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Full Version: [ACT] What shows have you been watching?
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Started watching JOEY again. Hating The 100.
(03-24-2015, 06:05 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: [ -> ]Better Call Saul. Good stuff.
I just saw the main guy in an episode of Joey. Heh. Hard to mistake that voice.
My word, the Inhumans already in Agents of SHIELD..... The show seems more like a castoff of the movie plots while running it's own metaplots that are mostly irrelevant. It is actually getting better but so convoluted. I've always disliked the modern take on SHIELD and think the Marvel Universe would be just fine without it.

I think I'm sort of starting to enjoy State of Affairs. It's okay.

I absolutely love Undateable even though I don't enjoy the main guy's stand-up comedy act.

Nashville is still a guilty pleasure.

Once Upon A Time.... I don't know. I watch it.

I still enjoy the Simpsons and from time to time check Bob's Burgers but it's starting to wear thin for me.

Backstrom is getting repetitive and painful. If not for Dennis Haysbert, I might have given up some time ago.

I gave up on Agent Carter some time ago.

Gotham is still meh but I'll try longer.

I miss Bad Judge.

I'm saving Daredevil episodes for when I run out of Hulu stuff but almost done rewatching the whole series of The Unit again. I loved that show.

The latest season of House of Lies has been entertaining I guess. It's getting worse all the time but the cast is strong. Kristen Bell is pretty hot. I've never seen Veronica Mars.
Dark Matter - I'm quite enjoying this show. It's a great premise for an RPG. I'm not sure I like it better than the Cowboy Bepop-like Killjoys but since Netflix snagged it, i've seen all but the last episode.

It may not be the best show in the world but I really like it. Is it Firefly? Nope. It's a very sci-fi channel style show. I hope it gets renewed.
The Player

Based on the trailer I thought this would be stupid. I was bored and gave it a try.

What a pleasant surprise. It feels like the Blacklist yet with less metaplot and more potential to be ongoing without rabbit in the hat rationalizations. It's cast isn't as strong but may be adequate.

Action packed fun and no real emotion.
The Event

This is one of those shows where I'm interested in the final twist/information but find it frustrating, slow and in this case, irritating with the time jumps. They're easy to follow but mostly useless and overused. The acting isn't great and it reminds me a little of how I felt about the original Heroes series. I'll probably look up the interesting information instead of painfully watching each episode.

I was surprised to start enjoying Shades of Blue and am intrigued by Lucifer.
I'm starting to like Lucifer. It's just another twist on the buddy cop thing where the buddy can pull out a person's deepest desires and a silly metaplot about angels.

I always enjoy Undateable Live and am giving DC's Legends of Tomorrow a try. The second season of Young Justice came out on Netflix but it really seems to suck compared to the most excellent first season; at least so far.

Winding down on the first season of 7th Heaven and lastly I'm on a binge of The Cosby Show - almost through the first season. I wish more of Cosby's stuff was readily available. The second show just named Cosby and the Cosby Mysteries.
Legend's of Tomorrow has been disappointing.

I should note above that I called "Cosby" the second show but it's really the third (excluding Fat Albert) and The Bill Cosby Show comes first but I don't think I've seen it.

Telenovela is a lot of fun.
Shades of Blue was a surprise. I really expected to hate it, but I'm relatively interested although I don't see a long future for the show. Drea de Matteo is absolutely the shining support star.  I think she could carry a show - comedy or drama.

[Image: Drea-de-Matteo-drea-de-matteo-13167606-1702-2560.jpg]
Started watching Crowded because of Patrick Warburton and Stacey Keach and while it has all the pieces of the puzzle to make a great show, it seems empty.
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