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Full Version: [DT] What tabletop board/card/mini/etc. games have you played recently?
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Yes, that one! I think I tried Fightball once and also wasn't enthralled. Brawl is not only a greta game but by looking at a few decks it's easy to construct your own decks. As a gift I was given all the new decks from the last Brawl Kickstarter but none of them come in boxes, not even white. Just loose cards. They added a few complicated rules (new cards).

There are few things nicer in gaming than to spend under $15 and get a game you'll replay over and over. I get no such joy from the best of games over $50.
The quarantine has given many more gaming pleasures in the last 5-6 months than the last 5-6 years combined. While I've done a number of one-shots and ran a multi-episode Tunnels & Trolls adventure, I finally have regular gaming! Three weekly games. AD&D1e, OD&D, COC7e.

I also run a sporadic White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game using the dungeon "Beneath the Ruins" from the Wizards Mutants and Laser Pistols Zine.

If one of my weekly games ends, I will start running one weekly. Now that I've found out our hockey is delayed until 2021, I hope to game even more.
It's all solo for me on the tabletop. Jaws of the Lion with pared-down Gloomhaven rules in a $50 box. A month ago I got Elder Signs, which is ok. Gaia Project has one of the best solo options out there. The solo game for 1862 is very good, but the set-up and break-down is a factor that limits it to about once a month for me.

But mostly I play a shitload of asynchronous Terra Mystica online.
You could probably come onto Discord or some such technology and play.
Sort of auditing a game of Traveller (RTT2e) on Discord tonight. Playing one of the NPCs in an ongoing campaign (Drinax). May or may not join up permanently.

Played Techlandia recently. It works mechanically but leaves it's theme to some degree. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/273933/techlandia


Here to Slay (quick and easy game with two anyway - might be boring with more - although one player starts winning and wins) - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/299252/here-slay
18xx.games, your repository for 18xx games. More being added on a regular basis with many more in queue. All volunteer work. If you're a fan of Winsome Games 18xx games, you're out of luck. Dude has declined to allow his games to be implemented without being paid, unlike most every game designer and 18xx distributor who the site has contacted for permission. Currently there are 30 games available, 20 of which are in production, 3 in beta, and 7 in alpha.
New site for me. I'm checking it out.

I tried the new Plex Games (basically old Atari games) but can't get it to work on any device. Oh yeah, need to cancel my subscription for something that never worked.

Recently started playing the Tanto Cuore beta on Steam. I enjoy it. I know the theme would turn some people off but it's a heavily improved Dominion style DBG.

My OD&D virtual campaign hit a year last night. 51 sessions over 52 weeks. I'm 3rd level.

My Call of Cthulhu campaign has completed 43 sessions although we missed a few weeks and I don't recall exactly when it started. It's contentious. I'm not sure I like CoC and am certain I hate the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign. Spawn of Azethoth and the Dreamlands stuff was fun though. I think I play somewhat out of obligation however I do occasionally have fun. and I like the people.

I run Far Away Land weekly now and the next one will be #18. You're very welcome to join us on Discord. We don't use anything but Discord voice and text.

Finally for the first time in my life I played Mythus!!!! Dave Newton ran me and a few others through a one-shot. I want to explore that game some more although I doubt it could supplant Lejendary Adventure.
Catapult Kingdoms

Literally build a wall, place some men, and shoot a catapult at your opponent's wall. Not metaphorically, literally.
Red Storm Rising - Post Cold War WWIII

Far Away Land RPG
Original Dungeon & Dragons
Dangerous Journeys (Deadlands)

Getting pregens ready for Lejendary Adventure on Tuesday.

I'm not sure I'll stick with Dangerous Journeys. More likely I'll do a monthly one-shot of something instead.
Love Letter
Welcome to the Dungeon

AD&D1e Greyhawk - Playing Drow trying to maneuver through underworld sewers. Defetaed a Night Hag and fled a blob monster that ate magic (also you only did 1hp of harm per damage die rolled and it multiplied after absorbing enough magic - and cast spells back at you that you cast - Like the Lightning Bolt I almost TPKed everyone with almost TPKed us a second time).

FAL game just completed session 40.
OD&D onto session 74 tomorrow
I quit the Dangerous Journeys.
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