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Full Version: HackMoor Summary: No Quorums 2019/05/31 to 2019/06/14
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The Playtest using the 2nd Ed AD&D we did on May 24th is still valid pending a quorum for the official battle.

Because we Played Civilization on 17 May, someone brought me the Western map expansion for Father's day so we Played it again on the 31st.  It was a technical win for Africa based on the ability to have bought the 7th Civilization card to bring it out of the Early Bronze Age and into the Early Iron Age.

On the 7th of June there was also not a quorum, so I canceled the evening so I wouldn't have to pick them up during a storm.

On the 14th, we still did not have a quorum, so I compelled my Players to test a scenario of SPI's Starforce, Alpha Centauri from 1974.  Which was fortuitous since I had a formal game of it on Saturday.  The Playtesting must have worked, because the next day I won all three scenarios.

The current HackMaster situation is being retained below so we don't forget:
> On 6/6/19 11:42 PM, Tracy Johnson wrote:
>> As a result of the playtest two weeks ago with Battlesystem™, I right-sized the "baddies" miniatures to match the size of the good guys.  Still cheap plastic, but the same type of unit won't overshadow their opponent. 
>> To repeat what has gone on before:
>> The Party is with a small underground civilization named Cynicism (demonym: Cynics) who are constantly stoned out of their gourd due to the poor diet of mushrooms, underground fish, and lack of sunlight.  (I think it's mostly the mushrooms.)  The Cynics are controlled by a priestly class of Ba'al worshippers and a tribe of Hobgoblins.  The Party has aligned themselves with three rebel Catholic factions whose numbers are still too small (450) to defeat Ba'al.  (550 plus a tribe of 200 Hobgoblins, and a large family of Ogres.) 
>> P.S. I also forgot to mention a gaggle of Trolls (same size as the Ogre tribe).
>> At the onset of the upcoming battle, the Catholic factions will get 500 Light Infantry reinforcements from the Duchy of Ten and the Kingdom of Blackmoor topside.
>> This means the baddies are now outnumbered by a ratio of about 5:4, so I upgraded their "Peasant Rabble" from last play test to "Halberdiers" to make the battle more even.