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Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 03-21-2014

The Lost Mission
Church Elders want you to investigate a mission that's gone silent for over year and find out what happened to the clerics previously sent to investigate. The group is given 4xP (xP=number in the party) gold for expenses.

1 - Retrieve the relic kept at the mission: the Kidney Stone of Undile the Un-pained.
2 - Determine what happened to the mission.
3 - If necessary, uphold the honor of the church.

The Journey:
The road to the mission goes through a wooded mountain pass.

Encounter 1 – The Goatherder
The group encounters a goatherder taking his goats (xP) to market. Being a lazy man, he's willing to sell the goats for 5 gold a head or 3 gold a head for the entire herd.

Encounter 2 - Bandits (Ranged Combat)
Two bandits stand in the road, demanding money. In the trees are ranged support with short bows and short swords spot one for each PoS on S6, S3 to spot attacker if hit. (If only three people are playing, have only one bandit in the road. For one or two players, have one archer in the trees making demands and another on the other side of the road, keeping quiet.)
Bandits x2: Sd4, Wd8/d1, Ad6/d1, H20, D2+d3
Archers xP-2: Sd4, Wd6/d1, Ad8/d1, H20, D2+d3

Encounter 3 - Troll Bridge
The road leads to a well-built, stone, and gated bridge crossing a deep gorge. 100 feet away from this bridge is a very large tree that has been felled to span the chasm. The cost to cross the bridge is 5 gold per person on foot, 7 gold per horse/goat/large animal, and 10 gold per wagon. If deciding to use the tree, the bridge's troll will climb up from underneath to demand payment of 10 gold, or 1 goat, per person. The troll will grapple and toss anyone refusing to pay.
Troll x1: Sd4, Wd16/d3, Ad8, H250, D4+d6
Fall: A16/d2+1/2
Climbing the gorge: A12/d1+1/2
Crossing/surviving the rapids below: A8/d1+1/1
Time to cross: 20 Turns

The Mission:
No windows, Door locked and stuck (A8 to unlock, W6 to open, W12 if still locked). There is a hole in the floor where the altar would be in the apse. Searching the wreckage underneath reveals the relic is missing.

Trap 1 – Unless care is taken when walking inside the mission, the floor will collapse when the party enters. A8/d3.
Climbing down: A6/d3

Beneath the Mission:
The hole underneath the mission reveals a natural tunnel system.

Encounter 4 – Skeletons
Uh oh. Skeletons with short swords.
Skeleton x2P: Sd2, Wd6/d1, Ad2, H10, D2 (8 vs missiles)

Trap 2 – Leeches
The tunnel dips down into still water. It takes 20 Adventure points to cross, roll dA to each turn until the total exceeds 20. For each turn a character spends crossing, d12 leeches attach. A character can remove dA leeches per turn and loses d6 Health each turn until a Warrior Resist is made with a target number of 1 for each part of 10 leaches attached or a Cure spell is cast with the same target number. The Resist or spell cannot be made until all leeches have been removed. If a careful search of the water is made during or after the crossing, a Long Sword +1 is discovered on A3.
Leeches: Sd2, Wd6, Ad2, H1, D0

Trap 3 - Howlers
The tunnel widens and there's evidence of a recent cave-in. A Resist A12 is required to safely cross. Failure means someone stepped on a Howler, setting off the lot. No spells can be cast while the howling continues. When all Howlers are dead, or when the party tries to leave, the roof caves in and a Resist on Adventure with a target number of 2x the number of turns of the encounter, minimum 10. Resist A(E)/d2+1/2

Encounter 5 - Viscous Blob
If the Blob is defeated, searching through the carcass will turn up the silver and gold reliquary with the kidney stone still inside. Further investigation on A4 for a Sling Bullet +1 for each PoS.
Viscous Blob x1: Sd12, Wd8/d1, Ad4, H50, D1/d4, Surprise d30, Paralyzation: Resist W on PoS

The Road Home
After the Viscous Blob, the tunnel exits on the side of the mountain, further down from the mission.

Encounter 7 – Betrayal
When the group nears the bridge across the gorge, the church elder is waiting with a party of armed men to take possession of the relic and to kill the group. “So sorry. It's for the honor of the church. It can't be known that we can't keep what's ours.” Their first move is chain-casting Elemental Blast (or Lightning Bolt if party is 1 or 2).
Elder: Sd16, Wd8/d2, Ad10, H40, D3/d8, Spells: Magic Dart, Shield, Elemental Blast (LB), Sleep, Fly
Guard xP: Sd12, Wd16/d3, Ad10, H40, D3/d6, Spells: Heal, Magic Dart, Elemental Blast (or LB)

RE: Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 03-21-2014

The Lost Tomb
Note: the map will look fine when the Courier font is fixed. Courier is the mono font, right?

/ _ _____ _______ \
/ (3) | | | | \
/ || | (5) | |+-+(6a)| \
| _________| | |_ _| || | | _____ |
| | →__ →__ | |D| |+-+ D|| | |
|___| | _|D|_ | |_____|↓|__________|↑||+-+ |_|
___ || || → → → → → ||| | 7 _S
| | || (2) | (4) | | _____|||+-+ | |
| (1)|_____| |↑| |+-+ D||_____| |
| | | || | | |
\ |↑| |+-+(6b)| /
\ | | |_______| /
D – Door
S – Secret Door
→ – Downward steps
| | – Sarcophagus

After many apologies from the church elders who didn't try to put you in a grave, and explanations that the prophesy that great peril will come "when the mission fails," you are asked to retrieve the peg-leg of Saint Randall the Long-Suffering.

Encounter 1 – Goblins (Ranged Combat)
A group of Goblins has taken up residence on the top of the mound and will shoot arrows at the group and drop rocks if the group is close enough. The sides of the mound are too steep to run up and must be climbed.

Encounter 2 (1) – Bone dump (Swarm)
A pile of goblin bones and corpses in various states of decay. If disturbed, Rats swarm over the party. A search (A6) through the pile turns up a Mace+1 (d3/d10).
Rats (Pest): Sd2,Wd24/1,Ad4,D1,H30+10/dP – 10+ damage, Resist W4 at a -1 for every 10 damage over 20 or -1 Warrior every day until Cured (TN: 4+1 for each penalty)

Storage Room (2) (Time Waster)
Old, rotting barrels and boxes, digging supplies, etc. Nothing of any value or use. Attempts to open, carry, or move anything causes it to crumble, raising a cloud of dust causing a coughing fit, but otherwise harmless. Ancient graffiti on the wall (S4) reads, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but it's the second step that'll kill you,” and “Kilroy wouldn't be caught dead here.”

Trap 1 (3) – Fountain
Seven steps lead up to a dry fountain. Stepping on the second step causes the fountain to shoot a stream of oil as a flame shoots up from the steps. Resist A8/d3-1/1, A4 to find, A6 to disable.

Trap 2 (4) – Watch your step
The second step on the stairs down is loose. Stepping on it and failing a Resist A8/d1+1/2 results in tumbling all the way down. A4 to detect.

Trick 1 (5) – Guardians
Square room with four statues of knights in armor holding a sword line the west and north walls (eight total). When everyone who is going to enter has, the door slams shut and cannot be opened until solving the puzzle by sliding a rows and columns to form a square of statues.
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
x x-------x x-+-----x x-+-----x x-+-----x x x x
x → x → x | → x | → x | etc → x x
x x x | | | x x x
x x x x x

Statues cannot pass through walls and remain the same distance from each other on a row or column. The “lines” in the “illustrations” above show rows that cannot slide.
Smashing Door – D8, H128, Damage Reduction: -4, for every 1 rolled roll Resist W1 to prevent the weapon from breaking.

Secret Doors
Requires A4 to detect from outside. Readily obvious from inside and should be a clue that the party is looking in the wrong place. Another clue (S2 if anyone asks) is that the openings to tombs always face east toward the rising sun.

Encounters 3 & 4 (6a & 6b) – Sarcophagi
These rooms are mirror images of the other. The walls have tapestries depicting great hunts and fierce battles, the chests at the foot of each sarcophagus are filled with much lucre. The sarcophagi contain weakened ghouls.
Ghoul – Sd12,Wd12/d1,Ad4,D4d2,H10/dP – Opposed Sorcerer on successful hit, paralyzed 1 Turn/PoF.

The Tomb of Saint Randall the Long-Suffering (7)
The room is spartan, though the carving on the sarcophagus is quite detailed. Inside are the well-preserved remains of Saint Randall the Long-Suffering, peg-leg, hook hand, deviated septum, and all.

EDIT: Adventure attached. Yes, it's an odt file, not a doc. Suck it, MicroSoft.

RE: Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 03-29-2014

The Lost Temple
| ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ 8 __ |_______
| |______ | / _| 3 D__▄D 4 |
| _ | | | | $_ _ _| |___|
| | | 17 | |…| | | |D|
| | | | |6| | |_| |_ ____________
| | | $|| | | | | /░░░░░░░░░░░░\
| |_______/ 7 \| |\ |__/ ░••░░•░░•░ \
|$16 || $5$α|2 __D ░░░░░░1░░░░░ ˜˜˜
| | \ / |/ | \ ░••░░•░░•░ /˜˜˜
| | | | |_ _| \░░░░░░░░░░░░/
| | ____ |…| | |
| | | | |6| _|D|_ _________
| | | 14 | | | | | | _ 11|
| | | __| | \__| 9 |_| 10 | |__|
| | |▓| \_______________▓▓| __ _
| |_|▓|_____________________|▓|_| ▓D|
|≈≈ D D
15 ← ←|¤|←13←|¤|← ←
▄ - Desk α – Cathedra … - Portcullis  - Spider
D – Door • - Column $ - Secret Door/Compartment
≈ - Water ▓ - Rubble ← - Subterranean River
░ - Webs ◊ - Statue ¤ - Well/Latrine

A few notes: Can't use the code tags for the map because underline tags won't work within; webdings aren't a font option, so you can't see the cool spiders; none of the monsters are statted; I can now attach odt files!

At one time, the temple was the center of all religious activity, but geological instability necessitated evacuation. In the intervening years, monsters have taken up residence and made it their own. Rocks and stones litter the floors of the temple. Running or rolling a 1 in combat requires a Resist A2 to prevent turning an ankle or wrenching a knee, failure causing a cumulative -1 penalty to all combat and spell rolls until Cured (TN 2).
After each encounter (up to you to determine what is an encounter) roll a d12.
1-6: Nothing happens; 7-9: Tremors upset some swarming monsters; 10-11: Tremors dislodge loosened ceiling stones, Resist A4/d3; 12: Earthquake, Resist A20/d1+2/3
Aspect Turns: A roll on the appropriate Aspect indicates progress made in a single Turn. When the sum of the rolls meets or exceeds the total necessary, the task is complete. Rolls can be combined between characters in many situations, like digging.
The entrance to the beach-front, mountainside Temple has collapsed, but a path is still navigable with little difficulty.
1) Grand Hall – The long hall has become the residence of some Giant Spiders. Contrary to popular belief, spiderwebs are not flammable. When the party gets to the 3rd columns, the spiders attack. The webs create a -1 penalty to attack for the party. In the SW corner are a couple dessicated kobold corpses. Search (A2) on the north wall finds a Dagger +1.
2) Cathedra The More You Know: A cathedra is a throne for Cardinals – Two kobold forces a are fighting each other, each side distinguished by the different armor worn; the north group wearing tortoise shells and the south group wearing lizard skin. When the party enters, the kobolds stop, look at the party for moment, the run for the doors at either side, slamming them shut. In the center of the west wall on a raised dais is a stone cathedra on which the residing Elder hear petitions. Behind the seat are spy holes (A3 to find) through which the advisors would communicate. A5 to find/open the door.
3) Antechamber – The door has been barricaded (W5 to open). What furniture had been left has been broken down and is now being used as cover for the kobolds who will throw spears at the party (4 per kobold, a fifth is kept for mêlée). After throwing their spears, they will retreat through the door to the east, closing it behind them. If the party follows, the other half of the tribe who had been waiting around the corner toward (8) will attack the party from behind, trapping the party in the hallway between the two groups. If the party doesn't follow, the retreating kobolds will attack when they head toward (8). Secret Door: A5 to find and open.
4) Office – Somehow, a secretarial desk still sits outside the room in very good condition. The office itself is in a shambles. The kobolds have been using it as their sleeping quarters for many generations. The seismic activity has created several bolt-holes that the kobolds will use as a final retreat after half their forces on this side are killed. The crannies are too small for anyone other than a Gnome to crawl through.
5) Whisper Hall – Explained in Room 2. The secret doors are not secret on this side.
6) Portcullis – W12 to lift. No more than three can attempt at the same time. Additional attempts can be made at a cumulative -1 penalty for each character. 10' inside the hall is the mechanism to raise/lower the portcullis.
7) Statue – A statue facing west on a pedestal is the reason for the fighting in Room 2. Neither side can get to the statue, which the kobolds believe to be holy, and each blames the other for the obstruction. The details of the statues have been destroyed by falling debris, but an outstretched hand that looks like it should hold something like a torch or sword is evident. Placing a sword or torch in the hand does nothing. It requires the scepter from 16.
8) Flooded Hall – Piranha in a dungeon? Why not. Searching the water turns up a Mace +1 (A4)
9) Outer Antechamber – As Room 3, but the kobolds retreat to Room 10.
10) Inner Antechamber – Here the kobolds will retreat to Room 11 to escape. The rubble in the SE corner will take 80 Warrior Turns to clear a passage, half with proper equipment.
11) Bedchamber – As Room 4, but no desk outside.
12) Supply Closet? – It takes 80 Warrior Turns to clear the debris enough to find the door to the closet. (Half with proper tools.) Inside the closet are the remains of old brooms, buckets, mops, etc. A thorough search (A4) turns up a small chest with some coin (a month's living expenses).
13) Water Closets – Each closet has a deep hole in the floor. One was used as a privy, the other as a well. I think you can guess which was which. Anyone climbing down will likely be swept away by the strong current (Resist W12). It takes 40 Turns for the river to deposit the body on the other side of the mountain. (Don't ask why the river flows away from the ocean.) Every number of Turns equal to the character's effective Warrior Rank, he must roll a Resist W6 or lose 1 Rank in Warrior. The character dies when Warrior hits 0, otherwise he survives but is unconscious.
14) Bwahaha – Some kind of nasty trap, like Howlers, or the rubble leaves some room to crawl over, but it takes 20 Adventure Turns to do so, and the room is filled with delay action zombies that dig up out of the dirt every Turn so a Repel Undead spell doesn't affect those still in the ground.
15) Time Waster – Water has flooded the hall two feet deep, otherwise nothing significant
16) Mural – A carved mural depicts children receiving gifts from a one-horned giant (something from a nursery rhyme). A search (A4) reveals a secret compartment containing some coin and a scepter. When this scepter is placed in the statue's hand, it (the statue) rotates once.
17) Room of Weal – Two Giant Lizards have taken up residence here (adjust as needed). Another carved mural of the one-horned giant is on the east wall. With the scepter in the statue's hand, a secret compartment is revealed containing the Scepter of Fortunate Weal.

RE: Single Session Adventures - Kersus - 02-13-2015

How have these adventures gone for you?

RE: Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 02-13-2015

As to be expected, mixed results.

Had a single player show up to the first adventure and made an Orc who decided to attack the troll and got a triple explosion on a double power attack, dropping the troll down to 50 Health on the first roll. Had a pair of players both rolled 1s for climbing the gorge, the Howlers, and initiative for the Viscous Blob, which rolled 20+.

It's been awhile since anyone showed up showed up for The Lost Tomb, but I've had players go solo and make it through fairly unscathed and groups who get wiped out before getting to the sarcophagi.

No one has showed up for The Lost Mission. Most likely because I run it first thing in the morning of the last day of cons.

RE: Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 01-18-2018

I'm posting this announcement with the expectation that it will put a fire under my ass. Two weeks from now is February 1st. By this date I hope to have completed three new adventures: An as-yet un-named adventure, A Bridge to Far, and The Cheese Incident.

RE: Single Session Adventures - Oedipussy Rex - 02-01-2018

Ok, looks like I won't finish these by the end of the day, but I have a good excuse! I've been doing other, unimportant stuff instead.