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SCHWA Playtests - Kersus - 02-06-2016




RE: SCHWA Playtests - Kersus - 02-14-2016

I just ran The Lost Tomb as a playtest with a player utilizing two characters. Elf Archer and Dwarf Warrior. I let them use leftover character points to heal for d30 each and that's the only reason one character made it through the first Ghoul encounter, which ended up as the climax. It was nice to run SCHWA again. I can't believe how out of touch I was with this cranky game.

I've posted questions from playing it. The adventure itself is great and reminds me a little of F'Dech Fo's Tomb but less instant death. We definitely used the optional Initiative rule and only this allowed the Elf to defeat a weakened Ghoul; once getting 7 attacks before it could respond and then 12. It whomped the Dwarf repeatedly with exploding dice and the Elf cut at it with numerous exploding dice (which it needed to do any real damage). They skipped the puzzle but took damage from every single trap possible and 'then' started looking for traps everywhere.

It went well, and took longer than it should have as I kept looking stuff up because my memory sucks.