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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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The 100

I'm not sure I like it beyond the potential as a post apocalyptic RPG setting but it's in my Hulu queue so I watch it.
(10-27-2014, 06:56 AM)rredmond Wrote: [ -> ]Grimm is getting that way for me too, like you with Scorpion. If I miss an episode, meh.
I don't like the character called "Trouble". (Where's the eye roll smiley?)

I barely watch either of these shows now. I did watch all of that Galavant series. It was okay, made me want to seek out the old Wizards and Warriors TV show to see if it's as good as my memory seems to think. 
Galavant is in theory everything I want in TV but for some reason it fell flat for me. I would love to see Wizards and Warriors again.

Arrow There are things about this show that really bug me but the writing isn't terrible and for some reason I find it compelling. I find the show hinges on Emily Bett Rickards with some extra help from John Barrowman. Brandon Routh is simply too good for his part here and needs his own show as The Atom. J.R. Ramirez was wasted and could have been amazing. Colin Salmon was also one of the more `depth`actors and he`s not really involved.

Flash feels like it should be great but I`m never excited for the next episode. I know deep inside that I really like it but I think it`s more of, Ì`m going to love it.`and that never arrives. The cast is better than Arrow but the writing is a little shoddier.

Gotham was a stretch for me. I really didn`t see the potential and I guess it`s essentially an Elseworlds show like Birds of Prey was. The cast is really good and the writing is fair. It doesn`t grab me but I do enjoy each episode.... Unless Jada Pinkett Smith has any big parts. She really comes across poorly, whether it`s her or direction but the rest of the cast is great.

Marvel`s Agent Carter has potential but so far hasn`t grabbed me either. I do have four episodes still sitting in my queue. This probably shows that I`m trying to enjoy something I really don`t.

State of Affairs has little potential but I do enjoy watching an episode once in awhile. It's unique in that one episode is enough for about a week.

I love The Blacklist but it's plot has run it's course and they seem to be fumbling a bit.

Bob's Burgers is fun sometimes.

As soapy as Nashville is, I'm enthralled.

I'm really mixed about The 100 but feel invested in the show.

The only show I truly love this season is Bad Judge and it's cancelled. I could watch this show all day, every day.

I also did a full runthrough of Friends. It's the first time since it was originally on. It's nice because I laugh and it's very specific to my generation.

I need some fun series on Netflix to watch now.
I tried "Secrets and Lies" which feels a little like the Broadchurch setup but has this 'trying too hard' feel about it and my gosh it's slow.
Working my way through The Unit again.
Essentially I'm not really watching anything at this point. I did watch Galavant, but I thought it'd be more modular, that the 8 (or whatever) episodes would end in a resolution, and then the next ones would be a new story. Ah well.
Watched Grim last night, was looking forward to the absence of truble, or whatever her name was. But the whole "oh now she's a Wesen with awesome powers and they need to work that out" WTF! She's a Wesen with awesome powers and on your team... what the heck do they need to think about. ARGH. I hate TV.
I still struggle with Galavant. I do like Timothy Omundson.

I watched the first few of Grimm when it started and didn't dislike it. I think at the time I just had other shows I preferred. I like the idea of "monster of the week" shows but without metadrama.

I've been going through The Unit again (into the 2nd season) and just started the Cosby spinoff, Different World after finishing up Bad Judge.
Better Call Saul. Good stuff.
(03-24-2015, 06:05 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]Better Call Saul. Good stuff.

I need to try that one. I haven't seen it on Hulu yet. Hey, it's on AMC. Watching Ep1 now.

A Different World left me with a smile as I drifted off to sleep. Simpler times.
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