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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 12-23-2019, 11:01 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

Rake: Here’s a fun one. When a monster (we’ll just call them cats for simplicity) has its opponent in a Grapple, accomplished by successful attacks in a single Turn with either both claw attacks or at least one claw attack and the bite attack, the cat may perform a Rake attack on that and all subsequent Turns (including the main attack sequence) until the Grapple is broken. Failed attacks by the cat, once a Grapple has been established, do not preclude Rake attacks. When breaking free of a cat’s Grapple, the cat is allowed a full set of attacks even if it had already attacked for the Turn.

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 08-15-2019, 11:18 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (3)

Fetor Fiend
S: d6
W: d4 / d1
A: d8
D: 1
H: 45
Size: M

Rarely seen and known mostly by the results of its actions. A Fetor Fiend will urinate and defecate on the supplies and possessions of anyone unfortunate to stop in its territory. Any item not made from metal, glass, or stone are ruined. Items not ruined require several washings using the strongest of detergents to remove the overwhelming odor.

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Posted by: Kersus - 04-19-2019, 02:18 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (3)

Have you considered getting SCHWA on Roll20?

While I don't know how to use it personally, I'd make the effort and run a campaign if SCHWA was there.

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  Rappan Athuk and DungeonSlayers
Posted by: Kersus - 08-07-2018, 06:36 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (4)

I posted over here: http://furiouslyeclectic.com/comment/242#comment-242

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  Da Bears
Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 07-10-2018, 03:23 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (6)

Bear Hug - When a monster with this attack succeeds with all main attacks in a single Turn – both claw attacks by a bear, for example – the victim is now in a Bear Hug. The Bear Hug attack is against only the Defense score, ignoring any armor (although magical bonuses still apply – use a die of Rank equal to the bonus). The attack also allows monsters with a bite attack to make such an attack each Turn that also ignores armor. Victims cannot make any mêlée or ranged attacks until breaking free (see Grapple, Ə, pg 32), but can cast spells motionlessly (Ə, pg 17).

Black Bear
S: d3
W: d10 / d2x2 / d2 bite
A: d4
D: 2
H: 40
Size: Large
Special: Bear Hug d2

A bear. That's black.

Brown Bear
S: d4
W: d12 / d3x2 / d2 bite
A: d6
D: 2
H: 50
Size: Large
Special: Bear Hug d3

A bear. That's brown.

Cave Bear
S: d6
W: d8 / d2x2 / d3 bite
A: d6
D: 2
H: 30
Size: M
Special: Bear Hug d1, see description

A bear. That's cave. No, that's not right. They live in caves. Although smaller than their brethren, Cave Bear's jaws are capable of crushing rocks. When making bite attacks, they receive a +2 bonus to Warrior on the attack roll.

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  Danmachi SCHWA
Posted by: Kersus - 05-04-2018, 06:18 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (1)

I watched and quite enjoyed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80EIjDsoTwA and am in the middle of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_aYGg7yxW8

The latter I'm watching subtitled on Amazon Prime while the former I did fully watch dubbed on YouTube. I even bought the first two Light Novels that are the original source material and a fair amount deeper.

As I watch Sword Oratoria, which ends up being more serious than the original series although it runs parallel instead of afterwards, I see more potential for a tongue & cheek RPG.

There are some flaws with it as written but the premise, races, deities, guild, etc could all become a decent RPG setting. Not sure about the Dungeon without major changes although a mega dungeon ala Zagyg or Rappan might work.

Why am I posting this here? Well, even though Tri-Stat(BESM) is Anime based, the more I watch, the more SCHWA seems the only way to replicate the actual play of the game. While the LNs have a built in RPG system and the Anime a slightly different and less workable system, it's essentially broken down into Warrior and Sorcerer abilities with characters that balance out the two or pursue more growth in one of them. It also has Chain-Casting (sort of) although in this case it may be preferable to have two types of spells - instant and chants.

Anyway, it's all just some messy thoughts in my head.

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  Bog Beast
Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 01-11-2018, 09:06 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

Huh. I don't have a thread just for monsters. Oh well.

Bog Beast
S: d20
W: d4
A: d16
Defense: 3+d8
Health: 20
Size: M to H
Special: Terror (See Description)

The Bog Beast is a medium or large or maybe huge humanoid or quadruped or spider or something. Whatever it is, it's scary as hell. Anyone within an Adventure Turn of a Bog Beast will feel a general unease, noticing vague movements in the Beast's direction; sudden puffs of air at the back of the neck on a still day; or a suffocating stillness while the branches in the trees bend from the wind. When a Bog Beast is in combat range, characters must make an opposed Sorcerer roll or run away in blind terror. Those who make the roll must still run away but do so with an awareness of their surroundings. Only if the Resist is greater than twice the Bog Beast's roll may a character stand his ground, but he must continue making Resists each Combat Turn.

The Bog Beast never attacks. It stays in the shadows or grass or deeper waters being really unnerving and dreadful, depending on the dangers of the bog to take care trespassers. Once a Beast sets upon a party, it will stay on their tail until the party exits the bog or one succumbs to it (the bog), which is to say someone dies.

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 05-04-2017, 08:45 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

Rituals are spells that are (almost always) cast outside of an adventure, usually for the purpose of creating something magical. Creating a scroll or Staff, and summoning a Familiar are all Rituals. Needless to say, yet I find myself saying it, the time necessary to cast a Ritual is 1 Turn. Whether that Turn is Combat, Adventure, or Travel is completely up to the GM. 

As can be inferred from the Creating Scrolls section of Ə-OH and the descriptions of Familiar and Creating Magical Staves, Rituals are expensive, whether in the form of coin, Character Points' and/or some other commoditable.

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 05-04-2017, 06:55 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

 Spell Base: 0
 Min. Rank: d4
 Resist: No/See below

Inanimate, non-sentient object touched cannot be moved for 1 Combat Turn per PoS. Sentient creatures are allowed a Resist if the item is in their possession.

+2 for 1 Adventure Turn/Pos
+6 for 1 Travel Turn/PoS
+4 to Immobilize an object in the caster's sight

Warning: Make sure the object you want to immobilize isn't something you might want to move in the near future.

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  Vita Dilatio
Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 05-03-2017, 08:46 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

Vita Dilatio
Spell Base: 8
Min. Rank: d20
Resist: See below

Places living creature in state of suspended animation for a number of Combat Turns equal to the PoS, requiring no air, sustenance, or anything required to live. Unwilling creatures are allowed a Resist. Damage done to someone in suspended animation has no effect until the spell expires at which time all the accumulated damage hits at once.

If cast on a character immediately after he reaches 0 Health but before he would have his next Turn (no Resist as dead people cannot Resist), death is held off for a number of Turns equal to the Points of Success of the casting (technically making it a Mora Mortem spell) during which others can attempt to Heal him, first healing the (non-existent) negative Health. If the spell ends without the character being Healed back to positive Health, the once only-mostly dead character is now fully dead. Note: A Potion of Tasty Numminess cannot be used as the character is in suspended animation and cannot swallow. Also note: Another Vita Dilatio spell cannot be cast on an animationly suspended person.

+4/+1R: Increase the duration to 1 Adventure Turn per PoS
+8/+2R: Increase the duration to 1 Travel Turn/PoS

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