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Full Version: Where is the answer?
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What's the difference between looking on your character sheet for an answer or seeking an answer from within the player?
Is this one of those "Would characters know a werewolf's weakness if they'd never encountered one even though the player knows" questions? Because I say yes, the character would know. Even if it had a 2 intelligence.

RPGs are for players, not PCs. PCs are tools used by players and character stats provide bonuses and/or penalties to those tools and limit what type of tool a player can have. Said INT 2 means the tool cannot be a magic-user, not that the player has to behave like a complete moron.

So what's the difference? One is playing an RPG and the other is playing an RPG incorrectly. Or as the kids would say, "RPGs: You're doing it wrong."

Or that's what I imagine the kids would say. Kids still exist, right?