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OSCon 5.5 - Kersus - 10-26-2015

I'm considering running a SCHWA Demo at this convention and wondered what suggestions you had?

Print a rulebook for each player..... 

RE: OSCon 5.5 - Kersus - 02-06-2016

My stapler won't go through SCHWA-OH so I'm poking holes and using paperclips to bind it.

RE: OSCon 5.5 - Kersus - 02-10-2016

So, I didn't run it at OSCon but I believe I'll run it at Groundhog Gaming later this month. I probably shouldn't announce I'm going to do something I may not do. ....

Thinking of using DCC #81 "The One Who Watches From Below."

So, I have to figure out some conversions..... http://www.furiouslyeclectic.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=275