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Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Kersus - 08-31-2016

It's awesome to have my backspace functionality again, thank you. Apparently Firefox find Vivaldi and Wikipedia to be unsecure so I can't browse there easily. The advanced option to bypass seems to be missing. Maybe Midori.....

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Kersus - 09-08-2016


RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Oedipussy Rex - 05-08-2017

Goddamn upgrades. Decided to upgrade to 17.04 (reformat and install), tried to reinstall Opera and it wants libgstream-base 0.10, or something like that. It doesn't like the libgstream-base 1.0 that's installed. I don't want to screw around with rolling back (or what ever it's called when using a deprecated version; it's been a long night) so I installed the latest version of Operomium that you've been warning me against. In trying to get the damn thing to work in an intelligent manner I came across many an Opera forum thread that essentially read "How the fuck do I get X functionality from 12?" "Very few people used X so we designed the new version to be just like every other browser out there so people don't get confused but someone built an addon that does something like that." If your browser works just like every other browser out there why would I bother with yours? The fact that there are hacked patches to create X should clue you in that people aren't happy with the changes. More than once I read a comment stating that they could no longer recommend Opera. I'm with them.

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Kersus - 06-01-2017

Have you tried Vivaldi?

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Oedipussy Rex - 06-02-2017

No, I haven't. Operomium doesn't work exactly how I'd like it to but add-ons make it close. What does impress me about it is its built-in ad blocker. It's fun to click on the blocker icon to get stats and comments, "59 on this site. That's a lot of ads blocked." "35 on this site. Opera blocks ad after ad!" "99 on this site. What is this? A website for an advertisement firm?"

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Oedipussy Rex - 02-15-2020

(06-01-2017, 08:58 AM)Kersus Wrote: Have you tried Vivaldi?

After learning that Opera was bought by a Chinese company that makes most of its money by selling user data, I've stopped using Opera and am using Vivaldi now. It's much better now than when I first tried it.

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Kersus - 03-03-2020

I was at a cybersecurity conference (Countermeasures) and these two young Yankee girls came and did a presentation on the evils of Huawei. It was a good presentation but they had no clue their audience. The immediate response was, "So, what you're saying is that we should choose to let you spy on us instead of China."

In retrospect the whole thing was funny but at the time it started to get pretty heated. They couldn't understand the backlash.

It doesn't seem to be in any doubt that China is building the world's 5g, but the reality is it will only affect city people and I steer clear of places that hoard people when I can.

I'd say it makes me less likely to get Coronavirus, but the captain of my hockey team flies every day and comes pretty close to the infected regularly.

Not so interesting note. My Yankee cousin lived in China for awhile until she had a rage response to a driver and was caught on camera yelling and pounding on a car. She didn't get into any actual trouble, just got scared and left... for Thailand I think.

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Oedipussy Rex - 03-03-2020

My (limited) understanding of Covid 19 is that it's highly contagious but not particularly deadly. Most of the deaths from the virus are people who already had some kind of immune deficiency, like the elderly, children, and those who already had an illness.

Note that I may be completely wrong. One can't really get accurate reporting from US media and now that Mike "largest HIV outbreak in Indiana history during his gubernatorial stint" Pence "in charge" of the coronavirus response, I doubt the accuracy will get any better. In fact, I know it will only get worse.

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - rredmond - 03-03-2020

I believe children have actually been a pretty high survival rate, thank goodness. It's the spreading of it that's scary, and of course the mad rush of pharmacies to create a vaccine... for the greater good? Nah, $$$$$$$. Sad

RE: Adventures in Linux - Browsers - Oedipussy Rex - 03-04-2020

(03-03-2020, 11:11 PM)rredmond Wrote: I believe children have actually been a pretty high survival rate, thank goodness.

I just heard on NPR that school-age children are far less affected by the virus, acting mostly as vectors, so in my phrasing above, I was incorrect, but I was thinking of infants and toddlers, about whom I may still be wrong.