watched the premiere episode of Fargo starring Arthur Dent and Slingblade. Laughed my ass off. Until the hammer fell. Then it wasn't so funny anymore. Highly recommended. For those still not convinced, it's got "Better Call" Saul, Wild Bill Hickok, and Tom's boy.
Black Box, a reference to the brain. Even with all that we know, we still don't really know how it works. The star is a bipolar neuroscientist, Dr. Catherine Black (see what they did there! Dr. Black. Black Box. See, see) who often goes off her meds. Hilarity ensues. No it's not a comedy and the results aren't funny. This is a serious drama about about the serious issue of mental illness and how it affects those suffering from it and those who love those suffering from it. And those suffering form those who suffer from those suffering from mental illness. I didn't really buy into it.

Also has Vanessa Redgrave.
Tried Revenge and it's essentially The Arrow for Soap Opera lovers. Intrigue instead of action and the acting is similar but sometimes so over the top I giggle.

Got back into Game of Thrones watching season 2,3, and into 4 now. I sort of wish they would have done Middle Earth like this instead of just three movies. Chronicles of Amber would be nice too.

Periodically an episode of Teen Titans.... Er.... Young Justice.
Elementary - I like this rendition and the cast except that it's located in New York and the scripts are very slow moving and bland.
It's not about the location or the scripts. It's about Lucy Liu being my cat-eyed goddess of the accordion!
(05-04-2014, 03:27 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]It's not about the location or the scripts. It's about Lucy Liu being my cat-eyed goddess of the accordion!
Lucy is good (although it's hard to see her a anything other than a Barracuda) as is the whole cast. I enjoyed the first ten episodes even though they weren't epic or overly memorable. Episode eleven, "Dirty Laundry," really tanked for me. The directing and writing broke down IMO.

Spoiler :
I felt it pointed toward the daughter being in on it as a cold calculating spy and when they didn't follow through on that it became easy to just believe the girl was a terrible actress, but I will blame the writers and mostly the director.
Well, the first season does seem to improve as it passes the halfway point. Either that or I'm just growing to enjoy it more.
Oh yeah, Elementary is a terrible procedural, but that's just backdrop for the character interaction, which, as you've noticed, gets better as the writers start to realize who the characters are.
Have you watched Blacklist?
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