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Traps / Petrification - Kersus - 02-14-2016

Have you done much in the way of Traps with SCHWA? Gaze attacks? Turned to stone, now what? Cure fixes it?

RE: Traps / Petrification - Oedipussy Rex - 04-11-2016

Have I done much? Not really, so how would I run an encounter with a medusa or basilisk? I see the gaze attack as a form of Curse, so Cure would be the appropriate counter. Being that this Curse is an innate thing, not a spell, there's no need for an "escape clause". So in the encounter, a Resist A12 (or so) is required to avoid being turned to stone. To undo the curse a Cure spell is required with a Spell Number of 12 (or so) plus the Points of Failure of the Resist.