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[DT] 27th Edition Platemail - Kersus - 02-19-2015

I've been contemplating this system as it intrigues my and tickles some fancy.


Platemail Rules
Monster Manual Teaser
Book Of Magic

Hogscape's Excellent Character Sheet
Monstrous Manual Supplement
Magic Weapon Matrix
Ghastly Grimoire

RE: 27th Edition Platemail - Kersus - 02-28-2015

I did run a session with it and everyone liked the speed of combat. Deadly as all get out though.

I would probably change the spells and alter the 6+ roll method slightly.

eg. instead of the same die having to roll multiple 6s, just allow multiple 6s in a throw add +1 for each extra and get to reroll them for more 6s.

As for spells, maybe a little HackMaster 4e magic for the basic spells and then some Lejendary Adventure magic for the bigger rituals.