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Danmachi SCHWA - Kersus - 05-04-2018

I watched and quite enjoyed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80EIjDsoTwA and am in the middle of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_aYGg7yxW8

The latter I'm watching subtitled on Amazon Prime while the former I did fully watch dubbed on YouTube. I even bought the first two Light Novels that are the original source material and a fair amount deeper.

As I watch Sword Oratoria, which ends up being more serious than the original series although it runs parallel instead of afterwards, I see more potential for a tongue & cheek RPG.

There are some flaws with it as written but the premise, races, deities, guild, etc could all become a decent RPG setting. Not sure about the Dungeon without major changes although a mega dungeon ala Zagyg or Rappan might work.

Why am I posting this here? Well, even though Tri-Stat(BESM) is Anime based, the more I watch, the more SCHWA seems the only way to replicate the actual play of the game. While the LNs have a built in RPG system and the Anime a slightly different and less workable system, it's essentially broken down into Warrior and Sorcerer abilities with characters that balance out the two or pursue more growth in one of them. It also has Chain-Casting (sort of) although in this case it may be preferable to have two types of spells - instant and chants.

Anyway, it's all just some messy thoughts in my head.

RE: Danmachi SCHWA - Kersus - 04-12-2020

I need to revisit this with the 2nd season of Danmachi out.....