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Falling - Kersus - 02-15-2016

Could you give an example for falling damage?

RE: Falling - Oedipussy Rex - 03-18-2016

Bracken steps on a 30' dirt pit trap and falls in. The number to Resist is 1 per 10' fallen for A3, dirt does a base of d1 damage (A3/d1). Every 3 Points of Failure of the Resist increases the Rank of the Damage die by 1 (A3/d1+1/3).

If the trap had been 100' onto spikes the Resist would be A10/d2+3/2. In this case, a roll of 2 (9 PoF) results in
2d2+2d6+2d12+2d24+1d30+2 Damage. Where does that +2 Damage come in? Ə pg. 3: "Bonus points that would raise an Aspect die above 11th Rank are converted to bonuses to the die roll." From the d24, the die Rank should increase by 3 but can only increase by 1, so the remaining +2 increase is converted directly to damage.

I've just now changed the order of Frequency/Increment to Increment/Frequency in the table for easier construction of the Resist.