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Joss - Kersus - 02-14-2016

I don't recall is this was previously covered. I'm sure another term is better.

Anyhow, I figure a Joss will allow:

a reroll
+2 ranks for a roll
d30 health

RE: Joss - Kersus - 02-14-2016

..........removing my dunce cap and realizing Character Points already allow mulligans, in my game I believe I'll allow the other two things as well. Maybe including an automatic disaster avoidance - eg. In a rickety building, set off a dart trap, use the CP to Auto-Avoid but must utilize some imagination - "I stumble in terror and step through the floorboard and a piece of wood flips up and stops the dart but my leg is stuck, 1 point of Harm." Sounds stupid? Probably is. Forget it. Smile