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Full Version: [DT] What tabletop board/card/mini/etc. games have you played recently?
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At GaryCon I had the fortune to play:

Pittsburgh 68
The Stripey Hole

68 looked somewhat fun for large groups but the turns took way too long. Chainmail was a bucket list game for me as I've been looking forward to being taught how to play but after a session of the TOEE Moathouse battle, I still haven't a clue how to play. It was pretty cool still. The Stripey Hole has potential and is a microgame from ICGD.

Lastly, I just played Ticket to Ride Europe. I have put off playing this game for years. I certainly didn't want to buy it without playing first. People raved about it and I knew it was a classic game but a long time ago I tried some computer version and it was awful. What a pleasant surprise. We played two-player and it was fantastic.
Adventurer - Simple game that isn't co-operative nor is there direct conflict between players.
Showed Pandemic off a bit as well as Castle Panic. Oh, and Kahuna.
Played Small World at a small con, recently. Got my niece Ticket to Ride for her birthday, so I've been playing a fair bit of that.
I'd enjoy a copy of Smallworld.... and someone to play it with. I've only played it once but I really enjoyed it. It felt like a much faster and simpler History of the World with that fantasy twist. Which Ticket to Ride?
The original.

As for Smallworld, I had fun but reading some user reviews, I can see the complaint that the other players have nothing to do on a person's turn, when turns can take over 5 minutes. Still, it's a game I'd be willing to get. If they make a new tray.
I think I was looking at the Underground version. I like the idea of having a chess timer type thing for games where people tend to take long turns.
Before I Kill You Mister Bond, renamed as James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game because they couldn't afford to fight the C&D to prove they didn't have to cease and desist.
AWARD SHOW by Twilight Creations. It's a simple little game with a little strategy but has that vapid feel most Twilight Creations games have. Potential untapped. It's worth playing but probably not worth buying Smile
DC Comics DeckBuilding Game. I'm trying to decide if I should invest in an expansion.
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