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2 TWD Tests - Kersus - 08-23-2016

This game seems to do better with many figures and obstacles. Once you end up with one on one, it's tough if they aren't equal. It also can drop to a grind which is part of using an HP system I think.

It is certainly quirky to see a rubber baby jump out of a moving Bronco and toss puppies at people. Also note, when whipping your giant foam d10 at people, the receiver should not headbutt it. No matter how few people there are, it will end up hitting a girl and she will get mad. Also, foam d20s are far easier to use on uneven ground. The bloody d10 kept landing with the point straight up.

Optional Rule:

Once the attrition of destruction whittles things down to a one on one, all damage is doubled.


Do babies slither or walk? There are no crawling rules and adding such might be a pain. SO with only about a point difference in the baby, it could be 2' movement (slithering) or 7' movement (two legs).

Worry #1:

The game mechanics may just be too dated.