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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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(09-11-2021, 09:50 AM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]... I don't consider anything after Star Trek (1966-69) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) to be Star Trek (Yes, even Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn), Lower Decks gets a pass due to the satirical nature of the show.
Lot of truth here.
I might have to give Lower Decks a try :/
It skewers every incarnation of the Star Trek IP, from Star Trek to Star Trek: Discovery, although I couldn't say how much of the later shows as I haven't seen all that much of them, so many references doubtlessly go over my head.
I watched all of TOS, several times. I've seen every movie with the original cast... I'm not sure I've seen any of the newer movies. I've seen a couple of the cartoons. I've seen all of TNG at least once - great series, not really ST to me, but I enjoyed it and put it in the same universe. I've seen a bunch of DS9 episodes, some of the Voyager stuff, and probably zero of any other series except for, of course, Starship Exeter! Big Grin
Only read a couple arcs of Y: The Last Man but I don't remember Yorick being the whiny loser that he is so far in the new series.

New episodes of DC Super Hero Girls have dropped! Finished in an evening. Not a big deal considering each episode is only 11 minutes or so.
I like all six ST movies, yes... even V. After that I care much less.

DC Super Hero Girls has more? I will have to acquire them. I really like shows that are short. Even the 60s Spiderman was a lot of split episodes of 12 minutes each. You can tell a fun story in 10-12 minutes. In fact, most hour long shows could easily boil down to 12 minutes and miss very little.

Been watching Heels, Ted Lasso and The Goes Wrong Show.

Heels was a bit of a surprise. Ted Lasso an even more feel-good surprise and my gosh, The Goes Wrong Show is some of the best TV I've seen in ages.

Squid Game

What the...?!?
Let's see,

There's the new Ming-na Wen series starring Ming-na Wen and some Maori asshole who keeps trying to steal the spotlight from Ming-na Wen. Apparently the premiere episode received mixed, but overall favorable, reviews. No doubt because of the limited Ming-na Wen screen time.

Finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Actually pretty good. Surprisingly nuanced for a comic book show. And containing an unsurprising lack of nuance.

The Wheel of Time was a bit of a letdown for me. To cover the amount they did in only eight episodes required paring everything down to the point where if I weren't familiar with the story (even if it has been, what? twenty-five, thirty years since I read the first book) I doubt I'd understand what was happening. More than that, though, I wonder how much of a budget they had. And I hate the casting for Perrin.

The third and final season of Hanna has been released. For what it was, it wasn't bad, if a little derivative of the Bourne Ultimatum and the like, but for what the movie and first season were, well, let's just say that seasons two and three were a bit of a left turn for me.

Season two of The Witcher is available, so I'll probably binge that in the next few days. Likely after I watch Kate, the Mary Elizabeth Winstead remake of the 1950 Edmond O'Brien noir, D.O.A. I wonder if they keep the "luminous toxin".
In eight episodes, The Witcher season 2, told a deep, complex story, while building a world of intrigue with a rich, detailed history. Unlike some other fantasy series I've seen recently.

Or maybe I'm just a simpleton easily distracted by a shiny.
Eight more episodes of Leverage: Redemption. More of the same. Saw that Beth Reisgraf directed a couple/few episodes, which is not all that surprising: Alan Alda directed some M.A.S.H.; Patrick Stewart did some Next Generation; Noah Wile is well known for directing shows he stars in, including this one.
Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld with Vera Farmiga. It was very good. Often followed comic book logic, but did it well.

Also: I don't know why I keep misspelling Noah Wyle's name.
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