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Full Version: Alexa Must Die!
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What do you call a pig that tells jokes?

Spoiler :
A schtick in the mud.

Somebody kill her.
Why did the toothbrush cross the road?

Spoiler :
For a change of paste.
Did you hear about the ninja dinosaurs?

Spoiler :
They're called Youneversaurus.
What does Frankenstein drive?

Spoiler :
A monster truck
Why did the snakes cross the road?

Spoiler :
They had to get home before their parents had a hissing fit.

This answer surprised me because it was something I didn't think possible: it's worse than the answer I came up with:

Spoiler :
To get to the slither side.
Why did the fox cross the road?

Spoiler :
Free chicken!

Ok, that one is funny.
How did the dad justify buying a boat?

Spoiler :
There was a sail.
How does James Bond sleep?

Spoiler :
Under covers
What does Han Solo call his clone?

I'm not even going to bother with spoilering this one.

Han Duo
Why did the tomato cross the road?

Spoiler :
It was trying to ketchup to the chicken.
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