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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 09-16-2014, 10:53 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (1)

Spell Base: 2
Min. Rank: d8
Resist: Adventure

Through use of a medium --pool of water, mirror, flame, etc.-- the spellcaster can view a subject for an Adventure Turn for each PoS of the casting. The viewing displays the front of the target from 10' away. If the target turns, the view stays in place and if he moves, the view shifts to keep the same relative position. For example, a jealous sorcerer wants to keep tabs on his wife as she walks to visit her elderly mother, if the view was 10' south of her and she turns to walk north, the view will show her back.

The subject gets a Resist attempt, but is unaware of any spell attempt. The Resist roll is automatic and cannot be avoided, even if the subject wants to be seen.

Non-cumulative Bonuses/Penalties to the Resist (Use the one that best fits):
Caster uses a piece of the subject (hair, nail clipping, blood) -4
Caster uses subject's possession (clothing, weapon, ring) -2
Caster personally knows subject -1
Caster only marginally knows subject --
Caster has detailed physical description of subject related to him +2
Caster has only a name or general description +4

A particular piece or possession of the subject can be used for only one casting.

+2 to include sound to the viewing
+2 to give the caster the ability to change the viewing's perspective. The view will always center on the subject

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 09-16-2014, 03:24 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (1)

Spell Base: 4
Min. Rank: d12
Resist: No
"Divination /ˌdivəˈnāSHən/ (noun) The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means." In game play the practice is employed by allowing the player to ask the GM one yes/no question for each PoS of the casting. For every four Points of Success, the player can choose to ask one general question instead for which the GM will give a vague, but true, answer. Stupid questions receive no answer. "Should we enter the left door?" is a stupid question. What are the factors that determine what "should" be done? "Is the treasure behind the left door?" is a pretty dumb question, but not stupid. If the door opens to the stairway that goes down to the treasure room then the answer is "no." "Does the left door lead to the treasure horde we seek?" is a good question. (Although a dick GM would say "no" because doors don't go anywhere, passageways do.)

Carol's character casts Divination for 6 Points of Success. She uses 4 points to ask, "Where can I find the means to defeat the Mad Mage?" "You have a vision of a large, marbled room full of many different ancient artifacts, like a museum." "Am I looking for a weapon?" "No." "Am I looking for a book?" "Yes."

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 09-15-2014, 11:13 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

Spell Base: 0
Min. Rank: d4
Resist: No
Send a short, spoken message audible to only the intended target in line of sight of the caster. The spell does not confer understanding.
+1 to allow the target a short response
+1 for each additional target
+2 to send a message to an unseen, known target (distance does not matter). The delay between the sending and receiving of the message is 1 Combat Turn if the target's distance is measured in Adventure Turns and 1 Adventure Turn if the distance Travel in length.

Note: The means of message conveyance is a matter of personal preference, whether a whispering wind, pool of water, or by butterfly like you saw Gandalf do in the movies.

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Posted by: Kersus - 09-09-2014, 04:50 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - No Replies

I was recently thinking about a new campaign and what system to use. Very inexperienced players and only two of them controlling two characters each.

I started thinking about Swords & Wizardry and Lejendary Adventure. My problem with S&W is the rigidity for these two players. After playing Lejendary Adventures, it`s hard for them to go back. I wanted a place where every character has access to fighting skills, thieving skills, and even magic..... Then it hit me.

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Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 08-12-2014, 12:19 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (13)

Ə-OH page 26: The sentence, "The Spell Number for the completed scroll is half the Spell Number for creation, rounded up," in the Creating Scrolls section should read, "The Spell Number for the completed scroll is half of what the Spell Number would be to cast the spell, rounded up."

So the Spell Number for the Lightning Bolt scroll in the example is only 2, not 4.

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  [PbP 1] We're Off To See The Kobold
Posted by: Kersus - 05-06-2014, 05:32 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (47)

You poor penniless schlubs get lost. Somehow, before hunger causes you to give into eating the tastiest of the party you stumble upon a hamlet.

It's quite small but does seem to have buildings and such. There are a few shops, a large house, and some shacks. It's well surrounded by the thick woods.

There is no one wandering around the town but a few schmucks.... That's you.

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  Testing the Die Roller
Posted by: Kersus - 04-19-2014, 01:55 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (6)

I attack! 1d12 rolled for a total of: 11 (11)

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  Magic Items
Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 04-07-2014, 07:04 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (10)

Elixir of Thaumaturgic Revivication
This mythical potion is rumored to alleviate 1 point of Magical Fatigue.

(As a reminder, Magical Fatigue happens when a spellcasting attempt is failed and incurs a cumulative 1-point penalty to all subsequent spell attempts. This penalty is semi-permanent in that it takes a week of complete rest and meditation, at minimum, to lose 1 point of penalty.)


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Brick Gathering Players for a PbP Game
Posted by: Kersus - 03-25-2014, 03:04 PM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (25)

So, post here if you want to play schwa in some crappy adventure I run Smile

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  Single Session Adventures
Posted by: Oedipussy Rex - 03-21-2014, 03:51 AM - Forum: ə SCHWA - Replies (6)

The Lost Mission
Church Elders want you to investigate a mission that's gone silent for over year and find out what happened to the clerics previously sent to investigate. The group is given 4xP (xP=number in the party) gold for expenses.

1 - Retrieve the relic kept at the mission: the Kidney Stone of Undile the Un-pained.
2 - Determine what happened to the mission.
3 - If necessary, uphold the honor of the church.

The Journey:
The road to the mission goes through a wooded mountain pass.

Encounter 1 – The Goatherder
The group encounters a goatherder taking his goats (xP) to market. Being a lazy man, he's willing to sell the goats for 5 gold a head or 3 gold a head for the entire herd.

Encounter 2 - Bandits (Ranged Combat)
Two bandits stand in the road, demanding money. In the trees are ranged support with short bows and short swords spot one for each PoS on S6, S3 to spot attacker if hit. (If only three people are playing, have only one bandit in the road. For one or two players, have one archer in the trees making demands and another on the other side of the road, keeping quiet.)
Bandits x2: Sd4, Wd8/d1, Ad6/d1, H20, D2+d3
Archers xP-2: Sd4, Wd6/d1, Ad8/d1, H20, D2+d3

Encounter 3 - Troll Bridge
The road leads to a well-built, stone, and gated bridge crossing a deep gorge. 100 feet away from this bridge is a very large tree that has been felled to span the chasm. The cost to cross the bridge is 5 gold per person on foot, 7 gold per horse/goat/large animal, and 10 gold per wagon. If deciding to use the tree, the bridge's troll will climb up from underneath to demand payment of 10 gold, or 1 goat, per person. The troll will grapple and toss anyone refusing to pay.
Troll x1: Sd4, Wd16/d3, Ad8, H250, D4+d6
Fall: A16/d2+1/2
Climbing the gorge: A12/d1+1/2
Crossing/surviving the rapids below: A8/d1+1/1
Time to cross: 20 Turns

The Mission:
No windows, Door locked and stuck (A8 to unlock, W6 to open, W12 if still locked). There is a hole in the floor where the altar would be in the apse. Searching the wreckage underneath reveals the relic is missing.

Trap 1 – Unless care is taken when walking inside the mission, the floor will collapse when the party enters. A8/d3.
Climbing down: A6/d3

Beneath the Mission:
The hole underneath the mission reveals a natural tunnel system.

Encounter 4 – Skeletons
Uh oh. Skeletons with short swords.
Skeleton x2P: Sd2, Wd6/d1, Ad2, H10, D2 (8 vs missiles)

Trap 2 – Leeches
The tunnel dips down into still water. It takes 20 Adventure points to cross, roll dA to each turn until the total exceeds 20. For each turn a character spends crossing, d12 leeches attach. A character can remove dA leeches per turn and loses d6 Health each turn until a Warrior Resist is made with a target number of 1 for each part of 10 leaches attached or a Cure spell is cast with the same target number. The Resist or spell cannot be made until all leeches have been removed. If a careful search of the water is made during or after the crossing, a Long Sword +1 is discovered on A3.
Leeches: Sd2, Wd6, Ad2, H1, D0

Trap 3 - Howlers
The tunnel widens and there's evidence of a recent cave-in. A Resist A12 is required to safely cross. Failure means someone stepped on a Howler, setting off the lot. No spells can be cast while the howling continues. When all Howlers are dead, or when the party tries to leave, the roof caves in and a Resist on Adventure with a target number of 2x the number of turns of the encounter, minimum 10. Resist A(E)/d2+1/2

Encounter 5 - Viscous Blob
If the Blob is defeated, searching through the carcass will turn up the silver and gold reliquary with the kidney stone still inside. Further investigation on A4 for a Sling Bullet +1 for each PoS.
Viscous Blob x1: Sd12, Wd8/d1, Ad4, H50, D1/d4, Surprise d30, Paralyzation: Resist W on PoS

The Road Home
After the Viscous Blob, the tunnel exits on the side of the mountain, further down from the mission.

Encounter 7 – Betrayal
When the group nears the bridge across the gorge, the church elder is waiting with a party of armed men to take possession of the relic and to kill the group. “So sorry. It's for the honor of the church. It can't be known that we can't keep what's ours.” Their first move is chain-casting Elemental Blast (or Lightning Bolt if party is 1 or 2).
Elder: Sd16, Wd8/d2, Ad10, H40, D3/d8, Spells: Magic Dart, Shield, Elemental Blast (LB), Sleep, Fly
Guard xP: Sd12, Wd16/d3, Ad10, H40, D3/d6, Spells: Heal, Magic Dart, Elemental Blast (or LB)

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