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Full Version: [DT] What tabletop board/card/mini/etc. games have you played recently?
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DC Comics DBG
X-Wing Miniatures Game
Coin Age (simple and fun little game of territory control)
Started going to local boardgame meet-ups.

Terra Mystica
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
La Havre
(the classic 1979 Avalon Hill boardgame)
Race for the Galaxy
Roll for the Galaxy
Power Grid

And others that I can't recall at the moment.
Wow, I haven't played any of those. How was Power Grid?

I recently played the DC Comics Heroes Unite DBG. You build power quicker and there are synergies of vast power as compared to the original game. This version felt more like Ascension.

Oh, a little while ago I tried the basic rules for Sails of Glory. I hated it. The basic rules were slow, clunky, and too complicated so I doubt I'll try the standard or advanced rules anytime soon. A new game for my basement and $80 wasted.

Before that I played Wings of War a few times and while it's a little slow, I enjoyed it. Betwween it and X-Wing i jumped the gun and ordered Sails of Glory to my regret.
(05-20-2015, 01:41 PM)Kersus Wrote: [ -> ]How was Power Grid?

Good game. It has a double-sided board (Germany/US) with the base game and there are expansions with different nations, so if one country starts to feel stale, you can try another. The game I played was South Korea. The game itself is a bidding/network-building/resource management game. You bid for power plants, buy the resources to power the plants, and build a network of cities for the plants to power. At the end of the game, the player supplying power to the most cities wins. Note that that's "supplying power to the most cities," not the player with the most power or the most cites. It's possible that the player with the most cities cannot supply enough power and the person with the most power doesn't have enough cities.
I played Sails of Glory again and hated it a little less. I invested in a mat and a couple smaller ships to see if that will make it more fun. It's still too slow for me.

I played endless hours of Dice Masters (first YuGiOh and than D&D) before finally understanding the rules and starting to enjoy it. I admit some happiness in collecting the D&D boosters. The game itself is mediocre but the cards and dice are pretty nifty. The YuGiOh was for @Archergirl and I know almost nothing about such modern cartoon phenomenons.

I'd like to try HeroScape and some more Song of Blades & Glory.
Lots of D&D Attack Wing.

I've also gotten into Classic Traveller.
Bought Terra Mystica and the Fire and Ice expansion. Will be running it at a con later tonight. Will also be running only two sessions of Ə. Running two instead of three because for some reason the first submission of the sessions I want to run disappears when I submit them to this particular con. It has happened three years straight, now. Usually I catch it and resubmit, but I didn't notice it this time until too late.

Been playing a lot of the 18XX line of games. Went to the Chattanooga 18xx convention back in February and place 19th in the tournament (if you're attending the con, you're in the tournament). Not bad for a game I've been playing for less than a year.

Ok, the way the scoring works for the tournament inflated my ranking: You were scored on the best score for up to four different games. If someone spent the entire weekend playing only 1817, which many people did, you received only points for only one game. Part of the scoring involved how many different people you played with over the weekend. This was implemented after one year when a guy showed up with two friends who throw every game for him. But still, I made a good showing for myself.
Heavy Gear: Badlands Rally

It seemed cumbersome and overly complicated for aa race/demolition derby with mechs. I was pretty disappointed in the game however I love the minis.  

Follow up on my previous post: Turned out it was the confirmation email that was in error and I was credited for all three sessions of Ə that I had registered (free t-shirt as well as free entry to the con). Good thing, too, as the first session was the only session anyone signed up for. Ran one guy through The Lost Tomb who died with the first ghoul. His own fault: I offered to let him run two characters but he declined. He then built a Dwarf, used up most of his Character Points to jack his Defense up to 5, leaving very few for Aspects and Health. With only two Ranks in Sorcerer, he couldn't cast spells and his magic Resist (the big reason to take Dwarf along with 7 Health per CP) was only a d8. Yeah, he was hard to hit, but this is Ə. Hard to hit just means that the hits come hard when they do.

Terra Mystica: Fire and Ice: This is what I played most this weekend. The game I ran, using the expansion with all the optional rules had enough people sign up that I ended up with two tables, one with four experienced players using a board brought by Brian, who were left to their own devices while I ran a game for Macmillan and Wife, a couple who had played the base game once a couple years ago. Susan St. James won the game playing the Dragonlords, I came in second with the Auren, and Rock Hudson came in last playing the Dwarves. It was a very money-shy game with the 6 Coin and 4 Coin/Cult bonus tiles out of the game. Very frustrating. I loved it.

The next night Brian ran the base game. In the game were three completely new people, one person who had played once some years ago, and me, with Brian Gming and coaching. The races were, in clockwise order from my left, Mermaids, Auren, Nomads, Darklings, and Cultists. I chose the Cultists mainly because I had never played them before, so I figured an unfamiliar race against four coached newbies was fair. And considering that going into Round 5 (of 6), I was 20 points behind the next to last place player (with the player in the lead being a good 15-20 points above that), that looked to be a good assessment. Then Round 5 happened, where I finally got my first town, got my shipping up to connect all my buildings, and found myself in a competitive position for 4th. Round 5 led to the Round 5 cleanup where the Mermaids and I had two bonus terraforms. The Mermaids went first, changing a spot next to two isolated buildings of mine into lakes, a play he really needed to make to have any chance of being competitive. The problem was his play allowed me to terraform that spot into a terrain I needed to create a second town, which, needless to say, I did. By the end of Round 6, I had moved up to 3rd. After adding in the endgame bonuses, in which I dominated the Cult Track, as Cultists should, with 1st in three Cults and 2nd in the fourth, I won by 2 points.

Brian is still pissed at me. "We want to encourage new people to play and there you are playing cut-throat against newbies."
I've never played the 18XX games, nor Terra Mystica.... So many games to play.

I did get to take Song of Blades and Heroes out for another spin finally (after near a decade). Played against a Yakuza, Monk, Sohei and Geisha with my Ranger, Fighter/Illusionist, Fighter, Fighter/Magic-User.

I like the game. It's simple but recoils are just a pain in the bum.
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